Part 1 of Reposts

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What a haul! *dance*

Originally Posted: 06-12-2004

I went to this huge annual flea market today. They had a “retro toy” table but it was mostly generic dolls from the 50s-70’s and nothing really interessting to me. But the “toyland” table was a different matter. They had a whole bunch of bags of 50 cent stuff! Here’s what I got:
80’s Blueberry Muffin (flat hands): Blemish on the temple but otherwise very good. Came with her dress.
80’s Sour Grapes: OMG! Noticed her in the bag with BM. I didn’t expect her to have her dress and ribbon so I’d bought a replacement. I thought they came with either purple or teal ribbons but her’s is yellow. There are a few nicks in the paint on her arm which I may fix but other than that she’s great. Her hair came untangled easily and had enough curl memory that when I restyled her hair it went back into it’s original curls. YES!
80’s Lime Chiffon: All she’s missing is the hat. The dress, the tights, even the shoes are all there, though not in the mintiest condition. I’ll have to see if I can fix the rips in the dress’s right sleeve and the waist band on the tights. One of the straps on one of the shoes is has a tear and there is a big ink stain that I’m going to try Oxy 5 on. Man, I always find it weird how rubbery and thin the 80’s shoes are….I’m used the the 91′ which are much thicker and durable. Lime’s hair is also a wee bit fried. 😦
Parfait Parrot: She deserves her own entry on the list. I had to buy a bag with almost nothing in it I wanted to get her. But still…50 cents. She has a few paint rubs. May touch them up later.
Purple Maxie Car: I grabbed it because it was a car but then noticed the sticker. There isn’t a steering wheel…maybe it’s voice operated? 😀  I am currently looking around for info on it….I mean, it’s not in the greatest condition so I guess customizing it would be okay.
It could be automatic…systematic….hydromatic….
A Poochie “Write Soon” stamp”: So cute! I remembered seeing them on online and was thrilled to find one in a bag. (There’s a photo of the Italian one here under “scrivimi presto”)
Misc. Figures: A baseball playing Monchichi holding a bat, 80’s Raggedy Ann, A small Felix the Cat, Celia from Monsters Inc. (McDonalds)
And of course a bunch of crap that will be sorted and either donated or tossed out.
The One That Got Away: A bag of MLPs. Another girl saw ’em first ;_;
The One I Threw Back: A bag with two 80’s black Barbies with hair cuts, $2. WHY did I cheap out? I could have customized them! *kicks self*
I also popped in to a fabric store and got some nifty shimmery cheetah print spandex. XD It’s so tacky it’s beautiful. I noticed something odd though: No shiny plain spandex. It’s either matte or printed with something. Weird.
I also saw some gorgeous vinyl. Like Lulu’s skirt was made of out. I wanted it badly. But it was $35.99 a metre ;_;


Unspookied Living Dead Dolls

Originally Posted: 06-08-2004
Well, some of them still have a spookiness. It’s a different spookiness though. Alot of LDDish customs are advertised on a doll group I watch so it’s interessting to see LDDs taken in the oposite direction. Macumba is looking particularly different, having lost all his makeup and added some pony beads in his hair.
I’m kinda curious about Hattie & Hazel. I wonder if they are two seperate dolls in a specially made dress or if the bodies are actually joined.


Interesting Vintage Dolls

Originally Posted: 05-29-2004

I was looking at Forgotten Dolls and looked up some of the ones I find particularly interessting and hadn’t seen before.

Emerald the Enchanting Witch: Purple skin, green hair and glowing eyes. She’s adorable in a rather freaky way 😀

Peteena the Pampered Poodle: *adds to a list of things to keep an eye out for at yard sales* One can dream. Her eyes remind me of vintage Barbies and the “retractable tail” is a positively brilliant idea. I checked Ebay because they said $100 MIB and so far all the auctions for nude play condition are under $20. The downside is that they need to be cleaned, destained and given new tails.. There is also “The Peteena Website” that’s totally dedicated to her.  😀
Leggy dolls: Pretty. The long legged, thin bodies remind me a bit of the Lollipop Girls, though these are much smaller.

Looking at the Spectra and Aurora dolls, made me wonder why there aren’t any cybog/android dolls at the local toy stores. I mean, they could make cyborg/android dolls with articulation up to wazoo and the joints would ADD to the image not detract from it! Plus having a metalic body would do away with the need to closely match the hard plastic body and vinyl head color.



Originally Posted: 05-07-2004
Checked a Walmart I don’t normally check and found not only a whole bunch of Friends 4 Ever dolls but the MLPs that come with the babies, which I have never seen other than online. You know, I’m surprised that I can’t find a G3 Baby Minty custom online made from the little green baby. I mean, all you’d have to do is replace the tail and do some painting. 😀

I dislike activation in dolls. Add batteries and the doll will talk, blink, dance,extra…me no likie. I guess because it makes the doll heavier and tend to break. </random>

Are Dollfie Plus more popular in Japan than with North American customizers? I havn’t seen many sites that have them displayed, and yet I doubt they would continue to make them if they weren’t selling. And yet they can’t be extremely popular since there is only one body style and one (two?) head styles. That’s my logic anyway. Anyone actually know? XD


Sailor Moon Dreams

Originally Posted: 04-16-2004
When I was a Sailor Moon obsessed nine year old, I used to have a reoccuring dream where I visited a toy store and they had gift sets of the entire main cast as 6 inch dolls for 30 bucks(yeah right. XD). They also had an wide selection of carded outfits such as Rei’s temple uniform, Michiru’s formal gown and the repective school uniforms. I gotta say I felt a little down when I woke up and found out all this cool stuff didn’t exist. Well, it wasn’t THAT extensive but they did make some keen alternative outfits in Japan. There was also a very impressive, very shiny Super Sailor Moon outfit. Ooh! Wings!

