Haute Doll May/June 2015 and Charles’ Creature Cabinet

So, I got my latest copy of Haute Doll in my inbox a couple days ago.

“Some content in this issue may not be appropriate for younger readers.”

Ohohoho! Don’t mind if I do! Let’s find out why…

Okay, so there is a female doll with blushed boobs but the main theme of this issue is “Men”. There is no full frontal nudity but there are dolls posed to imply it, dolls bulgey underwear and a general air of “You’d like some of this, wouldn’t you”? to a good chunk of the pictures.

The articles are:
* Peyr Tishkov (Half of Art Duo LaPier, with Elena Kostina.)
* Charles Grimberg-Stephan of Charles’ Creature Cabinet
* William Jackson/Ningyoboy
* Park Chan of PlasticGuy

Even though it would have been a GREAT time to include a pattern for a male doll, no such luck. There is a tutorial on making antlers for a doll, though.

I felt bad for Charles. His life just sort of fell apart. Would I feel as bad for him I’d given him money and spent months worrying I was scammed? Maybe not.

“Charles Creature’s Cabinet is back in business! I just can’t wait to see who else gets screwed over like the last time he ran off with our money and didn’t send any dolls. I really hope the recasters crowd get their hands on his sculpts! He deserves it. ”
truebjdconfessions [LINK]

Does he still have unresolved transactions? He should be making good on those orders and repairing his reputation before taking money for new dolls. Or, if he has to, use part of his profit to work towards making good.

October 14th, 2015 Edit: Scroll down to the comments for a response from a friend of Charles VVV

Here’s a short update to this post:
1. I am not affiliated with Haute Doll magazine. I am only a subscriber.
2. I meant for this blog entry to sound more neutral on my opinion than it did. The confession blog exerpt is an example of the lingering anger against Charles. My question of whether ot not he still owed money/dolls was a geninue question. It’s a fairly popular thing to call him a scammer but nobody has ever really answered my question when I ask specifics. According to his friend, Murjani, Charles HAS IN FACT made good on what he owed people.

People are still angry and they are allowed to be. It was looking pretty bad for a while there. But if they are going to say he’s a thief, they should have to offer up some sort of proof.
And I should probably be a bit more careful the way I phrase things.


One thought on “Haute Doll May/June 2015 and Charles’ Creature Cabinet

  1. There are absolutely non unsolved business anymore according Charles Creature Cabinet dolls. All the ordered dolls went to their buyers or got their money back. It is mean and certainly without knowledge that the people are talking about Charles in truebjdconfessions. Let them write me personally when they can find any costumer who still have a case with him.

    It is years ago that Gita Ladd and I were active in DOA to get information with the purpose to send all the people their dolls. As friends from Charles we did it happily because friends are helping each other.

    It is so easy to gossip and talking bad about matters they have no knowledge about shows their nature. I hope you as Haute Doll representatives will not join hate spreading people.

    It is a pity that people gloat when it is going hard in some peoples lives and judge without to know anything about the person.
    Charles have the trust of a lot of his former costumers, they have had a reason to complain, though are now again very happy to see him creating again his wonderful dolls.

    This is my mail address and I give it to you freely to write me if you have still some unfinished business with CCC.. We will work things out that is a promise.




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