Costume Doll Collection 1 & 2

Costume Doll Collection1 & 2

I now have both Costume Doll Collection and Costume Doll Collection 2. The former I actually got for 90 yen (if you don’t count the shipping), though the latter cost me a fair amount more than that. The weird part is that my copy of the second volume was still cheaper than other places wanted because it had a broken binding. (Looks like someone was scanning the patterns!)

First and foremost, these are catalogs. Big, beautiful photos of what was available at the time they were published (2000). They aren’t really restricted to one particular company, so there’s dolls by Yellow Submarine, Takara, Mediacom, Volks, Epoch C-works, Azone, Marmit…probably a couple more. They didn’t turn out to be the pattern books I thought they were and only have two patterns each.

Costume Doll Collection contains:
* Basic tutorial on how to make a doll using Volks products. Hair cutting, using decals, painting a face, removing seamlines and using alternate hand sets are covered.
* Photography tutorial. Hints on lighting, photography set ups and photoshopping backgrounds.
* A black and white article on the making of Volk’s Lost Angels series.
* Kyoko is on a Volks EB-B? body. Her outfit is an oversized, dress shirt with long, billowy sleeves and capri leggings.
Ami is also a Volks EB-B (I think) and her outfit is a short dress with ribbon straps, plus instructions for a bag and panties..

Costume Doll Collection 2 contains:
* Ehhh…not much. Nothing really noteworthy
* Rena is on a Volks Neo body of some kind, either the Neo F or the Neo Teen.
Her costume includes a hat (garrison cap?), bra top, knee length skirt with slit and a long, high collared leg of mutton-sleeved jacket that belts at the waist.
* Toshiya is a Volks Goh. His outfit consists of a pair of pants and a high collared, belted millitary jacket.

If you are looking for a Dollfie version of Dolly* Dolly or Doll Coordinate Recipe, don’t bother. If you have to choose between the two volumes and you aren’t desperate for military chic/Goh patterns, get the first one.

(Please do not repost this translation without asking or for profit.)

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