BIC Dolly Style, Issue 1 (2005)

Bought it because it was fairly cheap and was happily surprised! 1/6 Dollfie pattens are tough to come by!

* One-piece for Barbie
* Second Dress for Barbie
* Felt  [???] Hood Jumper-skirt for Tiny Betsy
* Sailor Jacket and Pants for 22cm Doll
* Mod Culotte Suit and Cape for Mattel France
* Jacket, T-shirt and Jeans for Volks Eb-N
* [??? ]-chan and Para[??]-chan Dress and [?? Socks? Hair ornament?]for Pocket Fairy Minimay
* Sugar Rose Top, Short Girdle and Stockings for 40cm Unoa Size
* Fairy tail Beret, Corset Top and Under Dress for Unoa, SD Standard size

Dolly Dolly Winter 2016

Fur is a main theme but there are other sets.

-Instructions for shelf and shoe boxes
Photo instructions for patterns marked with an *
– Picco Neemo face painting tutorial
– New Year’s Eve Festival manga with the Petswork characters
-Yasuko Anbiru Long Interview, with illustrations and photos of a custom Petworks Jossie as the character Silk.
Ruruko/Pure Neemo XS Going-out Denim Coordinate: Casual Denim (jeans), Blouse (built in vest), Shawl, Fake Leather Hat

Licca Fur Coat and Hood*

Tyrolean [???] Set for U-Noa Quluts Light Fluorite: High Socks, Blouse, Jacket, Apron
Tyrolean Coat Set for U-Noa Quluts Light Azurite: Coat, Sweatpants, High-tech Cotton [Shirt]
[Based on Kanon and Kameno from the manga KISS xxxx by Maki Kusumoto]

Blythe [??] Collab Dress: One Piece, Top Hat

Picco Neemo Ame-chan Kimono and Bonnet [and tabi]

Ruruko and Deconikki [???] Manteau and Hood Manteau and One Piece

IMdadoll 3.0 Apron One Piece and Drawers

Cu-poche Idol Dress Set: [??] One Piece, Tuile One Piece, Frill One Piece, Silk Hat [??] Katyushka [Hairband], Rabbit Katyushka, Ribbon [??] Katyushka

Takara Jenny
Julia Denim Coat and All-ln-One [Romper, kinda…also Tied Band hairband and Socks.]
Jenny Fake Shirt Skirt Coordinate: Skirt [Looks like it’s a knotted dress shirt], Garland [??] Cotton [Shirt], Beret [??], Margaret [Shrug],

Otorashii Watashi [???] No Silk’s Dress (Jossie Custom Set): One Piece, Apron, Socks

Momoko/ Ruruko Rabbit Ear Cape*
Super Dollfie Rabbit Ear Cape *

Bear Rug*
Fur Vest*
Fur Leg Warmers*

My Bingo Answers

I posted my completed bingo cards on Tumblr, but here is the text version of what I checked off.

General Edition
* Other Countries: I have dolls from Japan, Korea and China.
* Anthro: I. Love. Anthros. Pinkie Cooper, Hujoo Freya, Petworks Nikki, Peteena, Petworks Kuma Bolo and Usaggie, Coco Tribe, Luts Zuzu Delf, the MH animal-people…it’s best to end list now but I have at least one doll from each of those.
* Period Dress: I keep starting and never finishing (loosely?) historical costumes. I do have a Madame Alexander outfit from a Little Women doll, though, and I had a southern belle outfit that I gave away when I was 12ish. :<
* Older Than Me: Peteena, my G1 Strawberry Shortcakes, most of the G1 MLP, the Davtex doll I found, a Maddie Mod, vintage knock-off Skipper, legit vintage Skooter and Live Action Skipper, my Sindys, Cover Girl Darci…might have missed one or two.
* Childhood Dolls Left: A few survived! Babysitter Skipper, Maxie, Pony Bride, 92’ Strawberry Shortcake, Blueberry Muffin and Lime Chiffon. Conditions were…mixed.

Multiples of a Character: I have a few Maxies, a few Skippers, the Mane cast of MLP, multiple generations of a few SSC characters, MH Catty Noir, Pullip, Licca, Liccas’s parents, Koby, Eitan and Jade of the Bratz.
* Relationships: Haven’t really thought much on dolly relationships since my heavy Bratz days. One Koby was dating an Eitan, the other was interessted in Dana.
More recent dolls? Licca’s parents and grand parents are, of course, couples. One of my Pullips has a Taeyang boyfriend. Maybe more couples will pop up, as I finish projects.
* Celeb. Dolls: I have an Uno Kanda doll :3 I actually don’t know a lot about her, I got the doll because it was inexpensive, articulated and had a beautiful face print.
* Preorders: My Petworks dolls were all pre-orders. The resin BJDs, I guess? Since they weren’t in hand at the time?

