Part 10 of Reposts

My Little Pony (OMG MRS CAKE), The Reality of a Strict No Clone or Recast Supporters Policy

Originally Posted: 05-04-2013
*SCREEEEEAM* The brushable Mrs. Cake had showed up on the FS Princess Twilight Sparkle box insert. She’s going to be comming with that little hot pink baby that’s floated around. No name on the baby so I guess it will continue being “Baby Molasses” for now. The insert photo doesn’t have the mint green hair streaks either. The two come with a mini “Princess Celebration Bakery” playset. Oven, table, cake pieces, cupcakes and cake making stuff. Mrs. Cake is labeled “Mrs. Dazzle Cake” but I don’t even care. She’s also wear a chef’s hat that I’ll probably give another figure so I can style her hair properly, though she does look sweet with it down. OMG, MRS CAKE!! Now we gotta see how the BB version of her will be packaged.
Zoomable photo of the set. Says the baby is named Twirly Treats!

I don’t usually visit Equestria Daily but I did and found a post about how G4 ponies have made a Yahoo list about over sexualised toys
This is actually an old complaint. People with too much time to complain moaned about how the G3s were “too sexy”. Yeah. G3. The sexiest pose I can think of would be Diva Pose. You could interpret it as a “come hither” look. Or not, because, you know, it’s danm horse. Then you have the Donkey Pose that looks like it’s in the middle of a “HE-HAWW”. Be still, my firey lust.
Sexy G4? Like EQ said, they use a Pinklestia photo and the only thing they could really be refering to is the eyelashes. Eyelashes are suposed to be sexy, or something. If you wanted to really stretch it, I supose you could say Rarity and the other eyeshadow-wearing ponies like Starbeam Twinkle and Dewdrop Dazzle are “sexy”. But, yet again, it’s a horse. The eyeshadow is more to look slightly glamorous and help make them different from similar characters.
Also amongst the G4 crowd is are the wide-eyed and innocent looking Pinkie Pie-styled characters and, seriously, if you can look at those and see a character created to drive children to sin, you need help XD

They also posted the Equestria Girls DVD cover. I’m still willing to give it a chance before raging about how awful it is.

Krowzivitch’s pony figures. Yeah, 60 bux is a lot of bux but if that is your budget for a custom figure and you want a professional looking job, look ’em up. Heck, take a look even if you aren’t in the market. It’s beautiful work.

A Pinkie Pie FS with black and white streaks and matching symbol has popped up, along with a similar symboled brushable. Probably just somebody fooling around with the machines but that FS would particularly make an awsome collection piece. Very unsual.

A Nurse Redheart bb has popped up as well. I’d like to see Nurse Coldheart/Lemon Cream, Nurse Sweetheart/Candy Care and Nursery Rhyme as well, though I wouldn’t expect it.

Dolls Ahoy did this interessting post about the reality of choosing not to ABSOLUTELY NEVER EVER do business with any business that has recast or cloned another toy product. The short version is that sticking to the principal rigidly eliminates most major companies and stores.
“Hasbro’s Jem dolls had bodies suspiciously like those of Kenner’s Covergirl dolls, yet that was still six years before Hasbro bought Kenner”
SERIOUSLY? I HAVE a Darci and I was always under the impression that the similarities were all above board. :<


Triple Color Change Licca, Licca Knock-Off, Scupt a Corgi, Custom MH, 68cm Silicon Male Body

Originally Posted: 04-30-2013
Whoah. Takara put out Triple Color Change Licca dolls. THAT SAKURA. The prices for her are pretty crazy but she looks AWSOME. Her little yellow dress is adorable and those clover barettes, SO CUTE. ❤ The dolls earn their name with their hair that not only changes color with hot or cold water, but actually has a middle color for just room temperature.
Sakura’s color are Milk Orange (hot), Orange (20 oC) and Cocoa brown (cool), so her hair is usually a bright orange *_*. Licca’s colors are Strawberry Pink (hot), Pink (20 oC) and Rasberry Black (cool). Little Japanese girls, are you losing your minds over these? You totally should be. They look SO COOL *_*
The downer is that because they are special dolls, they are, like, 40 bucks even if you buy them in Japan. That’s quite a bit XD;; Maybe somebody will buy the set and chuck the head on Ebay?

If you’re mad to have one but don’t have Japanese friend, Buzztoy2007 on Ebay has started selling the Eri-chan/Elly-chan/Ellie-chan Licca knock off from Daiso.
For more infor on the doll, there’s a Flickr group called Ellie chan by Daiso

Learn To Sculpt A Corgi Dog. Might be good for making dolly pets or sculpting an anthro’s face.

Annarchy78’s Karma Geddon, a repainted and rerooted MH CAM 3-eyed ghoul. The paint job makes her look very gentle and ethereal.

The Faun from Pan’s Labyrinth, made by Mourning Wake Press out of a MH CAM Witch. It’s amazing stuff. If it weren’t for the proportions, you wouldn’t even be able to tell what kind of doll it started as.

Happy Dolls came across 65cm silicon doll body. I don’t know, I’m not as bothered by it as they are. He’s skinny, but not emaciated to my eyes and…dat booty.


Moxie Girlz, Flocked Licca, Hikarugold’s Ciel, Kuragehime

Originally Posted: 04-23-2013
Bratz Boulevard has reported on the upcomming Moxie Girlz Party Favors and Snap N’ Style lines. I had no idea that there WERE new MG comming out. Nothing new from them has made it here, inculding the Sweet Style dolls. Good thing I’m not collecting them, eh?

