Part 8 of Reposts

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic

Originally Posted: 09-22-2011

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. The show is GOOD. There’s alot more to it than being a 30 minute toy commercial. I like how individual all the characters are. They took Pinkie Pie, the boring pink horse they couldn’t stop making, and made her a fun, party-loving character. Er, yeah, sure she was originally suposed to be G1 character Surprise but Pinkie Pie really benifited from the merge.
On to the toys. Have you seen how SMALL the new toys are? My Little Puny. I did a poorly lit comparison photo of G4 Cupcake with different generations of babies, along with my G4 hard plastic Minty from Mexico. Even next to the babies, Cupcake is a bit small. Baby Surprise could snap her like a twig. Another difference is the nose. The new style has big eyes and not alot of nose…..Come to think of it, that’s what they always say about anime, isn’t it?
One MLP-sized skein from Dolly Hair is suposed to be enough for one pony…back when they were larger. I wonder how many you can get out of one now that they are small?
That’s the upside of the size, that and not taking as much space. One downside is that if they do any clothing for the ponies, it will mostly have to be rubbery, molded stuff. Apart from the larger Fashions Ponies, the days of fabric Pony Wear may be dead. Something I found odd is that they didn’t make anything like the Great Galloping Gala dresses. Those would have actually BENIFITTED from being molded because they could have made them more detailed and show accurate than something of fabric.
What might they have looked like? Thatg33kgirl made custom ponies wearing their dresses. A mass produced thing wouldn’t be as nice but the prototypes probably would have looked something like that.
The same artist also made Teen Pinkie Pie. She’s on a Monster High Draculaura body with sculpted hooves.
The cartoon people and the toy people need to work on their relationship. Actually, no. The toy people need to just keep up on what the cartoon plans to do. I don’t want to see the cartoon have to shoehorn in characters because they make nice toys, but if there’s something cool in the show, why not make a toy? I don’t think they’ll produce a Derpy Hooves or a Coleton Vines any time soon but some of the “extras” have neat designs and it would be nifty if they drew from the pool every now and then.
What else would I want….?
* More foals, but WITH cutie marks. The Cutie Mark Crusaders are suposed to be kind behind their class so any kids who are the same age should already have theirs. Heck, they could even do a non-show character that comes with some stickers. “Help Bitsy-Doodle find her cutie mark!” or something.
* Male ponies. C’mon Hasbro! Kids buy Kens. Monster High has a couple male characters, there are Bratz Boyz and Moxie Boyz as well. They don’t sell the way female dolls do but there IS room for some. I’d like to see a Big Mac (the most recognizable male on the show) and a couple friends. They did it two years in a row with the Big Brother/Big Mountain Ponies. I wouldn’t mind if they brought back Barnacle and maybe a white one like 4-Speed or Chief? Barnacle’s an awsome pirate-y dude and a white pony would open the doors for customization. (By “Customization” I mean “dozens of Dr. Hooves”). If they did a 4th in the set, a green or yellow one would be nice.
* Pale yellow Earth Pony, bright yellow Earth Pony, green pegasus, green unicorn? I honestly don’t care what other atributes they have, just that they would make good custom fodder for some popular ponies.
* Spike and Friends set. Comes with Spike, Gummy, surly looking Angel, Opal and Winona since the new suitcase AJs seem to come with a snail instead.
In other news, I have now exhausted my Flickr’s freebie capacity. The paid memberships aren’t that expensive but I’ll probably wait untill I have a backlog of things to upload.


