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Monique Doll Shoes in 37mmx16mm and 35mmx17mm

Originally Posted: 10-29-2012
Size 37mmx16mm shoes by Monique
(Among other dolls, these fit Hujoo Freya)

SUMMER FLORAL SANDALS (774) Faux leather sandals with a buckle-strap at the ankle and decorative holes in a floral design.
SPLENDID ANKLE STRAP SHOES (744) Basic buckle strap faux-leather Mary Janes with a few decorative shoes on the strap.
RIBBON SIDE MARY JANE (746) Buckle strap faux-leather Mary Janes with a faux leather bow on the outer corner.
REAL LEATHER FRENCH LACE-UP BOOTS (771) What it says on the tin. Ties with ribbon
REAL LEATHER FRENCH BOOTS with LACE TRIM (762) Also hat it says on the tin. Lace flower on the front, ties with ribbon.
MODERN T-STRAP SHOES (798) Buckled strap t-strap faux-leather shoes with decorative holes.
LACE-UP BOOTS (796) Faux-leather? Can’t find other shots of them.
GIRL DRESS Shoes (733) Buckled faux-leather Mary Janes with a scaloped front and decorative holes.
FANCY SLIP-ON Shoes (761) Faux-leather slip-ons with a ribbon bow in front.
ELEGANT MARY JANE Shoes (756) Shiny buckled Mary Janes with a ribbon bow in front. No idea if they stretch…
CLASSIC ANKLE STRAP WITH BOW (741) Faux-leather Mary-Janes with a ribbon bow on the elastic strap. The shoe won’t fit as perfectly at the top if the doll has thinner ankle.
CLASSIC ANKLE STRAP Shoes (763) Buckled faux-leather Mary-Janes with a lace-like cut out extra piece at the top.

Size 35mmx17mm by Monique
RIBBON FRENCH SHOES (751) Faux-leather basic tie-style shoes.
GERMAN STYLE SHOES (773) Faux-leather tie-style shoes with cord around the edges and a ribbon rosette on the toe


Mismeasuring and Musings on Freya’s Shoe Size

Originally Posted: 10-19-2012
When I measured Freya’s feet, they came out 33mmx20mm, so I bought a pair of 38mmx20mm shoes to test. Way too large. I think I made a HUGE mistake when I measured the feet. I tried again in a different way and come up with 30mmX17mm. I think the pencil was bumping against the foot and added 3mm to each measurement. I REALLY hope nobody took my advice and ordered anything. I feel REALLY bad -_- If you’re measuring doll feet, watch out for that. Learn from my fail.

According to my new (and HOPEFULLY CORRECT) measurements 37mmx17mm from Boneka sound like it would fit, but those are kind of expensive and only come in a few styles. I’m wondering if 37mmx16mm would work. According to the internet, that size fits Seeley’s Bleuette Body, Tonner Marley and Patsyette. There are PILES of STYLES in that size. Unless you already own some, might want to wait untll someone else has tested the theory.

Apparently the Hujoo sneakers at Mimiwoo fit if you remove the laces/relace them looser. They are listed as 37mmx15mm inside and 42mmx22mm outside and look a bit oversized. Release Rain’s Marley sneakers are 40mmx16mm inside and 45mmx20mm outside. I wonder which would be better on a Freya. The Marley ones are closer to the right width but adds an extra cm and a half/15mm and a half to her foot length.


LIV wigs, Dance Class MH, Glue, Freya, & Cheshire, Freyr??

Originally Posted: 10-11-2012
I got a hit from someone wondering if LIV doll wigs fit Hujoo. The answer is “no”. Hujoo takes a 7-8 wig and, at least according to this page, LIVs are about a 6/7 making them too small. They wouldn’t even fit a Baby Hujoo because those are 4/5 size.

I also got a hit for someone looking for which stores are selling Monster High Dance Class. My advice? Wait. Seriously, they will be budget priced like Gloom Beach and whatnot and the only people who have them right now are selling them online for inflated prices. Someone said they are comming out in a month or so so if you can sit tight, you can get them for A LOT less money. As far as I know, they aren’t even an exclusive line so they will be EVERYWHERE. You might even be able to get in on a sale.

