Pattern Info Mega-Post

It’s too expensive to buy doll pattern books blind, particularly imported ones. So, I did a number of entries with listings for what was inside different books. It took me hours to translate and compile the lists, so if you repost them please give me credit and a link back. I’d also prefer it not be used for selling scans of the books.

I also did a few entries where I scoured the net for free patterns that people had posted and linked them. I claim NO CREDIT for these and, when in doubt, assume that the creator only wants them used for personal use.


Haute Doll Patterns

Originally Posted: 10-08-2014

I went through my Haute Doll issues a while ago and made a list of the patterns in each. I found it while looking through my txt files…better post it, yes?

January/February 2008 (Vol. 5, I. 1): Asian-inspired pjamas for SD-sized.
March/April 2008 (Vol. 5, I. 2): Rococo gown for MSD
May/June 2008 (Vol. 5, I. 3): Prudence Moody/Ellowyne Wilde dress shirt and panel skirt, baby doll dress and jacket for 43cm U-Noa
July/August 2008 (Vol. 5, I. 4): NOTHING.
November/December 2008 (Vol. 5 I. 6): 30’s-inspired dress for 11-12″ dolls (KNITTING), strap-less formal dress for Ellowyne Wilde, shirt/cumberbund/pants for Rufus


March/April 2009 (Vol. 6, I. 2): Strapless hankerchief dress for 11.5″ dolls, fitted sheath for Gene
May/June 2009 (Vol. 6, I. 3): Sleeveless chiffon dress and slip for Gene, Sleeveless dress for Fairyland Puki/Naripon Pansy
July/August 2009 (Vol 6, I. 4): Sundress for 11.5″ dolls, cotton frock (sleeveless) for Gene, Edward Cullen mini plush, summer halter top for SD-sized.
September/October 2009 (Vol. 6, I. 5): Lady Luminous strapless dress (also for Sybrites/ Tyler), 50’s style shirt dress for Gene
November/December 2009 (Vol. 6, I. 6): Hankerchief dress for 11.5″ dolls (sleeves), capri pants for SD Rainy-sized dolls.

January/February 2010 (Vol. 7, I. 1): Little Fee/Yo-SD/Bambicrony Ciao Bella turtleneck and romper
May/June (Vol. 7, I. 3): “Hansel” Shorts and socks (lederhosen) for Ken, Vintage style play suit/lingerie for Blythe


Pattern Hunting 6: Misc. Patterns and What Not

Originally Posted: 04-16 2013
I’ve had this entry in Notepad for a while. High time to send it out into the world. Patterns, resources and tutorials.

Dolfie Littles’s run down of what’s in the My Favorite Doll Jenny and Licca dolls. No patterns, just info that’s good for deciding which books to buy.

Requiem Art also has some pattern book mini reviews. Particularly the older books can be expensive so you want to know a little about what you’re buying first.

Doll Coordinate Recipe and other pattern mooks on Flickr is very useful for the DCR index scans. But for magazines like Dolly Dolly that don’t have indexes with all the pattern outfits together, it can be awkward to find out exactly what is IN the magazine. You can search around for different sellers but sometimes they will all use the same sample pages. ^^;;

BJD Pattern Index isn’t totally filled in but it’s a good place to start if your BJD-minded when looking at pattern books.

The Bleu Door: Has old patterns for Bleuette. If you can’t use them as is, maybe you could resize for your doll.

Handmade Doll Clothing (Kinoko’s) (left) 1st link: Intro, 2nd link: Licca, 3rd: Teddy Bears, 4th: Knitting, 5: Blog, 6: Old Site (right) 1: Sylvanian Families 2: Links

Blue Fairy Junior Sleeveless One Piece Dress by An Invitation

Mini Dollfie Dream Basic Dress by Tanimori no Mori

Enchanted Doll Shorts by ValleyViolet

Bratz Evening Gown by Melissa’s Treassure

Blythe corset by Trio Blythe

Iced Blue Dress for Blythe by Dynamite Dolls

Mod Pants for Ken by Dynamite Dollz

Melancholy Wings’ patterns. Mostly Little Fee but there is also a few things for Pukifee, Petite Ai, MSD and Pipos.

Sleeve Drafting How-To by Leena’s

Button Front Dress Pattern for Blythe  (Vintage adaptation by Atomic Blythe)

Barbie-sized Chemise by Thread and Thrum

Barbie Clothing Tutorials at Craftiness is Not Optional

Rilakkuma dress for Dal and Tiny Betsy by JenWrenne: You print it on to fabric and then sew it up.