Sweets, Licca Hybriding, Mini Barbie Home Order

Originally Posted: 07-27-2011

If you follow my Flickr, you may have seen that I have a hybrid Sweets doll. I fell in love with her face but knew that at this point the chances of getting one cheaply were ZERO. So I went around asking the people who had bought the doll as a body swap for a tanned Blythe if they still had the head. I lucked out with a collecter from Norway, recieved the head and put it on a late 80’s Skipper body I had. I have always liked those Skippers and Sweets fairs well as an older girl. I also poked around online to see what other people did with their Sweets:
 A Japanese collector turned a Sweets-chan box inton a crepe wagon. That is probably the most impressive thing I’ve seen done with a doll box.
This collector has a stock Sweets and a Sweets with her hair straightened and nude lips. The latter is sort of a “sweeter” looking Sweets.
On Non Stop’s Blog there’s a number of reroots, including what a sleek-haired Castle Sweets might look like.
 I Licca found that their Sweets’ hair was so lousey they they opted for a blond and brown reroot.
I rerooted a Ddung keychain head with some Coco saran and popped it on an Alexa Moxie Girl body. I get a kick out of her kinda derpy expression. While she was bald, she reminded me a bit of Shin-Chan XD
 I joined the Save a Licca group on Flickr. The Liccas being milked for their precious bodies makes for alot of head-orphans and that’s kind what the group is about. I have a list of possible bodies I’m working on as a Txt file. If you don’t mind the big hands and detachable feet, Moxie Girl bodies work well for Liccas as well. They are a bit taller but the bodies still make sense next to stock girls. The usual skintone is a good match for the Avery doll bodies and the pinker skintone works well on an Alexa (like my own Luisa). The tanned Liccas are orangey-er than Sophia, unfortunatly.
 The Moxie necks are also smaller than Licca necks. The fix for that is to get some Teflon tape (plumbing eisle) and wrap it around the neck connecter until it’s really thick. Push the head on, but not all the way. You want a bit of the built up connecter on the outside of the head-hole. Twist the head around a bit to make a groove in the Teflon tape. There. That should keep it on. Note that you have also not damaged the MG body so if you want for something else later, it’s there.
I never said about finally getting my dolly cutlery from Mini Barbie Home, did I? Ordered: February 24th, 2011
Recieved May 18th, 2011
On April 18th, I recieved an e-mail:
“Your order has been updated to the following status: New status: Delivered Please reply to this email if you have any questions.”
After not being able to get in touch with them for a while and sending a 2nd e-mail, I recieved this on May 2th:
“The comments for your order are: hi~according to our record ,we re-shipped the order to you on 4/18/2011,and bcz we didn’t see you have record of using tracking there is no no. to trace. could you ask yr post office to check it ? or do you received a card from post office?Your order has been updated to the following status: New status: Delivered”
They never did explain who they could be sure a package was “delivered” when there was no tracking. Meanwhile, I was going crazy because I thought maybe it had been delivered to a neighbor that didn’t like me or something. In the end, I did recieve a set, I like them but I am a bit put off my my experience.


