G2 Eye Crystals, Organizing, SDCC Chicken Pinkie, BaB, Grubbies!, Haute Doll July/August 2015

Found a (full size!) G2 Sundance at Value Village. She’s in pretty good condition, just needs new eye gems. So, I bought some SS12 sized crystals, waited for them arrive and tried to put them in. THEY DON’T FIT. :< They are too large for the holes. Now I have to wait for smaller ones to get here. Fuuuuu…I wanted to complete the project. I think SS10 will fit and, if not, I will also have SS8. I don’t need many, so they aren’t really expensive, it’s just annoying.

I picked up little set of plastic drawers to sit on my desk. They are actually a little cart but they work fine without the wheels added. I had planned to put mini food making stuff in the bottom, paints and glues in the middle and sewing items in the top. Errr…turns out I have a lot more paint and glue than I thought. The sewing stuff will have to stay where it is.
It will be nice having supplies more organized. A lot of it was spread out among a bunch of containers or shoved or in a drawer. Not having all sorts of little things in the drawer to dig through will let me find things faster.

SDCC is going to have an exclusive Chicken Pinkie Pie this year! It’s a cute idea and it saves them from having to mix new plastic colors or make a new mold. ❤

The little grey pegasus that’s popular with a huge chunk of the adult fanbase is getting a Build A Bear toy. I don’t like that they use shimmery fabric for the wings but I am considering trying to get one when they come out. Whatever you want to call her, she’s really cute. ❤

Grubbies! is CheshireTiffy’s new group for before and after photos of thrifted dolls. It came up in one of her Tumblr posts that there didn’t seem to be something like that on Flickr already.

As I wrote this, my latest digital copy of Haute Doll arrived. Too tired to read the whole thing now, but someone on one of the confession Tumblrs figures there will be a lot of pro-recast people angry about the article they published on recasts. Oh yeah, it’s totally comming.

The author, Kaitlyn Long, is VERY anti-recast and says “Any supporters of this illegal activity should not feel opressed, as they are the wrongdoers. A doll is a luxury item and there is absolutely no acceptable reason to purchase a recast. Finances, health, and age are not valid excuses to buy contraband and they never will be.” Some pro-recast people try to frame anti-recast people as being classist and against poorer people having nice things, so I think that is the bit that will spawn the most posts.


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