Part 6 of Reposts

Seasons Greeting!/Pullips/Goodreau/Red Wyvern Studio/Novice Hame/Nikki

Originally Posted: 12-25-2009

Hey kids! Happy Almost-The-End-of-December! Having a good day? 😀
Amongest my prezzies, I recieved a Artitude Moxie Girlz Lexa and some embroidery scissors. Yay! Lexa’s hair was a wee bit crispy. :O She recieved a condition and trim.
My brother’s gift from me hasn’t arrived yet. >_< I figured almost a month would be good enough to get it from Hong Kong by airmail but apparently it wasn’t. I had some stuff for under the tree but I wish I had ordered The Big Gift sooner or something. I just hope it works perfectly when it comes. Having it come so late then having to get a replacement would be awful.
One of my father’s gifts was a battery operated walking bug. The cat enjoyed carefully stalking it then flipping it over. He showed alot more interesst in it than in his own toys. ^^;; One of the gifts that Snooky recieved was a little stuffed catnip meerkat. My brother said it was horrible but I disagree. They donate part of the money made by the toys to helping meerkats so by buying him a fake one to toss around we are kinda helping the real thing! Yay!
You know, I was thinking earlier about when Pullips first came out. SnowflakeBabe from Bratzworld Yahoo had posted links to them but I honestly wasn’t sure how well they would do. They were pretty but the head was so heavy that the necks were SNAPPING! O_O Folks were gluing and inserting pins but how well can a doll do if you have to be ready to fix it when you buy it? They sorted it all out and even though they have had other issues (KNEES AND WRISTS) they are still doing quite well.
I have to wonder just how many Obitsu bodies are put to work as replacements for Pullips.  I don’t like Obitsu as much as Volks but when it comes to sticking a huge head on it, Obitsu is stiffer and IMHO better for the job.
Build-A-Bear has awsome little hiking boots for the bears. They have neat-o real treads! The downside is that since they are made for the bears they are ROUND and no good for most dollies.
Goodreau dolls. I’m a member of the camp that thinks they are oogly. It’s weird, I guess their eyes aren’t any bigger than some of the Asian dolls I’ve rubber stamped but they feel too big and googly for the sculpts.
I think think my opinion is helped by by the horribly out of scale eyelashes they use either. Look at this photo. They should NOT reach the eyebrows. (I even ran to the bathroom to see if my own did.)
Some people think that Goodreau is snubbed because they are American and all the doll fans are wapanese but it IS possible to just not like a doll because of the sculpt. ^^;;
Then there’s the animal dolls. Bah, and some people rag on the Chinese made BJDS saying they aren’t very detailed! To me, they look kinda slap dash put together. I might dig a Goodreau human after some eye modding but the animals would need to be heavily modded. Cripes, I didn’t even know Bebe was a Chihuahua untill I read the tag.
Why am I writting about this? Well, I was updating my cat doll list with a few dolls and added in Goodreau. I didn’t want to say what I thought of them there so I’m doing it here. In the same update I added Red Wyvern Studio’s Emily to the list. I’ve never heard of them before, I can’t vouch for the company or anything but I look at their cat and Goodreau’s cat and there is just no competition when it comes to whose sculpt I like better. And they are both the same size.
I was poking around in their feedback and found THIS. “Sally Jupiter/Silk Spectre I Dollhouse doll”. Bow chika wow wow! XD
I am not a Doctor Who fan but it turns out in one of the series there was a group called the “catkind”. Cat PEOPLE. An evil nun cat lady named Novice Hame spawned a 12inch figure that I figured was dolly enough for the list. Jon Pumpkin’s photo of Hame chilling with some non-anthro kitties. XD
Maaan. I wish those Odeco and Nikki keychains weren’t so small. I mean, they could make great dolls for the dolls themselves but if they were larger I could stick on on a doll body for my own, cheaper cat doll. 2 inches is too small for that. I want them to come out with Nikki Angels. Like Pullip Angels: A cheaper, painted eye version of the doll!


