Part 7 of Reposts

Deconikki Random Facts!

Originally Posted: 05-30-2010

Just a few things about Odeco and Nikki you may not have noticed:
* Aozora/Blue Sky, Mirai/Future and Denim Odeco have freckles. The Odeco freckle stamp has 7 freckles; 3 on each side and 1 in the middle.
* Deconikki dolls don’t have buttcheeks.
* They also don’t have belly-buttons.
* Odeco’s panties aren’t painted. Her hip-part is cast in white vinyl.
* Odeco’s wig-bases are plastic and rooted with hair like a Blythe scalp.  Unlike Blythe scalps that match the skin and are then painted to match the hair, Odeco’s may or may not match. Blue Sky had white under her yellow curls and Pom Pom Boushi had dark brown under her purple.
Most popular hair and eye colors:
Brown is the post popular hair color with 10 dolls.
Blonde is in second with 5. Red has 3, Black and purple have 2 each. Yellow, pink and white only have 1 doll each
Brown is the most popular eye color with 13 dolls.
Blue is second with 7 dolls. There were 3 with purple, 2 with green and 1 each with hazel, pink and grey.
Green is the most popular eye color for Nikkis with 11 dolls. Blue is second with 8 dolls, brown has 4, pink and hazel have 2 each and there has only been 1 with purple.
(This info is current as of South Breeze/South Wind/Minami Kaze being the latest dolls and the white nude Nikki and tanned nude Odeco being shown for pre-order)


Magnets, Got My Nikki!, Usaggie, Wonder Frog, 4ever Kidz

Originally Posted: 05-21 2010

So, I was looking at magnets. These are not your mother’s fridge magnets
The smallest they sell are 1/16″ dia. x 1/32″ thick . Look at it next to that penny. Look at it. It’s like a grain of rice. (Maybe I’m too impressed? XD;;;)
This magnet has a 400.0 lb pull force. So, if you attached a harness it could pin me and a friend to a wall and not even break a sweat. If, you know, magnets sweated. They can’t even be seperated BY HAND.
 This one has 1045.2 lbs of pull force. WTF?? What are people using them for?? And look at all those safety warnings!
What the hell do magnets have to do with dolls? Well, some BJDs have them to stick on the head caps and some folks choose to add them to the ones that don’t. Items like horns, tails and wings can be added with magnets, so that you don’t drill any holes. Reborners use them to attach stuff like bottles and pacifiers to their custom baby dolls. I, too, have a dolly related thing in mind. I’ll show you guys when it’s done.
 I. GOT. MY. NIKKI. That’s right, folks. It was sent out 2 weeks late but arrived in one week instead of 2. She has, of course, had her eyes swapped and face tweaked. I need to wait and get some good photos. I did take a list of basic measurements for Nikki, and Odeco by extention. Hopefully it will be useful! ^___^
I also tried to wire her arms to make them poseable. Couldn’t do it. The channels of the arms were just too narrow to put anything down. Maybe they are making them out of thicker plastic? Maybe my girl is just a bit different? Dunno. Was disapointed. I wanted to be all fancy and stuff by putting out the first English tutorial on how to do it.
Petworks is going out with an anthro rabbit girl named Usaggie in “Autumn/winter 2010”. She’s kinda cute. The head is more in scale to the body has she’ll have painted eyes so she’s not meant to be a friend to Odeco and Nikki, even though she can wear their clothing.
Maybe I’m lame but I think if I collected Wonder Frogs, I’d probably stick mostly to natural colors. Greens and browns and whatnot.
You know, if there was ever a really great deal on them, someone could do a Hypno-Toad custom! O_o
Rather than drop the snap-on clothing Bratz Kidz doll line, MGA renamed them 4Ever Kidz and tweaked the faces to have smaller mouths and somewhat different eyes.
ARGH! Blog Drive isn’t letting me post Japanese. :/


