New Toys At Walmart! Hooray!, Dream, DGRequiem Sizes

YASSS. One of the local Walmart is finally getting new stuff in. Most of the new stuff. (The other one seems to still be trying to sell off the old stock to make room)

Gooliope is HUGE. I don’t know, I just pictured her smaller. And I pictured the Frightmares a bit larger.

The new Bratz were in. I want some of the clothing sets but they are $10 CAD and I think the shoes might be even bigger than the original ones. I…don’t think I have a use for shoes that large. If they were more like the ones before the hiatus, I could use them as almost-in-scale shoe-feet for bigger dolls. Maybe I could get them on sale for a few bucks less? I want that stripey one!

The Disney Descendants were there. Didn’t look really closely. I should be trying to evaluate them on their own merits, rather than a source of sweet, sweet bodies.

My Little Pony. They had the new EQG dolls, which I barely looked at because they also had the Friendship is Magic Collection.
(That’s a super generic real name for the Apple family-centric series. They should have called it “Family is Magic”)

A lot of the selection was picked over but they did have the Apple Bloom and Babs set, The SECS6000, the juice stand and the barn. I want the barn but it’s a lot more expensive and I still have to figure out where I would store it. Did grab the juice stand and AB with Babs. Sweetie…Babs. I don’t get it. Why would they have to rename the character “Sweetie Babs” for the toy? “Babs Seed” is unusual enough to be copyrighted. Whatever, she’s still adorable as hell, whatever Hasbro calls her.

I had a doll related dream a week or so ago. We were cleaning up the house for a move and Is sorting junk I hadn’t seen in years.
Some of the things I found in the dream were:
* A couple 1 1/2″ dolls. One was Anne from Akage no Anne, that had a button in back that played music. Cha Cha from Akazukin Chacha. And similarly sized doll with multiple heads.
* A watermelon-headed Quint-type doll with a button in back to make the head light up.
* A bunch of BigEye Skippers.

Analysis: I have been trying to sort through my junk and the idea of finding treasures while cleaning or shopping in a thrift store is a common theme in my dreams. Finding something you forgot you had is like thrifting except FOR FREE! 😀 I have also been looking at sites with vintage Japanese dolls, including one that had an Akazukin Chacha doll. I watched Akage no Anne dubbed in French as a kid and I think the watermelon child may have been inspired by Steven Universe. I also responded to a most on Tumblr about the BigEye Skippers recently and how I had one when I was little. (Must finish that reroot…)

Hadn’t noticed before but DGRequiem had to switch over to “code words” for their doll patterns to avoid running afoul of Mattel. The boy sizes are “Large” for Ken, “Medium” for EAH and “Slimline” for MH. Barbie is a “Medium Fashion Doll”, Blythe is “Petite” and MH/EAH girls are “Petite Slimline”.


Welcome to the New Blog! <3

I joined Blogdrive on November 3rd, 2003 and made 507 entries between then and March 12th, 2015. 11 Years and 4 months in the same place, averaging out to one entry every 8 days. It recieved 36,137 visits I considered moving the doll blog a few times, usually because the service being down. I stayed, mostly out of sentimentality. The Blogdrive edition even outlived my Geocities doll site by 6 years.

What is the straw that broke the camel’s back? My account has been disabled.
You've Got To Be Kidding Me
No e-mail and, as of this writing, no response back. It’s been a week. That says to me that maybe it’s time to pull up stakes.

I have been going through my doll collection and donating or adding to the sales bin the dolls that just don’t do it for me anymore. This isn’t me “growing out of” the hobby, why would I make a new blog account if I was? It’s just a change. Casting out the junk to make more room to enjoy what I have, as well as future purchases.

Like-wise, I have gone through my Blogdrive entries and made copies of anything that I decided had some sort of value. A lot of old entries were just information that was useful when it was relevant but boring and useless now. Some of it was just me complaining or asking questions. From the original 507, less than 200 were actually worth saving to repost. So, let’s get to reposting!


“WTF is a ‘scurf’?” or I Cleaned Raw Mohair

Originally Posted: 03-12-2015
Mohair Cleaning
So, I bought some mohair, from, for rooting/making wigs. As well as the little package of yearling hair that was already fairly clean (1oz), I also got a bag of raw fleece from a slightly older goat (3oz). It was the same price for 3x the fleece and I was pretty sure I had cleaned mohair before so why not?

I open the bag and the smell fills the room. A smell that says “welcome to my barn”. Uh…I think maybe the mohair I had bought before, that I thought was raw, may have been at least a little cleaned. Or maybe it was because it was a smaller bag? It didn’t smell anywhere this powerful.

I start washing it in a little bucket. Every time I wet a bunch, the smell gets worse. The middle photo shows what it looked like after the initial wash to get the worst of it off. But…there was this flakey white stuff that wasn’t comming out with soap and water…

I learned a new word. “Scurf”. Basically, goat or sheep danderuff. I guess this batch came off some really flakey goats? I looked up what to do about it and someone suggested using a dog slicker brush to get it out. I happened to already have some so I tried it and it worked well.

The last photo shows the mohair after it was cleaned. I lost A LOT to the process, mostly to the de-scurfing. There were the clean locks but the hair that pulled away with the scurf was all coated with it and….brr. Nasty. How much did I lose? About 50%. I still came out ahead, price-wise, and the locks are now so beautiful that I feel I should save them for something special. But, I don’t think I’ll do it again, unless I get a really, REALLY amazing deal. The extra half ounce isn’t worth the smell and the goat flakes.


MLP, Lottie Finn, Frozen, TMNT, Decendants, Custom Hujoo Amie

Originally Posted: 02-18-2015
More MLP Squishy Pops are comming. Hopefully as charm packs as well as the blind ones. Like I said before, the blind ones are a real crapshoot. You could get the little figures for cheaper than a charm pack, or you could end up with a whole bunch of junk.