* Dolls Aged 30+: Licca’s parents, grandmothers and grandfather are all 30+. Plus, I have the Happy Family Grandma head on a regular Barbie body.
* Related: THREE GENERATION OF LICCA, BABY! Grandparents, parents, Licca and the siblings. I have 3 of the 3 MH Wolf siblings. My multiple Bratz Kobys were related, as where the Eitans.
* Furniture: A fair amount, between what I’ve bought and what I have made. I am trying to do more MAKING, lately. (*COUGH*MyFroggyStuff*COUGH*

* 14+ Joints: Volks Dollfie 27cm and three piece Obitsus. ‘Nuff said.
* Bought For Clothing: I don’t do often because I usually don’t see good enough deals to justify getting a doll and getting rid of the doll it’self. I did mercilessly buy and strip the cheaper High School Musical dolls, though. And there was a Kari Mitchell doll who hit the donation bag as soon as I got home.
* NRFB: The first MH Catty Noir and a Sega Kohran Li from Sakura Wars are permenantly chilling in their boxes.
* Buying Miniatures: A decent collection :3 I am making a better effort to sort my props by type (hello Rainbow Loom boxes!) and keep a running catalog of what I have, to avoid buying things identical to what I already have. (NO. MORE. WINE BOTTLES.) I really like Re-Ment and Orcara (Art of Wine, Fruits and Cooking with Master as full sets! Yay!) but I keep my eye out for things that aren’t being sold specifically for dolls but work. Like “3D cabochons”. I am also trying to MAKE more things.
* Gotten Someone Else To Join: Yup! She’s not really into dolls anymore but a regular friend did end up a dolly friend for a bit 😀

* 100+ Dolls?: Uh, yes. I keep a catalog of which dolls I have and population numbers. I have, indeed, passed 100 and made Adult Choices ™ to prune a bit.
* Anime-Style: Only most of them :3 I like a “cute adult” type look and anime-style dolls fit the bill.
* Wings: Rochelle, the Gargoyle CAM and some WIP fairies.
* Blogging: Tumblr and this main WordPress 😀

Creative Edition
* Rerooting: Heck yah, I have rooted a doll! I have rooted quite a few. I have never sold a reroot, though, because I worry that it’s not up to snuff. I use the knot method so, while there is no glue in the head, there are a lot of knots. I HAVE done the locked-loop method, but it takes me a ridiculous amount of time and I keep dropping loops. :<
* Head Shrinking: I have shrunk a number of test heads. I have a couple that I plan to try at some point in the future.
* Sculpting from Scratch: I have actually tried to sculpt a doll twice. One was suposed to be a 1/6 version of the Super Dollfie body and one was when I never thought I’d be able to buy a Blythe or Licca. Both were sculpted based on measurements to be about the right size. I had problems making the ball-joints for the tiny SD and the Licca-size doll’s torso ended up broken. Both ended up in the trash. I’ll try again some day, though.

* Tatoos: I gave an action figure a bunch of them with a dollar store fake tattoo sheet. When I was just starting customizing, I painted a few directly on a Barbie and sealed them with clear nailpolish that later went gooey -_-
* Wigs: I have made wigs with hot glue in the past and yarn and I am messing around with latex mold maker and mohair now. It all goes south at the part. I can’t seem to do it without the latex making it look all gross. (I also tried hard cap wig making but had a similar problem, just with epoxy glue on my hands)
* Rooted Lashes: I have rooted lashes on a few dolls :3 I like to use nylon because it’s usually stiffer than saran.
* Hair Transplant: Back when I couldn’t get new doll hair, I did try using some hair off a doll with a messsed up face. The hair wasn’t in very good condition, though, so it wasn’t that great. Lately, I have harvested nylon from baited MLP to fill in bangs for others, since you can’t buy exact matches,
* Scars/Injuries/Gore Mods: When I first started, I customized a doll store doll with scars. I made them LAVENDER. I was going for that faded purple-y look some older scars have.