Spoonflower, Ebay, Magnets, Dreams

Originally Posted: 05-09-2010

I mentioned disapointment in the lack of Spoonflower fabrics in doll scale. Daniel Bingham does a few as well as well as some doll clothing patterns that are printed right on the fabric.
Pokin’ around Ebay…. Set of 10 Random Barbie scaled Clothing Hangers. I’d probably just make some out of wire but if you’ve got a Joan Crawford-type amongst your dolls, it might be a good idea.
I’m looking into magnets for a dolly thing. I want some that are strong enough to work but not strong enough to stop pacemakers or destroy media equipment once inside the doll. I figure I’ll measure the plastic thickness one I have the doll in hand and e-mail the guy selling the magnets for advice.
…..That’s a Bratz purse. Being sold for $6 as a Blythe accessory. I have one and I didn’t pay much more for the doll and all her clothing.
A small pair of doll shoes does NOT cost $13 to ship. Screw you.
Had a few dolly-containing dreams.
Dream 1: FREAKIN’ JACKPOT. I find a Mirai Odeco, a Rompers Odeco and a Little Miss No-Name in an old bag. I wake up from the dream without the dolls and tweet my displeasure. I wake up from that dream and, eventually, write a blog entry. (This one.)
Analysis: I’ve been poking around Japanese sites looking for Deconikki info that might be useful if reposted on the MO&N board. They are poping up in my dreams now XD;; That combined with my fantasies of finding a dolly motherlode.
Dream 2: I don’t remember much but I do remember an Odeco with a horizontal rainbow stripe painted across her face and eyelids. The coated wire that held her in the box was painted to match. I was danmed and determined to keep that coated wire.
 Analysis: The Hi-Glam dolls were belted in with coordinating wire. It was kinda cool.
Dream 3: It was Christmas, despite being pretty warm. I had gotten a present early, this little mini baby doll. It was from Japan and had a screen with buttons on it’s back that let you interact and teach it things. I got a call that I was expected at school (my old grade school) but decided to blow it off in favor of taking care of my new digital toy during it’s important first hours. Besides, it was freaking Christmas.
For some reason, we have two trees and I’m trying to get them set up while cooking the Christmas….uh…chicken breasts. I get called away to go on a quick trip to the mall. We are there a really long time and I start getting worried about the chicken. We get home and even though it’s been hours, the chicken is not only not burnt but still cooking. I’m wearing a red felt dress and strugging to get the bust darts sewn up while I’m wearing it. A neighbor has been invited for dinner so I’m trying to finish up before he gets there.
Analysis: Caught a few minutes of Four Christmases, grade school appears in my dreams often and we eat alot of chicken at my house. The felt dress was because I was working on one for a doll and the little doll/digital pet was just “something awsome from Japan”. Also, I remember from back when I played with my Tamagotchi that the first hours were very important. No hatching one just before going to bed or something.

Tiny Betsy/Licca/LIV clothing/

Originally Posted: 05-03-2010

If I ever bought a Tiny Betsy, I would want her to have the “classic” face paint. To be honest, I find the “Perky Face” kinda creepy. Part of Betsy’s cool is that she IS a vintage doll brought back.
 Check out the Liccas as famous paintings And below they have a HUGE diorama set up with different landmarks and buildings.
I was in TRU yesterday. The space that was once filled thing Bratz is now all filled in with other things. * single tear* Didn’t see much that interessted me, except the new LIV doll clothing. Some of it is awsome but what bugs me is that a three pack of clothing was $19.99 but the single outfits are $14.99. I guess the new stuff is more detailed or something?
Alcy let me know about these: Monster High. That is pretty awsome. To be honest, Cleo and Draculaura are the only ones I have zero interest in. I think Lagoona is my favorite. She has: 1. Blue skin 2. WEBBED FINGERS and 3.little fin ears.
Clawdeen is number two for me. If I get one, I think I will probably paint the nose black for a more animal look.
Frankie is kinda cool. She makes me think of Sally from NBC and Franken Fran. Not sure about that hair but it could be fixed.
Deuce…I thought Deuce was going to be part mutant plant. Those snakes look like broccoli. Up close you can see his snakey-ness. DANM, he looks Boyz-like! All the girls look Bratz but he actually looks like he could be the new Koby or something.
Draculaura is purple. Say wut? I like weird skin colors but it doesn’t make much sense to me. I probably would have gone with a bleached out white.
Cleo is apparently popular the Monster High. Clone High’s Cleo was also the popular girl. Whether decendents or clones, Cleopatra is ALWAYS popular. Except with me. I could easily pass on this one.
Articulation: they got it. 10 points and the hands apparently pop off to help with clothing changes. Hopefully they won’t turn up in the thrift stores missing all their hands. ^^;;;
Folks are posting a few photos here and there of the Deconikki stuff at Doll Show 28. What I wanna see, though, is what’s comming after South Breeze. They must have had a display up with the next dolls on it, right? Shoooow them to me.


