Part 3 of Reposts

Mermaid Doll Dream

Originally Posted: 05-15-2006

I had a dream that I had three mermaids dolls. The bodies were similar to the Mermaid Fantasy Barbies and they all had the same wide eyed face but they were in different colors. The mermaids had to get back in the water or they’d die so I filled up the middle drawer of my mum’s dresser with water to put them in. I played with them in the drawer, splashing around and stuff untill I was called away. When I came back later, the wood had shifted and most of the water had drained into the bottom drawer where Mum’s clothing was. O__O Oops.
Analysis: My mum has a big-ass metal cabinet. I’d LOVE to have one just like it because each shelf is big enough for a sizable dolly apartment. BUT even if I had one, I have absolutly no space for it. So, playing with her dresser=covetting her cabinet. The mermaids? I guess it’s because I was playing with the hair of my MF Barbie recently and thinking of ways I could photograph her.

Mermaid Doll Dream


Interessting Doll Bits

Originally Posted: 04-05-2006

Shrinkin Violette, made in 1963, is a cloth doll that says things like “I’m just afraid of everything” and “I wish people wouldn’t look at me”. Aparently they only made her for a year, wonder why. XD
Celebration Cake Barbie wears a cake shaped skirt and comes with REAL ICING to decorate it with. O_o;
Blythe outfits. There are some other outfits in there too but the main reason I saved it was because of the kimonos and COSPLAY. From the look of it, the owner is a big Ghibli fan 😀
Speaking of which, apart from the Baron dolls, have any non-plush dolls been comercially produced based on Ghibli movies?
Well dressed Peteenas. There is a group photo here. 4 Peetenas, I’m way jealous. ^_^
A Mame Momoko head on a Licca body. Looks good. Harry Potter is a bit spooky though.


What I Found In The Heater/HF Grandparents

Originally Posted: 01-28-2006

I was plugging away at the room cleaning and spotted something blue peaking out of the heater. I pulled it out and you know what it was?
A FP Little People Cowboy, like this one.
He was about half melted. I’d say he’s been in there for at least 15 years. O_O
Oh! Gran’s head showed up. It DID roll into a corner. Yay! The eyes have been recolored green which make the blue shadow look less out of place and the lips are a lighter shade and not painted to the corners. She looks a bit younger than before even though all the wrinkles have been left in place. I guess it’s the same with dolls as with people, unflattering make up can make you look older.
Did you know they put out fashion packs? Scroll down past the AA version of the dolls (Did we EVER get  the AA Grandmother?) and there they are. The tee shirt for the Grandfather in the first pack is cute. Not something I would have bought but I see kits for making the human version all the time and it’s neat to see it in 1/6 form. The second pack is adorable. They don’t actually SAY it on the front but it’s obvious that it for working out in the garden ^___^ We never saw these here. The only fashion packs related to Happy Family we got were the Midge and Baby ones.


What’s Her Face Lot/ Prototypes :O

Originally Posted: 12-15-2005

I drooled a little. That is A LOT of stuff. I would LOVE to see what all is in that bag. A number of bigger WHF lots have hit Ebay lately, I supose cause of Christmas 😀
Holy CRAP! Look at the WHF stuff that was at the 2003 Toy Fair! Jointed knees and elbows, interchangable face plates…I wonder if they had put these out FIRST would the line still be available? Did these ever make it out into the stores? Those two at the end of the line in the above auction look a bit like them….I wonder.
Huh! Blogdrive has changed since I last wrote an entry :O


Note to Self: ADG’s Monique MA Wigs in 4/5

Originally Posted: 11-23-2005

Jullien – Similar to Andrea with fuller bangs
Pinky – Fantasy colors 
Trix – Fantasy Colors (longer than Pinky)
Favorites: Charmaine, Marie, Mei, Trix  


Happy 13,000!