A Mostly Licca Entry/ Kuragehime

Originally Posted: 07-26-2011

Dear Web Promoters,
Why yes, it would be nice to get more views. Do I want to pay someone to promote my blog? NO. Why? Because it’s a small hobby blog. I update whenever and I don’t make any money so why should I spend money on it?
So Purin is Licca’s, Maron the dachshund belongs to Maria and Tart the Papillion is Alice’s.Good to know.
Licca has a line out right now called Happy Pink where everything is, as you might assume, pink. Licca uses pink in the lines but I don’t consider it to be as excessive as Barbie does so this is kind like a novelty. The crazy bit is that there is an accessory set that includes a pink version of her dog Purin-chan. Maybe she’s…uh..covered in strawberry Jello powder? Some people use stuff like talcum power, chalk or Fuller’s Earth in their dogs’ fur for dog shows so maybe it’s like that? XD;; Wet Jello mix would probably tint her brown fur a neat-o dark fuchsia. Lolz OVER THINKING.
If you’ve fiddled with those dressup apps that Takara gets people to put on their blogs and wondered “Ooh, that’s nice. I wonder where I could get that.” there is a page that has links to the real stuff.
Is it just me or does Hina-chan look like a rerooted Nanami? If you want one but can’t find/afford one and don’t need her doodads, that might be an option.
When shopping for Liccas: LD stands for “Licca doll”, LW stands for “Licca wear” (probably). If the listing says “LW-” and a number, you probably won’t get a doll. Sometimes it can be hard to tell.
I feel bad for every last one of Licca’s boyfriends. They have no chance. Takara has already written the future and she marries some guy named Frantz.
Heehee. I Googled Licca’s Papa on and it asked if I wanted to add a word. I checked the meaning and it was “occupation”. Pierre is a musician.( Didn’t Mother tell you to stay away from those, Orie? :p) For some reason I keep thinking he plays the violin. No idea why.
I am always PATHETICALLY proud when I can read something in Japanese. Takara has put out a Baskin Robbins set for Licca. The flavors represented are:
Maccha, Musk Melon, Rum Raison, Orange Sherbert, Lemon Sherbert, Nuts to You (had to look that one up), Jamocha Coffee, Jamocha Almond Fudge, Chocolate, Rocky Road, Chocolate Mint, Popping Shower (Wut? Had to look it up), Banana and Strawberry, Rainbow Sherbert),Berry Berry Strawberry,Strawberry Cheesecake, Caramel Ribon, Chocolate Chip and Vanilla… there.
Oh! I mentioned Kuragehime’s character who loves old Japanese dolls in a previous entry but I actually yelled “OH MY GOD!” when I saw THIS. BLYTHE DOLL MANIAC. Check out the page after it. She gets written up is DOLLY DOLLY magazine every month. Nomu herself is a nutcase though.


More Cheap Liccas Plz, BIC closure, Mini Barbie Home, Dream, Kuragehime, Questions

Originally Posted: 04-24-2011

There are not enough reasonally priced Licca dolls available online.
LD-02 My First Licca (Strawberry One Piece) is your basic doll that they suggest be sold for 1260 yen. She has a simple dress, shoes and a couple accessories. This is to Japan as the $8-10 dollar Barbies are here.There is also LD-01 in the pink dress.
Online stores need to buy a few dozen cases of these dolls. They are perfect for customizers, body swaps for Blythe and heck, the perfect price in case you actually want to give one to a child. I can’t imagine them not selling if offered at a price relitively close to the Japanese one. When you see them online though, they tend to be A) jacked up on price B) sold out or C) the shipping is either suspiciously high or they don’t give an option for anything but super fast/super expensive shipping or it’s a flat rate that is overpriced unless you buy at least 3 dolls. I want to be able to buy a cheap Licca, pay what it costs to ship her and I am okay with waiting 3 weeks for her as long as I recieve the doll I bought.
* I don’t need any Liccas, I’m just saying….
In case anyone’s been wondering why BIC Co. Ltd. is down, according to this message by Denise Travers, the owner Kazue Shimoyama has been missing since April 11th. I hope she’s okay. I assume that the “Please don’t assume the worst about her business practices” means either “don’t assume she ran off with the money” or “don’t assume she deserted her business because she doesn’t care”. I hope they have contacted everyone who they owe dolls to and reassured them. It’s a great little store. They charge prices that are more inline with the Japanese ones (was thinking of them when I wrote the Licca paragraph).
I had a dream last night that I was going through some bins outside a used toy store and found two yellowed Peteenas, 3 loose heads and a body. I went into the shop looking for more bodies and ended up leaving with one of every Plum Puddin’ doll made and some minis of the same character. SCORE.Some of the dolls were, however, missing their glasses. This is how you can tell it’s a dream. The real ones have their glasses molded right on. It would take an Xacto knife and some skill to lose them.
I watched the anime Kuragehime and really enjoyed it, then read a chunk of the manga. It’s about a boarding house full of female nerds. One of them is Chieko, who is into kimonos and dolls. As soon as I heard her say something like “this fabric will make a beautiful robe for my dolls” I was like “OMG WUT KIND OF DOLLS??” My own nerdity getting up in there. The answer was “traditional Japanese dolls”. There’s a shot from the manga of them here. I wonder if the one with pigtails is suposed to be non-Japanese To add a wee bit of variety to the collection? 😀
I have been waiting 2 months for some doll cutlery from Mini Barbie Home. I got an e-mail that it had been delivered but IT WAS NOT DELIVERED TO ME. The local post can’t tell me anyting. I e-mailed MBH for more info but haven’t heard back yet. :/
Random Visitor #1 says: “Do Dollfie heads fit Moxie Teenz bodies?”
Answer: No. 1/6 Dollfie and Obitsu heads are smaller than the current Barbie heads. They would look real weird if you managed to get them on.
Random Visitor #2 says: “Can I rehydrate Sculpey with water?”
Answer: NO. Try mixing it with fresher clay or adding in some liquid Sculpey. Some people say adding a little bit of mineral oil helps but I’d be careful with that untill you know it works. No water though.