Beaded Blythe, Wind Up Alpaca, Princess of Korea, Barbie Outfits, Rick-rack Whining

Originally Posted: 04-08-2010

Beaded Blythe Doll Isn’t that AMAZING? :O Crazy, crazy amount of work there.
Any of you folks need a Wind Up Alpaca?
Years ago, I bought a Princess of Korea doll on clearance. I stripped her, pulled down her hair and redressed her. I had planned to take photos then put her hair back up but years went by and I didn’t. BIG SURPRISE. So, that’s what I’m doing now. It’s not exact and I can’t find the gold butterfly for the top of the hair but it’s reasonably good. All I could remember from when I took it down is that it starts with a low ponytail that’s divided into three braids in the back. I’ll take a photo when I can find that pesky camera cable.
There are Barbie outfits out that are themed like different occupations.I was jazzed about the nurse candy striper outfit but when I looked closer, I realised it sucked. It’s kinda cheap looking, the footwear is a joke (hospital=comfortable sneakers) and WTF up is with the Barbie logos on everything? It makes it look less like an actual uniform for doing an actual job and more like an brand name Halloween costume. Kind of a shame, really.
So. Baby rick-rack is nylon. Here I was thinking that maybe it was cotton that could dyed. :/ It’s hard to get baby rick-rack in any color but white or, occationally, red here.
I’m also going to keep an eye peeled for some thin gold braid. I found some but it was a bit more cordlike than braidlike and it’s not like I need it right away.


Ebay, Yoshikitty, Dream, Rainbow Brite, Barbie

Originally Posted: 03-15-2010

I came across a light up rubber cat made by Lanard on Ebay that the owner wants $199.99 US for. I figure his finger must have slipped. If it was a really sought after toyline, wouldn’t he have put up name intead of just “Light up Rubber Cat by Lanard”? I’d ask him about it, in case he DID mean $20 but the description made me think it might be not such a great idea.
Holy crap. He sells alot of vintage stuff and hates folks hassling him about his prices. I totally understand that. But when people rant in item descriptions, it’s very off-putting. Oh, it’s very INTERESSTING and I’d love to know all about the guy who is ashamed (Because I’m THAT nosy) but unless I was drooling for the item I think I’d pass it by. Angry angry all caps say to me “I’m irritable! Don’t buy from me, I might make trouble for you!”.
He also says that if you don’t pay for insurance and the item gets broken “it’s not my problem”. Quite true but there are nicer ways to put it, like “I can’t be held responsible for the damage” or something.
OH SNAP! It’s YOSHIkitty! Hello Kitty crossed with Yoshiki from X-Japan. ❤ It’s amazing what you find when you aren’t looking, eh?
I had a dream that I hit the motherlode. My parents were cleaning and they found these old bags that were filled with old toys from the 60’s, 70’s and early 80’s. They were going to just toss them but I insisted on doing the sorting. The Pizzazz Jem doll was shot but there were a bunch of perfectly good dresses. There were also these vintage Takara dolls, inculding one that had a head with two faces that spun around like those old baby dolls. At first I was tossing the broken/moldy bodied Takara dolls into the toss pile, then I remembered rebodying and how some collecters would still buy the ones I didn’t want to keep without bodies. Awsome dolls for Lon and a killing on Ebay. And then I woke up. ;_;
I remember almost buying a 1997 10 inch Rainbow Brite doll years ago. Years later I figured it must not of been a REAL RB line because I never saw them online. The crazy part is that I remember them as being beautiful. I look at them now and go “Ehhh.”
I kept meaning to post a link to this picture. It’s an interessting photoshopped photo of Barbie done to make her look like she actually is 50 years old.
According to Charles’s blog, they are putting out a modern version of the Super Star Barbie with some stores pricing it at $3US to celebrate Barbie’s 51st. WTF? THREE BUCKS? Danm that’s cheap! Note that the new version of the costume has about 50% of the fabric of the old one. Modern= SHORTEN EVERYTHING.
I got a message from someone asking me to give them one of my dolls. Not sell, not trade, just give. This isn’t the first time either. That is SO rude. >_>