Upcomming brushable wave is more or less the usual except for the App codes and what is either a hair stripe printed with their cutie mark (a la the Wild Rainbow brushables) or a piece of ribbon. I hope it’s hair so it doesn’t follow in the foot steps of the ones that had full areas of their hair done in tinsel. There is also that BRAND NEW CHARACTER (WOOP WOOP!) in the picture. The general consensus is that she’s the unicorn from the Season 5 trailer.

The new Water Cuties will only have the snowglobe gimmick in their wings. Eee…might give them a miss.

The NY Toyfair display of the Apple family BB sets looks amazing. I love that they did a nice background and even put up little extra trees and picket fences ❤

Lottie has a male friend now! Finn :3 Here he is next to a Licca. I wonder if anyone will repaint him to look more like a Licca character?

The new Mattel Frozen dolls look SO MUCH more like that characters than the previous ones. Crazy amount of improvement. But…I thought I heard that Hasbro was taking over the Frozen line? Maybe not?

Playmates is doing a pizza-themed butterfly Rapheal TMNT toy. I…assume it makes sense in context.

Mattel is doubling up on the whole “children of fairytale characters” thing. In addition to Ever After High, they are doing the dolls for the upcomming Disney movie, Decendants. Mmmm, articulated bodies.

QueenOfSquids is moding a Hujoo Amie to be a fox girl. Anthro dolls. *_*



Originally Posted: 02-13-2015
Photos of the upcomming Apple Family blindbag-sized playset and figure EXTRAVEGANZA. Ho shit. It’s beautiful. Look at all that stuff. Brings a tear to my eye.

The line up for the BB Wave 13 has been confirmed. It’s mostly translucent and glitter of characters we have already gotten so I’ll be giving most of them a pass. The chase figures are Candy Apples, Mosely Orange, Apple Bottoms, Lavender Fritter and Apple Bumpkin. “Chase” being a word that means “Lon can’t have”. And, honestly, I’m not super broken up about it, except for Apple Bottoms. :< Maybe I can keep an eye out for the other ones and trade with somebody?

PlaySkool Pony Friends. OMG. They are adorable! And, DUDE! Minty and Moondancer! I thought for sure that the Minty was just a discolored Fluttershy because I read the article.

So, Tirxie, Rarity and Buttonbelle (WTF? Suri Polomare in the show.) are the line up for Wave 2 of the Charm Wings ponies. The Water Cuties will be Blossomforth, Rainbow Dash and Lily Valley. Might get Suri but I don’t know about the Water Cuties. It will depend on what they look like.

My interesst in the Friendship Games dolls is mostly as spoilers to the new characters in the upcomming movie. They definitely look a lot better than the first ones, though.


MLP: Amazon, London Toy Fair, Dia De Los Mueros? and Fakies

Originally Posted: 02-03-2015
They are gone now but Amazon had listings for a truckload of Apple family related “dolls”. Please, Hasbro….let these be brushables.  The boxes are too small for EQG dolls but there is still the possibility of Hasbro Pop sets. Bleh.

As hush hush as the London Toy Fair 2015 pony display runners wanted to be, a lot of the stuff isn’t actually news. We already have stuff like the Charm Wings in the stores and others, like CMM Sunset Shimmer, will be in soon.The new stuff seems to be the plushies, Pop Big Mac, the castle, Rarity’s boutique (?),  the Friendship Games EQD dolls, whatever that golden Pop toy is and a look at the Coco Pommel FS. The photos are blurry, though, given that they aren’t even supposed to exist.

I kind of wish we had someone on the inside with a notepad, who could record names of products. Even with fairs where they fully allow nice sharp pictures, the cards in front aren’t always visible so we don’t find out the new character names until much later.

Some are saying they can see a possible Maud brushable, but it’s most likely the Water Magic Rarity. I’d love if they actually need a Maud, though.

Funrise is doing more plushies. I dislike the “ribbons of fabric” hair that their toys have but I approve of how easy they are to aquire. Big Mac, Apple Bloom, Bon Bon/Sweetie Drops, Trixie, Scootaloo and Derpy/Muffins/Bubbles (whatever) are the new ones they are doing. 😀

Upcomming MLP toys will have QR-type codes that link to an app. WTF? They appear to be printed in really visible places. Why not under a hoof, like the magnets G3 had? I don’t want black muck all over my ponies…and the black may or may not leave a stain when it’s removed.

So, it looks like we may be in for a  Dia De Los Muertos-themed set with Cadance, Helia, Lotus and Lavender Honey in it. I am not feeling it. I like the concept but the black feels too stark against the pastel ponies, Helia in particular. And, damn it, I want REGULAR versions of the new characters.

MLP Fakies/ Princess Dolls
Dollarama has new G3.5 styled fakies in. I won’t be buying any of them but it facinates me that they would do both a banged and bangless version of each color. Particularly with Hasbro only doing bangs on SOOPER SPECIAL brushables now due to cost. The fake MLP around here always seem to be more or less a generation behind, even though G4 fakes exist in many places. I wonder if there is something about copyright where the stores won’t bring in a fake that looks too much like what’s on the shelves in toy stores.


Weird Dream, MLP blind bags, Dr. Hooves Pop, Vi and Va, Frightmares

Originally Posted: 01-07-2015
Christmas was spent sweating and trying to sleep off sick. Had a lot of weird dreams.

In one, my brother was looking for a roommate that collected something. Figurines, ponies, fursuits, anyone who wouldn’t take issue with a BJD. I asked him which one he was thinking of getting and he pulls put a big box. The doll is about 4 feet tall, with dark brown hair and eyes. I notice the smallish boobs and say something randomly about him getting a female doll. He is quite surprised. The seller had listed it as a male doll. I suggest maybe the head sculpt was originally male and  consider offering to mod the torso.
The rest of the dream involved me trying to look up the sculpt on my phone, while looking for tools to put together the little 1/6 resin animal that my brother had received as a bonus when he bought the doll.  (In real life, my brother doesn’t actually care about dolls…)

Wave 13 Blind Bags?Good chance that these are either fake or legit mixed with fake, on account of the unicorn Twilight. They are actually my least favorite type of blind bag, anyway. I really prefer flat plastic and painted, followed by painted hair with glitter. Metallic is neat for a few figures, though I wouldn’t want a whole wave. Glow In The Dark is something I’d like to see again, but not a full wave. The mostly-clear-with-glitter ones? Well, I totally would want the Lyra and any favorites but I’d probably pass on most. I got my fill with Wave 7.

