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Misc/Walmart/OMG! Rabbit shaped toilet!

Originally Posted: 02-25-2005
I have been following this thread. In case anyone hasn’t seen it, basicly Mattel copied an outfit worn by a girl in Fruits almost EXACTLY. : /

Took a peek in Walmart yesterday. Aw man. TAGG Sasha was sold out but had been on for 10 bucks. 10 BUCKS. I cried a little. The leftover FBFs are on for $20 *eyetwitch* A few Yasmins, Jades and an Eitan left. Mum fell in love with the new California Girl Christie so she will probably end up the model for a sewing project she’s doing. She is hoping if she waits, Mattel will come out with some shoe packs to fit the new feet in something that would go with a bridal gown. Gah! Why did they have to make the new feet an entirely different shoe size from the original flat feet? >__<

More Toy Fair photos at ASM.
Harly Quinn doll 😀 They have finally found a doll the thin liped open mouth mold is perfect for. Hmm…shame she’s probably bald under there. It would rock if she actually had blond pigtails! 

Oh WOW! Look look! Takara USA is reissuing the Koeda-chan toys under the name “Treena and her Forest Friends.” The tree house looks AWSOME. All those little rooms! Her chipmunk even has his own bedroom XD The bathroom even has a toilet, a bunny shaped one in fact! I wonder if this stuff will be sold in Canada. Is Takara USA a new division or has it been around for a while? For those who have seen the original playsets, have they changed much? Man, I wish I’d had these when I was a kid.

I missread this box as “Listerine” ^^;;; Man, that’s some vertical hair. Is there a feature connected to it?

The new Bleeding Edge Goth dolls don’t look as nice as the first two series did IMHO. Man, does someone love Storm or what? 😀 She seems to be the only character who is returning for every line. BE is also doing the Princess Ai figures and dolls.  The report says that though these prototypes have yellow blond hair it will be changed to a sandy blond when they are produced “as per Tokyo Pop’s request” . WHY? O_O I’d love to know the reason behind it. You’d think they’d WANT the doll to look like the illustrations.



Smells like…dolls?

Originally Posted: 02-16-2005
We just recieved a Sephora catalog with a perfume fold in of Sud Pacifique’s “Vanille Abricot” Eau de Toilet. I’m trying to place the smell. 1991 Lime Chiffon, even though there is no lime? The Angel Food Cake scented scratch and sniff stickers? Or maybe even the scented cupcake doll? Either way, this is a “doll” smell.


If I had a time machine…..

Originally Posted: 02-04-2005
If I had a time machine I’d exchange my coins for coins made in 1971 and earlier and go back in time to 1973, when Blythe probably would be on clearence. I’d head to the nearest bank and get them to to consolidate the coins into bills then head to a toy store. Upon returning to 2005, my Blythes would be totally mint, NRFB and earn me a bundle on Ebay. Woo!
Over the corse of time, I’d also make a trip to the mid 80’s for Jem, MLP and SSC, one to the early 90’s for the 91′ SSCs (as many Orange Blossoms as I could afford)  and then one to a year or two ago and pick up a Bryant before they discontinued him!

(Yeah, I know there could be some side effects and things that could go wrong but this is MY fantasy so I’m going to pretend it would all work out XD)


Just hit 9000 visits!

Originally Posted: 01-28-2005
The 9000th visit came from a link on Broken Moon. No prize involved but still, wee! Hooray for you, whomever you were! 😀

Ipo’s photo for the Wet & Wild round. Extras here. It was really hard to take. ^.^; You know how plastic balls float in a pool? Will a Bratz head is pretty much like a hollow plastic ball with features and hair. Ipo had to be WEIGHTED to keep her from bobbing to the surface like in that third one on the extra page. 
The judges are deliberating now. *crosses fingers* ^__^


Blythe Dream

Originally Posted: 12-22-2004

I had a dream that I found a Kenner Blythe in a cardboard box. She had long wavy pink hair and I was extremely giddy at finding her. The downside was that she needed ALOT of repair work. When I pulled her string, it pulled right out! I moved the eyes by hand and found that the eye mechanizism needed to be cleaned and the pink chips were falling out. My first thought was “Wow! This is a total piece of shit!” but then I remembered that with the help of the online tutorials I’ve read, all it would take is a bit of time and some new chips and I could have her back on her feet.
Why a Kenner? Maybe somewhere in my mind it seems more plausible that I’ve find an old rare doll somewhere then see a new Takara for sale in a local store. The pink hair is probably one part Mme Rosebud and one part Pullip Moon (it was more her color).


Walmart, Ogre Fiona,Treasures Bratz on Ebay

Originally Posted: 11-13-2004
Poked around Walmart. I have no idea whose price they matched buy MLP were $4 something. Sadly no Serendipity. Did I miss the boat, ya supose? SSC dolls have been rolled back to $9.99 and the 2 pony MLP carry case is $9.94. The new Fruits-ish Fashion Fever Barbies have hit this area. I saw the blue streaked Drew, $12.94 and forced myself to leave without her . I showed her to mum who said she looked “like a wreak” XDD.

Man….the customer service desk area was PACKED with people making layaways. I found myself peering into their carts to see what dolly stuff their kiddies might be recieving this year XD;;

Mattel is discontinuing the Happy Family Line, according to Keeping Ken’s News.  I’m kinda hoping to find the grandparents on clearence before they disapear entirely. I had a custom idea that would involve using the Grandmother’s body but wasn’t keen to pay $30ish for her and all the stuff she came with or buy online. Maybe I’ll find a Rosie O’Donnel at a flea market some day and use that insted.

