Part 5 of Reposts

New Obitsu

Originally Posted: 03-24-2009

Obitsu has created a dog body. Er…robo-dog. It’s awsome but the joints on the neck and torso are FREAKING ME OUT. If I got one, I’d have to make it a tight fitting furry suit like the one in this blog entry.
They also put out a 23cm body with a choice of 3 different soft bust and 2 piece torso. It looks taller than the usual 23cm body.
Junky Spot has both new bodies in stock.
C’mon Volks! Come out with something new. Like a Midi boy. EB-C is a younger boy but I’d like to see something in between EB-C and EB- Mini F. While you’re at it, how bout a bust bigger than A but smaller than B?


Sewing/Barbie Thumbelina

Originally Posted: 01-08-2009

Today is my birthday XD  I want a sewing machine that will automatically detect which fabric I’m using and switch to the correct needle. I  had to switch back to hand-sewing a shirt because it was easier than figuring out why the ballpoint jersey needle was chewing on the jersey fabric. If it could switch to the perfect thread color that would also be peachy.
Hmm. I was wondering what fairytale they’d do with Barbie next. I saw the dolls in TRU yesterday: Thumbelina. I was looking at all the female fairy dolls and wondering how the heck they all fit into the story. In the original, Thumbelina wouldn’t have met any female fairies untill the very very end. And NO prince doll? He’s kinda a big deal.
I watched the trailer and…uh…it’s a different story. Barbie is opening a nature park and tells the story of fairies getting uprooted from their home and needing help from a “spoiled girl named McKenna”. All that remains of the original story is the name and the “babies from flowers” thing, it seemed. That disapoints me. I don’t really care about the movie but they could have done some AWSOME toys if the story had been more based on original.
* Regular Sized Dolls: Thumbelina, The Prince, The Field Mouse, The Mole and a token female fairy. The female fairy could be the prince’s sister or something, just to add in more of the “Fairies, WOW!” to the line. Why the mole? As a VILLIAN. I mean, I guess he’s not really a villian but he didn’t really seem to care about Thumbelina not being happy in a hole. I was talking to Mum about it and she suggested a little “powdered” wig and waist-coat might be nice touches. Miss Field Mouse could either be a friend or a secondary villian, depending on how they wanted to play it. Oh man, I would be on a doll like that like a cat on a piece of chicken. I could honestly see myself buying a few of them just so I could customize some. Anthro-animals for the win.
*Clothing for the dolls: I’m sure they could come up with stuff. What rises to the top of my brain are wedding gowns. The Mole’s dress for her could be pretty but kind of old fashioned. High neck, lace layer over the bodice. The one for the actual Prince wedding could have a big puffy skirt and sleeves with, of course, glittery wings on the back and a tiara. Miss Field Mouse could be made with the same body so the Mole dress would fit her too in case they wanted to pair the spares at the end of the movie.
*Playsets: They could do something based on the fairy court. They could also make one based on her stay with Miss Field Mouse with all the furiniture looking like it was made of ordinairy objects, like tables and chairs made of thread spools. *”Life size” playsets where the doll is actually thumbsized, kind of like Polly Pocket.
*Remember the Luv Buds? The flowers that open when you pour water on them? This would be the PERFECT application for that technology. I’m pretty sure Mattel made a Little Mermaid doll that came out of a clamshell the same way too.
When my brain gets on a tangent I sometimes have trouble stopping it. The question, of course, would be “Would little girls actually WANT this stuff?” I think it’s friggin’ awsome but I’m 23 years old and my tastes just don’t run the same as somebody almost a 5th of my age.
The ACTUAL dolls are Chrysella, Janessa, Joybelle (Lolz, reused name), a 4th friend (I think) and a flying Thumbelina. The faces are cute. The heads are sort of small-lipped Bratzish and the eye-print reminds me of the eyes on the Beauty Cuties. Put the heads on to nicer bodies and they could be neat.


