Part 11 of Reposts

Coco Tribe and Other Anthros

Originally Posted: 07-01-2014
So, apparently, this is more to Coco Tribe’s Summer event than the beanbag chair offer. But WHAT, I wonder? Special price if you buy one of the new dresses with a doll? Deal on the extended color selection? Maybe a special resin color…like that dark grey from a few years back? Is the kimono set the event special I’m curious as hell. They added an event page to their FB that was suposed to start on the 31st but no new info.

While I wasn’t looking, Bobobie added another anthro doll, named Yue. Leetle fox person, created by an artist named Jessica. They are smaller than the other BBB anthros and use a totally new body.

Dearmine/Zuzu Delf wig pattern! The interessting if is that DM and ZZD take the same 6-7 size in store-bought wigs but the instructions say to sew a larger seem allowence for ZZD. Guess they are slightly different, after all?

Glyndarling’s Dalsoo Senior, Aruni Cookieferret. I don’t think I’ve ever seen owner photos of any other Doll Factory Senior Pet Aris, apparent from a thread on DOA with Bobo Sr. I guess it’s not surprising that more people don’t have them, what with how they always seem to be sold out on the site.


Company Sizes and Recast BJD (BJD Confession Excerpts)

Originally Posted: 06-29-2014
A few intereressting posts from a confession about the size of BJD companies  and recasting:

confessionsofthebjdkind:Fairyland, at most, has 20 employees at any given time. Iplehouse has around 30. Dollshe, well, the guy has his mom string the dolls. Dollstown is 2 people. Asleep Eidolon can barely pay people to sand their dolls. Kinoko Juice is one single artist who does everything on her own. Volks has 100 employees worldwide, but they also do model planes and figures. These are’t big companies. They’re all people, most of them making dolls just for the love of it. That’s why recasts disgust me.

gourmandghast:Supiadolls also has less than five employees. Doll Chateau is an offshoot of Dollzone, but they don’t have very many people, either. Both of these companies have had their dolls recasted.
(Just to add a quick note.)

ciimoore:Last I checked Volks had a grand total of 320 employees. I don’t know exactly how many are in each branch of the company though. Or if this is outdated info…

blindflower:I feel like there was a time where everyone in the hobby knew how small these companies were. Somewhere along the line it stopped becoming common knowledge.
People entering the hobby with a “corporation” mentality and blaise attitude have always confused and bothered me. These aren’t big faceless companies. These are people who are probably never going to be rich off selling these dolls. The amount of work required to produce dolls of a high quality is much more then I think many new hobbyists realize.
These companies need our appreciation and support. Not a slap in the face, which is essentially what purchasing recast dolls is in my mind. Purchasing recasts hurts these companies in a lot of ways I won’t get into now, People think it’s okay because it’s a “company.”
I think what they mean, is that they don’t feel guilty because they’re divorced enough from the consequences they can choose to ignore them. And to be honest? That’s sad, and frightening.

I don’t think it would hurt for a company to emphasis it’s smallness and put a spotlight on the individuals who make the dolls every now and then. “We have five painters. This is Yuko, painting a doll. If you had a doll shipped out to you in the last month, she may be painting YOUR doll in this photo!” How cool would that be?

If companies could get an inside-man on a board where people discuss what they have had recast, I think it could be helpful. No, not to whistle-blow and take legal action. To keep track of what’s buying recast the most and offer an incentive to buy it legit. Is a discontinued doll a hot seller? Bring it back in a new version. “But this doll doesn’t come in the color I want so I’ll get a recast!” If at all possible, put out in more colors. It won’t be 100%, some people will be lying about the reason they were going to buy a recast. But if the money it would cost doesn’t exceed the business that would be pried back, it’s worth a shot, right? A recaster taken down will  probably just be replaced.


Oyasumi Punpun

Originally Posted: 06-17-2014
So, I read the manga Oyasumi Punpun recently and did a search for what toy-ish merchandise was made. If you saw a couple panels from the very beginning, you’d probably think it was a nice, light-weight kid’s manga or something. The main character and his family are cute birds! How could that be bad? Oh, my sweet summer child, you have no idea. The manga follows Punpun through his messed up childhood to his messed up adulthood. His real face is never shown, the way the reader sees him changes based on his emotional state. That’s why the merch below looks like a bunch of totally different characters but it’s mostly Punpun himself.