Sunset Shimmer and Dr. Hooves Hasbro Pop? Wow. Dr. Hooves is a really weird choice. He is a character that is an adult fan favorite and the Pop line is extremely kid-targeted. Shining Armor would probably have better success with the kidlets, if they needed a boy pony. Even Big Mac would be a better bet.

Vi and Va. The art is cute but I was disappointed in how much I didn’t love the doll photos. I’ll reserve final judgment for seeing them in person but the huge eyes look out of place on the sculpt.
If that set IS Quincenera themed, good for them for it. Between the amount of Mexican/Mexican-American customers and the fact that it would give them an excuse to put the doll in a big fancy dress, you’d think more companies would jump on it. I wonder if it’s because it would involve pinning an “ambiguously brown” doll down to a specific heritage that they don’t. Though, it’s not like there haven’t been enough lines where the place the character cones from is part of the story. Huh.

The Fright-mares…I was excited about a centaur line but they look awful. The articulation has been majorly downgraded from Avea. Why? They have the molds. :C I certainly hope the prices reflect it.


New AAMM Poll: Best MLP Line of 2014?

Originally Posted: 12-29-2015
New poll at AAMM and you can only vote once (well… you SHOULD only vote once…). Hmm…but who should I vote for? First, the lines that do not get my vote!

Rainbow Rocks Dolls and Equestria Girls Collection: As I’ve said before, the EQG dolls fall flat for me. They need a better headsculpt with paint that’s closer to the actual movies designs and jointed bodies should be standard on everything but the bargain dolls.

Ponymania: Best item? That sweet Photo Finish with FABRIC DRESS. Middle? Talking Crysalis. The socks are too much but the voice chip is more in character than the big Nightmare Moon’s and…dude! Chrysalis! The bottom? The multi-pony set. Trying too hard to be all cool and goth or whatever.

Rainbow Shimmer Ponies (snowglobe): I like the idea but the hair is too bright and neon-y and it spoils the (otherwise neat) effect.

Breezies: Rainbowfied brushables with a plastic locket and a single breezie. Yawn.

Hasbro Pop: NO. I mean, I like the idea of the toy but the result is kind of cheap. 

Wave 10 Blind Bags: I liked these. I’ve said before how beautiful I felt that glittery Gilda was. Just not enough to give my one vote to the wave.

First Cutie Mark Magic Merch: I’m going to assume this means the dangling Magic Charm Wing toys, glowing Rarity and the Sunset Shimmer and Cadance Fashion Styles. Nope. The former and too gimmicky for me and the latter are kind of…meh. The most promising CMM toys for me are the upcomming brushables that will be more a 2015 item.

That brings us to two last ones…
Rainbow Power Neon Brushables: The hair streaks and extra markings make them not just a repackage of old stock and they even had Cheerilee, who we haven’t seen in a little while, and BRAND SPANKING NEW Holly Dash!

Wave 11 Blind Bags:
I have expressed my love of this wave recently, no need to rehash. I was divided between voting for this and the brushables while writing this but, ya know, I think I have to vote for this one. With those new/less-used molds, it’s just better.


Pony at TRU, Squishy Pops Warning

Originally Posted: 12-23-2014
I…I was going to edit together my first YouTube video. ;_; It was toy-related. NONE of the footage was useable. Feck.

Toys R US…wow. I expected it to have a lot of bare shelves since tomorrow (well…today) is Christmas Eve. Nope, everything was lovely and full of new-to-me swag. They had Photo Finish, Shadowbolt Dash and the talking Queen Chrysalis toys marked down. PF and SD were $8….that’s so crazy. They had the Ponymania Favorites set (no me gusta.), the Charm Wings ponies and the Squishy Pops ponies, both in regular version and blind capsule version.

I bought 5 of the capsules because they were cheap. I hoped for an Applejack, a Rarity, an Apple Bloom, Lyra and Bon Bon. That was the best case scenario. Worst case? 5 Fluttershys. So, I opened my first capsule….no pony. Just a charm with Fluttershy’s CM and a bead. I opened another…Twilight. Maybe the first was defective. Opened another, TWO BEADS. Next, Rarity, then, a single bead. Are you kidding me? I thought, from the photo, that each one came with a pony, a bead and the charm. Apparently NOT. Color me underwhelmed.

The Monster High Section had the exchange students. I am not interested in owning them but I think it’s neat how they actually bothered to make a new mold for Marisol’s feet 😀 Though…I wonder if there are any other brands she can borrow shoes from.


My Little Pony, Haute Doll, Bratz

Originally Posted: 12-17-2014
All About MLP Merch’s new poll is about which blindbag line people liked best. I voted for Wave 11, the current one. Why? Because there are a lot of show characters (POKEY PIERCE! Or “Royal Pin”…whatever..), good amount of stallions and better mold variety than a lot of the previous lines. I also have no use for ponies that come with Breezies so it allowed me to snag a couple of the creepy little things for less.

Wave 6 would be second, I supose. It had ~stallions~ and regular versions of the glittery characters in Wave 4. I dig Cherry Spices, so it was nice to see her make a return, and the 3 with translucent cutiemarks were neat.

Gummy and Dog!Spike are awesome. I just don’t want the dolls they are accessories to. ~la sigh~ I kind of wish they would pack them like LPS toys.

Check out the fakie set with the eyes on the wonk. I wonder if they stole molds or grabbed up factory rejects to shove into boxes. The Rarity fake is pretty…apart from the hair growing out of her neck. I actually think those colors would have worked better for the Rainbowfied Rarity’s leg…kind of Spring-y.

