It took a while but cleaned my shelves and everything on them. T’was quite an undertaking. I hadn’t done it in at least 3 years and some of the mostly-display items were pretty dusty. (Every time I see photos of someone’s glass-fronted curio I drool a little)

My poor Sweet Poodle Momoko needed half her stock washed and her stockings Oxy-Cleaned because the dust had discolored them. I love how detailed they when with her clothing. Her blouse is a seperate piece from the JSK with lace and little buttons

My Little Ponies who are if the translucent and glitter vinyl variety tend to get sticky when the plasticizer starts leeching out. I have a G3 Secret Wishes that I had to take apart and clean.

Daddy Apple Delight had a fly that had opted to die right in his hair. Ewww!

Some people love the Monster High stands, consider the absolute perfect stand for the dolls and will go out of their way to get more. Me? The issue I have with them is that the support pulls out easily on some of them. When I am trying to put the doll on an upper shelf, the weight of an oversized head with long hair can cause it to pop out and the doll to go diving on to the floor. I almost never have that kind of issue with my other stands.

I think the secret to keeping this tidier will be to use more plastic bags. Plastic bags for hair, doll pieces, shoes and whole dolls that have to be protected from staining in storage.


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