Takara made some keychains.

This set included: Elementary School Punpun, Junior High Punpun, High School Punpun, Serious Punpun, Freeter Punpun, The God of Poop and the super secret limited one that is obviously Pegasus’s mascot thing.

This set included:  Elementary School Punpun, Junior High Punpun, High School Punpun, Lying Punpun (?), Missing Punpun (?) and Cosmo-san.

Cospa sold a young Punpun plushie and had one that was 150cm tall.

It’s not a series that would lend itself to racks and racks of branded products but I was kind of surprised that they made as much stuff as they did.


Etsy, Avea Trotter, Pippos Chesire Restringing

Originally Posted: 05-22-2014
Please to be removing your patterns from the “handmade” section of Etsy 😦 I know you hand-drafted them, but once they are being sold, they really should be in with the “craft supplies”, since they are being sold/supplied to help people make their own crafts.

Also not a fan of the ads in the results. At the top is fine but I asked the site to sort by price for a reason ^^;;

Tifaerie’s photos of Avea Trotter and comparisions with the regular dolls and the headmaster’s horse. Centaur tiem.

Tutorial for restringing a Pippos Chesire. I was wondering how that tail worked. They also did one on Doll Chateau Alberta as well.

Patrick and His Rocket, owner photos of a Coco Tribe Patrick. Diggin’ the strawberry jammies 😀

Iplehouse’s BID previews from a few years ago. Without paint, the sculpt looks so baby-like without paint. It makes the pose in that second photo pretty crazy. “Let me show you my fly dance moves!”


Frozen Dolls, Usaggie and Jossie

Originally Posted: 05-19-2014
Ah! What a beautiful day to remove the p3nis enlarger ads from your tagboard!

These Frozen dolls on Ali Express, they are knock-offs, right? I don’t see Anna’s streak and Elsa’s facepaint seems a little minimalist compared to the other dolls.

I hadn’t seen all the Usaggie/Jossie one-offs they did. The hula Jossies are spooky but I really like the Jossie done up as the illustration-version Odeco.

Need any Barbie Heads without holes punched? The store has some neat bits and pieces. Some are apparently bought wholesale from Suntek but if Suntek is sold out, it’s another place to check.

I want to see some company just CHURN OUT 1/6 size faux glassware and sell it online, shipping worldwide and not charging a mint. Anything cheap is 1/12, anything 1/6 is expensive or not shipped outside of the US. I’ve probably complained about this before but, whatever. I’m messing around with some UV-cure resin and I’d love to have a bunch of little glasses and bowls to use with it. But $1.00+ for a tiny glass? Really? I’ll be watching a tutorial where they use them and the person will either not give a source or, it’s like, “I used this cute little glasses that you can buy…” Yes? YES?? “In my store.” Ca-ching. :< 

Factory Direct Craft was where I figured I could get some, but it turns out that their shipping to Canada begins at $30. NOPE.


Doll Chateau, Cast-Off Models

Originally Posted: 05-07-2014
“I think Doll Chateau Alma is the ugliest doll. She looks like the worm on the Corpse Bride…”
Resin Confessions
Oh, wow. I can see it. One of the replies blame the factory paint for not flattering the sculpt. It’s not the paint, it’s the way the lips are sculpted. Couple that with the long, freaky-deaky limbs and neck and it results in something that a fair amount of people will look at and go “WTF???”

You know what baffles me? Models with cast-off parts. I see the before picture with the figure fully clothed, I see the after picture with the pieces removed so the figure is naked or almost naked. to those pieces work? How do they fit together? The figures don’t always look like they have cast-off parts, can you still switch back and forth once they are removed, even if they are large pieces like a whole sailor blouse? Nobody ever posts phots of the pieces next to the figure.

Still no luck finding small, round glass beads. You can get tiny glass pearls but when it comes to translucent colored beads, they just cut up a tube and call it a day. You’d think there would be some way a machine could make them. :<

TRU had the Pony Lesson and Groovin Hooves sets. Probably overpaid but nobody else has them. -_- Maybe nobody else WILL. Who knows?

Target isn’t doing too well in Canada, apparently. The problem is that they just aren’t competitive enough. There’s a few things here and there that you can’t get elsewhere but mostly it’s the same, maybe even more expensive. I’m kind of disapointed. I had high hopes for them but my entire family has probably spent less than $80 there since they opened. The stock feels like it stagnates too, not much of a turn over, new things either take a while or they don’t come at all. I don’t want them to shut down, I want them to do better.

