Wave 13 BBs are here! Ginger Breadhouse is (probably) not a cookie, Forest Pixies

Woo! So, the local stores are starting to get the Wave 13 BBs in. Thanks to the little clear windows, I have the ones I wanted.
What was weird is that I had heard the solid colored ones were chase figures but I had no trouble getting them at all. They seem to just be regular figures!

The sad thing was that there were, like, 4 empty bags laying around. Somebody is stealing them again :<

I’ve mentioned the complaints about EAH not having enough non-white characters in it and Willow being made out of wood. I came across a post that was upset that people are saying Ginger Breadhouse is a cookie, insted of an actual human being with darker skin. I didn’t see the post it was refering to, but I wonder if it might be because the author was confused on whose kid Ginger is? Like, maybe they think she’s the Gingerbread Man’s daughter insted of the (human) witch’s from Hanzel and Gretel? That’s what I thought at first, so I could see the mistake being made.

I’d like to see this girl get a doll. Gauzy fabric, golden jewelery, big flower in her hair ❤ If they do, I hope I like the results. They don’t always translate the cartoon look to dolls well.
My money is on her being Aladdin’s daughter. She could totally be Scheherazade’s child, but it will depend on if Mattel wants to go with a character that kidlets probably haven’t heard of yet.

The Forest Pixies are so cute! I hate that they will be un-articulated but…rebody? I like the names “Featherly” and “Harelow ” a lot but Deerla is the one with the best chance of joining my collection.


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