Started up a Tumblr account as an extention of this blog. Every now and then, I feel the need to reply to something dolly-related and would like it linked back to my doll blog. This should allow me to do that. Plus, this blog is kind of unknown. Having a presence on a more popular site and reposting my photos might get them seen more.

Baby Goku figure in a capsule. OMG. That’s so precious.

Even more forgotten than the 27cm Volks Dollfies, at least by English speakers online, are the garage kits Volks has manufactured. This Princess Serenity is just gorgeous.

Confessions of a Doll Collector’s Daughter is doing a Lottie giveaway. Go enter! 😀

Pandora’s Dolls has nude comparison photos of the different Lottie dolls. They give a better idea of the different skintones and eye colors the dolls have. The clothing fits Middie Blythes, so they have photos showing that, too.

Hey, if you buy female action figure bodies, make sure you get ones with hands and feet included. Sometimes they are sold seperately and you could end up spending $12+ to complete your body. I was curious how much it would run me to get some spares…eee…maybe not.


2 thoughts on “Miscellaneous

  1. Thanks for linking to the contest! You know, I found the best way to ‘market’ my blog was to mention it everywhere I could. If you haven’t, you may want to add it to some of those ‘top doll site’ sites.


    1. You’re welcome! And thanks for the link back!
      Hmmm, that’s not a bad idea! I’ll have to put together a snappy banner and join some. I want a fair amount of freedom to post what I want, hence the PG13 rating and warning and I guess it’s made me nervous to post the link in some places.


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