Dolly*Dolly vol. 26

* Apolline a Paris
* Miruhi-chan’s Felt Doll Tutorial
* How to make Fortune Stand [Fortune Wanda/Wonder Frog]
* Who is Susie Sad-Eyes?
* Easy Usaggie Custom Tutorial
* Cruising Party Comic [Deconiki doll characters]
* Animal Doll News [Mostly anthro! Yay!]
* Kanaria Picture Book

* One-piece, Apron, Sun Bonnet Set for MSD
* Pleated One-piece, Pintuck One-piece for MSD
* Star Yoke Blouse and High Waist Pants for Licca
* Saturn Belt One-piece for Licca
* One-piece and All-in-one for Usaggie
* Cruising Party Tuxedo for male Odeco-chan body and Long Dress for Nikki
* Colorful Romantic Kabocha Romper, Date One-piece and Rose One-piece for Wanda Frog
* Felt Doll Pattern

(Please do not repost this translation without asking or for profit.)


My Bingo Answers

I posted my completed bingo cards on Tumblr, but here is the text version of what I checked off.

General Edition
* Other Countries: I have dolls from Japan, Korea and China.
* Anthro: I. Love. Anthros. Pinkie Cooper, Hujoo Freya, Petworks Nikki, Peteena, Petworks Kuma Bolo and Usaggie, Coco Tribe, Luts Zuzu Delf, the MH animal-people…it’s best to end list now but I have at least one doll from each of those.
* Period Dress: I keep starting and never finishing (loosely?) historical costumes. I do have a Madame Alexander outfit from a Little Women doll, though, and I had a southern belle outfit that I gave away when I was 12ish. :<
* Older Than Me: Peteena, my G1 Strawberry Shortcakes, most of the G1 MLP, the Davtex doll I found, a Maddie Mod, vintage knock-off Skipper, legit vintage Skooter and Live Action Skipper, my Sindys, Cover Girl Darci…might have missed one or two.
* Childhood Dolls Left: A few survived! Babysitter Skipper, Maxie, Pony Bride, 92’ Strawberry Shortcake, Blueberry Muffin and Lime Chiffon. Conditions were…mixed.

Multiples of a Character: I have a few Maxies, a few Skippers, the Mane cast of MLP, multiple generations of a few SSC characters, MH Catty Noir, Pullip, Licca, Liccas’s parents, Koby, Eitan and Jade of the Bratz.
* Relationships: Haven’t really thought much on dolly relationships since my heavy Bratz days. One Koby was dating an Eitan, the other was interessted in Dana.
More recent dolls? Licca’s parents and grand parents are, of course, couples. One of my Pullips has a Taeyang boyfriend. Maybe more couples will pop up, as I finish projects.
* Celeb. Dolls: I have an Uno Kanda doll :3 I actually don’t know a lot about her, I got the doll because it was inexpensive, articulated and had a beautiful face print.
* Preorders: My Petworks dolls were all pre-orders. The resin BJDs, I guess? Since they weren’t in hand at the time?

* Dolls Aged 30+: Licca’s parents, grandmothers and grandfather are all 30+. Plus, I have the Happy Family Grandma head on a regular Barbie body.
* Related: THREE GENERATION OF LICCA, BABY! Grandparents, parents, Licca and the siblings. I have 3 of the 3 MH Wolf siblings. My multiple Bratz Kobys were related, as where the Eitans.
* Furniture: A fair amount, between what I’ve bought and what I have made. I am trying to do more MAKING, lately. (*COUGH*MyFroggyStuff*COUGH*

* 14+ Joints: Volks Dollfie 27cm and three piece Obitsus. ‘Nuff said.
* Bought For Clothing: I don’t do often because I usually don’t see good enough deals to justify getting a doll and getting rid of the doll it’self. I did mercilessly buy and strip the cheaper High School Musical dolls, though. And there was a Kari Mitchell doll who hit the donation bag as soon as I got home.
* NRFB: The first MH Catty Noir and a Sega Kohran Li from Sakura Wars are permenantly chilling in their boxes.
* Buying Miniatures: A decent collection :3 I am making a better effort to sort my props by type (hello Rainbow Loom boxes!) and keep a running catalog of what I have, to avoid buying things identical to what I already have. (NO. MORE. WINE BOTTLES.) I really like Re-Ment and Orcara (Art of Wine, Fruits and Cooking with Master as full sets! Yay!) but I keep my eye out for things that aren’t being sold specifically for dolls but work. Like “3D cabochons”. I am also trying to MAKE more things.
* Gotten Someone Else To Join: Yup! She’s not really into dolls anymore but a regular friend did end up a dolly friend for a bit 😀

