Kayke Knadle MH, Ringdoll Limiteds, My Little Pony

Kayke Knadle’s Monster High “BJD”. As she said, it’s not an actual BJD but the Inner Monster head was used so the doll could come with a set of expression face plates, like some BJD do. Came out really cool! :O

Oh man. Going through Ringdoll’s old limited/event items.

Fat Happiness and the Fat Peanuts. Gosh…there are no words. Look at that first photo after the break. He’s holding his chubby little cheeks, just over the moon to be standing there with those bizarre, naked peanut people.

Easter Bunny. She’s so cute! I was checking the page for another doll when she popped up on the “today view” bar and I was like “What? An anthro I don’t know about??” Just precious and it’s strange to me that they went to the trouble of creating her to only use her as a limited gift. I was going to ask on DOA to see if anyone could take owner photos, then realised that it’s more than a little early for anyone to have recieved their stuff. Maybe by August?

Comic Head, a gift for the attendees of a Children’s Day Event. It kind of reminds me of the vinyl heads for the 1/6 scale Obitsu kids, except cast in resin.

Not a limited thing but I am very much not a member of Camp Mona. I would not want to own a doll that looks that depressed. When she comes up on confession sites or forums, people who dig her say stuff like “What, so you can’t look at artwork where people are sad or watch movies where people cry? You want all dolls to have a bland expression?” But, you see, my issue with her is that she’s ALWAYS so depressed. If if she had removeable face plates (like the above MH) and this was one of her expressions it would be awesome. But I already have enough sadness in my life, having Mona looking back and me when I’m trying to keep up my pep…I don’t think it would help.

I was thinking…it’s funny how I was originally disapointed that the G4 ponies were so small but when offered the possibility of buying the Fashion Style ones that are similar sized to the old ones, I usually pass. I have an Applejack and a Rarity thus far and it would take a mighty special design (or a mighty good thrift store deal) for me to add more. I guess I just got used to being able to fit all my G4s into a relatively small space.

W00p w00p! Lots of photos of the upcomming Apple Family toys. The Big McIntosh is the same one that’s come in blindbags and the AJ-Granny-BM figure set. All those new molds, including 2 two new Applejacks and UNCLE APPLE STRUDEL but nothing new for Big Mac? ;_; Poor muffin.


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