Dream FCS Super Dollfie 13

Originally Posted: 11-25-2009

Skintone: Normal
Head Mold: F-35
Eyelashes: WT-7-Brown Brown
Wig Color: Dark Brown 6
Body: B-08 SD13 girl, M bust jointed
Arms: A-02 SD13 girl normal arm
Hands: H-09 Legs: L-02 (Regular SD13)
Feet: High-heeled FO-02 (Buy Normal FO-01 seperately)
So, more or less a normal SD13 girl, body-wise. M sized bust because even though I would want her to be to be in her late teens instead of early teens, I figure I wouldn’t need really big boobs.
Painting, blushing, sanding, coating, sueding? Bring it on. I know I’d be sacrificing the bonding experience and making the doll my own but in this case, I would be paying for the PERFECT doll. I’d probably get a second one that wasn’t FCS to do all the esthetics and customizations on but this one would be done by the volks craftsmen.
Carrying case, both stands and roll out the welcoming outfit, please. If they had it in stock, it would be the Sato kimono since the head mold is only available in Kyoto.
After recieving her, I would take her shopping in the store to pick up some swanky duds and get those regular feet. Millions of photos would be taken.
Thus ends my rich person Super Dollfie fantasy. I can’t even begin to imagine how much it would all cost. But heck, it’s interesting to think about, isn’t it?


Volks and Obitsu 1/6 Face Painting Tutorials

Originally Posted: 11-18-2009

Milkshake Melody has a tutorial section that has one for painting eyes. There is also one for decals, inserting glass eyes, rooting patterns, photo tips and instructions on the tension method. But you probably already knew about the site, right? It just felt wrong to leave it off the list. XD;
Volks has their own.
Parabox has a brief one. Scroll down to “painting on vinyl
Tenshi Blues’ (Famoose for her One Piece dolls) Tutorial: Part 1 & Part 2.
LuckyDoll’s Tutorial
Angel Crest’s Tutorial

Angel Plume has one. First link in the “lab”. There is also a tutorial for cat ears (as made by Re-Ment cats), tips on hair styling and photographing.
Flinkback’s Site. The 7th block down is the customising section. The first link on that page is about hair rooting, the second is about face painting and the third is rooting patterns.
Aiko has a tutorial for a midi head AND an A head. Enter and then hit the second ball on the right side (across from 27cm CUSTOM) for the customizing section. There’s also a thing on adding glass eyes, dremeling a CY Girl head, blushing painting a Cy Girl and one of the best uses for Micromen I have ever seen.


NDR JP Site/Dream/Volks

Originally Posted: 11-16-2009

Oh. My. Gawwwd. The Japanese NDR site. The English site is all empty and sad but the Japanese one is shiny and beautiful.
In the clothing sections, it turns out “bizarre” means shiny PVC fetish wear! Yeehaw! This one makes me think of some boobtastic super hero from outer space. this one makes me think of Phoebe from the First Wives Club, the book not the movie. The weird dress with all the teddy bears pinned to the skirt…I just pictured it as kind of like that, except with the bears.
I wonder why nobody buys a whole bunch of NDR heads, particularly the elf ones, and sells them at a bit of a mark up. It would make getting them less of a hassle so I would think people would buy. I’m not big on most of them but I do like the elf and CW01. Chubby face, chubby face!
I had a dream that Walmart had some super awsome doll stuff in. One thing was packages of saran. I found some beautiful green stuff but the trouble was that it was packaged with grey hair and made up only a 1/3 of each bag. To root a doll, you’d need maybe 5 bags and have all this grey hair left over. Laaame.
Huh! I had no idea that Volk’s Mami and Kana had exculsive head molds. I mean, I guess I would have noticed if I’d really looked but I never did. Love that second finished photo. Gave her a bit of spunk and helped with the wide open forehead thing she had going.


Alpha Critters: HELL YEAH SEAPOON!

Originally Posted: 09-29-2009

As a child, I had a plush toy and figurine of a sea monster character named “Seapoon”. My brother had his initial in toy form as well It’s driven me insane for years because I couldn’t find any info on them. I’d google and people would mention them but never say WHERE they came from. Well, I found my figure in a drawer and flipped it over:
ALPHA Critters
1987 Lloyd Gilbert
Made in China
Not a hell of alot of info online about them but the merch pops up on Ebay. Thanks to a bed sheet, I was able to make a list of the names. I’ll post it here incase anyone else is going nuts looking for info on their childhood toy:
Keagle (wait…what?)

Cesar Feb 17, 13
My wife gave me Seapoon and i gave her Capook, when we were boy and girlfriends in Bolivia `93….Love you Sue!