Cadacusfall made a Hina Ichigo cosplay for her Yo-Sd and shared the patterns!

Rpalomino_1’s Yo-SD Dress Pattern (Tweaked from iMda 3.0)

Monster High Locker Pattern by Devious Bunny

Limbedolls on Youtube does little doll-prop tutorials. Highlights are the salt dough food how-tos and sewn wigs in afrocentric styles.

KittyWild’s Panties for Leekeworld Artbody

The Ukelele’s Cute BJD Sandals tutorial


Dolly* Dolly Vol. 3

Originally Posted: 10-17-2012

Eh…I tried to translate but I used a lot of paraphrasing. It’s a little lazy so I wanted to give you a heads up. But the REALLY important thing is to know what’s inside…right? ^^;

* Blythe: Denim One Piece, Inner One Piece, Apron and Choker  Pic:25-27 Pat:101-103
* Blythe: High Neck Sweater and High Socks, Over Blouse, Gathered Skirt  Pic:28-21  Pat:104-105
* Blythe: Pink Trunk (something): One Piece (something, retro),Enamel (vinyl?) Short Pants, One Piece (belted) Pic:30  Pat:106
* Momoko: 60’s (something) One Piece, Ensemble Jacket Pic:31 Pat: 109
* Momoko: Geometry Skirt set- Halter Neck T Shirt, (something, wrap) Skirt, Tights Pic:31 Pat:108
* Tiny Betsy McCall: Girls’ Trio (something) Concert Pic: Poodle One Piece Pic:33  Pat:109, Aline One Piece and Boots  Pat: 110, Frill One Piece  Pat: 111
* Kindergarten Licca: Chibi Chibi Sixties: Dress Shirt with Tie, Pants, Mini Dress, Boots, Gloves Pic:47 Pat:112
* Licca: London Night GO! Tartan Check Skirt and Jacket Pic:56 Pat: 129
* Charles (Licca Boyfriend): London Night GO! Tartan Check (bondage) Pants and Jacket Pic:56 Pat:130
* Licca: Pirate Licca-chan Jacket, Skirt, Pirate Hat and Eye Patch Pic:57  Pat:131
* who’s That Girl?: Star Applique Turtleneck Sweater Pic:58  Pat:132
* Blythe: Haikara Maid Kimono-Dress, Under Skirt, Apron, Stockings, Headpiece Pic:121 Pat:133-136
* Ayucho?? (Jenny): Tea Time Maid One Piece, Apron, Head Dress Pic:122  Pat:137
* Who’s That Girl?: Simple Maid One Piece, Apron, Head Dress Pic:123  Pat:138

Fashion Photo Spread, Info on Tinty Betsy (new and retro differences), Retro Art and Fashion Illustrations, Kindergarten Licca 2pg Catalogue, Retro Mini Dolls, Who’s That Girl 60’s Hair Style Tutorial, Photo Taking How-To and the usual stuff about new dolls.

I was looking at the 60’s idol styled WTGs and thinking that the pants looked familiar. That’s they are from the WTG Chelsea Hearts collection and probably about $15-20 a piece -_- You only get the shirt pattern. Still, with the way the magazine seems to have gone over to Blythe and BJDs, it’s nice that they had a few items for dollfies. The WTGs are on Beauty S bodies and the patterns could probably be tweaked easily for other busts and the EBs.


Dolpa File SP

Originally Posted: 09-18-2012
Dolpa File SP: I added this to my order because it was 95 yen. About a dollar. I figured it was probably some dinky little pamphlet they gave out free. Might as well grab one, right? Then it comes and it’s a full-sized mook with 125 pages. DUDE.

A big part of the mook is an artist gallery. The shorter first part contains: Asukahime, Emy’s Store, Kogitsune Club, J-girl with Banbi, Mama-House, Love Cat, Ritsuko Club.

The longer segments include: Iroha, Order House M, Omoiataru, Chocolate Chocolate, Doll no Kobeya, Tobutori Koubou, Nozuma Mayumi, Byakko Kaname (boobie warning), Blade (armor warning), Ming-tea Mint and Yaneurakoubou Chihiro.

The rest of the book includes: How to root a head, how to curl hair using the Volks curlers, cutting hair with a Volks razor, 2 face paint tutorials, styling an up-do, adding decals, info on extra Dollfie pieces like wings, patterns and how-dos for 3 halter dresses and a cat suit (“secret suit”) for busty EB-bodies (EB-D, maybe?), how to make a pair of shoes, a holster, catalogue of Volks customizing supplies, Lost Angel’s story and character info, gallery of the L.A dolls, upcomming products (from 12 years ago), show room info and mailed in photos from customers.