OH! Okay, the Loctite Flexible glue that was suggested for gluing up scalps? I looked EVERYWHERE for it and finallly called the company. It’s LAPAGE Flexible in Canada. You won’t find the flexible with the name Loctite here. Just a heads up.

I was looking at foam glues but didn’t have my coupon with me. They didn’t have Aleene’s FunCraft Foam Glue, they had another one by the same brand. I wonder if it was Aleene’s Foamtastic. What’s the difference, I wonder? Is Foamtastic stronger because it’s not marketed for children? I’ve used hot glue for some tests but I found it was too visible on certain parts.

If anyone is wondering how Hujoo Freya compares to Pipos Cheshire, Webpixies has taken photos of the two of them hanging out, laying around, dancing, and DISCO dancing. Freya is pretty straight faced but Poe the Cheshire is eternally over the moon.

Somebody actually MADE an octopus girl BJD!. “Ursula.” XD Don’t feel bad if you can’t get into that section of DOA to see more…I can’t either.

Edit: Bleh! Blogdrive’s been having some issues. I got my 21,000th visitor while my last post was double posted and incomplete.

Ooh! JS/Hujoo are working on what looks like a BOY cat! A photo of “Hujoo Freyr” was sent out in the newsletter. “Freyr”… “frere”, a brother for Freya? 😀


Walking Pinkie/ Dance Class MH/ Amazing Customs/ BJD Confessions

Originally Posted: 10-08-2012
Walking Talking Pinkie Pie on Taobao: Everybody is having a good laugh over the battery hatch placement. The fact that you have to insert a screwdriver into where her pooper would be to change the batteries *snerk* I forsee a lot of them warming shelves, though. Oi, Hasbro! It’s the smaller, cheaper toys that fly off the shelves. Large, expensive ones sit there untill they have to be marked down. I CAN WALK! JE T’AIME, MAMA!

Photos of those Dance Class Monster High dolls have shown up. They are pretty dark, grainy photos for somebody who’s selling an upcoming budget priced line for $50 each, but whatever.
Oh Howeleen, I love your pink pigtails but I’m a little disapointed you appear to be wearing heavy, heavy eye makeup. The makeup on the first one was fairly light in comparison.
Robecca….might be my first MH reroot. I am not a fan of the totally pulled back style and it would eliminate the poor equality hair and glue issues. We’ll see…

JNorad does some awsome sculpting. One of their projects, though, was a set of Team Fortress 2 action figures. Freakin’ AMAZING.

ChaoticTeapot did this Ruffnut doll from How to Train Your Dragon. The really crazy part is that it started out as a Bratz Genie Magic Cloe before had it’s face resculpted! :O

Dr. Blythenstein’s First Yarn Heads: Not exactly my thing but I do find them facinating. if you haven’t seen them, don’t assume “yarn head” means they just rerooted them with yarn. It’s a bit…more than that.

Apparently there is a Rei Ayanami BLYTHE comming :O The eyes all all shades of red. Makes sense.

” Why people think big, bulky crochet dresses on 1/12 and 1/6 dolls look attractive is beyond me. As a fellow crocheter, I’m ashamed; they look so terrible! They completely overwhelm the doll. Errrrgh I hate it so much!”
BJD Confessions II
Oh yeah. This is something I’ve thought, possibly even blogged about before. There’s been some pretty bad knitted goods made when people use human-weight yarn and human-sized needles for something tiny. It’s basically to knitting/crocheting what using heavy, out of scale fabrics is to sewing. When people use the proper materials and tools, the results can be AMAZING though.


What’s in Hollywood Hair Barbie’s Magic Spray? (And Misc.)

Originally Posted: 09-30 2012
Barbie shoes WILL NOT fit a Deconikki. Deconikkis have little round feet. They won’t fit HUJOOS either because Hujoos have feet like KENS. I hate when people bill their goods as fitting dolls they WON’T.

I had a Hollywood Hair Teressa as a kid and I have always wondered what the heck was in the hairspray.Chemistry in the Toy Store has the answer, along with info on other toys. The downer? it’s not something simple you can make with stuff from the pantry, though, unless you keep phenolphthalein in your pantry.

One of the fur wigs Mimiwoo sells on ebay is described on the listing as “Quality may not as good as manufacture but it is good in PRICING.” That’s ridiculously honest.