Renee England Jan 24, 11
I was so glad to see this site! My husband and I own the TM and copyright to Alphacritters way back from the 80s. There are some new projects in the works..

I a actually searching for a plush Orger.

Renee England, Tulsa, OK

Patsy Dec 26, 10

I have the plushie Capook, had him since 86-87 i bought him when I was pregnant with my son. I also had the curtains and sheets. They are long gone, but the oddity of it was i bought Capook before I knew I was having a boy, which I named Christopher…neato huh, and 23 years later he is still with me,I just purchased a flat sheet from ebay,coming all the way from Canada…LONG LIVE ALPHA CRITTERS!!!!

Steph Oct 26, 10
My best friend in high school and I used to speak in Alpha Critter language. OMG we had so much fun calling everyone by their Alpha name! Of course, I was Seapoon! 🙂

Andria Sep 22, 10
I’ve been searching the net for Alpha Critters for a while and this is the first time I’ve found anything other than plush for sale on Ebay. They also made a set of small two inch plastic Alpha Critters figurines. I have this entire set and was kind of looking to see if anyone else knew about them. I’m keeping them forever!

Ellen Sep 01, 10
These were some of my favorite childhood toys. My brother and I dreamed of collecting all 26, but couldn’t because the company stopped making them or went out of business. Years later we did manage to get them on via eBay, though.

In my opinion, these things are just awesome.

Lisa in CT Jul 15, 10
I had the Alphacritter sheets in college and now my step-daughter is off to college in the Fall and is taking the same sheets with her. The legend lives! By the way… Seapoon was always my favorite too!

Laura Mar 17, 10
I found one of these today…Jobo, I had never seen one before…cute as can be.


World Kids/Mammy’s Parlor/Ra Ra Ra Mujinkun/Custom Doll/ Rich Dreams/Crazy CM

Originally Posted: 09-14 2009

Was poking around YJ and found this doll. I was wondering what she was made from since the fingers splay out like an old Kelly body. Then I organized by price and, boom, found it. She is made from a World Doll/World Kids/Whatever doll. See? She’s wearing Holland’s dress. Those dolls are so cute, I just wish Canada wasn’t so danm boring. Blue eyed blond in a faux Hockey jersey. Couldn’t we have been a redhead or something? I’m getting Deja Vu…I bet I have whined about that before.
Phew! I thought Mammy’s Parlor was gone. Turns out she just got her own domain name. It’s an awsome site with lots of vintage dolls on it. As well as looking for the sake of looking, it can also be helpful in IDing dolls.
AHAHA! WOW. LITTLE GREEN MEN. They are kinda hot, too. Something about Asch’s facial screening reminds me of Momoko. Attack of the Anime Toys has a set too. Oh gawd…now I want one. -_-
Look what I came across. Custom Plum Puddin’and owl made with Babyz doll and pet.
Something I’d do if I had fat stacks of cash is set up deals with custom doll clothing makers where I’d send them some supplies and, I don’t know, $30 US or something and say “Make me a doll outfit for X doll body that’s worth $30 of your labour.” Anything they want. Then, when it’s finished I’d pay shipping to get it back and they keep any useable leftovers.But isn’t the value of labour in the eye of the beholder? Well, $30 isn’t that much when you have fat stacks and I’d go with people that seemed good for it. Plus, I’d post photos with a list and photo of what was sent. If I send a 1/4 metre of fabric, matching threads and 1/4 metres of trim and recieve a badly sewn and baggy halter dress with trim on the bottom of the front of the dress only, well, that doesn’t reflect well on the maker. $30 isn’t enough for anything super fancy, no labor intensive minature embroidery or anything but I probably enough for a nicely made dress/shirt and pants combo or something. It would be neat to send the same supplies to 2 or more different people and see what each one does with it XD
I’ve had a similar idea before that would use actual doll bodies. Pick my favorite hair color, my favorite Volks or Obitsu body, buy enough for 4 or so dolls then send that and the customizing fees to different artists, again with no rules expect to make me awsome dolls. Then I’d post a group shot with the 4 dolls to show how different each one’s idea was even though they started the same. Neither idea will be happening any time soon though! (Wish me luck with my tickets folks! XD)