Wanna see something old?

Flashback: Hair Play and Manga
These pics feature my very first Bratz dolls and terrible lighting. Back in the day. Something I’ve been thinking about is how I wish I could get back a bit of what I had back then. Not in things but just the way I messed around with the dolls.


Antique Anthro, Stop!! Hibari-kun!, Jenny as Wink

Originally Posted: 05-01-2014
Wanna see some old anthro dolls? Like, REAL old? Antique German bisque dolls with child bodies and cat heads. I’d kind of like to see them cleaned up and dressed ❤

I watched the first couple of episodes of the 80’s anime Stop!! Hibari-kun! and, while looking for stuff about it, came across a couple custom dolls of the adorable main character. This Hibari-kun uses a Momoko as a base. This one… a Jenny friend? Maybe?

Did I ever post about the Jenny dolls dressed like Wink? It’s a Japanese pop duo from the 80’s. (If you liked W (Double U) with Ai Kago and Nonomi Tsuji from Morning Musume you probably heard their cover of Sabishii Nettaigyo.)


Avea Trotter, Coco Tribe, MLP

Originally Posted: 04-30-2014
I wish there was some sort of guarantee that Avea would be available in another line up.TTPM did a video where you can see her. I love the concept but I just find the design a little much for me. Is it the eye makeup? The clothing? The way the hair is styled? The only way for me to guarentee there will be another one produced that I like more is to buy one.

So, I asked a mod at DOA about why CT’s Annie is off topic. The answer was that, with the new rules, all the Amber line is on topic with the exception of any with closed eyes. YAY!

I don’t know if they are bios by Coco Tribe or if Kon Doll wrote them themselves, but they list descriptions for the Amber doll characters:

Ruby: Ruby is the rich family lady.She is kind and refined Rabbit.
Jerry: Jerry is a Doctor .He is the knowledgeable Rabbit
Annie: Annie is a lovely maidservant. Although she is a little dimmed, she is the hard working Mouse.
Micah: Micah is a little baby. The cheese often in his dream.
Coraline: Coraline is madam of the house, She is the sublimate Cat.
Leonard: Leonard is earl, He is the gentleman Cat.
Christine: Christine is a little lady. She is the sleeping beauty Cat.
Patrick: Patrick is the pub owner,also is the funny Pig.
Peter: Peter is the pub waiter. His interest is sleep
Dita: Dita is famous singer. She is the pretty Fox.
Zachary: Zachary is baron. He is the smark Fox.

Nothing for Milo, Ricci or Sunny. What ARE Milo and Sunny, anyway? I originally though Milo was a mouse but I’m thinking mole, now. Sunny is a….chipmunk? Otter? I wonder what the official answers are.

Sweetie Belle with cheetah spots and Scootaloo with tiger stripes. What? :O I wonder what these will be part of. They also have a Wave 10 code list posted at that site. I need to print it out and have it in my bag. I’ve narrowed it down to not TOO many of them. And I need to remember to look for a danm AW Apple Honey replacement before they are no longer on the shelves.


XOXO Hello Kitty Baking Fun Set by Blip

Originally Posted: 04-19-2014

I caved and bought the XOXO Hello Kitty Baking Fun Set from Target. It was about $8 CDN before taxes and worth every penny. Even my mum thought it was all terribly adorable.<3
It contains:
* A standing mixer
* A “metal” bowl for the mixer
* Cake plate and dome
* Cake with cake slice
* Egg carton with six eggs. A little tough to open!
* Sugar container
* Cookie jar
* Rolling pin
* “Glass” measuring cup
* Cookie, rolled dough and cutter
* Pie seperates into it’s layers (top crust, berry filling, bottom crust, pan) The bottom crust has a few lumps and bumps, like a real baked pie crust. Nice detail!
* “Metal” cake pan
* Oven mit for the mini figures
* Cupcake pan
* Four cupcakes with detachable icing
* GIFT FROM HELLO KITTY. Mine was a translucent blue mouse. It could be a little glass ornament or even a fancy little molded jelly.