Luxielou’s FLOCKED Licca. Flocked, kind of like a vintage Ken 😀 She’s actually done quite a few flocked dolls.

I was looking for more patterns and found Hikarugold’s handmade Ciel (From Kuroshitsuji/Black Butler). Isn’t he COOL? You can’t really call him a “plushie”, he’s stuffed but he’s more like a fabric art doll. They even embroidered his unfortunate brand on to the doll’s body.

I got myself caught up on Kuragehime/Jellyfish Princess. At one point, Tsukimi is having trouble picking out good fabric because she’s used to wearing basic sweats all year around. Each Amar working on the sewing project describes her dilemma using an example from their own hobby. Nomu, the Blythe fan, says:
“It’s like you’re telling someone who has only made clothes for Sylvanian families to choose fabric for a dress for a doll with ball joints.”

I…I know exactly what she means (and since you’re here, you probably do too.) Most BJD are at least twice the size of a SF adult and shortcuts that would work at a smaller scale wouldn’t work for a bigger doll. SF ladies don’t need bust darts because they don’t have busts.
But, at the same time, I think it would actually be harder to go from BJDs to SF figures, since BJDs have the benifet of hands that pop off and bodies that can be manipulated to slip into clothing. The larger the doll, the less fiddly all the sewing is too.


Fallindoll Panda Answer

Originally Posted: 04-16-2013
FallinDoll got back to me about Panda:

“Hi! Thanks you for concern our doll.

The panda is made of  Vinyl material with face and body, Ear is ABS material.”

So, vinyl like Kumaboro, but with hard plastic ears. Probably makes it easer to get them in. Getting the ears in Kumaboro and Usagii can be a bit hard.


Equestria Girls, Blindbags, Sindy

Originally Posted: 04-15-2013
The Equestria Girls line, dolls made of humanized ponies, sounds weird but I’m willing to wait and see. Some info was leaked from a German store. It all makes sense, except for the “girl doll with pony”. WHY? O_O Is it going to be some dinky little figure of them as a pony in order to remind people who actually the doll is suposed to be?

Working on a color-coded list of which MLP BBs I have, which I want and which I have no interesst in. Basically, I screencapped Strawberry Reef’s list, made it transparent and on the BG layer, I can “highlight” them. Then, I I either get them or decide I don’t really want them, I can change the highlighted color. I am not a completist collector with these so MOST of them I don’t bother with. This is good because, not counting the mini sets, there will be 192 figures by the time the Wave 8 that’s popping up on Taobao makes it into regular stores. THAT is a lot of little plastic ponies.

I’ve de-stained the Sindy more or less as much as I can. No thanks to YOU, grey Canadian weather. The highlighter-type marks are more or less gone, except for some spotting on an arm. Though, it’s a bit purple-y so it might not even be the same KIND of stain. The grey on the thighs isn’t comming off, or the mold stain on the forehead. Whatever. She’ll still be totally awsome once she’s rerooted and put back together.

BarbieBeauties has a Sindy Clone catagory. She’s also taken some of them, removed their cheap-o, hastily done paint and given them much nicer faces.

Seeing this also reminded me about the knock off heads I bought. One of them is going to be mounted on LIV body. The body has been floating around with it’s neck sawed off (Ooh! Ghoulish!) for so long and I’m just now getting to fitting the knock-off’s neck piece to it. I want to use some white Milliput for the rest but…where did I put the bag? O_O


Fallindoll, Robot Carnival, Sindy Progress

Originally Posted: 04-10-2013
Fallindoll’s Panda. She’s kind of like a shorter, shapelier Kumaboro by Petworks. The body much bigger in the hips, has a tail and the legs are curvier and have more of a foot than Kumaboro’s wee stumps. I wonder what she’s MADE of? She’s too cheap to be resin, right? By experience with Kumaboro says “vinyl” but I dunno. Even if it WAS resin, she’s too short on joints for DOA, but maybe she’ll pop up on Flickr? I’d like to see her next to Kumaboro, Usagii or a Deconikki, just to see the differences in them.

They also make Syasya (Fennec Fox), Coco (Dog) and Syavi (Mini Fennec Fox) out of…resin, I guess? I’ll need to add them to the under $200 anthro BJD list.

The Robot Carnival “Presence” Super Dollfie Project. Presence was one of my favorite Robot Carnival shorts. Ed Perello on Flickr liked it enough that he actually recreated the robot girl in SD-scale.The head is custom sculpted to boot. Pretty awsome :O

Sindy is…comming along. I have exhausted my Cognac hair supply so I’ll have to wait on that. I’m going for a center hair with big thick bangs that will cover that mold stain. The pink stains have lightened but I haven’t gotten enough sun to finish with it. I’m wondering with the Oxy would work on the thigh upper thighs. 


Found Vintage Sindy and DC Howleen/ Freyr Orders Started

Originally Posted: 04-07-2013
Yesterday was an interessting day for dolly finds.

I visited Value Village. Didn’t really see anything…except a freakin’ SINDY DOLL packed in with 2 Barbies! SOLD.
Found in CAN VV 2
Found in CAN VV

She’s in kind of rough shape. Even after her wash she has:
* Hot pink on her left leg and arm
* Yellow on her upper chest
* Possible mold on her head
* Grey on her upper thighs
* Broken Ankle
* Crispy hair
* MISSING hair
* Cheap rubber band melted right INTO her hair.