Dolly* Dolly Vol. 15

Originally Posted: 09-18-2012

Dolly*Dolly 15: I was excited to see this one for sale. A fair chunk of the content is either about or designed by Leo of Poupee Mechanique. Blythe and Licca are pretty standard fare but how often to you see patterns for Kumar, Peteena, Emerald or freakin’ FASHION FLATSY? I only have Peteena of those 4 but maybe the others either fit or can be tweaked for other dolls.

* 2 Circus-themed Licca outfits (Blouse, vest, skirt and “pierrot” blouse, pants and caplet.
* Pink Fog (Pinku ni Muchuu) Odeco and Nikki lingerie (bloomers, camisole, bloomer-camisole combo)
* Momoko shirt-dress, shrug and tights
* Blythe Lolita dress and head-dress
* Retro Kumar Dress x 2
* Low Waist Emerald Witch dress and frill variant
* Peteena Mod dress and cap
* Check Vest Set (vest, shirt, pants) for Wataru
* Check Mod Dress for Licca
* Flower Dress for Fashion Flatsy

Also inside: Photo spread, Leo’s Photo Diary, Dolls and Their Partners, photo tips, “Shutter Muse” Blythe photo contest, Variety Fair enterants, info on new dolls, Doll Show 2, “Do The Shuffle” Momoko makeovers, info on mini props, Peau D’ane Story


I got a package today! A big brown box with “FRAGILE” written on side!

….Crammed into a too-small mailbox. Thanks guys. At least it wasn’t actually breakable, though. I picked up some second hand doll magazines from a seller on Rakutan. Second hand? REALLY? They are in seriously good shape! I bought Dolly Dolly vol 1 and 15 and a copy of Dolpha File SP. I want to go through and make a list of what’s instead of each because, like I have already said, there isn’t a lot of info on that sort of thing floating around. I’ll do it in seperate entries or else it would be a while.

Dolly*Dolly vol 1: The VERY FIRST ONE *_* I think it predates the major rush for Super Dollfies so there’s a lot on DOLLFIE dollfies. Quite a bit of Licca and Jenny as well. The patterns are a little hard to find. They don’t actually mark what they are for or which page has the finished item so it took me a little bit to get it. Here’s what’s inside:

EDIT: WhoaAAAh, turns out I actually missed a couple patterns. I TOLD you it was tricky! Anyway, I’ll also number them by what number they have in the pattern section.

1. Cyber Set Kirie for Volks Goh Pic:4  Pat:76
2. Cyber Set Katia for Volks Century Model girls  Pic:4  Pat:76
3. Najma for the old articulated Barbie body Pic:4  Pat:77
4. Cassandra dress for old Barbie Body Pic:6   Pat:113
5. Hildegarde lolita dress for Volks Mini A   Pic:6   Pat:113
6. Orlando vampire set for Volks Eb-N??   Pic:7    Pat:113
7. Carol Suit for ?? (Let me know…I can’t find it) Pat: 114
8. Rockin’ Lolita corset and mini crini  for Licca Pic:48   Pat:114
9. RL Frill blouse and short pants for Licca   Pic:48   Pat:114
10. RL Gauzey shirt and pleated skirt outfit for Licca Pic:49   Pat:115
11. RL Draped skirt outit for Licca Pic:49   Pat:115
12. Usagi-san Dress for hat for Licca Pic:50 Pat:115
13. Bear-san outfit for Licca Pic:50 Pat:116
14. Dress and apron for SD  Pic:53 Pat:116&117
15. Sunny Day Girl Sundress for old Barbie body Pic:55    Pat:117
16. Panda dress for 2nd Gen Licca  Pic:57  Pat:117
17.Theatre for old Barbie body Pic:57    Pat:118
18.Modern Look for Licca  Pic:57  Pat:118
19. Modern Drive for Francie  Pic:57  Pat:119
20.Mini SD Sailor Dress and Hat Pic:59  Pat:119 (Apparently based on Break-Age Gaiden: Bottle Ship Troopers..which I was reading as “Poodle Ship Droopers” XD)
21. D’artanian tutu and tights for Super Action Jenny Pic:58 Pat:120
22. EGL tunic and bloomers. Super Action Jenny Pic:58 Pat:121
23. Antique-style dress and long bloomers for Super Action Jenny Pic:58 Pat:121
24. Short dress with short bloomers for Super Action Jenny Pic:58 Pat:122
(They skip numbers?)
27. Bunka Doll Pic:106  Pat:122