Polypropylene hair/Gel/Bratz

Originally Posted: 12-23-2008

I bought some of Dolly Hair’s new polypropylene. “Camouflaged” not a color you see often in doll hair and I wanted to make sure I had a skein in case it goes out of stock. If you don’t like nylon because it’s stiffer and not as silky as saran you’ll probably HATE polypropylene. The colors might vary a bit but I found Camouflaged more plastic-y feeling. I don’t know of I’d have it hanging long and loose, it would probably work better short or curled. One hairstyle I think it would be excellent for? A mohawk. Depending on the length, you might not even need any gel.
Ooh! Speaking of gel, I’ve been looking everywhere for “Clear Ice” hair gel. The jars are just too heavy to buy online. Stores DO have Ampro’s regular gel in their “ethnic hair care” section which would probably work just fine, right? WRONG. A salesperson was kind enough to open one for me and the regular stuff is BROWN. Over light colored mohair it would be a DISASTER. Just figured I should share incase anyone else was thinking “same difference”. XD;;
Uh huh. So I was planning to get a Bratz doll or two before they pull the plug. But  the ones I want are all bought up for the holidays! Aw well. Hopefully they’ll get them in in January.


Vintage Dolls

Originally Posted: 09-06-2008
I think I had one of these (Amy Peanut Doll), or a knock off. I remember a little orange haired doll that came in a peanut shell. She was poorly put together and her hair and outfit were falling apart after I floated her around on a “raft” in my bathroom sink.

Oh! That reminds me! I have an entry I wrote but didn’t post. I discovered Ghost of the Doll and more or less proceeded to go “OMG! I HAD THAT!” Here it is:
Be Mores: I opened the page and was shocked to see my dragon there! I had one of the large, yellow Ceratopians as a child. He hung out on my shelf for years but as been since ousted to the closet by some Jem dolls. I never even WONDERED what he was. XD
Bitsy Bears: I had Doodles, being an artist and all. XDD I can FEEL the flocking and the way the arms moved. I’m actually a little depressed thinking about it. She would have made a great buddy for my Susie Snow-Warren Calico Critter doll.
Cupcake Dolls: I had Tropical Treat Dawn and Jam Pops Violet Grape. I seem to remember tasting Dawn’s skirt.
Krystal Princesses: Didn’t have any of the dolls, would have TOTALLY bought one. I had the “shake up the Day” book and liked it.
Luv Buds: Didn’t have but wanted. The idea of a doll hiding insted of a flower that OPENED WHEN YOU POURED WATER ON IT was insanely awsome to young Lon.
Magic Diaper Babies: I had a couple Merbabies.
Secret Beauties: I had Sugar Plum the lipstick beauty.
Smooshees: I had Seth Goes Skateboarding and my granny gave me Candy Bunny for Easter when she visited us in Quebec. I liked putting stuff in Seth’s skateboard and giving it “rides”.
Sweetie Pups: I had the Yorkie! Untill a few monthes ago, I had no idea how large the line was. I only realised just now that there had been a Pom *_*
Surprise Friends I had the light pink patch-over-the eye Puppy Surprise. She had 3 or 4 puppies, one of which was a boy and 2 of which were named “Mabel” and “Mavis”. Laaaame.


DIY Rootable Heads from RTV= Not Possible

Originally Posted: 07-25-2008
Basically it’s sounding like the reason nobody can point me in the right direction of some room temperature vulcanizing material that will perform like vinyl on a a doll head is that it JUST DOESN’T EXIST.

That’s more or less what Smooth-On said when I called them today. The So-Flex flexibilizer that I was thinking might help it stretch insted of tearing when making the rooting holes would aparently just make it weaker. They suggested Dragon Skin but I don’t want to use silicon, since it would require special paints.

*Sigh* It’s looking like the only way I could make my heads would be to pay a factory to make them from vinyl. And THAT certainly isn’t happening ^_^;;


Hair Rooting Dream

Originally Posted: 07-12-2008

All this concentration on rooting hair took it’s toll last night. I actually did it IN MY SLEEP.
I dreamt that I had my head bent forward, rooting lines of pink saran, then pulling on the next row of my own hair to remove it so I could root another saran row. I decided to stop working on it for that day, raised my head and I could see in the mirror the way pink was beginning to show through the layers of real blond hair.


