Aimerai Dolls’ Oz Collection/My Own Oz Squeeing

Ooh! Something I have been meaning to mention: Aimerai Dolls have been doing Wizard of Oz-inspired dolls. Not only the characters people remember from the popular movie, either. They are doing BOOK CHARACTERS, too! *_* My fav, Scraps, is there in a heavily humanized version. Nick Chopper, before he ended up full-on Tin Woodsman. General Jinjur, Ojo the Unlucky and, interesstingly enough, both Ozma AND Tip.

I love that they did Ozma’s crown and scepter like in the illustrations. I would have gone with brown wigs for the two of them but I guess they went with blonde for contrast since they made Dorothy brunette, like in the movie. (Trivia: Return to Oz did the same. The hair colors are reversed in the original illustrations, though)

Tip comes with a little Powder of Life bottle. His picture has the quote “Everything has to come to an end, some time.”, which makes me feel just a little sad.

Dorothy comes with Bellina the Chicken AND one of the lunch pails that grew on trees!

(Had to Google Prince Inga. I don’t know if that really makes him “super unknown”, as far as Oz characters go or if it’s just me. Rinkitink in Oz is kind of a blindspot for me because I didn’t like it as much as the others.)

Glinda’s design isn’t really book-based, apart from the tall crown, but she’s not a clone of  Billie Burke either. That’s something else Aimerai Dolls deserve applause for. As well as doing characters that weren’t in the movie, they have gone their own way with the ones that were.

Doing Oz-based stuff can be tricky because, while the original books are public domain now, the movie isn’t. So people either pay the fee or go for “Judy Garland as Dorothy enough to be recognizable but not enough to get sued.” It’s refreshing to see someone do it differently.


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