They also had carded outfits for Cardcaptor Sakura. Woo!

(just peeking around Attack of the Anime Toys again…doo doo dee doo….)


A setback

Originally Posted: 02-25-2004

The good news is that I FINALLY finshed rooting Koby-Custom.
The bad is that I learned that 15 seconds is far too long to have the toyokalon hair in hot water when setting it. The top of the hair is all fried now.
The other bad news is that I ran out of hair when doing the bottom of the hair so I can’t style it in any high ponytails, high pigtails or other styles that would expose the middle of his neck.

I’m going to paint him anyway. It was too much work and too much money to start again. I’ll just try to style his hair so that the frizzy-ness isn’t as noticeable.


Flavas Dot Com

Originally Posted: 01-27-2004

Logged on to (as “ScaryL” :3)
First of all, I’d like to say that little head movement is silly. It’s silly when real people do it and it’s even worse when badly drawn animated characters do it. Then, there’s the glittering jewelery ^^;;

I played the nail salon. Eh, not bad. Not alot of choices in designs. It IS neat how you can select which girl to do the nails of and then have some nailpolish choices that are only available to that character.

I am currently growing old waiting for the “Monsta Rhymes” studio to load.

Edit: I gave up. I had time to make TWO grilled cheese sandwiches and when I came back, it was STILL loading :/
But look!

Ladies and gentlemen, whether you like it or not…Hedwig!


*Snoopy dance*

Originally Posted: 01-02-2004
I now have a Beach Cool Whatsherface. How? Why? Here’s the story:

I noticed this doll in the store after Christmas back in 2002 and since it was still there, I asked a clerk about a discount. The box was broken, there was a face stamped on it, the wig was messed up and the accesories were in a Glad baggie. A baggie!

The clerk says “No, we don’t give discounts for broken boxes”
“Yes, but these has obviously been returned.”
“No, it has not been returned but you can take it up to customer service. They’re the ones in red shirts.”
At this point, I’d started to walk away. Rude? Maybe. But I can’t stand when people LIE to my face. Don’t pee on my foot and tell me it’s raining. I was fuming and probably wouldn’t have gone back for it, if not for the SHEER SATISFACTION of having a cashier tell me I was right.

I bring it to the ZELLERS customer service desk (just so you know) and the girl looks it over and not only agrees it’s in poor, returned condition, but points out the wrapping paper still attached! She gave it to me for $7.45 all together. Ha.


Kori Face Painting

Originally Posted: 11-27-2003

I am so exasperated! I was trying  to paint Kori’s new face last night, very difficult because the face is TOTALLY flat so there’s no nose to reference from. But, with the help of the tutorial at Milkshake Melody I managed to paint something I am very proud of. So what’s the problem? Well, it doesn’t go with her wig. So buy a new one? There are NO whatsherface wigs in the local stores and I’m NOT paying three times the price for one online.

I’m going to remove the gold eyeshadow and paint either blue or silver (or maybe blueish silver? XD) to try and make it work. Plus, I’m getting rid of the pink streaks in the wig. Light blue and hot pink? Ja-eeze! XD The sad part is that thought the new face is more detailed and glamourous…I kinda miss the old blank stare that made me give her her name in the first place.

Another thing that anoys me: I scanned her current face to show you guys but I scanned it in .MAX format which I can’t open on this computer. I went back over, deleted the file, saved it in BMP and it still came out .Max….>.<


A Package Arrives

Originally Posted: 11-17-2003
I woke up today to find a white box from MGA came for me. They send sent me a Lil’ Yasmin for being part of the fan club ^___^ (Yeah, I signed up ^^;) Sending out these dolls is a great way of building a rep as a company who appreciates the fans, as well as getting rid of the older stock. VERY smart idea.

My mum found some glass dishes so I baked some fake food! Chocolate pinwheel cookies, checkered fudge squares, two oranges, a dish with 3 scoups of ice cream and a neopolitian sundae. The sundae broke ;_; I hope I can glue it because it looked really cute.

Tried to make a red cotton lined black faux fur coat. WHY WAS I LINING THE ARMS? Most doll clothing manufacturers don’t even do that. There were so many problems….I will probably take it apart and try again. *sigh*


Setting up the new look/name/blog

Originally Posted: 11-03-2003

I decided that my site needed a new look and a new name. I had also considered:

Pity for Pinocchio
Dolls….puppets…it works. One thing though, I can’t spell Pinocchio. It’s not good to name your site something you can’t spell.

Sweet Poison Cake
“I’ve got a sweet poison cake…” Unfortunately, so do at least 3 other people.

Peppermint Penny
Yay! Mint! But a websearch revealed that a company making penguin ornaments owns the name. Even though it’s actually the name of a COOKIE RECIPE, I was worried they might make me take it down.

Pink Champagne
Too close to The Champagne Roome, another doll site.

Morning Coffee
A nice mellow song. I decided the name was too mellow though, and I don’t DRINK coffee.

Lovely Darkness
Like “Lovely White”. Except with a name like that, I’d have to give it a dark layout. And I don’t want to do that because:

I’m trying to give the site the look of a Japanese doll site. I’ve always thought they were pretty and they are totally the oposite of the black backgrounded sites I have a habit of making. Light and fluffy! This is the goal.


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