Originally Posted: 10-17-2005

The counter logged the 13000th hit last night. Aw well, guess thats what I get for sleeping. ^_~
It came from Istanbul, Turkey, linked from the “Craft” section in the Blogdrive catagories and aparently didn’t last very long. Aw 😦
The next hit was from BC, Canada and lasted 2 minutes and 43 seconds! XD Yay!
Nothing special. Just commenting on the event.
I have some stuff planned for the beginning of November though 😀


So, I bought something…

Originally Posted: 10-15-2005
When I went to Zellars a few days ago a bunch of things were marked down, inculding the What’s Her Baby? Dolls, so I left with a Kissy Face. She was the only one left and her hair was a bit messed up but I figured it wouldn’t matter too much. For $7.50 taxes inculded, I can fix it myself 😀

You know, there is almost NO info on the WHB dolls online. I had NO idea really what to expect. Therefore, I guess I should do a review.

What’s Her Baby?: Kissy Face

Face: None. >D

Hair: SHELLACKED! That’s the first thing you’ll notice when you debox. She has light purple pig tails are bangs. The pigtails are heavily gelled so they curl under. It’s pretty soft after it’s been washed. Unlike the WHF dolls, she doesn’t use wigs but rather it’s rooted into the softish vinyl skin covering a harder head. I am not sure how you’d reroot if you wanted too…

Body: The only articulation is the arms at the shoulders (Ballerina arms? Danm, I can never remember the terms) and the legs. When she sits, she sits with her legs apart and the kneess do not bend. The body is a chubby, toddler type with an outie and molded heart panties. The legs are kinda ugly in a “lumpy” way….gonna have to make her some socks. Her feet are actually about the same size as the 91′ and vintage Strawberry Shortcake dolls so they can wear each other’s shoes (not that that really helps anyone I guess XD;) She’s too big for their clothing, though. One thing that should be said too, is the neck is TINY. I don’t know WHY they would do that but I am a wee bit worried about her breaking. They say that its for 5+ though so surely it can’t be THAT fragile?

Clothing: Not much. One pair of fushia shoes (The treads are cute. Hearts, then two big heart indentations in the center), a shiny purple skirt, a sleeveless shirt with a white and dark pink/light pink/purple floral pattern on it, a sleeveless purple dress with a blue diamond print and a pink bow, a pair of pink sunglasses. 5 items and no fashion packs were made.

Special features:
1. Two eye stampers and two markers are inculded (blue and pink). The blue is meant for eyes but if you wanted to you could always have pink eyes 😀
2. The kissing feature. Basically, Kissy has a hole in your face you can insert one of the three lip stampers into. Then, there is this rather long pole-like button in the back of her head that makes her lips push out. Sounds cute, non? Yeah, but watch it from the SIDE!

The girl has an AMAZING RANGE. Kind of ridiculous, actually. If you didn’t mind it being a bit low, you could plug the hole and make it a pinochio-like nose! It took me a bit to warm up to it. I have been keeping her lip-stamper-less and thinking she reminds me of an octopus.

If you wanted to and were careful, you could put rings in her ears. The ears stick out and are just part of the softer rubber skin.

Sorry the pictures suck. I’ll take better ones when I paint her.


Glue factory. >D

Originally Posted: 10-02-2005

(Had to fix Booga’s speech balloon cause he was riiight on the crack.)


Thrift Store and Flea Market

Originally Posted: 06-06-2005

So, on Friday I paid the thrift store a visit and came away with an Enchanted Island Lady Lovely Locks and a Moon Dreamers Crystal Starr for $.50. Crystal is nude but has really nice curls. EILLL wears her swimsuit but has a chips taken out of the hard plastic body, a weird neck, a spot on her right knee and I curled her hair to cover up the fact that she’s balding something fierce. Still, half a dollar!

Then, over the weekend, I went to a big flea market.