All told, it comes with 37 pieces. It’s kind of like a budget Re-Ment HK set. There is also a Bloom and Grow gardening set but I don’t think it’s quite as nice as the baking set so I probably won’t bother. If they put out something in the next round of toys that’s as nice, I’d probably pick it up.
The set also comes with a little reuseable bag with a draw-string to store your bits and pieces in. Mine split but it’s the thought that counts.

Doll Nerd has a review on the set. Her “surprise gift” was a translucent pink Hello Kitty head. TheCookiinCompany got a translucent pink Hello Kitty head-shaped doughnut and ToyBroadway and ToysTv got the same doughnut but in a pink metalic finish. TheKali10 got a translucent pink HK bow in hers. MNtacular Dolly got that bow, as well. 

As far as the other sets in the line, TheHollycopter did a review on a couple and XOXO HK sets and recieved, shocker, the translucent pink doughnut. itsplaytime612 got the same mouse I did in one of her sets. HelloKittySoKawaiiXD got the same doughnut in her gardening set and the blue mouse in the baking one. “Joey” is the name of the mouse! How about that! XD DisneyJuniorJake got the translucent pink bow and and the translucent pink doughtnut with her Watermelon Overload and Rain or Shine figures. ToyCollectorFun got a translucent pink bow in her Garden Tea Party set.

This gets me wondering just how many little secret toys come with them.The translucent pink doughnut is obviously the most common and anything metalic is rarer. But are there other shapes? Or colors? :O Seriously, if you get anything different in yours, lemmie know.


Mohair Hijinks

Originally Posted: 07-30-2013
I am serious. I had some that I was dying black so I wanted it as dark as possible. I boiled it for a while, then left it to soak. At one point, I couldn’t see the hair, so I assumed it had floated to the bottom. When I went to drain it, at had become BLACK GOO.


It wasn’t even hair any more. The heat had disolved it down to it’s very elements.You can’t root goo into a doll’s head, so be careful.So, now I have an 11 oz bulk bag. It’s grey, but that won’t matter. Trouble is, most of it is turning out be be way shorter than I expected. “Mostly 4 inches”? Er, more like mostly 3 inches, with some pieces comming in at a single inch long. I SHOULD be able to find at least an ounce of longer locks to do my project, though. It will just take a lot of sorting.

I swear, the things I do to save a buck.


More Pinkie Cooper Musing, Young Boy Doll, Novi Stars, Custom CAM

Originally Posted: 06-14-2013
Rewatched the Atamaii Pinkie Cooper video. Ahahaha, I’m an idiot. They SAID August there and SHOWED the pets getting their ears swapped. *face palm* Did I NOT watch that, or something?

The Facebook said K-Mart, TRU and Target, this article says “Major toy retailers like Toys R Us, Target, Wal-Mart and Kmart have already ordered Pinkie Cooper dolls and will stock them in late summer”. I wonder if Walmart will get them or not.

Another thing about Pinkie Cooper: Something that came up on MLPArena is how she doesn’t really look like an English Cocker Spaniel like a lot of articles say she’s based on, more like a  Cavalier King Charles. SweetScoops brought up English TOY Spaniels and said she had seen them described as that. I Googled both with “Pinkie Cooper” and there are articles that say one, articles that say the other. The Wikipedia entry says that the DOLL is based on an English Toy Spaniel and Carter Bryant’s sister’s dog, who inspired it, is an English Cocker Spaniel. I wonder if it’s that or if maybe somebody got confused (maybe someone more familar with Cocker Spaniels) and wrote it down wrong in an article. Seeing the original dog would help.

A few entries ago, I was theorizing on Pinkie and co.’s body size and wondering if they were maybe a bit larger than MH and more like Bratzilla. You know, I’m not really sure which I would prefer. Part of me wants them to be able to wear all the lovely MH clothing and shoes. It’s not just the stock stuff, there are a lot of people selling hand made outfits and casting new shoes. MH collectors might even buy PC fashion packs for their dolls, or go thirdsies with a PC owner to unload the ear parts.
But then, I also find MH awfully skinny. Visually, I think the PC dolls would be better if they were a bit chubbier than MH.
Pinkie Cooper Shoe Molds (TF and Proto)
Kind of sad, but while I’m waiting, I did a chart with the shoe molds shown on the Toy Fair dolls and in the catalogue prototype pictures. Throw us a bone, Bridge Direct! Give one to a well known reviewer or something. Maybe Confessions of a Doll Collectors Daughter would do it? Oh, you KNOW *I* would. But I barely get hits and I cuss and you know…say thinks a company might not like. I’ll have to wait with the rest of ’em XD.

