Suntek, Polly Pocket in Japan, Monster High, Coco Tribe, Elleo Dolls

You know, I said before that a lot of little items are cheaper on Suntek than EBay, due to people buying from them and reselling. But, I have noticed that, lately, that isn’t always the case. Some of the 1/6th scale furniture is actually a few bucks less on EBay right now. Meh, guess it just stressed the importance of shopping around.

I was looking through some Japanese vintage toy listings and came across something called an Angel Pocket. It looked an awful lot like the old Polly Pockets so I Googled it and, sure enough, that was the name they were sold under in Japan.

So, DollsAhoy has received advice not to use the “Monster High” name in the listings for the clothing she makes and sells specifically for the very unusual MH body. Hrm.
I totally get wanting 3rd party stuff to be labeled as unofficial but not saying the name at all? DA is pretty well know for her stuff but this could hinder newer clothing makers by not getting their stuff seen.
There needs to be a standard “code” everyone uses. DA is using “Monster Doll”. “Monster School” would work too.

Hmm. Coco Tribe posted this message on July 6th :
We are deeply sorry for lack of communication for times.
We will be back with information and news after 7/12 ( within next week)
Thank you very much for all your support and understanding.

It’s August 15th and no follow up. I’m curious what the big news is. I hope it’s that they have cleared up their order backlog and are doing an event.
I like CT and I am rooting for them. But saying they are going to make an announcement and then being silent a month past the supposed date will damage their reputation.

Elleo Dolls make some interesting little BJD animals. 1/6th, maybe? They do dogs, cats, rabbits and ferrets. Some are even partially flocked. Super neat-o. 😀


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