In one bag, for $2, was a Lady Lovely Locks and an Enchanted Island Maiden Goldenwaves. They both appear to be complete >3 Yum yum! I had LLL coloring books and I watched the cartoons but I never actually had any of the dolls growing up. I clued in after seeing some photos that those weird flower rings on the dresses are meant for pixietails to hang-ix on to. I told Mum about it and she said “I know. I remember the ads.” I am so proud. XD

In another, $1, there was a curved hands Blueberry Muffin and a Sweet Sleeper Strawberry Shortcake. BBM has her dress, shoes and tights. Man SS SSC is a freaky girl! XD The eyes are sleep eyes but they don’t have any whites :O I thought I’d ruined her when I cleaned her because the eyes stopped working. It was fine after it dried though. She came with her night gown and tights (they have a hole and are kinda faded. I’ll fix them later)

For $1 each, I also got a 14.5 inch (HUGE!) doll made by Laiko International (anyone know anything about her) and a nude old-style Madeline doll. Madeline has a SCAR on her belly from an apendix removal 😀 C’mon, how many non-OOAK FEMALE dolls have you seen lately that had scars? Danm she has a beautiful hair color. Very similar to SSC’s, actually. If am ever forced to go a naturally occuring color, I think I’ll have to haul her along to the drug store and try to match it.

It really impresses me what excellent condition the dolls are in. The photos are post cleaning and detangling but nobody was missing a limb or majorly damaged. And the total was only $5 😀

As well as the table where I got these beauties, there was also an offical vintage toy table. The only real difference was only that you paid more for the benifet of not having to sift through bags of crap. They had a bunch of Maxie dolls but I wasn’t keen to pay $5 for one after the great deals I’d just gotten. There was a Video (Jem) there but I already have one, plus she was kind of loose in the joints. If it had been Stormer or Synergy (even with faded spots) though, it would have been sold XD 


Thrift Store Loot

Originally Posted: 05-18-2005
Made a trip to a thrift store yesterday and made some finds!

A member if the Power Team, the firefighter I think. I’m not keen on the uber muscular bodied action figures/dolls but two things drew me to him. First, his articulation. He has 16 points of articulation! WOO! And he has nipples. I find that surprising XD His head is harder vinyl so after cleaning him, I took advantage of that and gave him a couple rings in each ear. He fits into the Ken shorts and sandals I had, I’m hoping he’d fit into the suit pattern I have. Please note in the photo he stands by himself 😀

Some would probably have walked past this, thinking it was a generic bath toy rather than an artifact of the 80’s. But not I! OHOHOHO!

Meet Sunnypeek! One of the Hide n’ Peeks who were some how related to Lady Lovely Locks. 25 cents! X3 Her pink-streaked purple hair trails behind her. It was in a tangled pony tail atop her head when I bought her but the tangles were loose so they came out easily.

I  also saw a Hot Looks doll I kinda of wanted. From the page, I’d say she was Chelsea. The thing is, she was also 19″ tall…where would I have put her? So I put her down and hoped who ever bought her would be someone who’d really enjoy her.

The local branch is mostly late 80’s/early 90’s-today stuff but this one that’s a bit farther, dolls from as far back as the 60’s are turning up! I have to visit more often, it seems like a real goldmine.
Vinyl goldmine, you stroke me like the rain….

My brother had Jammie Pies when he was little. I’m not sure if they were the actual company-given names but the sailor was “Midi” and his seal was “Squeek”. There was also a smaller doll about the size of Squeek dressed in red that he had. I’d seen the clown in stores and wanted one, though I didn’t think of her as a clown. I thought she looked like a strawberry XD


When I Was Little: Jasmine’s Wedding

Originally Posted: 05-09-2005

I was writting a long entry but I’ve decided to stop and just tell you a story about something that happened when I was little.

I had a friend over and we were going to play dolls. Since she was the guest she got first pick and choose Jasmine while I got the less glamorous Maxie. The story was that Aladdin had left Maxie for Jasmine and now Maxie was being forced to attend the wedding. My guest also got first pick of the clothing and took everything nice from my limited doll clothing collection for Jasmine’s use. That left poor Maxie with a pair of shorts and a somewhat sheer scarf to wrap around her breasts to wear to the wedding. So she put on her shorts, wrapped up her boobs, put on a brave face and went to the wedding. Once there, Jasmine/Guest mocked her and said she looked like a slut. Maxie never acted like a slut but the clothing she had been forced to wear out of circumstance had gotten her labeled as such. I remember Maxie being sad and being sad for her but both of us were far to polite to actually say anything to our host/guest and after the wedding Maxie just left quietly.