I Love The Sunshine Family blog: Hasn’t been updated in a while but it’s a great little site about the Sunshine Family and Happy Family dolls. They were such adorable little dolls, it’s a shame they were so cheaply made. Did I ever blog about that? The eyes are little discs of plastic on small stems that fit into a hole in the eye socket. VERY easy for it to snap now that it’s so old. The hard plastic is also like of melty. Melt marks on the legs from where they touched similiar plastic and I have a Hattie whose head sticks to her neck joint because of melting.

Sylvanian Haven: All about Sylvanian Families as well as Forest Friends and SF knock-offs.

The Renee Scofield Odango Creation Guide: Not exactly doll related but it could help if you are trying to give your doll Sailor Moon’s unique hairstyle. (Perhaps in an anticipation of the new series they are planning? :D)


BJD Confessions Tumblr

Originally Posted: 09-28-2012
Poking around bjdconfessions on Tumblr.

“I don’t think Hujoos and Pullips necessarily classify as “BJDs”. I’m not an “elitest” – I both own and love these dolls – but the term “BJD” was coined for a very specific type of doll, and to me it’s like saying that a “toaster” is just anything you can “toast” bread with, from a campfire to a hot car engine. A toaster is a specific object. A BJD is a specific object.”
BJD. It stands for BALL. JOINTED. DOLL. While I agree that Pullips are not BJD, Hujoos ARE. Their limbs rotate on ball-shaped joints and they are strung with elastic to keep them together. How can you look at a doll with ball-joints and say it isn’t a ball-jointed doll? The only difference between a Hujoo and a suposed “real” BJD is that one is plastic and one is resin. Hell, they are also “ABJD” since, the last time I checked, Korea was an Asian country.
There are some good replies so I won’t bother ranting too hard. Sometimes I get the feeling that people assume that a “BJD” is only whatever is on topic at Den of Angels. That’s bull. Yeah, DoA is a BJD forum. The National Siamese Cat Club is cat group but it doesn’t mean an off-topic Persian isn’t still a cat. DOA is for SPECIFIC BJDs and they have a lost of guidelines on WHICH ones can be discussed.  They have to fit the “Asian asthetic” according to the mods, they have to be resin, they have to have be geared towards a certain amount of customability right out of the box. There are A LOT of dolls that are still ball-jointed, yet will fall short on some of those points and won’t be allowed in. It’s their forum, their right to make these descisions but it doesn’t make it anything more than their opinion.

There was one BJDC post disparaging Dollieh Sanctuary as being a “clusterfuck of insanity and ugly pictures”. It made me a little insulted on the boards behalf, even thought it’s not like I’m a fixture of the group or anything. I think the dream of a board where people aren’t snobby about doll brands and you aren’t so heavily limited on which dolls you can post is a worth while one. The board is a little slow but not having 100 posts to sift through lets them keep an eye on things easier. It might have it’s issues but I wouldn’t call it a “clusterfuck” by any means.

“I’ve seen a bit of negative backlash regarding the back story that is used with Iplehouse’s Bianca. This honestly makes me lose faith in this community.
I thought that most doll owners were mature enough to handle an issue such as that, or at least have the sense to turn away from a story that might make them uncomfortable.
To say you’re boycotting a company because it makes you feel like you’ve been violated by that company is honestly one of the most immature things I’ve ever heard.
People need to remember that these dolls are blank slates; you aren’t paying for the company story.”

I had drooled over the dolls themselves but never actually read any of the backstories so I looked up Bianca. Short version: Girl from a poor family works as a maid, gets raped and abused by the master’s creeper son, escapes to work in a castle, catches the eye of a general who hires her as a military spy. The rape and abuse aspect is a bit discomforting, but as the “confessser” says, it isn’t like you have to go with the company’s story. You could make your own up. If you want a ready-made back story, someone in the comments mentioned that she reminds them of the German fairytale “The Goose Girl” when she’s in her maid’s outfit. Buy a few fake geese and a blond wig for her and there you are. If you invest in a single pearl earring and are okay with an anachronistic costume, she wouldn’t make a bad Griet (Girl with a Pearl Earring).