The hair as been removed pending rerooting and I’m hoping that acne cream/sun will help the stains. I felt bad lopping off her hair because ‘OMG VINTAGE DOLLS MUST BE PRESERVED!!” but in her condition, I doubt she’s worth much. I figures she was from somewhere between the late 70’s and early 80’s but this guide narrows it down to 1983-1985 which isn’t as old as she looks. So, damaged, low value, might as well do as I please with fixing her.

The question is, how did she GET to Canada? I don’t think they sold them here. Did she come with a child from Britain? Or as a gift from an English relative? Nothing gets me wondering about a toy’s back story like it being found where it normally wouldn’t be.

Now, what hair color to use….? I kind of want to make her a ginger because I’ve always kind of wanted a redhaired Sindy. But…then there’s FANTASY colors, aren’t there? *_*

The other dolly find was a single Dance Class Howleen in Walmart. I have been stocking the stores for MONTHS. As I’ve complained about in other entries, I was starting to think Canada didn’t get any. But, there she was! ❤ Huzzah!

OH! Also, Junky Spot added Freyr, anthro cat Freya’s male counterpart, to their catalogue yesterday. 150 each of the white and the light grey to start.


MH Glue Issues, Zuzu Delf Hybriding

Originally Posted: 04-04-2013
Sitemeter! Let me in! I want to see how many people DIDN’T visit! XD

So, I had to finally admit that my Gloom Beach Frankie has a glue problem. I washed her hair with Dawn and it made it worse. So, I bought some tea tree oil, massaged it in, waited, then washed it out and conditioned. To be honest, I don’t think it’s a permenant fix. The glue is comming from INSIDE that this only takes care of what’s on the surface. But for now? The hair is LOVELY. It hasn’t been this nice since around the time I bought it. Yeah, it smells like tea tree oil, but I don’t mind that. It actually makes me a little nostalgic because I used to use a lot of it when I was younger to try and stop break-outs.

I really love the GB Frankie face. It’s very gentle and natural looking. Sometimes a plainer, yet still beautiful, face is is a breath of fresh air among more heavily done-up dolls.

Someone asked on DOA about Zuzu Delf hybrids. Natalia Love has a old-style Persi head on a Bobobie Isabella body. Milkyorz has tried the same head on a SQ KSGL body. If you have a DOA account, Dearmine head on Zuzu body and the reverse. Apart from that, nobody has really done any hybriding. As I’ve said before, the closest LUTS sells to loose heads are the Minime ZDF and the basic ones only come in the old-style Persi and Corni heads. I wish they would make the bodies and heads available seperately.

I wonder how much the Dearmine Dearpet bodies DO cost? They don’t list it….just say “contact us for details”. :O

Came across an old thread where some people felt it was “wrong” to hybrid. That it messes with the original artist’s vision. Eeee…nope. A lot of head x on body y hybriding is totally reversible. Nothing is even altered. And even if it is, part of the joy of BJDs is suposed to be that it can take on YOUR vision. It’s totally okay if you think Super Dollfie heads look weird on Senior Delf bodies but it doesn’t make other people wrong.


Recaster Photo Theft, Orbees Lady Bug, Upcomming Ponies?

Originally Posted: 03-24-2013
Peeked at a recaster’s store. They use photographs pulled Volk’s site. Knock off someone’s product, then take THEIR photos to sell it? -_-

Orbeez Lady Bug. EVEN POOPS. (Okay, it’s not a doll, but it make me laugh)

Mlpg4merch has posted some neat Taobao finds: Sparkly purple one that looks like G3 Wisteria. I’ve not in love with toys that are crazy covered in glitter but people have remarked that it’s kind of weird how there haven’t been as sparkly Crystal Empire dwelling characters. Maybe..? 😀
Hot pink filly. YESS. If they do put her out, this will be our first filly with a cutiemark, won’t it? I aprove. Not every young pony is going to be SO young that they don’t have their mark yet. Variety!
Bluelestia: Not an upcomming product, but kind of cool. Celestia rooted with the blue from the FS Shining Armor.

(Also, that new unicorn is named “Sunset Shimmer”, but everybody knows that now, right? XD)


AmuletMoon Yohko Doll, Wreck-It Ralph, Mohair Wigs, Doll Sundaes, Pinkie Cooper

Originally Posted: 03-19-2013
AmuletMoon did a custom Mamono Hunter Yohko (Devil Hunter Yohko) Yohko Mano doll. With a MH Cleo as a base. Look: close up, full view, posing. I…honestly never expected this doll to exist. MH’s popular for customizing and it’s not so surprising that some of them would be anime characters. But MHY isn’t a current anime and a whole crop of anime fans don’t even know it EXISTED. And she did such a good job on it, so…wow 😀

I saw Wreck-It Ralph. Honestly, if we still had a Disney store and they had put out individual, 1/6ish dolls of the Sugar Rush characters like they did with the Disney Fairies, they could have gotten a nice chunk of my cash. When you look at them, they actually have some really nice character designs. I love Rancis’s peanut butter cup hat, Gloyd’s pumpkin and Snowanna’s snow cone ‘fro.  And you KNOW I would need to have bought Minty Zaki and Candlehead, right off the bat. Swizzle is the only one that doesn’t really have an interessting look.

Oh.  I never said how the mohair wigs turned out. They’re fine. I hit them with some green RIT and it did tone down the red. One of more brown than the other. Did I get the color I wanted? Well…no. But, they aren’t terrible, so I still consider it a partial success. The process left them a little frizzed so I might try straighting with my big curling iron. I swear, I need to invest in a cheap flat iron. They pop up at Value Village cheap, the downer is that you don’t know if it actually WORKS until you buy it. Bleh.