Yay! A local Walmart had the Rainbow Rarity and Holly Dashes in, along with the FS Daisy Dreams. But, to give you an idea of how bad quality control was with this batch, I started with three Raritys and two HDs in my hands. I left with a single HD, whose defects won’t matter when I am finished and no Rarity. Those four ponies all had misprinted eyes, scratches in the paint or big dirty spots. Wow…

There was a $6 deal on the three years of digital version of Haute Doll during Black Friday so…I subscribed. I’d love to have physical copies but it’s just too much money, given the shipping and the fact that not everything has articles that are relevant to my dolls.

So, I just got my first digital copy, The January/Febuary 2015 issue. I need to give it a read later but here are the things that stand out:

* 1/6 Suitcase-making tutorial
* Maribel Dias’ Blythe photos
* Short tut on faceups by Face-ups By Tory
* The pattern is a “corset” that is actually more like back-lacing halter top. They don’t actually SAY what doll it’s for…16″? The model looks Tyler-y.
* Article on recast BJD and suggestions on how not to get scammed.

Sometimes, I wonder how my Bratz collecting would have been effected if Mattel had skipped My Scene and gone straight to Monster High and EAH. I would have still collected them but I think Mattel could have gotten more of my doll budget. There were dolls I probably would have passed on if I had had the option of a Toralei put in front of me. I might have even hybridized Bratz with EAH to keep a similar shape but have the joints. Though, if Mattel had moved that way, MGA might have done jointed Bratz sooner, anyway.


MLP, MiWorld, Novi Stars

Originally Posted: 10-28-2014

Lookin’ a little Bride of Frankenstein there, Photo Finish. The description says no forelock but it’s more that it just hasn’t been cut yet. If I ended up with one like that, I am not sure it I’d want to just keep it like that or do a bit of scissor-less styling on it.

I was looking for better shots of the Rainbow Rocks themed headphones and came across these. I had no idea they made MLP radios and cassette players back in the 80’s! I had actual ponies, peel off nailpolish and a bath project set, but didn’t know about the extra merch back then. They need to reissue these. Except, make them play CDs or loadable with Mp3s or something, since no one really plays tapes anymore.

So, those cruddy EQG dolls are actually A LOT larger than I thought. I figured they were going to be little mini things but they are about regular size. $7? Eh…need to knock a few bucks off that. After tax, that’s a little too close to $10. They look better than  the first photos but they certainly aren’t worth that much. :/

Spotted a single Twinkle Toes MiWorld accessory pack. I passed on it because I didn’t know if the little sneakers could be modded into anything I could use. I kind of wish they had the Mrs. Field ones in stock.

The latest Novi Star assortment has a deer girl! :O I don’t know if I want one but something about her wee antlers makes me very happy ❤ I wonder if it’s just the antlers that are fuzzy?
Frostina seems like a cross between Mallie and Una, gimmick-wise. Carmela is a sweets themed Ari or something with her coloration.


Pony Pony Pony

Originally Posted: 10-03-2014
Saw Rainbow Rocks in theatres with some friends. I was blown away….by the amount of merch they COULD have sold me. (I also enjoyed the movie but, since this is a toy blog…) Adagio is REALLY pretty. Sonata too. If the dolls actually managed to capture that, I would totally buy them. Another tie-in I would have bought would have been if they had done a three pack with the Dazzlings as ponies, like you see on doll boxes. Oh well.

I found myself a Ponymania Photo Finish at TRU. I still don’t get why she has so much black in her hair and, if they are every on clearence, I would totally buy a second to reroot. But, other than that, she’s nice. When I get a sec, I’ll wash her mane and tail and even up any uneven parts. Her dress is neat, just because it’s more like the vintage Ponywear in it’s construction than any other dress/cape thing that has come with a G4 brushable to date.

Bought the Elements of Harmony and Soaring Pegasus sets online. They were massively other priced but I am happy to have them. Still can’t believe they actually rolled with “Steve Magnet” XD

Huh. I thought I blogged about the Charm Wings Honey Rays toy. Guess not? They are a little like the Glimmer Wings, in that they have HUGE plastic wings stuck on, but this time, they do pop off and they have little pegs on them to hang charms on. Yikes. Dash and Fluttershy will also be in the line but Honey Rays is the one I am interessted in. I am looking at her and wondering A. will they put out a regular brushable of her and B. could something be constructed to fit in the slot that would give her regular wings?

In the same vein as the Raimbow Shimmer snowglobe-type princesses, they are also doing the Water Cuties, containing Rarity, Diamond Mint and Pinkie Pie. A big sigh of relief because they still refer to glitter filled WINGS and I was worried they would have huge gimmick wings like the above Charm Wings toys. I will probably skip the princesses but grab Rarity (Rarity collection.) and Diamond Mint. I wonder if they can withstand hot water for styling? With Hasbro reusing the eyeprints all the time, having the characters look different really falls to the coloring and the styling.


MLP, MiWorld, How to Make Doll Headphones, Pipos Baha

Originally Posted: 09-02-2014
The local Walmart is TOTALLY starting to get ready for Christmas. The aisles have been rearranged, particularly the toy aisles, though.

The pony section was both exciting and disapointing. They had the bigger Twilight with rainbow wings, some of the Pop figures, Sonata Dusk and Aria Blaze set, the new bakery set, Princess Sterling set and Princess Gold Lily set. I would have picked up Sterling, but they only had one and she had a scratch on her cutiemark.

Saw the MiWorld photo booth and drink vending machine. They are pretty awsome and I am happy MiWorld is still being made but….please make more add-on packs. The larger sets are more expensive while also being majorly not my scale.

Target had new pony stuff in, including the Wild Rainbow singles.  I was thinking…there isn’t really any way you can style their hair without distorting the patterns printed on it.

So, Hasbro is going to make new EQG dolls that look like Happy Meal toys. Wow…that’s…pretty bad.

How to Make Doll Designer Headphones:Welp, time to go buy some cheap bubble solution. Summer is ending so there should be somewhere clearing it out. Shampoo bottles are a year round crop but, unless it’s a probably boring colored travel one, it probably won’t be small enough for a 1/6 head. I also think that pre-making a pattern might be a better idea than trying to trace buttons and rubberbands directly on to the plastic.