A big issue right now is recasting. Some think it’s theft, some people think it’s okay, some are okay with it as long as the doll is out of production or not available in that color. Me? I don’t know…it makes me a little uncomfortable. I’m a tremendous hypocrite when it comes to these things. I have knock-off figure bodies, I’m okay with bootleg Barbie-types and ponies but recasting BJDs feels closer to actually putting your hand in the pocket of a small company’s artists. Maybe it has to do with volume? Nothing physical was taken and Mattel rolls out so many dolls that the legit sales will make sure they get paid for their work, whereas cheap knock-offs do more to eat into the business of artists making smaller quantities? I don’t know. Like I said, hypocracy.
I don’t think the people who accidentally get a knock-off should be witch-hunted, though. What exactly are you suposed to DO with a recast when you discover it when it’s too late? Keeping it and loving it makes you a terrible person to some people but they probably wouldn’t want you to sell it and, uh, do you really want to chuck it after you paid all that money? I can see why some people just don’t say anything when they notice.

“I use my Hujoos as a litmus test. If someone looks down on me when I tell them about my ABS-plastic dolls, I don’t bother telling them about my resin bjds. Something tells me we wouldn’t get along”
“Sometimes I just want to get a BBB or some other cheap low quality doll and really put some work into it until it is one of the most beautiful dolls there ever was, just to spite the elitists who hate them on principle.”

Ha! Though…is Bobobie that bad? I had heard they were pretty decent for the money they ask and not to be fooled by their very basic website. No first-hand knowledge either way, though. Even though they are cheaper than a lot of companies, the prices still have 3 digits before the decimal and they don’t really have any design I love enough to buy. Not that I think they are ugly, though. Even in that crappy bandana, Lian is still right purty. The hands seem to have long fingers which would work better for a graceful girl like her than a round faced cutie.


Hujoo Freya Group/Shoes, Blythe Knitting for Noobs

Originally Posted: 09-21-2012
I noticed there wasn’t a Hujoo Freya Flickr group get so I started one. A few photos from the few people who have recieved their Freya so far AND use Flickr. I started up a thread on shoes and a thread on fixing the headplate peg issue the first run has so it won’t be so empty. Given that her feet are larger than  Hujoo’s 3.5cm feet but fit into Yo-SD boots, I’m thinking maybe they are about 4cm long. Monique makes a lot of cute shoes that are on the cheaper side, I wonder if they would fit or be too wide. It’s funny, all the cheap doll shoes are too wide for my dolls but all the cheap human shoes are too narrow for my own feet.
Edit: This info was WRONG. Freya’s feet are more like 30mmx17mm. The Hujoo feet are thinner but longer.

I don’t really knit so I don’t find and post knitting patterns. But, there’s these really simple patterns for a shawl and shrug for Blythe. I can’t follow a pattern but the shrug is really just an apropriately sized square and the shawl is a triangle. Start with one stitch then add two more everytime, right? I think I could probably do that.


Korean Doll Kong Suni

Originally Posted: 09-11-2012
Drink and wet? Are you SERIOUS? Over in Korea, the have progressed past that. Click here to see what I mean.

Her name is Kong Suni. According to THIS article (found by Googling “Korean Fart Doll”) you find these dolls at a bathroom-themed amusement park called World Toilet Association and they are quite popular.

According to Google Translation, the first version shown is “Fart Colon” and the second is “Caca Colon”…..
I’d be lying if I said I didn’t love how they high-five at the end.

Kong Suni doesn’t JUST fart and poop, though, there’s more to the brand than that. The website shows that as well as the two above, there’s a a bathtime set, a tricycle set, an ambulance/hospital set, a doll for teaching kids how to do up buttons and laces and a few others. As well as the full sized dolls, there’s a mini line of smaller dolls with a dollhouse and a children’s psuedo-computer with educational games. The brand seems pretty well rounded.


Japanese Sailor Uniforms

Originally Posted: 09-10-2012
At one point, I was trying to decide on a design for some (still uncompleted) doll uniforms. I did a bit of Googling for references of real sailor uniforms. Not cosplay, but the ones actual students put on in every morning. It’s not QUITE doll related but it COULD be used for doll related stuff so I should share 😀

20th Century Traditional Uniform Consultation (Japanese): The owner is sad that  the old sailor-style uniforms are being phased out in some places and has created a HUGE catalog of uniform styles.The 4th link in the menu is for the gallery. Each page has an anime-style girl wearing the uniform for a specific Japanese school, a description of the details, a close up of the collar stripes, the survey year and a link to the official school website. They are also sorted by prefecture.

