Cheapest and Most Expensive “BJD” Items on Ebay Today

I wanted to see what the most and least expensive BIN items on Ebay were that contained the term “BJD”.

Once you get through all the cheap phone cases, the first item is a set of 3 mini hair clips for 99 cents USD.

Human hair clips small enough for BJD use, finger cots, magic erasers, eye putty that may be poster tack, but what’s the cheapest thing that is SPECIFICALLY made for dolls? Silicone wig caps, in a couple different sizes, for $1.49 USD apiece.

At the other end, the most expensive item is a limited edition doll based on Levi from Attack on Titan. How much? $9,999.00 USD and $100 shipping. Whoah.

Immortality of Soul partnered with Kodansha to make him and this doll is from the second round they made after the first batch sold out very quickly. In addition to his clothing, his wee harness and his weapon, this one also comes with a cleaning outfit. Ha! For 10k, I’d expect him to actually-etc. etc.

The doll was originally more like $1,222.40 USD, though that WAS if you could manage to get one. Does the scarcity warrant the extra $8,776.60? The market will decide.


2 thoughts on “Cheapest and Most Expensive “BJD” Items on Ebay Today

  1. There’s an ongoing joke on the pullip forums about the cheapest pullip wig out there, this monstrosity sold by mimiwoo which is made of an unknown material.
    I guess the cheapest BJD item on ebay would probably be a pair of socks for sock clothes *badum tish*.
    Adding BJD onto an item also magically increases the price:
    You can get costume and craft eyes for $2 or the exact same eyes as “bjd eyes” for $7, hemostats for $4 or bjd stringing hemostats for $10!


    1. Heehee. I have seen that listing before and my favorite part is that they actually say in the description “Quality may not as good as manufacture but it is good in PRICING.”. HONESTY. They know it’s terrible. Though, interesstingly, the listing says someone actually bought one.

      YES! And I HATE that. “BJD”, “Pullip” and “Blythe” seem to be the most popular for this kind of thing. They know that collectors of expensive dolls tend to have a bigger budget and are hoping nobody will notice when the item isn’t worth the price. Low quality Licca knock-off clothing from Daiso is suddenly worth as much as the real stuff if you mention Blythe. Cheap mini toy from a vending machine? $4 Pullip prop.

      I think people just need to be smarter about what they buy. Think “Could this be being sold for cheaper under a different name?” Sometimes, when it comes to things like tools or modding materials, a different hobby will also be using them and you can get things cheaper though their stores or keywords. Think outside the box, folks! 😀

      (Also, congratulations on being the first comment on this blog in it’s new location. *Toots noisemaker* )


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