Confessions of a Doll Collectors Daughter pointed out a while back (didn’t see it untill now) that Mo Hayder’s book Poppet has a Pipos Baha on the cover! :Oow about that?


Coco Tribe Posted That They Are Being Recast

Originally Posted: 09-01-2014
So, Coco Tribe announced that they have discovered someone is selling recasts of their dolls. While looking into dolls with similar measurements I have come across sites in a few different languages that were using CT photos and selling the dolls. What they didn’t say in the info was that the dolls were made by CT and weren’t on the official dealer list. Legit sellers that were just selling off a couple they had….or were those the recasters?

Okay. Let’s say you have no issues with recasts. Why Coco Tribe, whose dolls are very inexpensive for bjds?  We aren’t talking $300 Volks dolls here. A nude, unpainted Amber doll on the 17cm body with no special resin color is $135. How much cheaper could a bootlegger churn it out for and still maintain some kind of quality?  What’s next….Bobobie/Resin Soul recasts? Buying a recast CT doll to “save money” doesn’t even begin to make sense.

And it takes money to buy dolls and casting supplies. They wouldn’t do it unless they figured there was a demand and money to be made. CT is obviously doing well enough to continue making dolls but you don’t see many posts talking about them or photos posted. Where is this market for fakes coming from?


Watch Out For Extreme Mark Ups

Originally Posted: 08-07-2014
Oh yuck. Somebody is selling cheap Daiso dresses (100 yen)  for almost $20 each after shipping. We don’t have a Daiso here but I bought a couple from someone for $3 a piece. With the quality that they are, that is the MOST you should spend on them. They look cute when they are on the doll but for $20 you could either have legit Takara Licca clothing or a handmade one in quality materials.

Slapping a “BJD” or “Blythe” label on something and marking it up is pretty common. Cheap Barbie shoes can become a $6 Blythe pair with a wave of the magic wand. Furniture for a budget American Girl-style doll? Sell it for more and say it’s SD stuff! Blythe and BJD dolls are already spending more for their dolls than they would on a playline toy from Walmart and are more likely to spend extra money getting nice things for their dolls. I’m not saying people shouldn’t use those doll types as keywords when they apply but some times it’s REALLY obvious when they are trying to get into those deeper pockets.

I think the thing to do is try and be knowledgeable about what you’re buying. If you aren’t looking for a particular brand, try searching things like wig measurements insted of only your doll’s specific name (5-6 vs “Lati”) and find out which dolls take the same size and see what’s on offer under their names. Measuring the feet on your doll might help you snag shoes that aren’t made for your doll but fit anyway. Smart shopping! ❤

 Also, I may have said this before but I’ll say it again: When buying little bits and bobs for dolls off Ebay, check Suntek first. Sometimes people buy stuff from them and resell. I haven’t seen anyone try for a 20x mark up, but isn’t it nice to get it a bit cheaper? Sometimes Suntek will be sold out, though, and the Ebay sellers provide a second source to pick it up.


Disney Dolls

Originally Posted: 08-05-2014
Got a hit looking for Kinoko Juice recasts. Maybe they were just trying to see what the state of things is. If they were actually looking to BUY one, the funny thing is that all they would have found here was that quote about how Kinoko Juice is just a couple people slaving away to bring the world their dolls, lol.

I wish I still had my Nakoma doll from Pocahontas. Maybe I’ll get lucky and find one at a thrift store. I’d love to rebody her.
I had no idea they did an Yzma doll!
….I also didn’t know they made a car for Tiana.

This Alice is amazing. She kind of reminds me of the Misaki dolls.


Monster High/ Hair Styling/ BJD Manual/ DIY Eyes/ Jafar/ Barbie’s Body

Originally Posted: 08-02-2014
Huh! I was not aware of the “Monster Maker” for Monster High. Not the one with the clip-on dolls, the newer one under that name. It appears that it read files you load and uses the file as directions for how to draw on the face with the markers. Like an automatic What’s Her Face. Honestly, though? I think it will go the same way was the CAM Design Lab. It seems more fool-proof than wrangling transfers into the right places but if will probably also be even more expensive.

LIVE NUDE MINOTAUR!! Er, in case you were wondering what that Manny doll looked like under there. I am really impressed that they went to the trouble of making new molds for him. They will probably never use those again, right? If they do, it will probably be in some sort of pack. He looks like he can wear regular MH boy or Barbie-sized pants. For the shirts…could he squeeze into Ken’s? Or maybe he’d have to go straight to action figure gear.

A tutorial on how to do finger waves for a doll. Ahhh. It’s as simple as bobby pins and drinking straws. See, I was thinking of some complicated rig with small sticks of Sculpey strung together. I will have to keep this in mind the next time I consider finger waves. Also, keep an eye out for different straw types.

I never mentioned that I was finally able to get the MH cat twins, did I? This area never got the original pack but I spotted the Zombie Shake girls in TRU. Not really a fan of the ponytails. I liked them in theory but they are kind of short. Not in the mood to start rerooting them but if they go all sticky and gross on me, I am foresee them being rerooted longer.

Did I mention I will be keeping an eye out for the Gil and Deuce set? I will. We had the multi-doll Dance Class pack here but I wasn’t buying it for ONE DOLL. A two pack is a bit more manageable. Fiiiish boy.

Everytime I read a tutorial or see a video where somebody suggests you can cut corners by using nailpolish instead of paint and/or sealent, it makes me want to say something. I don’t want to be one of those people who’s already butting in to correct people but…guis…plz. Here’s a Tumblr post about it.

The owner’s manual that came with a SWITCH BJD doll. Go on…give it a look. It’s a bit more interessting than a restringing guide.

I don’t know if anyone else has ever noticed this but blue doll eyes tend to mostly be a purple-toned blue. Blue that’s slightly to the green side just doesn’t seem to be a thing. I thought some tinted Magic-glos in a Pupa Paradise DIY eye blank would work but putting enough in to make it opaque left no room for the lense :/ I could try putting paint insted…hope it doesn’t look too cheap, though.
How are you suposed to secure the lenses in those in a way that won’t show? No instructions online.