M-TERA @ School Uniform Museum Collection (Japanese): Of the links on the main page (with the cute anime girl drawing), the first one is for photos of the collection. Actual uniforms displayed on hangers. The 2nd link is about the history and design elements of a girls’ school uniform. The anatomy of the outfit, if you will. The 3rd link is about making your own uniform for cosplay. The final link is for the BBS.

SAILORSUIT for DUMMIES (English): The history of the Japanese sailor suit in English, with illustrations!

Sailor Costume Fan (Japanese): Well, MOSTLY Japanese but the owner has used a bit of English. The school names are in English and the page on the history is as well. I found the “Sorry, You can’t find naked images in this page.” kind of funny XD I supose they get a lot of visits from people looking for school girl smut. Anyway, the picture are photos of girls wearing the different uniforms. The photos look a little older, like maybe 80’s or early 90’s. Good if you’re looking for older designs.

On a note that IS doll related, Dolly Dolly 18 is uniform themed. For Momoko, there’s ones from 1959, 1967, 1975, 1986, 1996 and 2005. Long skirts, short skirts, jackets, puffed and straight sleeves. Even if you don’t want to replicate a particular era, there’s a lot of pieces included. Licca has a winter uniform and Obake Odeco and Nikki are modeling more unusual takes on the theme. There’s some casual clothing for Licca and Momoko too but the uniforms are the big thing.


Printable Minis

Originally Posted: 09-04-2012
There’s a fair amount of 1/12 or doll house scale printables out there. They work for dolls that are around 6 inches tall and probably for G4 My Little Ponies as well. What you don’t see a lot of is 1/6 or playscale. Here’s a few interessting printable links I came across:

Jim’s Dollhouse Pages is a pretty big one. They have 1/6, 1/12, 1/24 and 1/48 of a lot of different minis.

True 2 Scale has a lot of neat 1/12 scale minis. Some of the back and white patterns could probably be enlarged for 1/6 use.

Rainy Blues Minis (Japanese): I think it’s meant to be 1/12 scale on account of the Sylvanian Families figures in some of the pictures. Some of the items like gift bags and boxes could probably be used for 1/6 too, though. Clicking the “How To” link brings you to the enterance with the disclaimer. It’s the standard warning about not selling the patterns or reposting them. If you agree, the next link takes you inside. As well as the printable files, there are photo tutorials that show you how to put them together! ❤

French Bakery Box: It’s in 1/12 scale at first but near the end of the slideshow there are 1/6 and smaller versions of the box pattern.

Twisted Plastic: Supplies: Military-flavored 1/6 minis. Items like cigarette boxes, ration boxes and vintage Playboys

SSCC Ohio’s Printables:  1/6 Military printables from different sides an different eras. There’s a few items that might work for modern civilian figures too, though.

G.I Printables: 1/6. Comes in “Military”, “Civilian” and “Zombie Attack”. Wait…what was that last one?

Puchicollective did a Blythe-sized Halloween mask and treat bag and some vintage-style Halloween decorations and penants

Puppy52 also did some Halloween stuff with  1/6 scale paper hand puppets and costume wing templates.

This link is for a mini cardboard house. It’s actually meant as a craft for children to make, as near as I can tell, but you could probably assemble it and paint it up as a doll house for a 1/6 doll.

1/6 Kool-Aid Packets by Renatta_R


Vintage Toys and CLAMP Momoko

Originally Posted: 09-03-2012
Chubbles remind me of a book I read as a child and still have somewhere. This little fellow that looks a lot like a Chubble is tricked by a witch into eating these berries that make him very, very greedy. He crams down a few fist fulls of the berries then goes around to his little fuzzy people, nicking all of their stuff. In they end, they get him to look in to the river and see what he’s become, which snaps him out of it.
But…they had mouths. The fact that Chubbles have no mouths was an actual selling point. It’s suposed to be comforting but I find it creepy. I guess because I keep thinking of Harlan Ellison’s “I Have No Mouth, and I Must Scream”.

Sweetie Pops. Aren’t these odd? They are kneeling figures in their underwar that pop into dressed bodies. It’s like they are piloting some sort of robo-suit. If grabbed, a Sweetie Pop can pop out of her body-dress and make a break for it!

