Pruning Flickr Groups

Okay, so I got a Flickr message from a member of the RD & DH Doll Hair Color Reference group, complaining about how there are so many improperly tagged photos that it’s hurting the usefulness of the group.

I have kind of let things go a bit because I didn’t want to be The Bad Guy and get on people’s cases but, shit, something had to be done to pull it back in to shape. I just finished sending off a batch of notices, asking people to add more info to their pics, and deleted about 25 that were straight up against the rules. (Alpaca from Etsy? No. Dolls with their original hair? No.)

I also removed a bunch of photos from the Junky Spot/Hujoo Freya/Freyr group I admin. Phoebe, Nano Rabi and Albu? Fine, they can also be posted. But no regular Hujoos. It’s not a general Hujoo group.

Gaaah. When you join these groups, you see the rules. Why do people not read them? -_-

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