Scroll down…that last photo. They are doing a Stacie-sized BOY doll. A little wee nerdy-boy who takes his fashion cues from Jackson Jekyl :3

I don’t collect Novi Stars because I find most of them too busy looking. Tily Vision is pretty busy but I like how they are getting creative with their designs.

Alli Gatore by Nerea Pozo, a custom MH Gorgon CAM. I wish they came like this.


VIP Pets, Scary Doll, BJD Confessions

Originally Posted: 06-04-2013
Hmm. Now, when I was looking at the pages for Pinkie Cooper I also came across the VIP Pets They are large bobble-head type animal toys with styleable hair. You know what I see? I see rebodying opportunities to create anthro fashion dolls. It will be kind of like the LPS hybrids, only these come with rooted hair!

The official YT has the commercials and tutorials on styling the hair. I e-mailed them to ask if they would be available outside of Europe and they said:
“Please note we are launching VIP Pets in Europe in 2013 but US and Canada will be January 2014 only.”
Not bad.


“People who suggest Monster High/Pullip/Blythe/etc as a ‘starter BJD’ drive me fucking mad. They aren’t a ‘low-cost’ alternative’. They aren’t ‘a way to get a feel for BJDs’ they can’t be. They are not fucking BJDs.”
Confessions of the BJD Kind

True that. Those. Dolls. Are. Fashion. Dolls. There is nothing wrong with that. But if you start with them and then go on to BJDs feeling like you’ve practiced all you’ll need, you’ll be pretty surprised. You could totally transfer over the skills you learned about painting on a 3D surface, but at the same time vinyl and resin/anything hard aren’t exactly the same. You won’t be used to stringing or the way the parts fit together, because Blythe has a standard fashion doll body and Pullip and Monster High have jointed, figure-like bodies that fit together with pegs and round joints (though not BALL-joints).
Buy those dolls because you like them, but they aren’t BJDs.

DollsAhoy posted an old Mattel body that I’ve never seen before. Apparently Jazzie had a new body mold. I wish they had used it more because i reminds me of an older version of the 80’s Skipper body.

ThatNanda did another male Novi Stars doll. This one is Ben Gineer 😀

Cake Family Babysitting Fun is the name of the MLP mini figure set that will have Mrs. Cake, Mr. Cake, Pound Cake, Pumpkin Cake, Pinkie Pie and Nurse Redheart. I’m kind of surprised the babies are seperate pieces. I figured they would be a single piece, like the Siamese chipmunks that some of the brushables came with. They will be kind of lose-able, so be very careful!


Bad Day, PlasticKote?, Ever After High

Originally Posted: 05-30-2013
Not an excellent hobby day. I got a letter in the mail letting me know that my can of Mr. Clean spray was very flammable and they seized it at the border. WTF? It was Mr. Super Clear. Sent by surface mail to avoid airplane issues :< I’m waiting to hear back from the place that seized it. It would be NICE if I could somehow talk them into just sending it on it’s way. I was so pissed off. -_- I want my spray.

Picked up some Dupli-color Flat Black Vinyl Paint. I was heading out the door when I noticed that one the teeny tiny label, it said “gloss black”. It must have been pushed into the wrong spot. I was out of time so I have to return it later -_-

PlastiKote Vinyl Paint. Hmm. Now, I wonder about this stuff. I stared into a closed autoshop and saw a can of black, so I Googled it. No rainbow, but there are a few colors apart from black, grey and white AND there is a brown. 😮

In box photos of Raven Queen and Apple White from the Ever After High line that Cupid from MH is being transplanted to. A fair amount of people have wanted to do more human looking MH customs so having a MH-like doll in a wider range of human skintones will be nice for them. I will be curious what they look like in person.


New(er) Usaggie Face, EQ Doll Prototypes

Originally Posted: 05-29-2013
I haven’t looked at the Petworks dolls in a while. Check out the new Usaggie/Jossie eyes style! It’s called “Tareme”. “Droopy Eyes” XD (It’s much cuter than that sounds) My one issue is how pale the face screening is. I wonder if they will do it any darker.

