Dolly Dolly Winter 2015

Despite the candy colored front, this issue has a heavy emphasis on “granny look”. Long skirts, shawls and knit items.

* Picco Neemo Eye Recolor Tutorial
* Instructions for Card Deck and Low Table
* Piano Recital Comic (Odeco, Nikki, Ruruko, Jossie and Usaggie)
* Momoko Graffiti Gallery
* Dolly Dolly Photo Studio Gallery

Ruruko/Pure Neemo XS Kimono Set: Kimono, Obi, Kimono Vest, Hair Ornament, Bag
Ruruko/Pure Neemo XS Maid Uniform: One Piece, Trousers (Boomers), Socks, Apron, Headpiece, Petticoat (Look is based on the Shirley manga by Kaoru Mori)
Picco Neemo No-sleeve One Piece, Hooded Cape
Deconikki Short Pants, Socks, Blouse, Tights, One Piece
Licca No-sleeve One Piece, Faux Leather Jacket (Tutorial included), Fringed Leggings
Pure Neemo S One Piece (Granny Style), Under Skirt, Apron, Knit Stole, Socks, Head Dress
Licca One Piece (Night Gown), Nightcap, Under Skirt
Vintage Blythe One Piece (Granny Style), Knee-high Socks, Babushka
Super Dollfie Girl Granny Style: Fake Fur Shawl, Blouse, Thigh-high Socks, Apron, Long Skirt, Moccasins, Knit Cape, Stole
U-Noa Quluts Light Fluorite One Piece (Granny Style), Apron, Stole
Momoko One Piece (Granny Style), Stole, Petticoat

Knitting Instructions for U-Noa Quluts Light Fluorite-sized Clothing: Red Cape, Oversize Navy, Double Cable Long Coat, Relax Cardigan, Black Cape, Grayish Beige One Piece

Kikipop Tank Top, Ribbon, Panier Skirt, Tights, Fur Cuffs

* Clip Art for Making Backgrounds

(Please do not repost this translation without asking or for profit.)


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