Some other things inside include: doll painting tutorial by Miyuki Osono, how to add inset eyes to a vinyl head, diy doll part catalogue, how to make a MSD mohair wig, SAJ ballet slipper tutorial, hair styling, how to work with a SAJ sloper an a section on antique dolls.
The gallery includes work by: Miyuki Isono, Kyon, Yuko Misaki, Nobuko Sakayori, Satoshi Ono, Yuka “MARS” Adachi, Karen Kay, Viktoria La Paz, Kozue Noaki, Moto, Omoiataru, Mimiko, Marui, Makiko and Mitsuki Sakurai. There’s also a 3 page manga by JUNJI ITO! Oh HECK YEAH! ❤


Pattern Hunting: Part 5

Originally Posted: 08-28-2012

Some of the Japanese sewing terms translated

Japanese Doll Book Wiki. Unfinished and in Japanese but it might help a little if you’re deciding what issues to buy.

Jaszmade’s patterns for Blythe’s felt slippers, petticoat dress, socks and reversible dress.

Sandal Tutorial

Ichigo No Kimochi’s Middie & Mini Blythe Dress Patterns and Tiny Betsy & Obitsu 11cm Dress Patterns.
Kanade Kosato’s (?) Pullip Bathrobe
Small Top Hat for Blythe/Dal/Pullip/etc.
Momoko Sweater Pattern

The owner of Soragaoka does a lot of sewing for small dolls like Obitsu 11cm and Little Pullips. They have posted many patterns for them on their blog.
Obitsu 11cm Blue Dress,Apron, Pink Dress, Boots, Apron 2, Socks (Link with “258kb”)
11cm Doll Clothing Index
11cm Doll Clothing Index 2

Mars’ Doll Talk. Go through the regular Japanese enterance.The fourth link on the menu is the crafts page. The second link is a pattern and how-to for a Licca jumper/blouse school uniform. The first link has printables for a wastepaper basket and a box of oranges. Go back, and the 5th link is about how to do modifications like making Licca’s head tilt, making wigs and drawing homemade decals on the computer.

Yasuwa SD Institute doesn’t really have patterns so much as diagrams and measurements for drafting SD-size patterns. Making a basic dress, multiple clothing articles, yukata and yukata obi. Kind of complicated if you don’t speak Japanese.

Eizzily’s 60’s-70’s magazine scans. The patterns fit Barbie-types and Skippers.


Pattern Hunting: Takara Meru-Chan Edition
Originally Posted: 08-15-2012

Ah, Meru-chan. If you are wondering who the heck Meru-chan (Mel-chan) is, she is a todder-style doll made by Takara. She’s a cute little thing but she’s not really my style and not a lot of Non-Japanese are interessted in her. Little Japanese girls seem to really like her though and everytime I search Japanese sites for doll clothing patterns I find a bunch of patterns for Meru in the results. I’ve decided why fight it? I’ll do a blog entry on the patterns Japanese sites have posted for her and maybe somebody reading will be be able to use them.

Karankoe’s Doll Room
Sleeveless Dress
Mary Jane Shoes
Sleeveless Dress with Shoulder Ruffles,

An Invitation
Bloomers and an Apron
Ruffley Dress
Long Winter Coat, Berret, Mittens and a Scarf
Simple Dress
Dress with a Pinafore photos and The Pattern
Sailor Uniform
Sun Dress with 2 Layered SKirt
Party Dress and PatternDress
Wine Colored Dress
Smock and Skirt

Kiri no Naka
Now, I’m not really sure what’s up with this site since it has a lot of the same patterns and photos as the above. Maybe one is the old site and one is the new? Here are a few the above didn’t have:
Sun Hat
Sleeveless Dress
Frilled Skirt How-To

Mt.Riss’s Blog
Chef Hat
Yukata part 1, part 2, part 3
Elastic Waistband Pants

These patterns are all in PDF. See the link bellow the “Materials” part? That’s it.
Casket Hat
Sun Hat
Smock Pyjamas
Frilly Dress
Felt Shoes
Simple Dress
Another Dress
Minnie Mouse Hat How-To

How-to and Pattern for a Puffed Sleeve Dress (PDF)

Not clothing but instructions of a baby doll back harness for a little kid with a Meru-sized doll.