Prototypes of the EQ pony dolls popped up. Ironically, enough, I think Rainbow Dash was actually the prettiest. Lauren Faust’s reaction was…not good. I’m not surprise. She gave each character an individual personality. These dolls reduce everybody to a sparkly makeup-ed, short skirt-wearing girly girl. That’s fine for Rarity and Pinkie, maybe, not not for the rest. On an average day, I can’t imagine Dash, Fluttershy, Applejack or Twilight putting on much more than chapstick. They would just be too darn busy. Dash and Applejack particularly wouldn’t bother putting on makeup because they are so active that they would just sweat it off any. Sure, the EQ girls aren’t actually the ponies, but they are suposed to be human highschooler versions. Keep the makeup natural looking for those four and vary those face prints! Dash should be feisty looking! Fluttershy should look gentle! You can do it, Hasbro! I want to believe! ^___^

Ps. If these things are any larger than a Polly Pocket, NO MOLDED CLOTHING. Seriously, that stuff is terrible.


Monster University, Newish MLP and MH Locally, MISC.

Originally Posted: 05-26-2013
Heather Olson and Carrie Willians from Monster University. If Monster High isn’t monster-y enough for you, you could always “graduate” to university with these two. Part of me kind of wonders if it’s because of MH doing so well that they decided to make TWO fashion dolls based on the movie.

Sailor Moon figure by S.H.Figuarts (Bandai). Six face plates: winking, smiling, bawling uncontrollably, cranky/determined 1 & 2 and shout-y cranky/determined. 5 pairs of hands, including one with her wand, and luna :3

NEVER underestimate grocery stores with toy sections. Got a tip-off that Super Stores with larger toy sections seem to be getting the 2nd wave of MLP mini figure collections in. The Applejack/Apple Bloom/ Diamond Tiara, Zecora/Pinkie/Lotus and Photo Finish/Hoity Toity/Rarity never made it to regular stores here but SS has them, kind of like they did with the Slumber Party and Cheerilee’s Picnic sets.They are also getting the old Canterlot (Target Only) stuff and had the carded, tinsel haired ponies for Easter when Walmart is JUST getting them.
They also had a single Ice Girl/Blob girl, the Harpy and Siren CAM sets. Yet again, those haven’t appeared in other stores. I would like the Blob girl at some point but not the Ice girl. Maybe at some point I can buy the set and offer the entire doll at cost plus shipping. There is currently a naked and wigless one going for even more so I shouldn’t have trouble unloading her.

Walmart also had the Wave 7 blindbag ponies and the tinsel haired singles. Yay! I kind of hope the BBs hang around a little, so everybody can grab what they want before the next wave. I really hate when items are there and gone quickly. Even worse is when a whole bunch of stuff is dumped and then gone really fast. X_X Gaaah.

lpsstuff’s Blythe/The Enigma of Amigara Fault crossover comic. Makes more sense if you’ve read the horror manga XD

Check out these Christmas Trees with faces :O

A scan from the back of the 6 inch Sailor Moon Adventure Dolls. Oh man, the memories. I used to clip the cards out of every box and kept them in a drawer. Queen Beryl’s age is listed as “29 and holding”. I showed it to my mum. She cackled and said that QB had been holding it so long it had claw marks.

I was reading about mohair vs. alpaca rerooting. Alpaca hair sounded like an exciting new (to me) material, then I got to the part about it being more delicate. WHAT? Nope, nope, nope, nope. Mohair is alread kind of delicate, I wouldn’t want to chance using something described as MORE delicate.

How to Tell If a Toy Is For Boys or Girls. I got a laugh out of it. It’s probably not what you’re expecting XD

ThatNanda’s male Novi Star custom, Eli Tronic. He’s made with a “Generator Rex” action figure body.


Thrift Store, Clothing ID Request, World Kids, Flower Child by Takara

Originally Posted: 05-17-2013
Oh man. I really lucked out on my past VV visit. I found a Starglow who was kind of grubby but isn’t too bad after cleaning. Her head didn’t go back on as well as I’d hoped and she had some scratches that the dirt covered. I sorted the tail colors as best I could and now she’s chilling in curlers for a couple days, which will keep the colors seperate AND help minimize the frizz I couldn’t fix. Her little glow in the dark pieces in the plastic still glow! That’s AWSOME.