No mail for me today. Aw. What am I expecting? Clear beads and some smaller red ones. Why? How to Make a Doll Ice Cream Sundae by My Froggy Stuff. Doll sundae cups tend to be expensive online. All they are is a penny’s worth or clear plastic but they can run you at least a dollar a piece! This method removes the need for those. I was able to find the large diamonds in Dollarama, the large clear jewels for the bottoms at Micheal’s (REMEMBER YOUR COUPON), already have some puff paint. I have some micro beads I actually bought from nail section of Dollarama a while back because I wanted to wee glass bottles! Apparently, they are also called “caviar” beads. I am not nearly trendy enough to have known that XD The jewels for the bottoms came in packs of 20 and the bag of large diamonds…oh boy, I have no idea. Basically, once you buy a package of each thing, you can make crazy amount of them. Personalized sundaes for every doll you own. *_*

I printed out a photos of a Pinkie Cooper doll at her suposed height. You can’t tell exact measurements from a photo but I’m thinking maybe she’ll be too large for MH clothing. I’m wondering about Bratzilla stuff, though. I don’t have any of the dolls but I did pick up some marked down outfits. They seem to be larger in the chest so as long as Pinkie’s arms and paws aren’t too wide, maybe it would work. The clothing might fit MH, though, since it’s easier if clothing is a little big rather than a little small.


Dyed Mohair Wigs Today…

Originally Posted: 02-25-2013
So, I heard that you could dye mohair wigs with regular hair dye. I bought two, delightly cheap, bleach blonde wigs and some Belle Color Chestnut Brown #65.  The wigs came today, so I pinned them to styrofoam balls and mixed up the dye. It looked kind of light so I did a small piece and waited.


I called and they told me that you CAN’T use their dyes on bleached hair, only natural. Shiiit.

So, I mixed up some Cocoa Brown and a bit of Scarlet Flame RIT, boiled it, let it cool a little and dyed the wigs in that. The dye didn’t look red enough at one point so I added more red. BIG mistake. They came out auburn. It’s beautiful but the whole point of dying a wig was to get that that elusive slightly-red medium-ish brown that nobody seems to sell…at least not cheaply. Bleh. I need to find some green RIT to kill a bit of the red.

I sort of wish I could buy a dozen of these wigs, different dyes and just experiment with them. *_*

(Even with it not being super hot and me trying to avoid moving it around, the wig did tangle a bit. Not really felted but I had to douse it with condition and sit, picking out all the little tangles. Lost a bit of hair, but I guess it’s not TOO bad.)


Catagories, Shoes, Lottie Doll

Originally Posted: 01-29-2013
With all the Asian dolls I’ve been posting about that are NOT Japanese, I feel like I should edit tag/catagory. But…HOW? I can add new ones but I don’t know where exactly you do that on the site. :/

I asked pawsbcaws unlimited and they said that their Ideal 12″ Shirley Temple shoes are 38mmx20mm. The Lissey ones are 37mmx16mm. A little something to keep in mind if you need mary-janes in those sizes.

The Lottie dolls are totally cute. Confessions of a Doll Collectors Daughter has done not one, but two reviews on them.
As far as being “Quintessentially British”, the way they are attempting to make a cute, non-sexy doll who’s out there having fun with wholesome activities reminds me of what they were trying to do with the also UK-based Sindy. I think they lose a few British points with the fact that she looks so much like a Japanese Takara doll. (Not that that’s a terrible thing. Every country should be so lucky.) They are a little pricey though, being $20 US for a basic doll on Amazon. The crazy part is that Amazon UK lists them as  £16.99, almost $6US more! Are they cheaper in stores? @_@

This site (“Ten Horse Were Born From The Fog?”) has a comparision of Zuzu Delf Lio and vs. Dreaming Baha by Pipos. Under the comparison of the paw pads, they point out that the Zuzus have a “hidden Mickey” XDD


Flower Child Dolls by Takara

Originally Posted: 01-28-2013
The Flower Child dolls were tiny little animal-earred girls in flower petal dresses made by Takara. I hadn’t seen them before untill Fayeboy4Licca posted his on Flickr, looking for info. They are about the size of Licca’s sisters, Miki and Maki. I did a little research….

Puchifuku’s Sugar-chan, a little blonde mouse-girl 😀 The box is faded but you can see the lovely shoujo-style artwork. Puchifuku also has another littl blonde mouse-girl named Millefeuille, pictured here along side Sugar.

Quiet Darkness’s pink haired mouse-girl. You can see from the photo that these dolls can also wear Mamemoko clothing. Gives you an idea of the size.

Kotori has a little blonde mouse and a Flower Garden mini house playset with bedroom furniture. The interessting thing, is that Kotori has also photographed the fold-out, so you can see the full collection, as well as the little petal dresses that came in boxes like corsages. Near as I can see, the dolls were named:
Pink Haired Rabbits in Pale Pink: Melanie (meroni-), Floria (furo-ria), Floren (furo-ren)
Blonde Rabbits in White And Yellow: Potpourri (popori), Emina (emi-na), Mimosalia (mimozaria)
Pink Haired Cats in Purple: Plum (puramu), Rise-nu (huh?), Romeria
Blonde Mice in White and Yellow: Sugar, Millefeuille (mirufui-), Yurishia
Pink Haired Mice in Pink: Tinbell (tinberu), Fanny (fua-ni), Angeli (anjeri-)

Lemon Blossom has a few of them as well. The ones who have lost their dresses are in ones made from Sylvania Family patterns. She also took a photo of her Pullip holding one.