And the second nude of the entry: Jafar from Aladdin! That’s what the Disney Store doll’s body was like. Yow.

DollsAhoy did an interessting post on Barbie’s proportions vs. real women. No, it’s not that “SAVE THE CHILDREN!” junk that has been making the rounds for years.


Prototype MLP/ Moxie Girlz ICE CREAM BIKE!!

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Prototype Ponymania Fluttershy. Whoah! The red wing markings looked like blood. Would have certainly upped the “goth factor”.

*High pitched noises* Moxie Girlz Ice Cream Bike!! Don’t get me wrong, it’s far too expensive. Like Muff said “Not $35 impressed” but it’s still so cool. I don’t collect MGs but I DO use bodies for reboding and…DUDE! JOINTED KNEES! Then, there’s the bakers, with their wee accessories. Sophia’s tiny cupcakes, Avery’s tiny eggs! OMIGOSH! We don’t really have this line any more, though. Maybe in (expensive!) TRU though. They stock some.


My Little Ponies / Monster High

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OH BOY! Brushable Bon Bon. I will buy the crap out of this. At the very least, I need three. One to keep stock-ish, one to reroot and remove the extra bows from and one to maybe become Roseluck. Then I will have a perfect Bon Bon to go along with my Lyra so I can make them kiss
Holly Dash, I just noticed, would need a reroot if I want to have one Rainbow Power and one like in the show. I need to figure out why my most recent reroots have ended up with wonky necks. I used to be able to do it perfectly, now, sometimes, it messes up.

There seem to be two sets of Rainbow Power (sometimes Rainbow-fied) and then Rainbow Rocks . The first set of RP were crap with normal toy and lame tinsel streaks. Then, there’s the ones with rainbow hair and extra markings going up their legs. See how Dash has multicolored thunder bolts? THEN, the Rainbow Power ones that have the cutiemark all over the leg and a version of their cutiemark painted around their eye. (Twilight makes me think of KISS….) These are meant to be pony versions of the characters in the Rainbow Rocks movie, but they don’t have the rainbow hair streaks! Why are there three lines? And why not reuse the 2nd Rainbow Power ponies with new paint for Rainbow Rocks toys so they would have the right hair?

As much as I love Applejack, I may skip her entirely. Not really liking any of the new ones. Probably grab a Rainbow Power Pinkie because I really like how she looks in the illustration and….maybe Rarity? Rarity is my other favorite, though the RP markings are kind of garish. I have the original G4 Skywishes…I wish she matched Ploomette, though. I could really do something like one that did.

Planning to sell your signature main 5 Monster High dolls? Well, they are about to lose a lot of their value. I meam, collecters will still want them but for the people who just want the characters in their signate outfits, they will probably buy the reissues.

The upcomming Haunted MH dolls. I think my favorite is Vandala Doubloons. Her eyes remind me of some of the more dreamy-eyed Jenny dolls. The leg looks a bit odd to me, just because they are trying to combine “ghost” plus “wooden leg” with the translucent orangey plastic. CeriseWolfs pointed out, though, that Vandala will be the first canonly disabled character. There was speculation about if Jane Boolittle was wearing a leg brace but Vandala does in fact have a prosthetic. It pops on and off….maybe if they do fashion packs, hers could come with a matching leg that coordinates with her shoe? Aimee Mullins has worn some amazing ones, if they need any inspiration.

Monster Exchange line. The theory is that Marisol is probably daughter of the Maricoxi. Nice to see more branching past the more well known (in North America) monsters. Nothing wrong with the kiddlets learning something new. Heehee…ShiBOOya. “Japan” doesn’t really lend itself to monster puns so good for them for comming up with that. What else…um…”Ghostsaka?” “ACKinawa”? Eee….no. Maybe not.

They certainly aren’t abandoning Toralei or Catrine, are they? I was kind of worried about Toralei, but she made a come back. Catrine, I figured, was a one shot character but she’s making a lot of appearences. if I had to guess, I’d say Neighthan will be a one-line-wonder but you can never say never, I guess.

I’ve mentioned before I’d like to see a different version of Avea come out later but….know know what? Maybe Ever After High could reuse her body mold! Centaurs aren’t really from a specific “fairy tale” but neither is Cupid. Maybe they could even do a deer-centaur as a “forest friend” for….I don’t know…whichever character might have a deer-girl as a friend. Just give me the deer-girl and I don’t really care how you squeeze her in.


Barbie, Wing Tutorial, Urban Dictionary

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That doll that looks like a EAH doll is apparently the villan of the upcomming Barbie and the Secret Door movie., Malucia I’m surprised…she looks like she would automatically be Barbie’s best princess friend or something.  She could use some JOINTS, though.

Ah! That’s right! I was looking for the Fashionista Barbie bodies in stores and…a chunk of the newer ones all have minimal articulation. The more expensive ones have joints but the dolls being sold for the same price as the Fashionistas? The same money for less. They are going BACKWARD. Barbie designers….stahp.

No new ponies, yet. For MH, I saw the Ghoul Sports Clawdeen but anyone else in the shipment had gotten snapped up. I’d like to get a peek at Toralei.

Lookie! A tutorial on making real feather wings. If any of you happen to have a pet bird, you could keep the nice ones they drop and make some sweet-ass wings for free!

Check out what was posted to Urban Dictionary:
A Japanese ball-jointed doll made out of vinyl.
A lot of BJD-fans buy them as a substitute of those beautiful resin dolls when they don’t have the will to work to afford one; and Obitsu-dolls are often frowned upon in the BJD-community.
“I’ve been waiting soooo long for my Doll-Zone Yue to get home, and guess what was waiting me when I got home from work yesterday? The package!”
“Ohh, cool, he’s pretty. I got an Obitsu, we should totally do a photoshoot together!”
“… Obitsu ‘>_>”

Hey, hypothetical Obitsu-owner, you don’t WANT to be this person’s friend. They look at your doll and judge you for it. They think you’re lazy for not choosing a resin doll. You don’t need ’em, or anybody else in the doll community who “frowns” on them and you for having them.
The ironic thing is that I found the entry when I was looking up Resinsoul photos because the poster had used “Resinsoul” as their nickname. Resinsoul dolls, after all cost a lot less than dolls from big names like Volks and some people automatically see the price and write them off as being “trash”. “Eww, why didn’t you save $400 and get a GOOD doll?” I wonder if the poster realised….

