Ever After High, Mermaid Toralei, Shopettes, Too Many Clear MLP BBs

A photo was posted of an Ever After High Doll who is darker than Willow, with green eyes, long dark brown hair and a mix of gold and silver accesories. Most bets were that it was Amber Mides and some even thought it was a photoshopped photo, rather than a legit preview.
Turns out it’s Justine Dancer, daughter of (one of) The Twelve Dancing Princesses. I….would not have guessed that one. She’s obviously a princess but nothing about her really suggests the dancing part to me. There have been complaints that the only really dark skinned EAH doll was made out of wood so I think a lot of people will be happy to see a doll put out that is actually representing a dark skinned human being.

Farrah is pretty obvious but Piper is another one that I probably wouldn’t have guessed if they hadn’t said so. She’s music themed but doesn’t seem to relate back to the story much. Though, cripes, a town rips off a guy, so he abducts their kids. Nice choice there, Mattel.

Great Scarrier Reef Toralei. Not just a cat but a lionfish mermaid too. Shiiit…I’m trying to cut back but I kind of want her. But do I REALLY want her, or an I just in love with the idea? How perfect is it that she’s a lionfish, a venomous, predator fish that has been causing problems since they made their way to the Atlantic?

Shopkins aren’t really a big deal here. I see the playsets around sometimes and I got a couple blind figures from a grocery store that was the only place I saw the singles. The biggest selection was at a Seen On TV place that had playsets, singles, plush toys and backpacks, all kind of over priced.
Apprently, they are expanding to mini dolls with the Shopettes line. Probably a pass for me but I am curious to see better photos.

Still no sign of the new MLP stuff ’round these here parts. Wave 13 has a lot of clear figures that are similar to previous released but Wave 14 seems to have even more.

As jazzed as I was about getting ALL THE STALLIONS in the beginning, Royal Riff is just a glitterless, flipped version of the Wave 4 one. Apart from the solid one, we have gotten him clear and with glitter, clear with painted hair, clear with painted hair and glitter and, now, clear with no painted hair and no glitter. That’s all combinations exhausted and a lot of similar figures created. Maybe move on to glow-in-the-dark (it’s been a while!) or just give him a brushable?

Of the clear ones, I think I’ll go for Plumsweet, MAYBE Lucky Clover and Sugar Cane. Apart from that, it will be all about the solid ones for me. The same with Wave 13 when it finally gets here. The gimmick is over used.

(Not doll related, but congratulations, Americans who can now marry who they choose! You can’t see when you read this blog but when you log on to WordPress to post, there is a rainbow banner around the top of the window in celebration. ❤ )


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