Over on the Mandrake Japanese site, there’s a Flower Party Room playset with a wee gazebo, furniture and tableware.
Flower Bouquet Deluxe Set, with a little pink haired rabbit-girl doll and…uh, I’m not sure. It looks like it coems with a “For You!” bouquet, but what’s that other stuff in there? Check out that price. About $170 for such a small set. Gives you an idea of how rare they are.
The Flower Garden Set and a candy toy figure based on the dolls.

Ali Project put out an album in 1988 called “Flower Child” with one of the bunny dolls on the cover.

Kat Sep 19, 13
So great to finally find out all about these sweet little dolls through your blog – thanks! I have a pink rabbit girl and have not even known what she was for ages, let alone that she had sisters. You can find a picture of mine here:


Mega Bloks Barbie, Still Waiting on MH, MLP, Monique Wig Colors, Zuzu Delf, Pang Ju

Originally Posted: 01-15-2013
I saw these in Walmart. Mega Bloks Barbie sets,  that would make awsome little Barbies playsets FOR 1/6 dolls. The downer is that they were, like, 7 bucks. I just don’t feel you get that much money worth of stuff in the packages.

Starting to think maybe Canada just isn’t bothering with the MH CAM lab. Nothing has shown up from it. I was doing another check for Howleen and a little girl was rearranging the dolls, looking for Deuce. She hadn’t seen a Howleen but pointed out that Robecca was pretty new. Thanks, hon, but I’m all about finding that pink-haired werewolf right now :3

Good news! The local(ish) TRU got the new Crystal Empire two-packs in AND they were having a 30% sale! The bad news is that when I got there, they only had a single Twilight/Cadence (Cadence had a misprinted eye) and a Pinkie/Fluttershy. Oh well. It’s nice to know at least they are CARRYING them, right? I HATE that the princess 3-pack is Target exclusive -_- I wish they sold the princesses individually.

Monique wig color chart. Useful for choosing a color in Monique wigs. Also, Google images. Google the color name and “Monique doll wig”.

Oh! That Zuzu Delf chest measurement is from Luts Japan, who provide more measurements than the English site.

DEUS Ex. Machina’s Pang Ju doll next to a Nikki doll. So small! I had seen them but never realised what size they were!

Minimi and regular Zuzu Delf on the Luts Japan blog. The heads on the Minimis are in fact the same as the regular heads. It would suck having to pay for a useless mini body but if they expanded the basic Minimi line and brought the body back into stock, they could be combined into “Basics” for any character.

Ever seen that tutorial where they make pleated plaid skirts from wide ribbon? When I first saw it, I was like…”No! They aren’t PROPER skirts!”. Now I’d like to give it a try and all the wide ribbon in pretty plaids are gone from the stores. XD;;;


Random Zuzu Delf Trivia

Originally Posted: 01-14-2013
I did it for the Deconikkis, might as well do it for the Zuzu Delfs.

The Zuzu Delf characters produced, as of this writting, are:
Persi – Cat [Also produced with Dreaming face]
Chu – Cat [Also produced with Dreaming face]
Cathy – Cat
Corni – Cat [Also produced with Dreaming face]
Lio – Lion [Also produced with Romance face]
Fenny – Fennec Fox
Velo – Fox
Papi – Dog (Chiuaua)
Frise – Dog (Bichon Frise) [Also produced with Dreaming face]
Truffle – Dog (Pomeranian) [Based on Truffle, the MC-dog of Den of Angels]
Mati – Dog
Wolffy – Wolf
Toya – Rabbit
Rabbi – Rabbit [Also produced with Dreaming face]
Nor – Deer
Rumi – Dragon
Mir – Dragon
Woong – Bear
With 4 cats and a lion, most of the dolls produced have been feline.

Corni, Persi, Frise, Wolffy and Fenny originally had molded-on ears. Mati was the first to have removeable ones and Lio was the first to appear in a wig.

Originally, the dolls were all shown bare-pawed. Nurse Papi, Stallgirl Mati, Brass Band Frise and Baseball Team Chu all have a sock/shoe combo where the toes are capped in a different fabric. Grandma Wolffy has a pair of fluffy slippers.
The displaying of the dolls wearing actual shoes started in 2011 with the Fairytale Toyas.

To date, their have been Zuzus made in the following colors: Zuzu White, Brown (Real Skin Brown,?) Normal Skin, Salmon Pink Skin, Milky Orange Skin, Silver Blue Skin, Lavender Gray Skin and Black (Mask of Corni and Mask of Persi)

Basic Persi wears 16MM L.G EYES- NO.71 in most of the photos but the eyes in the main photo are the 16MM L.M.G EYES-NO.03.


Zuzu Delf Measures, Comparison

Originally Posted: 01-11-2013
I was curious about the fact that Luts doesn’t list a chest measurement for the Zuzu Delfs the way they do for the other dolls. Their response was that the chest was 12cm like the hips. That would make the Blythe clothing people put them in a little stretched but I guess it works. But them, I came across this page on Shape Shifter: Zuzu Delf vs. Pure Neemo. They say that the Zuzus have 11cm chests. Huh. That’s a whole centimeter less, which is kind of a big deal on a doll so small. I wonder if they measured differently?
Zuzu Delf vs. Blythe contrasts the ZDs and Blythe. They suggest a knee length Blythe dress for a long dress look on a ZD because the tea-length one is so long that it hits the floor and then gets pushed up.