Petworks is doing a collab with CLAMP for a special Momoko :O Probably old news to Momoko fans but this is the first *I* have heard of it XD Not a lot of new Deconikkis these days, though. For a little while they were putting a new pair every month or so but now it’s slowed. No love for kitties and their human friends? :C


Zecora, Little Miss Muffin, Blindbag Theft, Peggy Pen Pal, Vin. Licca CMs

Originally Posted: 09-01-2012
I got a Zecora :3 I happened to be in TRU and they had a couple so I picked the one that seemed to have the best paint. SO COOL. You know, when you think about it, she’s pretty unusual for a MLP toy. Shades of white and grey among a sea of brightly colored toys. She’d not dead-on show accurate but I’m pretty happy they bothered to make her. She’s very easy to debox, too. Slit the clear seal, open the cardboard box, slip out the inner packaging then pop her off the backing.If you had to, you could rebox her easily.

Little Miss Muffin Surprise Pets: PackageLittle Miss Muffin Surprise Pets: ContentsCinnamon Toast Frogs
They also had these Litle Miss Muffin Surprise Pet blindbags up by the cash. Curiousity piqued, I bought one. Inside you get a small, flat stuffed animal toy, a plastic cookie cutter shaped like that animal and a recipe. Mine was for cinnamon toast As I said on the photos, it’s really obvious this was designed with the really little ones in mind. I won’t be buying any more but maybe the kids who are a bit young for lego or pony blindbags will dig it.

When I was at Wal-mart I spied an empty My Little Pony blindbag package. Somebody pinched glittery Flittershy -_- A lot of the Americans have gotten used to seeing this sort of thing because the blingbags have been there for a while but this was my first time seeing it so I was extra sad. I logged on to tell my fellow local pony-fans and somebody had beaten me to starting a topic about it by a few hours. I guess there have been a few places here where people have stolen them. C’mon guys! They are little horse figures! Don’t be so dishonest. I only hope it was bratty children because it becomes sadder when adults are involved. Really? You have a job and yet you can’t spend a few bucks for something you obviously want? The show’s all about honesty and friendship, is that passing right over your head? It’s been pointed out by a few people how ironic it would be if someone stole an Applejack toy (Non-fans: She’s the Element of Honesty)

One suggestion why grown men would steal plastic ponies is that they are afraid of being seen buying the toys. Mostly it’s no big deal but some people HAVE been given a hard time. If you are that concerned, buy them online. Don’t steal. What’s worse, being seen buying a pony or being caught and arrested STEALING for a pony? What do you figure people will think of you THEN?

Note to Concerned Parents: Most bronies wouldn’t approch a child but any who would would probably be more interessted in the toy she’s playing with. Less “Eh eh eh, wanna come back to my dark basement and see my…Pinkie Pie?” and more “Oh, wow! Is that a Lyra Heartstrings? I didn’t think they were out yet! Do you remember which store you got it at?” Awkward maybe, but not menacing. Anyone who swears to you that bronyhood is pedophilia-based is someone who doesn’t understand that sometimes a cigar is just a cigar and there isn’t always a secret, unsavory motive hidden away.

(Did I post this before?) “Peggy Pen Pal” was a Horsman doll put out in 1970. Apparently, she sat at her little desk and copied exactly what you wrote on the other side. I feel like a kid from one of those lame comercials “OMG!! How does she KNOW???” I would love to know how they worked but apparently they are rare-ish.
The company even offered $10,000 to the first person who found a written language the doll couldn’t reproduce. I wonder if they ever had to pay out…

Vintage Licca Stop Motion Commercials. The first is a kitchen set that kind of reminds me of Konapun. The second is a foaming bathroom set. Poor Miki-chan falls down. That’s why you shouldn’t run in the shower, even if you are a plastic child.


Novi Stars/ Monster High/Jenny Terms/Custom Pink Lady/Yotsuba

Originally Posted: 08-29-2012

Novi Stars. I like the idea. They remind me a little of Emerald Witch, odd as it sounds. The chubby, pear shaped body is totally cute.
Una is probably my favorite but I hate that her gimmick (legs filled with glitter and water like a snowglobe) means she has 3 points of articulation. 3. Honestly, I think she would have been better with her multicolored transparent legs cast solid so she could sit down instead of the water and glitter. The big trend is mounting the heads on MH bodies. I COULD buy a Una and put her on a Abbey body too but that would make her a $50ish doll at current prices. Maybe they’ll turn up for cheap later. Honestly? If I get one of the current dolls, it will probably be Ari Roma with her fruit candy smell.Then chisel off the glitter.
Did you know they have 4 fingers on each hand and 4 toes on each foot? The arms also pop out to help with dressing.