Part 7 of Reposts

Deconikki Random Facts!

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Just a few things about Odeco and Nikki you may not have noticed:
* Aozora/Blue Sky, Mirai/Future and Denim Odeco have freckles. The Odeco freckle stamp has 7 freckles; 3 on each side and 1 in the middle.
* Deconikki dolls don’t have buttcheeks.
* They also don’t have belly-buttons.
* Odeco’s panties aren’t painted. Her hip-part is cast in white vinyl.
* Odeco’s wig-bases are plastic and rooted with hair like a Blythe scalp.  Unlike Blythe scalps that match the skin and are then painted to match the hair, Odeco’s may or may not match. Blue Sky had white under her yellow curls and Pom Pom Boushi had dark brown under her purple.
Most popular hair and eye colors:
Brown is the post popular hair color with 10 dolls.
Blonde is in second with 5. Red has 3, Black and purple have 2 each. Yellow, pink and white only have 1 doll each
Brown is the most popular eye color with 13 dolls.
Blue is second with 7 dolls. There were 3 with purple, 2 with green and 1 each with hazel, pink and grey.
Green is the most popular eye color for Nikkis with 11 dolls. Blue is second with 8 dolls, brown has 4, pink and hazel have 2 each and there has only been 1 with purple.
(This info is current as of South Breeze/South Wind/Minami Kaze being the latest dolls and the white nude Nikki and tanned nude Odeco being shown for pre-order)


Magnets, Got My Nikki!, Usaggie, Wonder Frog, 4ever Kidz

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So, I was looking at magnets. These are not your mother’s fridge magnets
The smallest they sell are 1/16″ dia. x 1/32″ thick . Look at it next to that penny. Look at it. It’s like a grain of rice. (Maybe I’m too impressed? XD;;;)
This magnet has a 400.0 lb pull force. So, if you attached a harness it could pin me and a friend to a wall and not even break a sweat. If, you know, magnets sweated. They can’t even be seperated BY HAND.
 This one has 1045.2 lbs of pull force. WTF?? What are people using them for?? And look at all those safety warnings!
What the hell do magnets have to do with dolls? Well, some BJDs have them to stick on the head caps and some folks choose to add them to the ones that don’t. Items like horns, tails and wings can be added with magnets, so that you don’t drill any holes. Reborners use them to attach stuff like bottles and pacifiers to their custom baby dolls. I, too, have a dolly related thing in mind. I’ll show you guys when it’s done.
 I. GOT. MY. NIKKI. That’s right, folks. It was sent out 2 weeks late but arrived in one week instead of 2. She has, of course, had her eyes swapped and face tweaked. I need to wait and get some good photos. I did take a list of basic measurements for Nikki, and Odeco by extention. Hopefully it will be useful! ^___^
I also tried to wire her arms to make them poseable. Couldn’t do it. The channels of the arms were just too narrow to put anything down. Maybe they are making them out of thicker plastic? Maybe my girl is just a bit different? Dunno. Was disapointed. I wanted to be all fancy and stuff by putting out the first English tutorial on how to do it.
Petworks is going out with an anthro rabbit girl named Usaggie in “Autumn/winter 2010”. She’s kinda cute. The head is more in scale to the body has she’ll have painted eyes so she’s not meant to be a friend to Odeco and Nikki, even though she can wear their clothing.
Maybe I’m lame but I think if I collected Wonder Frogs, I’d probably stick mostly to natural colors. Greens and browns and whatnot.
You know, if there was ever a really great deal on them, someone could do a Hypno-Toad custom! O_o
Rather than drop the snap-on clothing Bratz Kidz doll line, MGA renamed them 4Ever Kidz and tweaked the faces to have smaller mouths and somewhat different eyes.
ARGH! Blog Drive isn’t letting me post Japanese. :/


Spoonflower, Ebay, Magnets, Dreams

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I mentioned disapointment in the lack of Spoonflower fabrics in doll scale. Daniel Bingham does a few as well as well as some doll clothing patterns that are printed right on the fabric.
Pokin’ around Ebay…. Set of 10 Random Barbie scaled Clothing Hangers. I’d probably just make some out of wire but if you’ve got a Joan Crawford-type amongst your dolls, it might be a good idea.
I’m looking into magnets for a dolly thing. I want some that are strong enough to work but not strong enough to stop pacemakers or destroy media equipment once inside the doll. I figure I’ll measure the plastic thickness one I have the doll in hand and e-mail the guy selling the magnets for advice.
…..That’s a Bratz purse. Being sold for $6 as a Blythe accessory. I have one and I didn’t pay much more for the doll and all her clothing.
A small pair of doll shoes does NOT cost $13 to ship. Screw you.
Had a few dolly-containing dreams.
Dream 1: FREAKIN’ JACKPOT. I find a Mirai Odeco, a Rompers Odeco and a Little Miss No-Name in an old bag. I wake up from the dream without the dolls and tweet my displeasure. I wake up from that dream and, eventually, write a blog entry. (This one.)
Analysis: I’ve been poking around Japanese sites looking for Deconikki info that might be useful if reposted on the MO&N board. They are poping up in my dreams now XD;; That combined with my fantasies of finding a dolly motherlode.
Dream 2: I don’t remember much but I do remember an Odeco with a horizontal rainbow stripe painted across her face and eyelids. The coated wire that held her in the box was painted to match. I was danmed and determined to keep that coated wire.
 Analysis: The Hi-Glam dolls were belted in with coordinating wire. It was kinda cool.
Dream 3: It was Christmas, despite being pretty warm. I had gotten a present early, this little mini baby doll. It was from Japan and had a screen with buttons on it’s back that let you interact and teach it things. I got a call that I was expected at school (my old grade school) but decided to blow it off in favor of taking care of my new digital toy during it’s important first hours. Besides, it was freaking Christmas.
For some reason, we have two trees and I’m trying to get them set up while cooking the Christmas….uh…chicken breasts. I get called away to go on a quick trip to the mall. We are there a really long time and I start getting worried about the chicken. We get home and even though it’s been hours, the chicken is not only not burnt but still cooking. I’m wearing a red felt dress and strugging to get the bust darts sewn up while I’m wearing it. A neighbor has been invited for dinner so I’m trying to finish up before he gets there.
Analysis: Caught a few minutes of Four Christmases, grade school appears in my dreams often and we eat alot of chicken at my house. The felt dress was because I was working on one for a doll and the little doll/digital pet was just “something awsome from Japan”. Also, I remember from back when I played with my Tamagotchi that the first hours were very important. No hatching one just before going to bed or something.