Testing the bodies out

Originally Posted: 04-28-2005
I’ve been testing the Volks bodies out to see what they can do. The knees are neat, the way they can sit all the way back on them. Hell, *I* can’t do that XD I’ve been putting the Mini A in the N body’s arms….makes me all warm inside ❤

One issue I have though is the fact that after they’ve come apart somewhere, they don’t go back together as tightly as before. I switched the feet on one body and they are all wobby now. The N body’s hand came off, so I snapped it back on and everytime I move the hand, it starts working it’s way off the post. It’s not that they come apart that freaks me out, it’s I am worried I will end up LOSING pieces and it’s not exactly like I can run to the store and pick up a new Mini foot ^^;;;

The Mini body’s torso spring is weird. I mean, I knew it was in there so I expected to see it but I still think it’ odd. I wonder why they did it that way rather than like the bigger bodies?


!!Oh Baby!!

Originally Posted: 04-21-2005

A friend of my mother’s was in Florida and offered to get me some things from D&HS

I got:
Midi B Type
N Type
C Type White
Mini A
B Type Tan
B Type White (x2)
A Type White (x2)
Strawberry Pink Hair (x2)

I know it’s a lot but I’ve wanted some for years and figured the oportunity might not come again soon.

My first impression? Man are these ever light! I am used to heavier plastic.


When I was little

Originally Posted: 04-04-2005

I had two generic dolls that my mother had originally bought to make clothing for. The tall, black haired doll had sleep eyes, black lashes and vivid light blue eye shadow. The shorter auburn haired one might have had a printed face. Her name was “Rebecca”, but I can’t remember whether she became “Marie” later after I saw The Nutcracker Prince or if that was the darker haired doll’s name. So that the both have a name, I’ll assume the latter.
Sometimes Rebecca wore these green Mr. Potato head glasses because I thought they were cute. At one point, she went missing and I held a memorial service with the glasses on top of a pillow. It’s a danm shame I can’t find EITHER of them now because towards the end of the time I played with her, Rebecca had really tangled and damaged hair. I bet I could fix it now.
Marie wasn’t the only doll to have that name. A year or two later there was a second Marie who also had dark hair (dark brown I think) but was much smaller. About the size of a Stacey I belive. Marie 2 was a preteen doll that I recieved from the hospital gift shop when I’d broken my arm. Her upper half had a habit of popping off from her lower half so she was eventually taped together.
In 1994 the Shaving Fun Ken came out and I reeeeally wanted one. Not for the shaving part but rather for that HAIR. I don’t think I’d ever seen a Ken with rooted hair. Mum got me a Brandon Walsh (90210) doll insted because she thought he was more attractive. I was rather disapointed but I loved his clothing (EVERBODY wore that jacket) and it didn’t stop him from becoming the father in a 3 member household of tree dwelling elves. Skipper was his wife, Stacey was his daughter and everyone wore clothing made from leaves. I left them in their little house, a piece of granite between a couple of trees planted closely together, and went to bed one night. When I work up, Skipper was on the divider by the door wearing only the yarn belt that had held on her leaf dress. Mum explained that before I’d woken up, our neighbor had brought her back, explaining that their cat Polly had picked it up in her mouth and brought her back home. I’ve always wondered what it was about Skipper that made Polly take her. Stacey would have been easier to grab up because she was smaller, did Skipper have a nice smell maybe?
Polly Pocket lived in a massive cabin made of folding chairs, which I’d furished with a working drier (a plastic container from a 25 cent prize machine that I’d spin aroudn really fast) a bath tub (small container of water) and some blankets for a bed. When Prince Casper would come to visit, Polly and her friend (who was a waitress) would duck out the back door. They didn’t like him.



Originally Posted: 03-17-2005
Mik’s handmade Licca clothing, pg 1
If you scroll down a bit there is a photo of a short curly blond Licca in between one with auburn hair and a brunette. So what? Mik’s dressed them as Sumire, Sally and Yoshiko from Mahou Tsukai Sally! (That’s Suzon, Mini-Fee and Yolande if you used to watch it in French like I did as a kid :D) And they are dressed in the original series costumes rather than the remake. So COOL.


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