Custom Dollfie Dream Heads, Konapun, Easy Bake Oven, Tam Doll Friends, Licca

Originally Posted: 03-26-2011

Yeehaw! Thank goodness for TinEye! I saw some awsome custom sculpted Dollfie Dream heads and was able to trace them back to Danny Choo’s blog. Man, those are awsome.
 Konapun on Youtube The Konapun videos fancinated me. Look at the way the stuff “cooks”! Your first thought when trying to figure out how it works might be “sorcery” but it’s actually because of “Alginic acid, seaweed’s constituent”.
Though the product strikes me as a bit odd. You can’t eat the stuff you make, it’s just for play. Yet it goes rotten according to RRcherrypie (who made alot of those demo videos) so anything you make can’t be kept forever. It’s strictly about the fun of making it.
 I don’t know if such a thing could be sold in North America. I think too many kids would try and eat it and parents might find it messy. Maybe that’s why they discontinued making it? I probably would have wanted it as a kid, though. Hell, I still want them a little for doll photos. Realistic puddings, jello and whathaveyou that you can remove “bites” from as you go? Awsome.
That comes to another issue with it though: The refills. Even if they weren’t over priced the way, say, our Easy Bake Oven refills are they still could end up costing alot because you need one everytime you want to play with the set. 😦
It’s totally un-doll-related (unless you count tea parties) but since I mentioned Easy Bake Oven refills I’ll say this: If you buy their cake mixes, don’t. Seriously. You know what my mum did when I was little? She figured out 3 TBSP of regular cake mix and 1 TBSP of milk (or water) works for a one layer cake. I had my own Duncan Hines Devil’s Food Cake mix box that lasted forever. These days, parents can just Google that sort of thing inside of having to work it out for themselves or hear it from a friend.
I know the internet EXISTED when I was a child but I don’t remember really hearing about it and I didn’t know anyone who had it. Oh, people had computers and computer games but I don’t remember the net.
Hmm… I totally need to update the Cat Doll list. I came across This: Tam Doll Friends. Strapya World sells them to the non-Japanese. So many variations. The cats all seem to be the same mold with different paint jobs but the dogs have Shi-Tzu, Pug and Cavelier King Charles molds. There are bunnies too. Personally, I count them as anthro enough for the list because are shown sitting and standing humanlike and if you dressed them they’d be on the level of a more detailed Sylvanian Families figure. I didn’t realise just how small they were untill I saw this blog entry. Look how tiny they are next to Odeco! Ity bity kitties. Those are actually the only owner-taken photos I could find. They are kind unknown.
Man, Kuni was an odd looking doll. The Yoshiko to Licca’s Mahou Tsukai Sally? XD