* 100+ Dolls?: Uh, yes. I keep a catalog of which dolls I have and population numbers. I have, indeed, passed 100 and made Adult Choices ™ to prune a bit.
* Anime-Style: Only most of them :3 I like a “cute adult” type look and anime-style dolls fit the bill.
* Wings: Rochelle, the Gargoyle CAM and some WIP fairies.
* Blogging: Tumblr and this main WordPress 😀

Creative Edition
* Rerooting: Heck yah, I have rooted a doll! I have rooted quite a few. I have never sold a reroot, though, because I worry that it’s not up to snuff. I use the knot method so, while there is no glue in the head, there are a lot of knots. I HAVE done the locked-loop method, but it takes me a ridiculous amount of time and I keep dropping loops. :<
* Head Shrinking: I have shrunk a number of test heads. I have a couple that I plan to try at some point in the future.
* Sculpting from Scratch: I have actually tried to sculpt a doll twice. One was suposed to be a 1/6 version of the Super Dollfie body and one was when I never thought I’d be able to buy a Blythe or Licca. Both were sculpted based on measurements to be about the right size. I had problems making the ball-joints for the tiny SD and the Licca-size doll’s torso ended up broken. Both ended up in the trash. I’ll try again some day, though.

* Tatoos: I gave an action figure a bunch of them with a dollar store fake tattoo sheet. When I was just starting customizing, I painted a few directly on a Barbie and sealed them with clear nailpolish that later went gooey -_-
* Wigs: I have made wigs with hot glue in the past and yarn and I am messing around with latex mold maker and mohair now. It all goes south at the part. I can’t seem to do it without the latex making it look all gross. (I also tried hard cap wig making but had a similar problem, just with epoxy glue on my hands)
* Rooted Lashes: I have rooted lashes on a few dolls :3 I like to use nylon because it’s usually stiffer than saran.
* Hair Transplant: Back when I couldn’t get new doll hair, I did try using some hair off a doll with a messsed up face. The hair wasn’t in very good condition, though, so it wasn’t that great. Lately, I have harvested nylon from baited MLP to fill in bangs for others, since you can’t buy exact matches,
* Scars/Injuries/Gore Mods: When I first started, I customized a doll store doll with scars. I made them LAVENDER. I was going for that faded purple-y look some older scars have.

*Shoes: I have made a few pairs of sandals (foam or cork), slippers (foam and fleece) and boots out of felt. Attempts at doing legit looking boots or flats have failed, so far.
* Eyes: I have made doll eyes using the DIY kits and I made Animetic-style eyes using polymer clay and Blythe chips.
* I have made food items with polymer clay or Model Magic. Books, present boxes, a spear…um…I made an attempt at sculpting a sewing machine. I unearthed a poorly-made Game Boy from back when I collected Bratz 😀

* Mod for Posing: I shaved the back of someone’s knee…but whose what it? I have also taken apart a couple doll parts to unstick a moving part.
* Sock Clothing: I have been buying up dollar store socks to make wee sweaters, lately. I need to get more of them finished…
* Adding/Removing Body Parts: I have a partially finished Rin Tezuka doll. Rin doesn’t have lower arms, so the arms had to be modified and rounded off.
* Repainting I have repainted dolls. I stopped because I felt like they never turned out right (which is the oposite of what you do to get better….)

* Resculpting Faces: I have a partially finished fantasy Dwarf doll whose face is entirely resculpted and a shrunken My Scene head with the beginnings of a muzzle.
* Making Furniture: I have made a bunch of chairs, couches, some flower boxes, a bed (that broke :<), a bench, eeee…probably other things.
* Natural Fiber: I have rerooted with mohair a few times :3 Probably the only natural fiber I’ll try, apart from felted wool dreadlocks (Ugh! They take so long!)
* Big Head to Bigger Body: My rerooted Ddung head is on a Moxie Girlz body, instead of her original tiny one. I have a rerooted Mame Momoko head on an Obitsu body I need to photograph, too.
* Non Fabric Clothing: Tissue paper dress!

(Stuff in blue is what I’ll try in the future. Decals and a 3+ hybrid body. I already have the decals, so that will happen much sooner.)

Pruning Flickr Groups

Okay, so I got a Flickr message from a member of the RD & DH Doll Hair Color Reference group, complaining about how there are so many improperly tagged photos that it’s hurting the usefulness of the group.

I have kind of let things go a bit because I didn’t want to be The Bad Guy and get on people’s cases but, shit, something had to be done to pull it back in to shape. I just finished sending off a batch of notices, asking people to add more info to their pics, and deleted about 25 that were straight up against the rules. (Alpaca from Etsy? No. Dolls with their original hair? No.)

I also removed a bunch of photos from the Junky Spot/Hujoo Freya/Freyr group I admin. Phoebe, Nano Rabi and Albu? Fine, they can also be posted. But no regular Hujoos. It’s not a general Hujoo group.