The Ghouls Rule line, Venus McFlytrap and Robbeca have hit my area. I love the idea of Robbeca but I’m wondering what the Dance Class one will look like. She’ll be cheaper so it would be super cool if I liked her as much or more! That line up? Also gonna have a pink haired Howleen. AWSOME.
Still waiting on the CAM Lab stuff to pop up. The Lab itself tooks like junk. For $40 I expect PERFECTION when it comes to applying faces. But that machine? Nobody can seem to get it working well straight from the box, it always seems to need a lot of fooling around. If ADULTS can’t get perfect results, what hope does a child have? I foresee tears.

Jenny Kana Cheat Sheet. Names, terms and whatnot in Japanese, all related to Takara Jenny. Useful stuff!

Custom made Mie and Kei Pink Lady dolls. Pink Lady was a pop duo that was active between 1976 and 1981. They had an American hit called Kiss in the Dark (brace yourself for disco time!) and were even on a show called Pink Lady and Jeff. (If you’re a fan of Double U, with former Morning Musume girls Kago and Tsuji, they covered a couple Pink Lady songs. South Paw and Nagisa no Sinbad were both by PL)
The dolls themselves are neat but what’s REALLY impressive is all those costumes! UFO, Carmen, Nagisa no Sinbad, South Paw, Wanted and a bunch more. Quite a wardrobe!

Custom Obitsu Yotsuba by Potage. So cute. She’s even got her little Juliami…Juleriami….uh, her teddy bear from the manga. It’s a nice touch.


Blind bag ALL THE THINGS!/Walmart Restocks/European Ponies

Originally Posted: 01-20-2012
The blind bagging craze is in full swing.

* My Little Pony (Spotted in America in multiple places!)
* Filly Princess, the MLPish line
* Lalaloopsy micro dolls (Bought one, got the Doughnut Girl. I was so relieved what I thought was a paint rub in the darkness was actually a hair sprinkle.)
* Moshi Monsters
* Lego
* And a chunk more that I either missed or we didn’t get here yet.

It’s not a new idea, the Japanese have been doing a lot of it for a while. But it’s new for North American stores so have so many lines doing it.

So much for the local Walmart’s toy section being empty. I visited on unrelated business and found they had just put out a bunch of new things!

Pony-wise, they had the suitcase ponies, the train set, Baby Dash abd Baby Spike. I don’t find the new talking babies that bad. The Spike is actually kind of cute, though I won’t be buying him. Spike was already shown as a baby in the show so it totally works and they are weird looking like those learn-to-walk Pinkies.

Monster High had the first round of beach dolls, Create a Monster sets and extras, Toralei and clothing packs. Toralei specific clothing. Oh yeah. No Gill yet. They had one Skeleton girl pack but the nose was smudged. I’m wondering how much fiddling it would take to get a regular body to take the lower arms and legs from the set.

Star Doll! I didn’t think we’d get them. They are pretty cool. Is that a new body mold? :O

Guess what Iiiii got! Photo A and Photo B of my European exclusive ponies. I swapped some stuff with kd_230692 (AKA Oak23). You can’t leave feedback for a trade you did over Flickr mail but if I could, I’d give him a thumbs up! 😀 I wouldn’t have gotten them otherwise. The prices that they command on Ebay as positively scandelous. 😮


Waiting on the New Ponies

Originally Posted: 01-17-2012
Hey, you know that Bratz Kidz you bought? The one that you got for $5 at KB Toys and flung into the closet to keep untill it’s worth more? Some day, when it IS worth more and you post photos of it MIB, that $5 price tag will drive at least once person crazy.

Got a couple hits for “Monster High Shrinky Dinks” XD Those don’t actually exist, at least not in kit form. Maybe they were looking for earrings made with Shrinky Dinks with MH stuff on them.