Littlest Petshop Blythe, PatchTogether, Takara Doll Bodies, Toy Fair

Originally Posted: 02-28-2011

If Blythe can hook up with Littlest Petshop, I wanna see Pulip do the same. You don’t even need to buy LPS toys to get a LPS Petite Blythe, they are available seperately for $10ish. I wish I could get a mini Pullip for that little, even a super basic one. Shame Pullip doesn’t have any times to American toy companies.
The Robin Desanto figure by shortpacked. I like her. I don’t collect figures and it’s a shame about the assembly issues but she’s awful cute. Reminds me a bit of Ussop from One Piece without the shnoze.
 OH MY GAWD. It’s out of stock, but they made the Lol Wut Pear into a figure. They also created a plush version that makes me wish I had more space.
Licca/Jenny/Takara Doll body comparisions by Pyonpi. It’s very interessting. What I don’t understand though is the size of Licca’s mother. I think they are saying 3rd and 4th gen Licca Mama’s use the body but aren’t we in the 4th gen now? Look how short Licca is in this photo by My Little Angels. Licca only comes up to her mother’s shoulder so they have to have switched to Jenny bodies, right?
*looking at the ASM toy fair coverage*
Jack Sparrow with blonde streaks? Wut? No idea who the lady is but I kinda dig her outfit.
It’s JEM! Well, not quite but there is a resemblance. Pink Hair? Awsome. Jointed body? Yes, please. Gimmicky light up bodice? No thank you. What could make it worse? Well, is the brunette a paler skintone than the standard Fasionista bodies….? 😦
 Barbie Princess Charm School. Because Mattel wants to milk the “princess/fairytale” concept untill it cries.
They brought back Shavin’ Fun Ken. Man, I remember wanting one of those. I saw them in the store and the fact that they didn’t have jointed elbows killed my interesst.
 KEN’S DELICIOUS BALLS. They can’t expect people not to make jokes about that. The Choco-Ken intrigues me. Easter? Would they make something like that year round? If the local stores are going to carry it, they’d better get it in soon.


Hair List Updated, Moxie Teenz, Liv Dolls

Originally Posted: 01-11-2011

I am so danm relieved. I had slacked a whole bunch on the RD & DH Doll Hair Color Reference: By Color listing and I thought I’d never finish getting it all in order. Now, as far as i can tell, it’s done for now. I also ousted a bit of spam from the blog. HOORAY! Now all I need to do is update a bunch of OTHER online lists I started.
 Someone came here asking if a Pullip wig would fit a Moxie Girlz doll. The answer is a major NO. No idea how big the regular girls are but even the Teenz are only 5-6ish. Pullips have size 8-9 heads like a Super Dollfie.
Speaking of Moxie Teenz, I picked one up on sale. The body disapoints me. The boobs look sagged in a bad way and the arms are ridiculously skinny for a body that size. I’m going to put her away to fiddle with later. I bought her more or the body but when I use the head, it’s totally going to have it’s eyelashes trimmed and it’s eyes raised a bit. Insanely long eyelashes on a doll with inset eyes make me think of those cheap porcelain dolls.
I also picked up some cheaper LIV dolls for their bodies and accessories. My Nature Sophie came with the coolest little scissors. MN Katie came with a skateboard that is totally foreign to me in design. I’m not hip and with it, I guess. LIV bodies look off to me and I figured out why. It’s the shoulders. They feel too wide for a body flatchested like that. Oh well. Variety! Love all that jointing. What I hate is the molded white panties. The new Making Waves dolls don’t have that but I’m trying not to be sour about it. After all, I DID get nice clothing and accessories for almost half.
I saw the MW Jake in person. Eh. Not bad. Maybe at a low price for the articulated body other tha that, probably not.
Came across the Moxie Teenz fashions and it killed me to leave without one. They were kinda expensive though and I figured I could do better. Hurray up and restock, toy sections! I want to see all the awsome new stuff for this year. Some of it being stuff that the US got before Christmas :/


Monster High, Haute Doll, Female Action Figures, RIP OJI, Moxie Teenz, Italian Sailor Moon, Crissy, Walking Paradise, Deconikki