Watched Shrek 2 recently. It’s a danm shame they didn’t release a 12 inch (ogre) Fiona fashion doll. When it comes to a doll with that kinda of body shape, the reason for not making one is that kids won’t buy it. Maybe kids wouldn’t buy an over weight fashion doll that just comes out of no where, but this is PRINCESS FIONA. A pre-established character from a hit movie and it’s sequal. The outfit choices would be a no brainer: her regular green dress and the wedding gown. If they felt like putting out fashion packs like they usually do (and with a totally new body mold it might be a good idea) there are her bathing suit and night gown as a starting point. Blockbuster sold an 8″ doll (seen here) but it would have been nice to see something larger and more widely available. Heck, the local branches didn’t even carry it.

From Bratz World Yahoo:
Cloe, Yasmin and Roxxi from the Treasures line on Ebay

Roxxi’s second outfit is VERY style it Jade. The faded jeans, the black tank (Jade’s had a safety pin) and even the exact pair of shoes. If they had to reuse a pair of shoes, it’s a shame it couldn’t be the ones she came with when she was paired with Phoebe. Those were awsome.


Doll Dream

Originally Posted: 10-29-2004

I was a contestant on an America’s Next Top Model type show (HA!). The contest was being run by Dr. Raab, the NICU attending on E.R. I was eliminated because I didn’t hear her ask me to wash dishes, therefore didn’t do any which was seen as being lazy and ignoring her. Why was I back? They were having a massive yard sale to raise money for the show. ^^;;  There was a toy section with piles and piles of awsome stuff for cheap.  I saw some great UFO dolls but when I looked again they had been purchased. What I had in my arms when the dream ended:
* This slightly larger than Barbie but smaller than Jem articulated doll of what I knew to be the main character from an 70’s anime about a female GI Joe type character. She was dressed in combat fatigues and her face was very much like Noriko from Battle Royale manga. The one in my hands had short hair but there were 2 others in the pile that had long.
* A 9ish inch, nude blond doll with Dollfie-like joints.
* A couple MLPs. I was very shocked that the two dolls, one of which was fully dressed, only cost 50 cents a piece while the ponies are $1.50 but I still picked out 3. There was also a cabinet of half finished customs.
Total Bill: $5.50
Explanation: I watched an E.R rerun last night and I thought about ANTM. The massive selection came from the massive flea market I went to in the summer and the UFO dolls were from reading Alcy’s blog. The first doll comes from having recently read 1-5 of BR, the second one probably from reading up on how to aquire dollfie bodies. I’d took a “Do you know your MLPs?” quiz yesterday and despite cheating I still failed abysmally. The price difference is from how sometimes people will charge more for something when they now what it is but less if they don’t. The customs were from lots I’ve seen on Ebay where people tried customizing and they decided it wasn’t for them.
I have such vivid shopping dreams. I hate waking up because I never have the awsome stuff I bought in the dream.


Toy Store Dream

Originally Posted: 08-28-2004

Had another toy store dream. I’d gone to this huge mall but the director was trying to make me take the stairs at the oposite end of the building insted of the escalator because Marilyn Manson was shooting an interview in front of the down escalator and they were worried customers might get in the shot. I told her to fack off and took the danm escalator! I went to the toy store and they had three bratz dolls that don’t exist:
1. An Asian doll with long black hair in a cheongsam (Named MAY LIN perhaps? :P)
2. Allison and Allysein, a girl and boy set. The girl had long dark blond hair and the boy looks quite a bit like Bryce except he had a double chin and darker eyes.
3. A holiday Sasha. Not in a fluffy ball gown like the Cloe but rather a suit made from dark, vaguely Christmas-y fabric. The sort of thing a business woman might wear to an office party.
There was also a huge “house wares” department that had stuff for Barbie and the Bratz Pad houses. Right down to bath tubs and toilets in different colors. FABULOUS.
Later I’m in the grocery store in the mall and Marilyn Manson is thanking people over the PA for making his visit special. “…..And thank you to Lon, who took the escalator.” O___O



Originally Posted: 06-21-2004

Okay, a couple weeks ago I found out I’d won a draw for a Boyz doll and outfit. I was pretty thrilled but didn’t mension it because I thought it might be bragging. Well, when I woke up this morning it was there and mum informed me of the $22 C.O.D shipping charge.
I checked the entry form….nothing. So unless it was on the main page (which has been changed) they didn’t mension it at all. I’m going to e-mail them and ask….maybe I just missed it.

Edit June 22th:

I recieved a reply:
“Postage was paid in full via UPS. An error must have been made with
the UPS system. A refund will be sent via standard mail immediately.”
Ah, the postal service screwed up. I feel rather silly, having jumped to conculsions. It’s very good that I didn’t mension the site’s name…I wouldn’t want anybody who doesn’t read these edits to think the owners did it on purpose.

Rest of entry:

So, Koby has a little brother named Gunther now. =D I was thinking twins at first but the eyes are bigger and bluer enough that he (1st Koby) looks at least a year younger than Nu Cool Koby. The hair is also side parted and slightly longer in the back with the flocking only on the side part. Mum was oohing over the nifty little details on the clothing (like the zipper on the sweatshirt).
The fashion pack I chose when they asked me was Double Feature. The shoes seem like the peg is smaller than usual…might try them on my girls. Also, it comes with a little, teeny weenie Boyz sized wallet. And the wallet opens. Barbie had a little piece of folded plastic with a decorative button, but this…if you made tiny little dollar bills you could actually put them in. That is way cool..

That’s not a bad idea…

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