*Shoes: I have made a few pairs of sandals (foam or cork), slippers (foam and fleece) and boots out of felt. Attempts at doing legit looking boots or flats have failed, so far.
* Eyes: I have made doll eyes using the DIY kits and I made Animetic-style eyes using polymer clay and Blythe chips.
* I have made food items with polymer clay or Model Magic. Books, present boxes, a spear…um…I made an attempt at sculpting a sewing machine. I unearthed a poorly-made Game Boy from back when I collected Bratz 😀

* Mod for Posing: I shaved the back of someone’s knee…but whose what it? I have also taken apart a couple doll parts to unstick a moving part.
* Sock Clothing: I have been buying up dollar store socks to make wee sweaters, lately. I need to get more of them finished…
* Adding/Removing Body Parts: I have a partially finished Rin Tezuka doll. Rin doesn’t have lower arms, so the arms had to be modified and rounded off.
* Repainting I have repainted dolls. I stopped because I felt like they never turned out right (which is the oposite of what you do to get better….)

* Resculpting Faces: I have a partially finished fantasy Dwarf doll whose face is entirely resculpted and a shrunken My Scene head with the beginnings of a muzzle.
* Making Furniture: I have made a bunch of chairs, couches, some flower boxes, a bed (that broke :<), a bench, eeee…probably other things.
* Natural Fiber: I have rerooted with mohair a few times :3 Probably the only natural fiber I’ll try, apart from felted wool dreadlocks (Ugh! They take so long!)
* Big Head to Bigger Body: My rerooted Ddung head is on a Moxie Girlz body, instead of her original tiny one. I have a rerooted Mame Momoko head on an Obitsu body I need to photograph, too.
* Non Fabric Clothing: Tissue paper dress!

(Stuff in blue is what I’ll try in the future. Decals and a 3+ hybrid body. I already have the decals, so that will happen much sooner.)

Pattern Books, Second Hand Goods

I haven’t posted anything in a bit because most of what I could talk about is either projects I want to wait and finish or part of a longer entry I’m not done with.

For example, I have more Japanese pattern books I need to sift through and put up pattern lists for. I could have SWORN I had bookmarked a Japanese site that had vague lists of what dolls were covered in the really early Dolly Dolly volumes. I have questions! So many questions! Like, are there any Volks Dollfie/Who’s That Girl? patterns past vol. 8? After a while, it seems to become a big Blythe-fest with Odeco and Nikki, Licca, Momoko and Tiny Betsy as secondary acts.

I think “junk” is in Japan what “TLC” is for English speaking collectors. I have seen some rather expensive, rather NICE “junk” dolls. An almost perfectly fine doll can be tagged that way because it needs a good wash and a couple small touch ups to the paint. So, if you see something marked “junk” on a Japanese site, check it out anyway.

“Before you complain about a doll being damaged, do your research. I sold a Bobobie from 2007, and the buyer wanted a $50 partial refund because there were no s-hooks in the hands and feet. That’s not damage. Bobobie NEVER used s-hooks in hands and feet until at least 2009. Someone else was accused of selling a doll covered in cracks. They were seam lines. If a doll does arrive damaged, please report it, but research first so you don’t look like an idiot falsely accusing others. ”
True BJD Confessions

Oh noz, Lon! Why are you posting more second hand anger?? Heh. While, as well as agreeing that people should do research before laying a knee-jerk complaint, that stuff about the Bobobie hooks is interessting information.
I don’t own any Bobobies, particularly not from that time period, so it’s only trivia for me. For anyone who is thinking of picking on up on the second hand market, it’s good information to know and definitely worth reposting.

HAHA! Dude! When I added a background to this blog, I was disapointed it couldn’t actually be seen. We had to replace our monitor recently and the current one has a bigger screen than the old clunky one. I had the blog open and realised that at least SOME of the people who visit will be able to see the stripes! Yay!

Suntek, Polly Pocket in Japan, Monster High, Coco Tribe, Elleo Dolls

You know, I said before that a lot of little items are cheaper on Suntek than EBay, due to people buying from them and reselling. But, I have noticed that, lately, that isn’t always the case. Some of the 1/6th scale furniture is actually a few bucks less on EBay right now. Meh, guess it just stressed the importance of shopping around.

I was looking through some Japanese vintage toy listings and came across something called an Angel Pocket. It looked an awful lot like the old Polly Pockets so I Googled it and, sure enough, that was the name they were sold under in Japan.