Gaaah. When you join these groups, you see the rules. Why do people not read them? -_-

Wave 13 BBs are here! Ginger Breadhouse is (probably) not a cookie, Forest Pixies

Woo! So, the local stores are starting to get the Wave 13 BBs in. Thanks to the little clear windows, I have the ones I wanted.
What was weird is that I had heard the solid colored ones were chase figures but I had no trouble getting them at all. They seem to just be regular figures!

The sad thing was that there were, like, 4 empty bags laying around. Somebody is stealing them again :<

I’ve mentioned the complaints about EAH not having enough non-white characters in it and Willow being made out of wood. I came across a post that was upset that people are saying Ginger Breadhouse is a cookie, insted of an actual human being with darker skin. I didn’t see the post it was refering to, but I wonder if it might be because the author was confused on whose kid Ginger is? Like, maybe they think she’s the Gingerbread Man’s daughter insted of the (human) witch’s from Hanzel and Gretel? That’s what I thought at first, so I could see the mistake being made.

I’d like to see this girl get a doll. Gauzy fabric, golden jewelery, big flower in her hair ❤ If they do, I hope I like the results. They don’t always translate the cartoon look to dolls well.
My money is on her being Aladdin’s daughter. She could totally be Scheherazade’s child, but it will depend on if Mattel wants to go with a character that kidlets probably haven’t heard of yet.

The Forest Pixies are so cute! I hate that they will be un-articulated but…rebody? I like the names “Featherly” and “Harelow ” a lot but Deerla is the one with the best chance of joining my collection.

MLP, Sailor Moon Rement, SSC Knock-Off, BE Goths, Miniature Food, Romantickle Jungle

Bleh. The stores are pretty dry when it comes to new MLP right now. TRU had a poster, though Applejack was missing from it :< C’mon, Hasbro! I get that Rainbow Dash, Twilight and Pinkie are your “main three” or that you sometimes leave out Rarity and AJ. But JUST AJ? Double :<

Sailor Senshi no Nichijou Re-ment set photos are out! I don’t find them that exciting but they are a nice, solid set of props. They would be PARTICULARLY good in photos if you paired them with some dolls of the characters.

Huh! Darice made Dress Me dolls and there were a lot of Strawberry Shortcake wannabes produced but I didn’t know Darice did a SSC-like Dress Me doll. Neat that they actually scented it!

Back in 2003, I REALLY wanted the Bleeding Edge Goth fashion dolls. Goth fashion, colored hair… they were amazing to me. Well, I couldn’t get them, due to not being able to order online, but that may not be a bad thing. Yeah, I guess they melt and discolor.

I mean, I guess the storage method could have been at fault but it wouldn’t be the first time a doll/toy has degraded over time. Regrind spots on legs, where some brands reused plastic. Green spots on Darci arms from the inside wires. The glue issue with MH and other Mattel dolls. Hell, the hair on the Strawberry Shortcake dolls they made in 2003 can become so brittle it BREAKS OFF AT THE SCALP. Yikes.

I am not into Fashion Royalty so I had no idea that they had switched switched plastics for the body at one point, only to have fans complain the better quality plastic “felt cheap”. So FR put a metal hex nut inside to weight it. OMG! XD

I was at the library when I spied Miniature Food Masterclass by Angie Scarr on the shelf. Some of it is probably going to be beyond my skill but I can totally try some of the less complicated stuff. Olivies are do-able and I wanna try the sliced banana cane and satsumas. Something that puts me off some of the ideas, though, is that they use real food items like semolina in them. I don’t know, maybe I shouldn’t worry so much. Maybe keeping them bagged up when they aren’t in use, along with any varnish, would be enough to keep them in good condition?

Angie Scarr’s site sells the food premade, as well as premade canes. She also has a YouTube account with video tutorials.

Hmm…I should probably grab up some leaves, now that it’s Spring, and make my own custom molds for putting veins on things.

I’m not really a fan of Pooyan’s cat and bunny dolls but check out this frog woman! She has such a sweet face ❤ The kimono makes the body look a bit larger, but you can see a white version in lingerie here.

Kayke Knadle MH, Ringdoll Limiteds, My Little Pony

Kayke Knadle’s Monster High “BJD”. As she said, it’s not an actual BJD but the Inner Monster head was used so the doll could come with a set of expression face plates, like some BJD do. Came out really cool! :O

Oh man. Going through Ringdoll’s old limited/event items.

Fat Happiness and the Fat Peanuts. Gosh…there are no words. Look at that first photo after the break. He’s holding his chubby little cheeks, just over the moon to be standing there with those bizarre, naked peanut people.

Easter Bunny. She’s so cute! I was checking the page for another doll when she popped up on the “today view” bar and I was like “What? An anthro I don’t know about??” Just precious and it’s strange to me that they went to the trouble of creating her to only use her as a limited gift. I was going to ask on DOA to see if anyone could take owner photos, then realised that it’s more than a little early for anyone to have recieved their stuff. Maybe by August?

