Starlight Glimmer, Power Ponies, New Sparrow Miniatures, Magic Glos Discontinued?

One positive about Starlight Glimmer’s hairstyle is that, when I reroot the upcoming toy, I can dodge a lot of the holes that will be damaged by removing the stupid glued-in ribbon. A proper mint colored nylon doesn’t really exist but I am thinking mixing some (Un?)Lucky Clover in to Daiquiri Ice might work.

The Power Ponies are Target-exclusive and Canada just lost their Targets. Maybe they will turn up in another shop? “Exclusive” stuff has before. I guess I didn’t really NEED Mistress Mare-velous, though I still kind of wanted her for the Applejack herd.

Sparrow Miniatures has new stuff in Michael’s. Camera, beer mug, wine bottles, telephone, pitchers of lemonade, juice, and more. Maybe I should have taken a quick snapshot so I’d remember. The site doesn’t list anything but the usual line, though the blog has projects that used the winter themed line. A lot of it is too small for 1/6 but some of it will work.

A few items in the regular section have also been discounted. I bought the mini potted cactus but the ceramic house, beehive and scarecrow weren’t things I could use and the notepad/pencil…well, I can make one of those.

Speaking of Michael’s, Magic Glos UV resin is on clearance. I hope something will replace it. It’s a neat product to mess around with. I like that humidity isn’t an issue like with regular resin.


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