FFF Mini Doll’s Lios modeling Re-Ment outfits.

Comparison Heaven: This is a positively brilliant idea. A lot of dolls are missing, though, and it’s probably going to be hard for her to photgraph them all at Finnish meetups. It would be nice if there was a way for people to download a chart and send in their own photos takem in front of it.

BJD Fantasy Option Parts: This site sells option parts for 1/3, 1/4, 1/6 and 1/8 scale dolls. Dog, cat rabbit, mouse, fox, etc. No idea what their reputation is but if they are legit, it’s some awsome stuff.


Kemper Dolls, Fake Doll Nails, Blog Hits

Originally Posted: 01-04-2013
You know, Kemper Dolls have some good prices. They have a bunch of things on sale, including wigs for 50% off. I did a mock order and was first shocked that a single wig cost $6ish to ship to Canada, then tried it with 4 wigs and noticed it only when up to $8. It starts there but it evens out if you are buying a couple things.Have I mentioned how much I love it when stores allow for unsubmitted mock orders? Inversely, I HATE when stores don’t give you any idea out how much shipping will be ahead of time. You want to know if it’s going to cost you twice the price of the item for shipping alone! 😦

The Raven wig style is kind of the Kemper version of Monique Trix. Long wig with bangs in bright colors. Althea is like a shorter Trix. Not a short wig but it doesn’t have as much length. Giselle Modern would be their Pinky if it came in more than Milky White, Pink Milk and Violet.

A question was asked on DOA about painting doll nails. As part of their answer, idrisfynn linked to 2, delightfully offsite, tutorials on doing acrylic nails for dolls with straws:
Cian’s tutorial and Part 1 of Jesmoth’s. It’s a neat idea for getting that look!

Hmm. A hit for “Boneka Wreck-It Ralph”. My best guess is that someone is looking for shoes that would fit their large Vanellope dolls. I wonder how big her feet are. They seem pretty large and that might work in people’s favor for shoe buying. Her size might be the same as some generic baby doll size.
If they had done a 1/6 scale one, I might have bought one because she is awful cute, but the talking ones are waaay too big for me. And I don’t care for the talking gimmick, ya know?

I also got a hit for “***This Time talk about how to custom doll, doll make up and making doll dress DIY and step step!!***” Pretty wordy and specific, right? It’s from an auction for a $60ish copy of Dolly Dolly Vol. 23. I don’t have that issue so I can’t really say much about it. If you DO, please do a blog entry on what all is inside and what you think of it.


Coco Tribe, Volks Tax, Froggy Stuff, BJD-styled Tights

Originally Posted: 01-01-2013
So, from now on in, Coco Tribe dolls will be cheaper!
“Quartz Series USD $175—>USD $142
Amber Series 17cm USD $170—>USD $135
Amber Series 17cm USD $175—>USD $142
Pearl Series BB USD $210—>USD $168
Pearl Series Bunny USD $220—>USD $173″
….But no more free shipping. I wonder if it comes out cheaper, more expensive, or about the same for Canadian?

They have also added in another Pearl doll named Rebecca and she’s an advark.
No, she’s another rabbit. Coco Tribe LOVES their rabbits, man! She’s more wide-added than Randy, the other 26cm rabbit girl.

Love the little “comic” on the pages for the Randy and Ricci Holiday Full Sets. Of COURSE you are a good bunny, darling ;_;

The tax on Volks USA items is doing up. California sales tax is making a jump from 8.5% to 9%. Barf.

Froggy Stuff has posted a tutorial on making a doll wheelchair. She gets a lot of suggestions for projects and some fo them are kind of out there. The tutorials are meant to be simple enough that kids can make them too. Some things are just too complicated for that, right? Well, somehow she manages to come up with solutions for these ideas. The wheelchair is totally one of these times.
Now, commenters are asking “How can I make this for _smaller doll__??” The wheels being out of scale for a smaller doll are the big issue. I’m thinking Shrinky Dinks but, again, that’s not a child-safe thing.

Not EXACTLY doll related but, lookie! An article on tights and stockings that make your legs look ball jointed!. Probably way safer than having those elastis bands on for any length of time. Brr. I can just FEEL the squeezing when I think of it.


Coco Tribe, Zuzu Delf, Monster High, Size 4 Wigs

Originally Posted: 12-29-2012
*Face palm* I asked if Annie had a tail. It’s RIGHT THERE.
Er, I also asked someone about a photo of Petworks Usaggie vs. CT Ruby to see the head size difference. One already exists.

NomyensM painted a Ruby, a Ricci and probably the darkest looking Milo you will ever see. He’s a lot more serious looking than most.

Huh. I guess back in fall of 2008, Luts was talking about dropping Corni and Persi as basics. Corni is still gone but I guess they reconsidered Persi. Probably popular demand?

Dance Class MH showed up for Christmas! Okay, so Operetta and Robecca did. But it was a smaller store, so maybe a larger on would have Howleen. Howleen’s the one I really want. I’d like a Robecca to reroot but I don’t think she’ll disapear that quickly. It was nice to get to SEE her in person, anyway. Her makeup didnd’t look as crazy purple as I thought it would so it would probably work with other hair colors if the lips were recolored.
I went to the same Walmart yesterday and they also had a single Draculaura from the more basic Scaris line (Still no Cam Lab/Add-ons. Whaaat?). In the past, it took till February for them to restock because of inventory. Wonder if it still works that way.

