New Logo, True BJD Confessions, Retrograde Works

Created a new logo! Yay! Gives me kind of a Peppermint Rose vibe. I wanted a mint candy and some mint leaves in there. Did you know that WordPress doesn’t automatically make the logo circular? I thought it did. I saw circular logos on other blogs and just assumed.

“I hate that companies censor out penises in their stock photos. HONEY THATS THE BEST PART!”

BJD are expensive. For your money, you want a nice sculpt and you should be able to see what you are getting before you commit to paying. I get that some countries require censorship but it puts the customer at a disadvantage. Having to wait untill someone else buys the doll and posts photos so you can make sure his junk doesn’t look like those worms you see on the sidewalk after it rains.

“It’s official, Orange Tea doll wins the “who can make the most ridiculously large hips on a doll” contest with their sculpt Violka”
Whoah. I am NOT a fan of extreme pear-type dolls and, to me, it looks like the hip area was transplanted from a much larger doll.
Finding ready-made clothing for the doll is probably hell but free patterns are available from the studio. Even if the doll isn’t my bag, I must commend Orange Tea Dolls for putting those up. I wish more companies with unusually shaped dolls would help their customers out like that.

Makies are another doll I can think of where free patterns are available. Who’s That Girl? by Volks had a sloper pattern included and Petworks did a felt jumper and a romper pattern for their Odeco and Nikki/Decconikki dolls. I wonder who else?

Retrograde Works did a post showing off the inexpensive BJDs they have repainted. Hujoos, Doll Leaves, Fallin Doll…Basically what it shows is that it’s TALENT that makes a doll beautiful, not necessarily expense.


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