Monique High Heels

Originally Posted: 02-21-2010

Luvable Hight Heels: 90mm x 26mm, 64mm x 24mm, 42mm x 15mm
Gorgeous Heels: 90mm x 26mm
Glamorous High Heels: 90mm x 26mm
Feminine High Heels: 90mm x 26mm
Adorable High Heels: 90mm x 26mm
Charming High Heels: 42mm x 15mm, 64mm x 24mm
Daring High Heels: 90mm x 26mm
Dazzling High Heels: 90mm x 26mm, 42mm x 15mm, 64mm x 24mm
Enchanting High Heels: 90mm x 26mm
Romantic High Heels: 90mm x 26mm
Sophisticated High Heels: 90mm x 26mm
According to the offical site, the 90mm/26mm ones shoes are made for “Margo, Dorian, Stormy Weather 26″”. You can see some small photos of them here.
The 42mm x 15mm the the 16″ Gene dolls, 64mm x 24mm is Madame Alexander 21″.
I wonder if they fit any BJDs. BJD heels can run a wee bit pricy but these are pretty cheap compared and they come in some neat styles.


Junky Spot vs. Mimiwoo/Obitsu heads/Disney Princesses/ Tonner

Originally Posted: 02-02-2010

I know Junky Spot has some very loyal fans but it makes me frown to see anti-Mimiwoo comments. I have always had good luck with her and it really depends on what you are buying. JS might be cheaper for buying a bunch of things but if you need ONE SINGLE doll head, is best. JS shipping starts at $5, so a single W-07 head is $9.99 as opposed $6.50 at
Junky Spot wins awsome points in that some of the heads come 2 to a bag instead of always just 1 like Mimiwoo and they will include little things like Pocky and whatnot.
If you are buying a bunch of things from Mimiwoo you are better off going through the Ebay store. That way she can combine the shipping, where as the dot com has the shipping included in each price and doesn’t combine.
Obitsu! Why iiiiiis your head so beeg? I recieved a 23-02 and 23-03 in the mail today. They are made for the 23cm body, I was hoping to use them for the 21cm and they are a wee bigger than the Volks Dollfie 27cm body heads. Wut? I have also used the W-07 before and I love it but I do wish it was more the size of the Volks heads. I had been wondering if the W-04 with the lips carefully removed could sub for the Volks default head if they stop making it. I think it might be just too big. I think the 23-02 might actually be as close as you can get with Obitsu.
C’mon Volks, reveal the 1/6 plan!
Another thing. W-07 and 23-02 have FIVEHEAD. Ya know, when it’s too big to be a forehead? It’s fine with bangs but it’s more noticable without. I wonder if anyone ever roots the hair farther down.
Mattel has a line of cheaper Disney Princess dolls out. It’s a cheap way to get a head if you want to do a doll with the open mouthed Snow White, Belle, Sleeping Beauty or Ariel. The downside is that not much else is useable. They are ballet themed with molded ballet slippers and molded tutus so the body can’t be used for something other than a ballerina.
One of the SWs that I saw looked a bit more aggressive than the one in that auction. With the hair, she reminded me a bit of Rosie O’Donnell, were Rosie younger and a Disney Princess.
Tonner is doing Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland dolls. Most of the dolls are “pending actor approval” but the Alice one is there. Dude! They reproduced that awsome, awsome wildlife embroidery on the hem of the skirt! Man, need something with squirrels and deer on it. 😀 I am interessted to see the Mad Hatter. If he looks like the poster, he will be quite something.
Anyone need a white skinned Tonner doll, fresh for the painting?
Yay! The rest of the Sinister Circus dolls are up! I’m more impressed with The Painted Lady than I thought I would be. She’s so sour looking and…are those Victory Rolls? Sheehee is awsome because you just never see that kind of doll made. The bearded lady…eh. I’m curious about how the beard is done though. Glued or rooted? Keiko is interessting but I find she feels kinda like a woman in a fake bird head. It’s worse with Quimby. Marina, however, I like muchly. I love the greenish skin and the custom head sculpt.
Cami is cute. She’s got a sweeter, younger looking face than alot of the adult female Tonners without being as baby-faced as the younger ones.
Jessica Rabbit! Bow-chika-wow-wow! She uses the “Athletic body” which apparently is more “buxom” and “curvy”. Big boobehs.
I wonder what the upcomming Tiana doll will be like.


