Online Shopping and Me

I buy a lot of things over the internet. My most recent purchases have been things like small plastic plants, crystals for my G2 Sundance and “3d cabochons” that could be used as props. I kind of use Ebay like a dollar store with delayed gratification but a better selection. The feedback exchange also helps polish my Ebay rep too.

A lot of what I buy is being bought directly from China with free or low shipping. I’m not going to pay extra for a packet of micro beads to get here faster so it rides on a literal slow boat from China. (I still feel the “OMG, where is my package?? Waiting is terrible!” feeling toward the end, though. Cheap AND impatient, an excellent combo!)

Things get lost in the post when you buy small things from far away with cheap shipping, right? Actually, I have been really lucky. I have only one package where it went missing and the case was left unresolved. (MadeInChina2013, why didn’t you respond to my messages, huh? You owe me a jeweler’s saw.)

Most stuff gets to me just fine, though I have had two now that arrived in Canada Post’s plastic bags with apologies on them.
This one is the latest (Came yesterday):
It Happened Again
Everything was inside and in good shape. I highly recommend putting anything you send inside a plastic bag before loading it into the padded envelope. That way, there’s a chance the items will be okay, even if the envelope gets soaked or torn.

One purchase that seemed to be lost in the mail was an order of flatfoot Barbie shoes. Months went by and they never turned up. I let the seller know and she sent out more. Then, a week later, I got the first batch. I Paypaled her the price of the shoes again. They were too cheap to bother sending them back but just keeping both, one for free, wouldn’t have been fair.


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