Setting Up Catagories/Tags and a Few More Reposts

So, apparently WordPress does tags AND catagories. It’s a bit confusing but I figure that I will give major subjects their own catagory and tags will be for anything I don’t post about much or for getting more specific (“BJD” is a catagory, “Hujoo” is a tag).

Ah, shoot. A few non-pattern entries managed to get into the text file for the pattern mega-post. Here they are:

Doll Painting Tutorials

Originally Posted: 08-26-2012
I get a lot of hits from people looking for Obitsu and Volks painting how-tos because I did an entry a while back. So, might as well give the people a bit of what they want, eh? 😀 Did a bit of searching to see if I could find any more.

Kutsuneko’s Painting Tutorial (Japanese):Part 1,Part 2, Part 3
Kutsuneko reccomends a B pencil for drawing the face on first. Gaaah. I bought myself a B8 or something ^^;; Should still work, right?

Birdhead’s Painting Tutorial (Japanese) Something you see in both of these tutorials is the checking off the faces in a mirror to seee if they are even and using lines to keep things straight. Kutsuneko’s are imaginary but Birdhead’s is one of the ones that suggests literal lines painted on in pale brown paint and removed later.

One of Kutsuneko’s linked sites is Rapunzel. I was drawn in by Suiseiseki eyes on the banner. They have done some seriously awsome anime-based dolls. And they list which bodies/heads/hair they used on each doll  which I HIGHLY approve of.


Mahou Tsukai Sally Dolls

Originally Posted: 08-23-2012

Whoaaaah. Blogdrive did a bit of changing around. You get used to one layout and colour scheme, then when they change it it’s all awkward and disorienting.

Check out this Spanish Mahou Tsukai Sally Doll by Furga! Not quite sure they they opted to give her such dark hair but it’s awsome they made one.

For official dolls, I think the only other one was this one from the second series. Toys were made other than that but it was mostly wands, lockets and little figures.

For fan made ones, there’s this blue eyes doll and the artist’s second try, with brown eyes and the trademark red dress. The dress set was actually put out by AZONE and can be seen in box here. So cool *_* The Sally-chan Costume Set was put out for Wonder Festival 2006 Summer Limited 100 pcs.

For doll COSPLAY, there’s this group of BJDs. Sally, Yoshiko, Yoshiko’s triplet brothers, Kabu and Poron. That’s a pretty decent group! Er, that was my SECOND thought. My first one when I scrolled to the group shot was “Whoah! Yoshiko’s boobs!” Dollfie Dreams are crazy-endowed.

(MTS was never translated in to English but the Skaro Hunting Society has subbed a few episodes.)


Mission Peteena? Completed.
Originally Posted: 11-01-2008
Gaiz, I have a Peteena. Her name is Anya and she’s been rerooted with a Raspberry Sorbet nylon center part.
Anya on the Stone Steps

You know, some people hate nylon. This was my first time using it. I do still prefer saran but if I need a certain color and I can’t get it in saran I WILL use nylon. Nylon is also suposed to be better for curls and waves. Anya sort of have waves but I was so gungho to photgraph her finished that I only left the braids in for a night.

The nose tip had to be fixed. What did I use? KISS brand acrylic nail fill-in. The Nailene deluxe kit was recommended but it’s almost twice the KISS one. So far it’s holding up fine.


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