Comic Head, a gift for the attendees of a Children’s Day Event. It kind of reminds me of the vinyl heads for the 1/6 scale Obitsu kids, except cast in resin.

Not a limited thing but I am very much not a member of Camp Mona. I would not want to own a doll that looks that depressed. When she comes up on confession sites or forums, people who dig her say stuff like “What, so you can’t look at artwork where people are sad or watch movies where people cry? You want all dolls to have a bland expression?” But, you see, my issue with her is that she’s ALWAYS so depressed. If if she had removeable face plates (like the above MH) and this was one of her expressions it would be awesome. But I already have enough sadness in my life, having Mona looking back and me when I’m trying to keep up my pep…I don’t think it would help.

I was thinking…it’s funny how I was originally disapointed that the G4 ponies were so small but when offered the possibility of buying the Fashion Style ones that are similar sized to the old ones, I usually pass. I have an Applejack and a Rarity thus far and it would take a mighty special design (or a mighty good thrift store deal) for me to add more. I guess I just got used to being able to fit all my G4s into a relatively small space.

W00p w00p! Lots of photos of the upcomming Apple Family toys. The Big McIntosh is the same one that’s come in blindbags and the AJ-Granny-BM figure set. All those new molds, including 2 two new Applejacks and UNCLE APPLE STRUDEL but nothing new for Big Mac? ;_; Poor muffin.

Setting Up Catagories/Tags and a Few More Reposts

So, apparently WordPress does tags AND catagories. It’s a bit confusing but I figure that I will give major subjects their own catagory and tags will be for anything I don’t post about much or for getting more specific (“BJD” is a catagory, “Hujoo” is a tag).

Ah, shoot. A few non-pattern entries managed to get into the text file for the pattern mega-post. Here they are:

Doll Painting Tutorials

Originally Posted: 08-26-2012
I get a lot of hits from people looking for Obitsu and Volks painting how-tos because I did an entry a while back. So, might as well give the people a bit of what they want, eh? 😀 Did a bit of searching to see if I could find any more.

Kutsuneko’s Painting Tutorial (Japanese):Part 1,Part 2, Part 3
Kutsuneko reccomends a B pencil for drawing the face on first. Gaaah. I bought myself a B8 or something ^^;; Should still work, right?

Birdhead’s Painting Tutorial (Japanese) Something you see in both of these tutorials is the checking off the faces in a mirror to seee if they are even and using lines to keep things straight. Kutsuneko’s are imaginary but Birdhead’s is one of the ones that suggests literal lines painted on in pale brown paint and removed later.

One of Kutsuneko’s linked sites is Rapunzel. I was drawn in by Suiseiseki eyes on the banner. They have done some seriously awsome anime-based dolls. And they list which bodies/heads/hair they used on each doll  which I HIGHLY approve of.


Mahou Tsukai Sally Dolls

Originally Posted: 08-23-2012

Whoaaaah. Blogdrive did a bit of changing around. You get used to one layout and colour scheme, then when they change it it’s all awkward and disorienting.

Check out this Spanish Mahou Tsukai Sally Doll by Furga! Not quite sure they they opted to give her such dark hair but it’s awsome they made one.

For official dolls, I think the only other one was this one from the second series. Toys were made other than that but it was mostly wands, lockets and little figures.

For fan made ones, there’s this blue eyes doll and the artist’s second try, with brown eyes and the trademark red dress. The dress set was actually put out by AZONE and can be seen in box here. So cool *_* The Sally-chan Costume Set was put out for Wonder Festival 2006 Summer Limited 100 pcs.

For doll COSPLAY, there’s this group of BJDs. Sally, Yoshiko, Yoshiko’s triplet brothers, Kabu and Poron. That’s a pretty decent group! Er, that was my SECOND thought. My first one when I scrolled to the group shot was “Whoah! Yoshiko’s boobs!” Dollfie Dreams are crazy-endowed.

(MTS was never translated in to English but the Skaro Hunting Society has subbed a few episodes.)


Mission Peteena? Completed.
Originally Posted: 11-01-2008
Gaiz, I have a Peteena. Her name is Anya and she’s been rerooted with a Raspberry Sorbet nylon center part.
Anya on the Stone Steps

You know, some people hate nylon. This was my first time using it. I do still prefer saran but if I need a certain color and I can’t get it in saran I WILL use nylon. Nylon is also suposed to be better for curls and waves. Anya sort of have waves but I was so gungho to photgraph her finished that I only left the braids in for a night.

The nose tip had to be fixed. What did I use? KISS brand acrylic nail fill-in. The Nailene deluxe kit was recommended but it’s almost twice the KISS one. So far it’s holding up fine.