Sailor Moon Re-Ment, Boiling Sculpey, New Flickr Search

DUDE! I had no idea Re-Ment was doing 1/6 scale Sailor Moon-themed miniatures. I mean, I guess I should have seen it comming but didn’t think of it until I saw the preorder for the Sailor Senshi no Nichijou Box Set on J-list. Argh, I want to see PICTURES! “Studying with Ami” will probably be pretty straight forward, with books and maybe a tiny calculator with a personal touch or something. “Lunch Time with Makoto” will probably involve an epic looking bento with a rose motif in there somewhere. “Visiting a Shrine with Rei” will probably involve a good luck charm, maybe some incense and….a haraegushi? I don’t know. And I can’t begin to guess about what the others could be. “Going Out With Chibiusa”. Where are we going, Cheebs? The park? The arcade? A shop with weird looking stuffed toys?

The Crystal Cafe Sweets set, however, does have photos online.
1. Sailor Moon Parfait: Re-ment knows that real food is imperfect. I like that they remember to make stuff like those cookies just sloppy enough to look real.

2. Sailor Mercury Soda Jelly: I don’t fnd the jelly that exciting looking, it’s the plate that draws my eye. A light fruit tart and chocolate chess pieces? PERFECT to represent Ami :3

3. Sailor Mars Tea Set: I think this one is the low point of the set.Themed cookies and a tea set. Meh.

4. Sailor Jupiter Cherry Pie: My favorite. The pie looks amazing and…is that an oak leaf on the crust? If it is, it’s an amazing Sailor Jupiter-themed detail to sneak in. The rose and lightning cookies are a nice touch and the drink is pretty. Wait…green liquid in a crystal goblet…girl, you drinking ABSINTHE? O_O

5. Sailor Venus Pancake Plate: Admit it: A mandrin orange slice (peach?) is probably the cutest way to add Artemis’ forehead moon to a pancake.

6. Afternoon Tea Set: I like the display stand and wee tongs.

7. Chibiusa A La Mode: Cute little pink drink with a heart shape curly straw. A fork shaped like her time key. Ice cream shaped like Luna P and Chibiusa’s head, with strawberrys for the buns and pink spritz cookies for the pigtails. So danm precious.

8. Romance Couple Cake: I am a sucker for a nice doll sized cake dome. And those little figures of Usagi and Mamoru* are just perfect.
(*Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask? Princess Serenity and Prince Endymion? I honestly can’t tell from the photos. It’s the dumpling headed main character and her love interesst, in any case.)

Speaking of miniatures, to hell with boiling Sculpey. It turns out it wasn’t my imagination, it really does make it much weaker. Yeah, you don’t have to worry about it browning or giving off fumes but this poster, Fizbin, estimates it reduced the strength by about 1/2. Sculpey III, AKA “The Colored Stuff”, is already weaker than Super Sculpey and MUCH weaker than Milliput. You wouldn’t really want to make that worse.

Flickr has tweaked it’s search again. Now you can limit your search based on colors. One little bonus to the “black and white” option is that most people use full color when they are showing off doll clothing based on a pattern. So, if you search “doll pattern” but say you want black and white only, more of your results will be the actual patterns people are making available. Check it out!


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