Before I forget, Twiddle66 made a list of Monique Wigs sorted by PukiPuki size 4 (and RD4) that could be very useful. Small headed fashion dolls like the pre-head biggening Barbies take size 4 too!


My First Gluey Monster High Head

Originally Posted: 12-14-2012
Apart from a slight, weighted-down-ness of Gloom Beach Frankie’s hair, all 5 of my non-CAM MH dolls are fine in the hair department. I believe ALL of them are from Indonesia so it’s good luck. But I recieved a loose Clawdeen head today that was ridiculous. The glue wasn’t liquidfied but it was all sticky and gross. It took longer to pull out because it was pulling off, leave residue inside the head that I’m hoping I’ll have cleaned and left my tools gooey.

If this Clawdeen hadn’t been bought by a customizer and then, later, sold to me, it might have ended up in the hands of a kid. Toxic or non-toxic, what if it gets in their mouth? And can you imagine trying to get that glue off a kid or their things? I had to use pure acetone. It just doesn’t come off with a quick scrub.

I think they need to go back to the days of NOT pouring glue into the heads. Yeah, the dolls shed a bit at first but if they were properly rooted it’s just a little bit. Yeah, they will go bald if the kids play too roughly but they should be encouraged to play more gently insted of blaming the product.If you don’t want to go the “the toy will break” route, maybe “you don’t like having your hair pulled and neither does Dolly”? Better than seepy glue, anyway.

This is just preaching to the choir for anybody who knows what I’m talking about. There is also a petition on


Friendly Plastic/ Polymorph Plastic

Originally Posted: 12-12-2012
So. Friendly Plastic. I bought some. Not actually “Friendly Plastic” because I think that’s a brand name but polymorph plastic pellets. You heat up water to over 60oC, put the pellets in and allow them to turn clear. Gather up the mass of pellets with a fork and start working with it.

The stuff feels like a heavier Silly Putty and you can pull and bend it in the same away. But, in the same way that Silly Putty will end up with air bubbles, so does this plastic.

It’s also not really great for modeling. You’d be better off modeling something in Sculpey, making a mold and then casting it with the plastic. I tried making a pair of doll glasses by putting the plastic over a print out of the design and cutting it out. The plastic is too rubbery to really cut with a craft knife but it did leave the lines. I cut out the frame with scissors when it was a little cooler but had a lot of trouble getting the eye-holes cut out without warping.

The seller described it as “nylon-like” when it’s cooled and that sounds about right. The long, flat strip I allowed to cool has a bit of flex to it. Don’t know if smaller ones would or not.

I’m wondering if it can be pushed through a clay gun. You’d have to be pretty quick but…maybe? I’ll have to try it.

I originally heard about Friendly Plastic from some discussions about doll shoes. It came up in a few threads but nobody ever actually said anything about TRYING IT. I think it might be possible to make some styles of doll shoes but not as easy as I originally thought. Like I said, not so great for sculpting.

Something I didn’t know about when I bought it was that Friendly Plastic, at least the brand name stuff, becomes brittle when it’s older.”7 or 8″ was the time frame one site mentioned. I guess that’s not TOO soon but it still sucks. Maybe I’ll luck out and mine will last longer.


Account Issues, Novus Plastic Polish, Candy Candy, Pullip at Winners

Originally Posted: 11-26-2012
My account has been having serious issues lately with posting. I have 2 entries I posted on the 20th that aren’t posting. I have submitted a ticket. Maybe THIS one will post? I’ve got partially completed themed entries on Notepad that I’d like to finish and post, though!

Aw man! The shop that sold Novus Plastic Polish on Ebay is gone and its more expensive on their website. -_- I have their small set and it’s magic. I haven’t used  it often but when I have, it’s worked nicely to buff scratches out of shiny, hard plastic.

Redressed Candy and Anthony dolls from Candy Candy 😀 My poor Candy…I ran out of hair while doing her and so she’s put away for now ^_^;;

I found Tinkerbell Dal and Tigerlily Byul at Winners. I had Tigerlily in my hands and I PUT HER BACK. I don’t actually HAVE the money right now and couldn’t justify borrowing it. Plus I don’t like her as much in person. Her eyes seemed more googly and her face shape odd.


Stop Motion With Dolls: Robot Chicken, Most Popular Girls in School, Gekiurajyouhou01

Originally Posted: 11-20-2012
I’ve mentioned I watch Robot Chicken before. Being into dolls, I recognize a lot of the clothing so I can figure out what scale the cartoons were filmed in sometimes. There is some Bratz Boyz stuff that gets passed around a lot.

The Most Popular Girls In School (youtube: TheMostPopularGirls) is hilarious. It has been discribed as “Robot Chicken meets Mean Girls”. If you haven’t heard of it, it’s basically about the in-fighting and plotting of a bunch of high school girls in a tiny town. They started animating with knock-off dolls from the dollar store but have expanded to using brand name items as they got a bigger budget. Lunchlady Belinda, for example, is played by a Mother Gothel doll. Rachel Tice is an Ariel doll (Tyco I think?) and her sister Bridget (a major favorite of mine) is a Merida doll by Mattel. Yet again, if you are into dolls, you end up going “Oh! Hey! I’ve seen that dress! I have that doll!”

Albert, Thomas and Macchi are a trio of Goh Guys who drink, do drugs and have adventures. The videos are stop motion animated and posted by user gekiurajyouhou01 on Youtube. I don’t really want to link directly to the because of some of the shorts being really racey but that’s where you can find them.

