Value Village Sindy, Doll Hair Tip

If you are visiting from Flickr, hello! 😀 If you have no idea what I am talking about, I waited to anounce this blog on my Flickr account. I wanted to have it more or less good to go before I said anything.


I also wanted to show off my (finally) finished Value Village Sindy, so I combined the two!

VV Sindy 3 (Contrast)VV Sindy 2 (Natural Light)VV Sindy 1 (Natural Light)

When I was trying to edit the photos, went looking for a tutorial and realised that my copy of Paint Shop Pro is 16 years old. That’s….really old. I got it for Christmas, wayback when, and it was “expensive software”. It still more or less works but I am wondering what the price would be to upgrade it.

Put clear tape over the color names on your Dolly Hair packets. The hair comes in resealable bags with the names handwritten in marker and the marker scratches off over time. I have been going through my doll hair boxes, organizing and pre-prepping plugs for future use. A bunch of my DH bags have been bumped around to the point that I can’t read the names. I was going to re-label them ALL but, naw, just put some tape on there to protect it. S’all good.

(Restore Doll has printed labels but the bags are machine-sealed and can’t be reused. You’ll have to rebag and label those. 😀 )


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