Originally Posted: 11-10-2010

Gosh, the prototypes for the Gloom Beach Monster High dolls look pretty. For those three, I think I like them more than the basic dolls. They looks sweeter. Clawdeen and Jackson are kinda “eh.” Jackon Jekyl’s a pretty normal looking dude. Like a Bratz Boyz with a taller, better articulated body.
This month’s Doll Reader/Haute Doll hybrid came. No pattern. -_- Kinda a let down all round. the HD part is all “OMG! Princess doll is here!!” but it’s the doll on the DR side’s cover that actually looks like a princess. The Flavia doll has makeup more akin to one of the more made-up Bratz dolls (THREE COLORS OF EYE SHADOW) than what I’d expect royalty to look like.
 I was looking through the female action figures again. Danm, some of those faces are ugly. Wide, manly jaws on big boobie women. Don’t like it? Buy a different head. Most of them over $10 at least. I kinda like the “Ice” heads, but those eyebrows are WEIRD. Both brunette and blonde have the same face print but rather than going for a brown eyebrow color to work with both, they made ’em PALE ORANGE. Dude.
I kinda like Triad’s redheaded Alpha Caucasian but I don’t think that face would look too out of place of a less muscular male body. Kinda like a redheaded 80’s Boy George, except that her jaw actually looks manlier than his.
OJI is gone! Or at least not there the way it was. The Old Joe Infirmary used to carry action figures ala carte along with some of their own brand stuff. I bought a couple pairs of shoes they made and had planned to maybe buy more but they are MIB only now. :/  Ya know, at first I thought “OJI” was Japanese. Like a shop owned by your uncle, or something.
Moxie Teens. I wouldn’t mind a cheap one for customizing but what I’m ready curious for is the fashion packs. Apparently they fit some female action figures. The downside is that it’s all very young looking.
What the…? Italy is comming out with new Sailor Moon dolls! They are kinda cute with their larger heads. I can’t see the suposed “Bratzness” of them, they are more in the realm of SDs: A cuter version of the character.
I almost bought a Crissy at Value Village. But she was blonde and I told myself “NO! You don’t need a massive Christie in your room.” I’m not even really a fan of Crissy, anyway. It would be more just to have one and maybe use the patterns I found.
Walking Paradise Miya. She’s kinda an odd looking girl, isn’t she? There is also Lucy and Queen, who I thought was a feminine man before I saw the open shirt photo. All three are sculpted by an artist called “Boredomsqueezer”. They are just a bit too quirky for me but I’d love to see Miya’s headsculpt rerooted and repainted though.
Okay. So. E on the Deconikki design card is being released in November. There is no pattern. At all. You can stop guessing, Lon. The Petwork Twitter is calling it “Bunny Odeco/Nikki” and the Japanese name is “Pyon Pyon no Odeco/Nikki”. Now, “pyon” is the noise rabbits make but when I hear it I think of Japanese teenage girls singing about rock-paper-scissors in space. Jyanken Pyoooon!
They are kinda neat. Odeco has rooted hair again in a blonde page boy, while Nikki just gets bangs this time. In the design card they were both wearing navy cat costumes with red bows so there were big time changes. I think maybe they might have figured a cat in a cat costume was redundant. They look very Eastery now and Nikki has rarely-seen cheek blush.