Doll Hair, Candy Candy Arrives

Originally Posted: 01-29-2010

If I were rich I would have have a drawer dedicated to doll hair. In that drawer, I would have enough of each available color to root a single doll. Stare at photos on the internet, order and hope that if will match? No. It would be as simple as checking the drawer. Untless the doll had a big head, I could start the project as soon as I wanted.
In other news, Candy came! ❤ The boob wasn’t pushed it, it was CRACKED! ^_^;;; Oh well. It’s semi-fixed. A wee deformed but no longer broken. I am going to try the stuff I had for fixing scratches on the body to see if it will smooth out a bit. The tape on her turned out to be there for no reason, not holding a broken body together. Most of the dirt came off, though I’ve having trouble removing all of the face stains. Her hair has been removed, the holes shrunk and the new hair ordered. I wanted to go with saran like she would have had but I couldn’t figure out what the perfect mix would be. Everything seemed off so I ordered Goldenrod nylon. If it’s like DH’s photo it will be a little off but if it’s like MLC’s photo it will be PERFECT and hold curl better than the saran. And really, Candy is all about the curls.
They don’t make Oxy 5 anymore and they never sold Oxy 10 here. All the new Oxy creams seem to have something to make them gentler on skin or cover up blemishes while they work. I heard bad things about Clearasil so I got some Clean and Clear Persa-Gel 5. Still only 5% but it seems like they don’t sell anything higher over the counter here. Maybe some day I’ll suck it up and just buy some Remove-Zit and Formula 9-1-1.


DH New Hair/ Haute Doll

Originally Posted: 01-22-2010

So, DH uploaded the new stock.
“Check out Dollyhair’s SEVEN brand new saran colors as of January 2010: vineyard violet, foxglove lavender, shocking fuchsia, chromatic pink, cupcake pink, mystic plum to pink, and mystic pink to blonde!
Plus, bitter chocolate brown and cotton candy pink are BACK!”
Translation: I hope you like PINK AND PURPLE 😀
Shocking Fuchsia is Purple Haze and Vineyard Violet is Plum Crazy at RD but Chromatic Pink, Cupcake Pink, Foxglove Lavender and the two Mystic (COLOR CHANGE) colors are only available at DH right now. The Mystic Plum to Pink looks kinda awsome. I have a bit of the Pink to White and it’s neat to touch it and watch it get all splotchy. 
For mah birfday on the 8th, I recieved a subscription to Haute Doll. Sassy, non? But I have a little secret to tell you about the Break Room:
There is nobody there.
Well, a few people have posted but I highly doubt anyone checks it often. So, if you were expecting a riproaring discussion like I was, surprise! 😀
They had a vampire doll contest. Apart from the neat idea I think Blood Contess deserved a prize for risking STAINING to her vintage Sindy. O_O  My Mum loves the picture of Lillia and Saltine. XD She tends to flip to that page just to see it.