Rootable Doll Head Making Part 2

Originally Posted: 07-04-2008

First of all, I recieved samples from Alumilite and discovered that the FLEX products no workie for doll heads. To be honest, I wouldn’t use them for anything. The more flexible you get, the stickier the samples were. FLEX 80 wasn’t as bad but FLEX 30 was a total lint magnet. But who wants a doll head that’s even a little sticky? Who would buy one? NEXT!
Next was SmoothCast 45. WAY more expensive (the Canadian distributor doesn’t sell the 1 pint containers, only 1 gallon) but it is NOT sticky and looked like it would work for the job. I cut a slice off that was 3mm, about the thickness of a Barbie head, to experiment on. Unless the way it was cut did something to it, SmoothCast 45 can NOT be pierced with a needle for rooting hair. Insted of stretching like vinyl, the needle made little tears. When flexed again, the tears snapped the piece. I’m sad because it’s on more possibility down the drain but a little happy because, like I said, REALLY expensive. Making back my costs would have been even more important. The hard plastic samples were nice though, particularly the clear stuff. Visions of dolly glassware…though you’d probably need a vaccum machine to get it that clear.
Back to the drawing board, then? ^^;;;


Doll Hair Flickr Group/Doll in the Heel/Ah-Mei’s New Hair

Originally Posted: 05-17-2008

Look  alive, lovelies! I’ve started a Flickr photo group. RD & DH Doll Hair Color Reference. A wordy name but it will be dedicated to photos of dolls using Dolly Hair and Restore Doll hair in other to provide referances of the colors. I HATE not being able to find photos of hair colors I’ve trying to compare. Doll customizers don’t tend to list what shade and from where. MLP customizers do more often but you still come across many that are unlabeled or, worse, the thread says what the used but it’s so old that the pictures are dead ;_; Hopefully this will help though.
I went on a big photo-inviting spree of photos that already met the rules/criteria. Hopefully most of them will agree to have the pictures added. Anyone reading this who’d like to join and help is most welcome :3
I want a pair of shoes that come with a doll in the heel. The shoe box becomes a doll house. C’mon Clarks, put these babies out in a size 7 wide!
Oh yeah! Once upon a time I said that my Kid Kore/ Galoob Spice Girl hybrid’s head was way too damaged to reroot a third time. Well, I did it. Ah-Mei has nice new saran now. It fluffs out a bit but it’s alot nicer quality than what she had. (Wig hair sucks gaiz) Oh yeah. I aldo sculpted a ball on to the neck with Milliput to keep her head from flying of at inapropriate times.


Casting Rootable Doll Heads?

Originally Posted: 05-02-2008

I was looking through a Micro Mark catalog. If you were into building model trains and scenery you could go broke buying all the little gadgets designed specially for the hobby.
ANYWAYS, they have an item called “TCR-40” that is meant to be used for casting tires for model cars. It’s urethane, which is exactly what Volks says their Dollfie heads are made of on the site. Could you take this stuff, tint it differently, pour some into a head mold and rotate it untill it was set up, to get a hollow, rootable head? This fellow did some tests using it for action figures but the pictures are already gone. He mensions issues with the softness…I wonder if that would effect doll heads.
Meanwhile, over at Alumilite, they have flexible casting resins in multiple stiffnesses. The downer is that the ivory color is only available in Flex 70 (“similar to a car tire”) and 80 (“similar to a roller blade wheel”). I wonder if “car tire” would be okay at the thickness of a doll’s head? 50 would probably be better but the caramel coloring probably wouldn’t tint as nicely.


Noix De Rome Cat Ears: How do They Work?

Originally Posted: 02-11-2008
It drives me CRAZY. Noix De Rome sells a cat ear kit but I can’t figure out how it would work. If they poke into the head on the pegs, then why are they in two pieces? Does the bottom part go inside the head? Wouldn’t it be awkward to connect them? What are they made of, anyway? I have seen them in use but I can’t find the photos now.