Monster High, Deconikki, Miss B Couture, Doll Hair Group

Originally Posted: 10-20-2010

I got my Lagoona Blue ❤ ❤ ❤ I was worried I wouldn’t because the newspaper listed them as a hot toy for this year and the stores didn’t have many. Man, she’s got alot of little pieces! Her arms come off at the hands and elbows for easier dressing, the fins come off her legs (and don’t fit in a super secure way) and she has bits of jewelery. Love her big eyes, freckles and fishy lips, though. And those little fin-ears and webbed fingers! I undid her hair and carefully washed and conditioned everything but the gelled curl. The hair was kinda matted from the box. All nice now, though. My father asked me if I didn’t think I was too old to play with dolls. He doesn’t understand. How do you pass up a fish girl doll? Mum agreed.
Dance of the Dead Clawdeen had been upgraded to a “maybe”. It’s weird. I love green hair and I love animal-people dolls and I love green hair but I’m not super stoked on her like I was for regular issue Lagoona. The first thing I would do is wash that crispy gel out and let the hair have some movement.
Gonna need a Ghoulia doll when they come out here. She’s kinda odd in the cartoons but I really like her character design. Not sure about Holt. “Son of Mr. Hyde? Um…okay. I like his face and blue skin. I wonder if he could be rerooted once the plastic hair is gone?
The rooted hair Sullen Princess Deconikkis are arriving at their new homes. Sai took a photo of what Odeco looks like with her hatch popped for the curious.
 Miss B. Couture. Not actual patterns, more like instructions on how to just cut and sew stuff. It’s for Barbie but because it’s instructions they could probably be used for other dolls.
There. Did a bit more on the Doll hair Reference Group. I have slacked off and I worry that if I don’t bother, people might think they shouldn’t either ^^;; Note to self: Stopped before the purple comparisons.


Odeco and Nikki Speculation, Numbers and Whatnot

Originally Posted: 09-29-2010

I like anthro animals with hair but I am not loving the Doll Show version of Sullen Princess Nikki. People have complained that even though though these are the first dolls with rooted hair, it looks too wiggy. With Nikki it’s even worse because it looks like a cat in a wig. They should have picked a better style if they wanted to win people over to the idea. I have wondered about rooting with hair but I was just thinking bangs. See, that’s another issue that I wonder about with rooted hair Deconikki: Covering the hatch in back. Would a full head of hair make it harder to get into the little trap door in the back of the head that is used for fiddling with eyes? I’d love to know more about the rooting pattern though.
I think selling WIGS for Nikki seperately would be a better idea. Then people could choose.
 The 2010 Deconikki Design Card. So far the dolls have gone:
C – Chotto Punk/Chotto Panku
B – South Breeze/Minami Kaze
A – Un, Deux, Trois/Andoutowa
F – Sullen Princess/Muttsuri Hime
Check out all those changes, eh? If they are following any pattern at all, that would make the kimono girls next. Who really knows though. It’s the ones in full body suits that make me think “Christmas release”. That would mean G as October, H a November, E for December then over to J for January, I for February and D for March? I’m just guessing here.
Even if I was totally right, that still wouldn’t allow a Deconikki fan to plan out their purchases. Things will look better ot worse than their pictures and then there’s the nude dolls that come with no warning. I asked on Twitter and they said there will indeed be more comming. I wonder what colors they will use for Nikki next. Grey, maybe? So far it’s been black, white and “Dreambox” yellow. “Denim” blue-green might be nice if they are reusing colors.
A complete Odeco is 89,00 yen, a nude/wigless one is 49,00 yen and a wig is 25,00 yen (assuming all are being sold at original price). So, the outfit and shoes are 15,00 yen. Each pack of 3 pairs of shoes is 16,800 yen so 560 yen a pair. The bits and pieces will cost more or less on the secondary market but if you are buying a new doll to custom they are good numbers to keep in mind. If you only need a doll with the common skintone and a blank wig base, do you love the outfit enough to pay 15,00 yen more for it? If you don’t have shoes to fit her odd little feet, do you want to buy the 3 pack? Can you FIND a 3 pack for a decent price?
That’s something I think is kind of sad. The non-Japanese fans have to go through Japanese buying services and buddies to get the old stuff they missed. Even Ebay doesn’t have, say, the Black Pepper shoe set. I love that there are English speaking places that sell the stuff at the Japanese price with no mark ups but they usually only stock the newer stuff.
They should totally come out with a new pattern card. The earlier ones had a felt dress pattern but since then they have all had the romper pattern. Be nice for something new now 😀 Maybe a little dress?

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