One thing you should know, though, is that even though most are comedy, Movie #22 [The Torture] is about information uncovered during Wikileaks about the torture of detainees. It’s serious stuff with re-enactments so be aware.

One of the light ones is Movie #08 [Kappa Hunting], where the boys go hunting for kappa but end up eating wild mushrooms instead… you’ll never guess who “shows up” XD


Jem Prototypes, Digitigrade Legs, IoS Cats

Originally Posted: 11-20-2012
TotallyJem has some interesting Jem prototype photos. Love seeing that kind of thing! It’s interessting how Hasbro went to the trouble of making a “super master” for Jem because they figured they would make and sell so many dolls that the original molds would wear out. OPTIMISM. I wonder if they did?

Dreamspun Doll is working away on a chubby little cat anthro named Kitpandi. I find it interessting that they mention that they asked a while back if a design for her that included digitigrade legs would be acceptable at DOA and were told it wouldn’t be. They mention that the rule might not still be in place and I wonder whether it is or not. Digitigrade legs are allowed on satyrs and the like so it wouldn’t be a blanket “NO DIGITIGRADE” rule, just on the anthros.

I’m not sure how I feel about digigrade legs on anthro characters. It’s not something I’d draw but I don’t hate hate hate them. But, with a doll, could they cause problems with pants? Would ever pair have to be super wide legged?

Immortality of Soul‘s totally-sold-out Lulu and Lora are so Siamese looking compared to most of the round-faced cat dolls. I think folded-down-ear Lora should look either angrier or scared, though. Those are not the ears of a happy kitty.


Pullips at Winners, Camomile Cottage, No Horse-People, New In Stores, Doll Hair, MH vs. Bratzilla Cafes

Originally Posted: 11-10-2012
The Peter Pan Pullip line is showing up in CANADIAN Winners stores! Just the girls, but isn’t that surprising? And not just in B.C or somewhere closer to the Asian countries. Keep an eye out!

Also at Winners, they have started getting in the Camomile Cottage stuff in. Mostly playsets. What is “Camomile Cottage”? It’s the Canadian name for Li’l Woodzeez near as I can tell. Adorable little sets. I wonder if any of the cheaper family sets will ever come in.

Oh…kay. So Sylvanian Families do a lot of different animals and I figured I’d Google to see what their horse family looked like. They HAVE to have a horse family, right? This is what I found. There isn’t a horse-person family but they do RIDE horses. That particular horse is being driven by a cow-person, cows falling in to the catagory of “animals kind of like horses” for me. I try to avoid the mixing of anthro and non anthro animals, with the exception of fish. Feels weird to me. I mean, I guess having cat-people and regular cats or whatever is sort of like people and monkeys but still…

The newer MLP is finally trickling in. The Favorites sets go quickly and I’ve yet to spot it or Lyra and Trixie in person but I did snag a Sunny Rays and a Cherry Berry with decent paint. AND it was on sale!
Still no new Monster High stuff, even with the shopping season approaching. POOR BUSINESS.:/

Doll Hair 101 – Nylon, Saran and Acetate Oh my. Check out what they say about acetate.I am SO glad I haven’t bought any. Why WOULD you, when you could have some silky saran or colorful, style-holding nylon? Polypropylene is another one I think sucks.

Toy Box Philosipher: The Monster High “Coffin Bean” vs. The Bratzillaz “Cafe Zap” Playset: Honestly, I’m kind of impressed with the Coffin Bean set now. :O

(Blog troubles. Let’s see if it will let me upload a CHANGE instead of a new entry)


38mmx20mm Shoes, GoT dolls, Wreck-It Ralph, Knock-Offs

Originally Posted: 11-05-2012
Too large for Freya but in case anyone needs 38mm20mm shoes, Monique makes the following for “Belle’s Little Tot”:
GIRL DRESS Shoes (733)
FANCY SLIP-ON Shoes (761)
Boneka Doll’s Ebay store carries some 38mmx20mm size shoes that are meant to fit “the Dianna Effner vinyl dolls Tuesday Child and the Bluette dolls”. They are on the pricey side, though.

Khal Drogo and Daenerys Targaryen Dolls :O Made from LIV dolls!

Wreck-It Ralph: So…her name is Minty Zaki and she’s APPLE scented?
Crumbellina DiCarmello is tiramisu scented *_* How often to you see something like that? I’m not interessted in having one but I do think it’s awsome.

Whoops. Here’s part of a blog with stuff about knock-offs I wrote a bit ago but never posted after visiting Knock-off Messiah:
Sailor Moon/Cardcaptor Sakura mashup UFO doll.
Luna in four different colors, none of them the right one.(It’s reblogged from Moon Collection, a blog all about the vast catagory of Sailor Moon merch. Nostalgia *_*)
 Cowardly Lion turns wrestler

A pile of different Monster High knock offs. The Midnight Magic ones have entirely knocked off the body, except they got lazy and didn’t do knee joints.

Mystixx Vampires (by Playhut, the people who did the Bratz-like Mystikats) have even less articulation but I think they got a bit more creative. The head has two faces and you can turn the the head to “transform her” from Vampire to Human. They didn’t quite think the cunning plan all the way through, though, because one character has a pigtailed wig that doesn’t do anything to conceal the 2nd face in back and isn’t even rooted in a way that makes it part properly. They are still kind of neat though.

The multi-faced doll thing is an idea that’s been around for a while


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