Anticlimatic Doll Dreams and Anne of Forest Fairy

Originally Posted: 09-07-2009

A week or so ago I had a dream that the local grocery store started still Volks Dollfie bodies as well as finished dolls. I was pretty excited but I also noticed that an Eb-N I had been working on was there for $19.99! It had fallen out of my bag when I had been in the store and been put on the rack as merchandise. I didn’t figure they’d believe me and since the doll was mine anyway, I put slipped him into my bag and left the store.
So, I’m at home working on the doll and there’s a knock at the door. Mum comes running to my bedroom and tells me that the police are here and I have to go to my uncle’s to hide out for a while. So I have to climb out my window and run through the woods to get there. I honestly don’t remember what happened when I was there but danm the first part was weird.
Then, last night, I had a dream where my dad found a my little pony. He was complaining that the light up feature wasn’t working so I opened it up and looked inside and saw that there were things crammed INSIDE the pony. I start pulling things out and it’s like a clown car, there is a ridiculous amount of stuff in there. It starts with a doll head that has holes punched in it, then there’s whole Polly Pocket sets (old size not new). I was pretty thrilled because I figured they would be perfect dolls for my dolls. I wish I could remember more about what kinds of sets there were. I know there was one with elves called “Silverglade” or something and an Anne of Green Gables one set up like her bedroom where the figure had teeny molded braids. *_* Then a huge crowd of tiny people start rioting outside my house because they think I have their comrades hostage. O_O And then, before I could see what happened, my father wakes me up to ask if I have his saw. >_<
Anne Shirley Licca doll. Aka Anne of Forest Fairy for copyright reasons. Ooooh. I remember seeing her in a toy shop photo taken in Japan and thinking “If I was there and could afford her, I could not leave without one.” I can’t even find a store online SELLING her though, so maybe she really is that rare.


Hair Reference Group/No Obitsu Mini Boy Heads

Originally Posted: 06-10-2009

The hair reference group got a MAJOR boost. While doing the flickr group equivalent of going around knocking on doors, I realised just how many photos there were out there of colors from Dolly Hair and Restore doll that were actually sold by My Little Customs. Apparently, MLC stocks from both DH and RD but they are based in England so it’s closer for the folks in the UK. Most of the same hair colors, most of the same names. I’ve added MLC to the headers on the by color listing and just noted when it’s a color they DON’T carry. My big surprise was when the owner of MLC actually joined up and added her own photos. O_O Whoah!
I am also now NOT the main contributor to my own group! Now that the weather is nicer I am going to have to get photos taken of hair colors I have. But before I do that, I need to get painting. The rate of facelessness is danm creepy.
Obitsu, why you no make mini boys heads?? I just noticed that. So basically, if you want to make an Obitsu mini boy so ISN’T all girly in the face, you have to get a Volks mini-F head. Does Volks sell those seperately? No, they do not. So you would have to either buy a Mini-F and sell the body or post on boards hoping someone will sell one to you. >_<
Edit: Eh. I guess #3 could be a boy. It just doesn’t strike me as being as masculine as the F head.


Ripped Off Custom Blythe Photos

Originally Posted: 05-13-2009

I was in a down town store that carries all these neat pieces of jewelery and miscellania, mosly brought in from other counties and/or handmade. In the jewelery section they had some barettes and large earrings made with photos of Blythe dolls! A few were stock photos (Miss Sally Rice and Welcome Winter) but most of them were of customs. I asked a clerk if the owners of the photos had given their consent and she told me they bought them off an old woman who had a stall in Bangkok. Aparently other stalls had similar stuff going. : /


Doll Hair Matching

Originally Posted: 03-31-2009

So I can delete the e-mail without feeling I’ll need it later:
Some vintage Barbie to Restore Doll hair matchups. 
TNT Chocolate Bon Bon- #15 Original Brunette
Blonde 1965 Midge – Strawberry Chatty #65
Titian 1965 Midge – Titian #8
Brunette 1965 Midge – Hazelnut #50
While I’m talking about doll hair, I don’t think DollyHair’s conversion table is perfect. My Little Customs is a UK based site that carries hair from both sites.  DH lists their Lagoon Blue as being the same color as RD’s Azure blue, yet MLC sells both so there must be a difference. It’s the same with Purple Passion and Wild Lavender.
Edit: Nope. They are the same. I recieved an F-mail from Robin and apparently both names are listed to avoid confusion. Some people would ask for one name if the other was used. Never mind, guys. XD

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