Pattern Books, Second Hand Goods

I haven’t posted anything in a bit because most of what I could talk about is either projects I want to wait and finish or part of a longer entry I’m not done with.

For example, I have more Japanese pattern books I need to sift through and put up pattern lists for. I could have SWORN I had bookmarked a Japanese site that had vague lists of what dolls were covered in the really early Dolly Dolly volumes. I have questions! So many questions! Like, are there any Volks Dollfie/Who’s That Girl? patterns past vol. 8? After a while, it seems to become a big Blythe-fest with Odeco and Nikki, Licca, Momoko and Tiny Betsy as secondary acts.

I think “junk” is in Japan what “TLC” is for English speaking collectors. I have seen some rather expensive, rather NICE “junk” dolls. An almost perfectly fine doll can be tagged that way because it needs a good wash and a couple small touch ups to the paint. So, if you see something marked “junk” on a Japanese site, check it out anyway.

“Before you complain about a doll being damaged, do your research. I sold a Bobobie from 2007, and the buyer wanted a $50 partial refund because there were no s-hooks in the hands and feet. That’s not damage. Bobobie NEVER used s-hooks in hands and feet until at least 2009. Someone else was accused of selling a doll covered in cracks. They were seam lines. If a doll does arrive damaged, please report it, but research first so you don’t look like an idiot falsely accusing others. ”
True BJD Confessions

Oh noz, Lon! Why are you posting more second hand anger?? Heh. While, as well as agreeing that people should do research before laying a knee-jerk complaint, that stuff about the Bobobie hooks is interessting information.
I don’t own any Bobobies, particularly not from that time period, so it’s only trivia for me. For anyone who is thinking of picking on up on the second hand market, it’s good information to know and definitely worth reposting.

HAHA! Dude! When I added a background to this blog, I was disapointed it couldn’t actually be seen. We had to replace our monitor recently and the current one has a bigger screen than the old clunky one. I had the blog open and realised that at least SOME of the people who visit will be able to see the stripes! Yay!

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