Pattern Hunting: Part 3

Originally Posted: 08-12-2012

Mint no Hihi (?)’s Leeke doll patterns:Smock Blouse,Yukata, Beret

Two basic dresses for Licca’s sisters

Indian Tailor

Hard to navigate if you don’t speak Japanese or use a translating program. Third link from the bottom brings to to the doll page, 2nd from the bottom brings you to the pattern page. Why don’t I link directly to the pattern page? They ask people not to.

Link 1: Disclaimer: I can’t read it but assume they don’t want you selling stuff or redistributing the patterns. Unless you are absolutely sure, it’s always good to assume that anyway.
Link 2: Mini Super Dollfie girl prototype patterns
Link: 3 MSD boy
Link 4: Pants for long-legged MSD
Link 5: MSD jacket prototype
Link 6:MSD Leotard
Link 7: Yo-SD prototype
Link 8: Yo-SD jacket prototype
Link 9: Yo-SD jinbei
link 10: SD prototype
Link 11: SD leotard
Link 12 SD original jacket
link 13 SD boy prototype
Link 14: New SD boy jacket prototype
Link 15: SD Kimono
Link 16: SD13 prototype
Link 17: SD13 leotard
Link 18:SD13 prototype jacket
Link 19: SD13 boy prototype
Link 20: SD13 boy jacket NEW prototype
Link 21: Wanda/Wonder Frog prototype
Link 22: Wanda/Wonder Frog long dress
Link 23: Byul/Dal prototype
Link 24: Pullip body 4 prototype
Link 25: Neemo Ex-Cute prototype
Link 26-27-28: How to make a rosary for a MSD
Link 29: Elastic bracelet for MSD
No seam allowances.
Calamity’s site!
1/3 Cape
43cm (Obitsu?) Dress
27cm Blouse (Shown on a Pullip, fits okay on a 25cm Obitsu)
27cm Tiered Skirt, good for Pullips and 27cm Obitsu
Pure Nemo XS Dress and Bloomers
Dress for the Mini Doremi Dolls
Dress for Obitsu 21cm to 23cm
Skirt for Obitsu 60cm
Stocking for Obitsu 60cm
The disclaimer says not to sell the pattern or items from it and don’t repost the pattern anywhere.

1/5 scale randoseru pattern and how-to. Randoseru are those little bags Japanese kids traditionally wore to school. The site has the date of the blog entry, a dark brown bar, and then a paler one. Press the link with the > on the right side of the paler brown bar to go to the next entry for the pattern, then the steps to put it together.


More Patterns and Clothing Instructions!

Originally Posted: 08-03-2012

Need a pattern for the Multi Movable System female figures (MMS)? This site has a sailor uniform blouse pattern and (Japanese) instructions. No selling of items made from the pattern

Need clothing for your brand new 11cm Obitsu? Yomoyama (Japanese) has made patterns for 2 sundresses, bloomers,raglan tee shirt and shorts with photos on how to put them together! It’s not a pattern but their are instructions on how to make a pleated skirt.

Action figure patterns!
RainbowAvenue’s Sack Coat
Skip T. Frogman’s G.I Joe Jumpsuit and One Panel T Shirt.
Sydnee Bee’s G.I Joe Pants
Atomic Jay’s G.I Joe Shirt

Everybody has heard of My Froggy Stuff, right? If not, she does a lot of tutorials on Youtube for making little bits and pieces for dolls. A lot of it is props like book-bags, beds and waffle makers but she also does clothing items some times. No actual patterns but the ideas can be used for a number of doll sizes. Direct links to all the clothing videos:
Sleeveless Dress
No-Sew Bathing Suit from a Sock
One Piece Bathing Suit
Elastic Waist Pants
T-Shirt Fabric No-Sew Dress
Boots and Socks for 18inch
Mini doll/Littlest Petshop Hats, Tutu, Collar (Ideas for larger doll hats at the end)
Simple Elastic Waist Gathered Skirt (Bonus 18″ necklace at the end)
Outfits using Tubes of FabricTube Top and Boy Shorts Made with Tubes
Felt Dress
Felt Beret Felt Fedora

Also instructions instead of patters, Nylh’s BJD Legging Instructions. A-B is half the waist measurement. C-D is half of the hips. For 1-2, put the measuring tape through the doll’s legs from the waist in front to the waist in back, then halve that. 1-3 is the waist to the ankle and E-F is how tight you want them to be around the ankle. Follow the diagram, add in seam-allowances and cut it out in stretch fabric. They give instrictions for sewing them up and measurements for RealPuki leggings.

