D. Descendants Bodies, Isi Dawndancer, Pretty Rhythm

I am wondering if the female Disney Descendants dolls are comparable in size to the Obitsu 25cm body. There’s a comparison shot here. I like how she’s beefier than the MH and EAH girls. Apparently, the arms and legs are vinyl, like Bratzillas, so the joints are a bit “sticky”. I still like the proportions, though.

There’s a comparison of the boy body here, too. Probably too beefy for my purposes but YMMV 😀

Disapointed that there doesn’t seem to have been any sight of Deerla at SDCC.  Isi Dawndancer was being displayed, though. Ee…I think, at her core, she has the makings of a good doll. Love the hair color, that she’s a deer and that the feet are hoof-like. But I find most of the design too busy. Too many patterns and eye-grabbing details at once.

There is a controversy, as well, about her design and how it’s kind of a mish-mash of native symbols. I think it’s a good thing that Mattel is trying to do dolls based on other cultures. But….guys…GET SOME CONSULTANTS when you dip your toes into those waters. Check with people who actually know a thing or two about what you’re trying to represent.

Whoah! The Pretty Rhythm dolls look HUGE compared to Jenny and Licca. It’s those heads. I wasn’t really thinking of how much they were until seeing one next to a normal doll.


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