Hurry up and restock, toy stores! I wanna see all the cool new stuff! *_* The TRUs had the new luggage ponies but were waiting until they had done inventory before bringing anything new and the local Walmart is shuffing their departments around. School Pals, Castle Friends, Cherry Pie and Diamond Rose. Gimmie gimmie! *_*The question is, is that it? For new characters in that wave, I mean? I’m hoping they will round it out with Minty and Sweetie Blue at least. Wave 4 had SIX new characters, after all. So far we haven’t seen anything pop up online. Could something slip by the internet?? Heehee. I kinda wish the ponies had group photos of the wave on the backs of the packages like some toys do.

I wonder if anything will come of that purple haired yellow unicorn foal they found. It’s Sweetie Belle’s mold and eye print, done in Fluttershy yellow with tinseled hair from who knows where. Change the eye color and she wouldn’t make a bad release.

I wonder if there will be any brushable scale baby ponies, what with Pound and Pumpkin Cake in the latest episode (Hideous Dash-rescued baby doesn’t count). There will fan sculpts for sure but anything official? The trouble is that they are so danm small. G4s are the size of the old babies, the fillies are even smaller and the babies would probably be too small for anything but molded hair. Though, I supose it’s not like the babies have much hair to be rooted anyway XD

That reminds me! Photo 1 and Photo 2 of my styled Sweetie Belle and rerooted Apple Bloom. Like I said, THRILLED with how AB turned out. Just need that School Pals set to complete my Crusaders!

I….don’t like rerooted ponies just left with super long hair.They don’t feel finished to me though. Particularly the G4s, since the characters have such a wide variety of hair styles. It’s all personal preferance and sometimes it’s so the customer can style it themselves but…uh, that’s my two cents.


My Little Pony, Blindbag Males, G1 Poses

Originally Posted: 11-02-2011

In a local Walmart, they stock My Little Pony next to the Fisher Price Loving Family toys. Some of the furniture sets are kind cute and it made me wonder if they would work with MLP. That got me wondering about what scale the Playful Ponies are.
What scale they are depends on how tall you think the characters are. If you figure 3.5 feet tall, then they are 1/12 scale, like the FP family. If you picture them as being more like 4 feet tall (I do), then they are more like 1/14th. A little small, but maybe it could work. If you don’t mind taking a saw to them, some of the stuff could be shortened and put more at pony level.
Guys! They are putting out male blindbag figures! I’m not super big on the blindbags but it feels like this brings us closer to male brushables. There are also what appear to be glow-in-the-dark figures of the mane six comming and, LOOK! Lyra *_* Curious what her official name will be. If it’s crap, we could always keep calling her “Lyra”.
Saw a photo of Ride Along Rainbow Dash packaged with Skywishes. :/ Does that mean another pony we won’t get in Canada? I mean, I’m not super crazy for her or anything, just would be a shame.
I spotted RD’s camping set in the local Zellars. No interesst but it made me realise the Fun at the Fair set might be there too! Sure enough. The SB has been baited for a project and I’m thinking of rerooting Apple Bloom. Weak tail, no bangs and the hair color is awfully pink. I was told it was the same color as Plumsweet’s red streak but it’s a bit paler than my G1 Moondancer.
The set comes with 3 little ice creams and a balloon that are all in holders that go around the leg. When you think about it, it makes total sense. Anyone who isn’t a unicorn who has mastered their magic can’t hold something like that in front of them. The majority of the population. So it’s not just a dorky idea the designers had for the toys but something that would work in-universe.
Trying to get a list together of the pony hair matches. A lot of original research because the info online is sparse. The new owner of My Little Customs had said she’ll check when she gets home from vacation. I’d hit Tina of Dolly Hair up for info but she’s pretty sick right now and has bigger issues than pony hair. Got a bit of info from Ponychan…might try again later. I think I made it sound like I was just looking for nylon matching info from customizers when regular collecters could also help with info on who matches who. The thread on MLPArena went mostly unnoticed. Aw.
When it comes to G1,I don’t like the “Quackers pose”. “This is unnatural for a real pony but they can be trained to do this.” It’s unnatural and it LOOKS unnatural to me. Don’t care for the “Collectors Pose” either. I love Minty and Butterscotch and I think it’s a shame they ended up with such a boring pose. It’s a shame that “Tootsie Pose”, “Gingerbread Pose” and “Crumpet Pose” came out so much later.

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