Some Remains of Dolly Days Gone By

Bratz Fan Club Letter (2003)Heehee! Now this is a bit of a blast from the past. They had a little club thing on the Bratz site, years ago, and I joined up. They randomly sent out Lil Bratz to the people who did. (Wrote about it back then. Search “11-17-2003”, since it’s part of a big repost).
This was the letter that was included with the package. There are probably better copies uploaded online, but this is mine. I came across it while cleaning, it had been shoved in with some patterns for the last 12 years.

For something just a TAD older….
Old Photos: Happy Ester These photos are from, what, 24+ years ago? The idea that they would be put up in a place where total strangers would see them was not even something I would have been able to imagine. But I do think my child self would have been happy. As I say on the Flickr description, I was SUPER PROUD of the little tissue paper number on the Playskool Dolly Surprise. It’s amazing what can be a big deal when you’re little, eh?
(Seeing it reminded me that I need to get back to FIXING THAT SKIPPER. Poor thing has been through so much.)


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