I also ended up comming home with a ridiculous about of 1/6 clothing for less than a fashion pack in a store. I’ve cleaned most of it and just have a few possibly stain-y items, like denim, soaking untill they aren’t giving off dye.
Thrift Store Finds - Whose?
Thrift Store Finds 2 - Whose?

With the Mrs. Cake toy comming out, I did an earring test.
Mrs. Cake Earring Test
These are the 5mm half pearls, hot glued into place. I’m hoping they are large enough. I kind of wondered if I should have gone for the 6mm insted, but there is only so much room on the pony’s ear. Making the test available so people can judge for themselves and decide if they want to go larger 😀

You know when the eyes on a doll are printed a little off? Well…check THIS one out

World Kids: Group Shot
World Kids: India
World Kids: Germany
World Kids: Korea & Arabia
I had always wanted the World Kids dolls so when I spotted a bunch of them on the cheap (well..original price, since they are cheap little dolls), I grabbed these ones. They came yesterday and I grabbed them to take some photos outdoors. Japan, China, Kenya and either Holland or Italy are the other ones I’d like to come across. You can see more of them at Mammy’s Parlor, in the “Other Dolls” section, along with the variants. She lists them as being made by OTAKE-GO, though most places don’t list a manufacturer at all.

Also in the “Other Dolls” section of Mammy’s Parlor, is her collection of the Takara Flower Child dolls. I’ve mentioned them in other entries. It can be tough to find info. The section for them is the section under the one for “Noix De Rome”. She has Flora, Emina, Lyceene, Romeria, Fanny, Angelly (or Angelie) and Julirsia (or Julisha) and Kaderia displayed.


Doll Mystery, Custom Dollfie Dream, New Minty Prototype, Shopping Dream

Originally Posted: 05-10-2013
Wanna read about the mysterious doll body I came across? (Spoiler: It’s anti-climactic)

That first one O_O I wonder what that head’s from. Looks rather anime-ish…maybe it looks nicer when the eyes are fully open.

Gothichydran126 recolored a Dollfie Dream with Rustoleum Fabric and Vinyl in “Sand”. Part 1 and Part 2, to have peek!

Another G4 Minty prototype showed up. I really prefer the 1st one but this one is fine too. Except for the black outlines around the symbols. NO NO NO NO. It makes it look cheap. I think Honeybuzz is the only G4 pony who has ever had black in her symbol but hers was a BEE. It just doesn’t look right.

Had another toy shopping dream ^^;;

*Comet Tail (blind bag wave 8) and Royal Riff (blind bag wave 6) had been produced as individual Playful Pony figures. That would be so awsome. My money would be on Comet Tail rather than Royal Riff, though, because they might figure RR’s purpley-grey and white coloring is boring.

*Mini Animal Crossing sets. Each set came with a figure that was a little over half an inch tall and their house. One of the figures was a boar character, which is weird because there is no cute boar villager, only regular pigs. Even weirder was that one of the figures was a tape player-person. Danmit, brain, that’s not even an animal :<

*They had a bunch of Volks Dollfie pattern books. One I was looking at was $6.99 and the other was $16.99. I didn’t have enough to get both, but I noticed the more expensive one had water damage all the way through. It made it wonder if it would be okay to ask for a discount.  



Originally Posted: 05-07-2013
-_- Rustoleum Fabric and Vinyl doesn’t come in the color I wanted. I wanted a medium brown, preferably flat but I could always fit it with another spray to matte it. Gloss Black, Flat Black, Gray, Sand, Gloss White, Gloss Red, Gloss Blue (navy), Burgandy, Silver, Charcoal Gray, Medium Blue (looks kind of gray). Universal Satin comes in White, Black and Expresso (kind of dark for me). Universal Gloss comes in some nice color, though not what I was looking for. White, Arctic Gray, Black, Cardinal Red, Cobalt Blue, Canary Yellow, Hunter Green, Expresso Brown, Sunset Orange, Crimson Red and Slate Gray.
SEM has brown. It’s not very expensive on Ebay, either. Except for the shipping. I’m not paying $33.12 for shipping. That’s just stupid.
Canadian Tire has Dupli-Color, which may or may not work, but the site says BURGANDY only.

VHT Vinyl Dye has a “Buckskin Tan”, but it’s not dark enough.

WHY isn’t there more vinyl paint available in different browns? So many cars have leather or faux leather insides!


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