So, DollsAhoy has received advice not to use the “Monster High” name in the listings for the clothing she makes and sells specifically for the very unusual MH body. Hrm.
I totally get wanting 3rd party stuff to be labeled as unofficial but not saying the name at all? DA is pretty well know for her stuff but this could hinder newer clothing makers by not getting their stuff seen.
There needs to be a standard “code” everyone uses. DA is using “Monster Doll”. “Monster School” would work too.

Hmm. Coco Tribe posted this message on July 6th :
We are deeply sorry for lack of communication for times.
We will be back with information and news after 7/12 ( within next week)
Thank you very much for all your support and understanding.

It’s August 15th and no follow up. I’m curious what the big news is. I hope it’s that they have cleared up their order backlog and are doing an event.
I like CT and I am rooting for them. But saying they are going to make an announcement and then being silent a month past the supposed date will damage their reputation.

Elleo Dolls make some interesting little BJD animals. 1/6th, maybe? They do dogs, cats, rabbits and ferrets. Some are even partially flocked. Super neat-o. 😀

G2 Eye Crystals, Organizing, SDCC Chicken Pinkie, BaB, Grubbies!, Haute Doll July/August 2015

Found a (full size!) G2 Sundance at Value Village. She’s in pretty good condition, just needs new eye gems. So, I bought some SS12 sized crystals, waited for them arrive and tried to put them in. THEY DON’T FIT. :< They are too large for the holes. Now I have to wait for smaller ones to get here. Fuuuuu…I wanted to complete the project. I think SS10 will fit and, if not, I will also have SS8. I don’t need many, so they aren’t really expensive, it’s just annoying.

I picked up little set of plastic drawers to sit on my desk. They are actually a little cart but they work fine without the wheels added. I had planned to put mini food making stuff in the bottom, paints and glues in the middle and sewing items in the top. Errr…turns out I have a lot more paint and glue than I thought. The sewing stuff will have to stay where it is.
It will be nice having supplies more organized. A lot of it was spread out among a bunch of containers or shoved or in a drawer. Not having all sorts of little things in the drawer to dig through will let me find things faster.

SDCC is going to have an exclusive Chicken Pinkie Pie this year! It’s a cute idea and it saves them from having to mix new plastic colors or make a new mold. ❤

The little grey pegasus that’s popular with a huge chunk of the adult fanbase is getting a Build A Bear toy. I don’t like that they use shimmery fabric for the wings but I am considering trying to get one when they come out. Whatever you want to call her, she’s really cute. ❤

Grubbies! is CheshireTiffy’s new group for before and after photos of thrifted dolls. It came up in one of her Tumblr posts that there didn’t seem to be something like that on Flickr already.

As I wrote this, my latest digital copy of Haute Doll arrived. Too tired to read the whole thing now, but someone on one of the confession Tumblrs figures there will be a lot of pro-recast people angry about the article they published on recasts. Oh yeah, it’s totally comming.

The author, Kaitlyn Long, is VERY anti-recast and says “Any supporters of this illegal activity should not feel opressed, as they are the wrongdoers. A doll is a luxury item and there is absolutely no acceptable reason to purchase a recast. Finances, health, and age are not valid excuses to buy contraband and they never will be.” Some pro-recast people try to frame anti-recast people as being classist and against poorer people having nice things, so I think that is the bit that will spawn the most posts.

Cheapest and Most Expensive “BJD” Items on Ebay Today

I wanted to see what the most and least expensive BIN items on Ebay were that contained the term “BJD”.

Once you get through all the cheap phone cases, the first item is a set of 3 mini hair clips for 99 cents USD.

Human hair clips small enough for BJD use, finger cots, magic erasers, eye putty that may be poster tack, but what’s the cheapest thing that is SPECIFICALLY made for dolls? Silicone wig caps, in a couple different sizes, for $1.49 USD apiece.

At the other end, the most expensive item is a limited edition doll based on Levi from Attack on Titan. How much? $9,999.00 USD and $100 shipping. Whoah.

Immortality of Soul partnered with Kodansha to make him and this doll is from the second round they made after the first batch sold out very quickly. In addition to his clothing, his wee harness and his weapon, this one also comes with a cleaning outfit. Ha! For 10k, I’d expect him to actually-etc. etc.

The doll was originally more like $1,222.40 USD, though that WAS if you could manage to get one. Does the scarcity warrant the extra $8,776.60? The market will decide.