Dolly Hair/ Candy Candy/ Fabric/ Etsy

Originally Posted: 01-19-2010

Dolly Hair’s twitter says she’s unpacking new doll hair and updating the site AS I WRITE THIS. I’m chomping at the bit to see what’s new. Hurry Tina! I need to see it nyaaaaooow!! O_O *pant pant*
Yay! I got fabric that I figure will be PERFECT for the Candy Candy doll’s new dress. I’ll have to cut it on the bias to make it work but it should be okay. I’m a little nervous about washing it because I don’t want the red to run but I also hate putting unwashed stuff on dolls because it might STAIN. I worry that a swatch test might work differently than a larger piece. I figure I’ll figure out how might I need for the dress and just wash that. That way if it gets messed up I still have more. I’m hoping that Candy’s body is similar enough to the Licca body that I could use a Licca dress pattern without much alteration.
The material was BOGO so I also got a neat-o mini holly print. I wish I could have gotten half of that and half of the mini trees but it doesn’t work that way.
I have bought a few things on Etsy and I admit it gets me a wee pissed off how casual some of them are. Maybe it’s because I’m used to Ebay but I want to hear about it when you get my money, be told that it will be shipped out “on X day” or “as soon as possible”, then recieve feedback on the transaction after I’ve left mine. I shouldn’t have to wonder if the item has been sent or not and I shouldn’t have to ASK for feedback :/ They remind ME to leave it before I have even had time to get what I bought so they might be reminding the sellers too, right?
I got one of those awsomely kitchy mini tinsel trees half off in the dollar(ish) store. :3 It’s not big enough for full size 1/6 scale, a little small, but still good.
(Watching me download vintage doll photos)
“You burn and delete stuff then download more crap. It’s the Circle of Blythe.”
-My Brother.


Momoko/ Blythe Knock Offs/ Volks Discontinuing/ Doll Hair

Originally Posted: 01-03-2010

There is a new Momoko out called Home Angel Amber The name and that she’s in lingerie made me think of “Centrefold” by The J. Geils Band.
“Years go by I’m lookin’ through a girly magazine And there’s my homeroom angel on the pages in-between”
I got a hit for “Ebay allows knock-off Blythe dolls” True that. I never thought Little Big Eyes was really any replacement for Blythe because the face is a little odd but there are two called Color Changing Eyes and Blybe that are much closer in looks, particularly Blybe. The down side is that the quality isn’t as nice but if you are customizing and don’t have an issue with it being a knock off, well, there is it.
Yikes! This knock off even stole the logo. O_O Dropping an E doesn’t make it yours!
According to Milkshake Melody, Volks is discontinuing:
“NEW-EB, EB, EB-mini all types
Elegant Collection all types (S and mini included)
NEO-EB, NEO-Teen brown skin type
Dollfie Plus 01, 02 types (Optional heads 03-05 not included!) ”
I wish they would have given more info on what they WILL be doing. Fans have the choice on either saving their money to buy what may be a superior line or heading over to the English site to pick the carcass of the current line. Some stuff is already sold out so do you wait for a last minute restock and possibly get nothing or grab what you can? Such quandaries!
I don’t care about the Elegant bodies. They always sounded sticky and easily broken. Mini bodies…eh…I supose Obitsu could be used insted. You get the neat-o alternate hands with those and there isn’t a little foot ring to worry about breaking. But I do wish they would keep the mini head sculpt and make it available in bags of skinheads or something. It’s a cute but has more of a nose than the 2 super-cute Obitsu heads.
The great thing about the EB bodies is that they are hard plastic. If you need to, you can paint them easier than a soft busted body. Obitsu has ONE hard bust body per height and the hands are still flexible.
If Volks doesn’t fill the void with the new project, the fans also loose a number of body types. From the photos, an Obitsu Slim body is between a Neo Goh. There is no Obitsu equal to EB-N or EB-C. For a short, girly body you’ll need to buy an Beauty A, sand and epoxy the chest, buy a head since the Beauty A comes with a Dollfie Plus head, then ignore the fact that he has teeny feet and girl-booty. Come to think of it, without an EB-like line, A, B and S style bodies will all need seperately purchased head. Unless folks want to go with the expensive pre-rooted everytime, that’s like giving Obitsu money.
Of course, the new line could be all whiz bang and awsome, blowing Obitsu out of the water and leaving everbody who stocked up feeling like they should have waited! 😀 We’ll see soon!
I noticed something. I was looking for example of 21HD-F04 and saw that there is a definite bias towards using Volks head with Obitsu bodies when it comes to mini dolls but usually not the other way around.
Ooh! I just noticed Restore Doll keeps a viewable log of your orders. That way if you can’t remember exactly which blond you bought last time, you can find out without having to go whining to Kathy. XD
I’m sorting through my doll hair. Figuring out exactly what I have, what I’m using it for and trying to complete the heads that just need a little more hair. I also ordered some Brunette (3) because A) there’s a sale on a RD and I B) need just a bit more to complete the Maddie Mod doll I’m rerooting and C) it’s not like I won’t use it later. Seriously, Brunette is currently the hair color I have used most and I have at least one more project I will use it for. I just…dig it. It’s a nice dark brown.