Licca and new Fashion Fever

Originally Posted: 02-06-2008

I love the way the vintage Liccas have the little stick-out ears. If they put out a fashion doll here and now with ears like that, I’d probably buy one and put many many little rings in them.
You know, if I had lots and lots of money, I’d buy a fancy expensive Blythe doll. I’d strip it, sell the naked doll on Ebay and put the dress on a cheap Licca. I’d do this for the lolz.
The Licca Doll with Three Feet? What? O_O I gotta say I’m curious.
The new Fashion Fever dolls, some of them at least, not only have elbow joints but WRIST joints too! On a $10 doll! Danm. I notice too, that they are back to the 2000 body proportions. Obviously the kids must have felt the same way as the adult fans about the stumpy body. Or at least thought it was lame that they would have to buy ANOTHER size of clothing. Way too soon after the 2000 body switch to replace it.


Noemie’s eyes, MFD Package, Beauty Cuties

Originally Posted: 07-10-2007

Now that the package has arrived, I can safely post THIS. See Alcy? This is what I mean about the Noemie eyes.
I ALSO got a package ^__^ I ordered some stands from My Favorite Doll because it worked out cheaper than getting them locally and they have a better size range. I’m still working on fixing up my room and I figured that dolls standing take up less room than dolls sitting. Their packing peanuts are SO COOL! They are biodegradable, made of corn starch and disolve into a gooey mass in water. I tried tasting one, don’t reccomend it. I had lots of fun throwing them into the air and rolling in them while the cat stared at me like I was insane. They also sent me a post card and pair of Barbie heels as a promo for Randall Craig’s RTW. I can say for sure that I’ll never purchase any of the clothing but….freeebie. *_*
Kinda disapointed about the Beauty Cuties. The head is TWICE as big as Blythe’s? WTF? I was hoping to get on on clearance or sale or something, stick it on a jointed Barbie body and have a sort of poor man’s Pullip.
I miss the FriDoll 5. Every now and then I consider redoing them because I’m 100% sure that my answers have changed after al this time.


What has teh Lon been up to?

Originally Posted: 05-20-2007

Lessie now, what can I tell you about….
Okay. I have entered two contests on BWY since I last wrote. The first one was a hair styling contest judged by Ken Paves 😀 My first entry was done on a FF Sasha. The rules stated that synthetic hair couldn’t be added, unless it was from another Bratz doll. I’d been monkeying around from unraveled ribbon fibres, though, so I braided some into the hair. My second entry was a dyed, cut, and permed P4F Cloe. I didn’t win but I’m still happy my work got seen. Here are the rest of the entries and what Mr. Paves said about them 😀

The second contest was a custom contest. I had originally planned to redo Jan, make him a party dress and do a Bratz girl up in drag wearing a tux. Gardening is another of my hobbies, though, and working on the entries kinda fell by the wayside while I was trying to get some old ground useable. In the end, I only entered Jan. Ugh, my first root job on him sucked! It left so many holes I had to work around. The crazy thing is that I heard it took 4 large skeins of saran to reroot a Boyz doll but he only took one and I had left overs! The color is “Cognac” from RestoreDoll, in case anyone visits looking for alternate photos of the shade. You know what drives me crazy? I bought the new hair on sale and I think I may have paid more for the crappy toyokalon hair I used the first time >_<.

Jan’s dress was my very first princess-seamed dress XD I’ve seriously never tried doing it that way before. The crown was another experiment. I wanted to see if the cheap, little plastic rhinestones would melt if they were baked under low temperatures. Mmm, yes and no. As you can see, they did stay in one place but they also became smooth, losing the jagged “cut jewel” shape. It should be fine with small ones but I wouldn’t do it with anything larger. (The contest is still awaiting judgement, I’ll letcha know how I do ^_~)

I got Alcy’s Valentine’s Swap package out. It was late but it did get there. This was one of the things I sent >D

I have discovered the joys of Milliput, at least as a filler-inner. I’ll have to see if I can figure out how to use it for actually sculpting. Aparently it’s easier to work when it’s stood for an hour? Rock solid when it’s cured though.

Papupepo (Japanese). If you haven’t visited, you should. The clothing patterns that are posted are mostly for Jenny or Licca but there is some explaination of how to make your own. I’ve made a pattern but I have yet to test it. My brother was knocking on the computer room door last night and I yelled back “Go away! Can’t you see I’m making tiny bras??” XD;;


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