Flickr has a Dolly Stitches club for patterns. Not a lot there but check it out regardless. I keep meaning to get off my butt and sew up a Female Action Figure Qi Pao from DollsAhoy’s pattern XD.


Volks//Obitsu//Dollfie PATTERNS//Misc.

Originally Posted: 07-28-2012

Just a bunch of Japanese doll Misc:

Volks Neo-EB Goh Body InstructionsVolks Neo-Eb Goh Body Included Optional Parts
I scanned the instructions for the Volks Goh body, tried to add a bit of translation and photographed what the optional pieces that come with it actually look like. There are pieces that don’t seem to fit anywhere. If you know where they go, let me know. 😀 (EDIT: Neo FEMALE hand and foot pegs. WTF VOLKS??)

Comparison of Volks Goh, Volks EB-C, Obitsu Slim and the Jenny Boyfriend/Licca Dad body compared (Japanese)

Review of the 25cm Obitsu vs. Volks Midi. (Japanese)

Obitsu 21HD-F01 head vs. Volks Midi. (Japanese)This is what I mean when I say the Obitsu heads run large. The Obitsu head is made for a 21cm body but it’s HUGE compared to the Volks head for a 25cm. The Obitsu 02 head for the 23cm body is more in scale with the 27cm body but I’m wondering if Parabox’s D01W for the toddler sized 11cm body would work on a 21-25cm.

Rainmade’s tutorial (Japanese) on how to get more movement from the Volks EB neck.

Pretty Squares doll site.(Japanese) She makes a lot of doll clothing for the Volks Dollfies and 1/6 scale Obitsus as well as some quilting. The 4th link down is for PATTERNS. Yeah, DOLLFIE PATTERNS. How often do people Google those terms vs. how often they actually find some? There’s one for a Chinese dress, a maid costume, a bag to go with a kimono as well as instructions on building a kotatsu, sandals, wire hangers and making pom-poms.
The disclaimer says not to sell the dresses without asking or repost the patterns, so keep that in mind.
The Chinese dress fits best on Volks EB-J, the “Glamourous” Obitsu body (soft chest and waist, hard plastic bottom) and the Super Action Jenny (Not the regular one). They should be printed on A4 paper, the seam allowance is 1/2 of a cm.

Some Monster High clothing fits the XS Pure Neemo.


Dolly Dolly 8: Movie Tributes

Originally Posted: 08-18-2011

WUT? Dolly Dolly 8 is all about tributes to movies. I was pretty surprised when I saw the page for “Ma Vie En Rose” with Tiny Betsy as Ludovic and Momoko as Pam! It was an interessting movie but I didn’t think it was mainstream enough to turn up in a doll magazine.
(The movie is about a DMAB kid named Ludovic who feels a mistake has occurred along the way and Ludovic’s family/community who don’t take it well. There are also fantasy sequences about living in aj accepting fairytale land with Pam, a Barbie-type doll.)
Fffft! Oh my gaaawd. Labyrinth! They have a pattern for a Blythe that’s suposed to be dressed in Sarah’s ballgown.
Asdfghj!! SDs dressed as the kids in the movie version of A Series of Unfortunate Events! Danmit. That is just too cool. Let’s see what all appears to be inside….
1. Aisuru…something. It’s the Blythe on the cover.
2. Momoko in something I totally can’t read. Another Japanese movie.
3. Tiny Betsy as Mathilda from Leon: The Professional
4. Tiny Betsy as Ludovic from Ma Vie En Rose
5. Blythe in Sarah’s ballgown from Labyrinth
6. Wednesday Adams from Adam’s Family 2 for Blythe
7. Galia for a Barbie
8. Oliver and the artful dodger from Oliver! for Unoa Quluts boys
7. Klaud and Violet from the movie version of Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events. Sd-size
9. A Room with A view. Looks like Volks Goh-Guy and one of the female Dollfies. 10. A shrug, bag and pom-pom hat for Momoko
11. It’s A Wonderful Small World. Chinese ghost costume for Living Dead Doll minis, biker outfit for Mamemomoko and a blouse and skirt for Petite Blythe
12.Lolita rose jumper for Licca
13. Blouse and lolita skirt for Licca
I don’t think the patterns for the Pam costume or Never Bet the Devil Your Head one for Momoko are included. Oh well. Still looks like a pretty awsome book.

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