Vintage Anime Dolls/Rainbow Brite/TRU

Originally Posted: 01-16-2010

Unless the fibres are changing color over time, some vintage Japanese dolls based on existing were made with the wrong colored hair. I don’t mean just another shade either, like, totally different! :O
*Annie from Candy Candy: Black hair in the anime/ brown haired doll (Like this one on Y!JP) 
*Sandybell from Hello! Sandybell: Some of the dolls have blond like the anime but then there’s this one who is a brunette.
*Sarah from a Little Princess: Black hair in the anime but this doll, like the Annie doll, has brown instead of black.
There are probably more. Those are just the ones I’ve come across.
Why am I looking at vintage anime doll hair? Well….I have a vintage Candy Candy doll comming. Not mint…oh hell no not mint. Her fluffy blond pigtails have gotten chopped off, she’s stained and naked. I think there may be a crack in the body, the neck connecter looks like a dog got to it and one of her boobs is concave. I’m thinkin’ glue and milliput and hoping her arms come off. If they do, the body can be softened in hot water and I can push the inverted tata back out with a stick. She’s sad looking now but she can be fixed. *fist in the air* XD  I figured it would be a way of getting a neat vintage doll with those big syrupy shoujo eyes fairly cheap.
I’m wondering about the hair color. I won’t really be able to try and match her untill I have her in hand but I can’t help trying to guess from photos. If they all used the same color, she should look something like this. Original blond seems a bit dark, maybe Dark Malibu Blonde or Honey Blonde? If HB is a match, it would be nice because I actually HAVE some right now but bad because I want to use it for a doll that would ALSO have fluffy pigtails ^^;; We’ll see!
Ooh! Guess what, guess what! New Rainbow Brite dolls are comming! Rainbow, Tickled Pink, Moonglow and some horses. If they make a Patty O’Green though, I am sold. There is also a bigger Rainbow doll that uses the same molds are the Before Once Upon a Time Disney dolls.
Still no SIS dolls at TRU (Or anywhere else.) :O I did see lots of lovely Barbie repros though. ❤ It also turned out that the Basic Black Barbies are $24.99 EVERYWHERE. No special deals at walmart 😦


Re-dressed Volks Baron/ Pippos Mercats

Originally Posted: 12-26-2009

BWHAHAHA! Hey guys, look! look! Photos of this person’s Volks Baron doll. As well as his stock, there are also photos of him RE-DRESSED. Heehee, wow. (Xakarias on DoA posted it)


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