Rerooting, Moxie Girlz, MLP

Ugh, I’ve got a cut through a couple layers of skin on the first joint of my right pointer finger. It’s my thread pulling finger! I use the method of rerooting that works with a loop of thick thread and a long doll-making needle. When I do a lot of rerooting, as I have been lately, I either get a cut or callus there. Makes my hand a bit sore too, but I am hoping to finish projects that have been sitting around forever.

I have actually taken apart some old projects in order to do them RIGHT this time. There will come a day when my early, cruddy reroots might no longer exist at all. I guess it’s sad that a relic of my dolly past will be gone but…jeez, I did terrible work. And, as I’ve said before, I regret frittering money away on low quality hair. Seriously, if you are thinking of getting into rerooting, don’t bother with craft hair or wig hair for anything but practice. If you want it to look good, get yourself some nylon or saran.

Am I the only one who was excited to see the Walmart-exclusive $5 Moxie Girlz, only to find out that the legs don’t bend? They do have molded feet, but they are made of smooth plastic, like a “easy to dress” doll for small children. So much for using them as a source for cheap bodies. :<

That little clear window in the packaging of the current wave of MLP blindbags is EXCELLENT. Not only can you see what you are getting, you can check to see if one eye is halfway down the face or something.


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