Tiny Betsy/Licca/LIV clothing/

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If I ever bought a Tiny Betsy, I would want her to have the “classic” face paint. To be honest, I find the “Perky Face” kinda creepy. Part of Betsy’s cool is that she IS a vintage doll brought back.
 Check out the Liccas as famous paintings And below they have a HUGE diorama set up with different landmarks and buildings.
I was in TRU yesterday. The space that was once filled thing Bratz is now all filled in with other things. * single tear* Didn’t see much that interessted me, except the new LIV doll clothing. Some of it is awsome but what bugs me is that a three pack of clothing was $19.99 but the single outfits are $14.99. I guess the new stuff is more detailed or something?
Alcy let me know about these: Monster High. That is pretty awsome. To be honest, Cleo and Draculaura are the only ones I have zero interest in. I think Lagoona is my favorite. She has: 1. Blue skin 2. WEBBED FINGERS and 3.little fin ears.
Clawdeen is number two for me. If I get one, I think I will probably paint the nose black for a more animal look.
Frankie is kinda cool. She makes me think of Sally from NBC and Franken Fran. Not sure about that hair but it could be fixed.
Deuce…I thought Deuce was going to be part mutant plant. Those snakes look like broccoli. Up close you can see his snakey-ness. DANM, he looks Boyz-like! All the girls look Bratz but he actually looks like he could be the new Koby or something.
Draculaura is purple. Say wut? I like weird skin colors but it doesn’t make much sense to me. I probably would have gone with a bleached out white.
Cleo is apparently popular the Monster High. Clone High’s Cleo was also the popular girl. Whether decendents or clones, Cleopatra is ALWAYS popular. Except with me. I could easily pass on this one.
Articulation: they got it. 10 points and the hands apparently pop off to help with clothing changes. Hopefully they won’t turn up in the thrift stores missing all their hands. ^^;;;
Folks are posting a few photos here and there of the Deconikki stuff at Doll Show 28. What I wanna see, though, is what’s comming after South Breeze. They must have had a display up with the next dolls on it, right? Shoooow them to me.


Beaded Blythe, Wind Up Alpaca, Princess of Korea, Barbie Outfits, Rick-rack Whining

Originally Posted: 04-08-2010

Beaded Blythe Doll Isn’t that AMAZING? :O Crazy, crazy amount of work there.
Any of you folks need a Wind Up Alpaca?
Years ago, I bought a Princess of Korea doll on clearance. I stripped her, pulled down her hair and redressed her. I had planned to take photos then put her hair back up but years went by and I didn’t. BIG SURPRISE. So, that’s what I’m doing now. It’s not exact and I can’t find the gold butterfly for the top of the hair but it’s reasonably good. All I could remember from when I took it down is that it starts with a low ponytail that’s divided into three braids in the back. I’ll take a photo when I can find that pesky camera cable.
There are Barbie outfits out that are themed like different occupations.I was jazzed about the nurse candy striper outfit but when I looked closer, I realised it sucked. It’s kinda cheap looking, the footwear is a joke (hospital=comfortable sneakers) and WTF up is with the Barbie logos on everything? It makes it look less like an actual uniform for doing an actual job and more like an brand name Halloween costume. Kind of a shame, really.
So. Baby rick-rack is nylon. Here I was thinking that maybe it was cotton that could dyed. :/ It’s hard to get baby rick-rack in any color but white or, occationally, red here.
I’m also going to keep an eye peeled for some thin gold braid. I found some but it was a bit more cordlike than braidlike and it’s not like I need it right away.


Ebay, Yoshikitty, Dream, Rainbow Brite, Barbie

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I came across a light up rubber cat made by Lanard on Ebay that the owner wants $199.99 US for. I figure his finger must have slipped. If it was a really sought after toyline, wouldn’t he have put up name intead of just “Light up Rubber Cat by Lanard”? I’d ask him about it, in case he DID mean $20 but the description made me think it might be not such a great idea.
Holy crap. He sells alot of vintage stuff and hates folks hassling him about his prices. I totally understand that. But when people rant in item descriptions, it’s very off-putting. Oh, it’s very INTERESSTING and I’d love to know all about the guy who is ashamed (Because I’m THAT nosy) but unless I was drooling for the item I think I’d pass it by. Angry angry all caps say to me “I’m irritable! Don’t buy from me, I might make trouble for you!”.
He also says that if you don’t pay for insurance and the item gets broken “it’s not my problem”. Quite true but there are nicer ways to put it, like “I can’t be held responsible for the damage” or something.
OH SNAP! It’s YOSHIkitty! Hello Kitty crossed with Yoshiki from X-Japan. ❤ It’s amazing what you find when you aren’t looking, eh?
I had a dream that I hit the motherlode. My parents were cleaning and they found these old bags that were filled with old toys from the 60’s, 70’s and early 80’s. They were going to just toss them but I insisted on doing the sorting. The Pizzazz Jem doll was shot but there were a bunch of perfectly good dresses. There were also these vintage Takara dolls, inculding one that had a head with two faces that spun around like those old baby dolls. At first I was tossing the broken/moldy bodied Takara dolls into the toss pile, then I remembered rebodying and how some collecters would still buy the ones I didn’t want to keep without bodies. Awsome dolls for Lon and a killing on Ebay. And then I woke up. ;_;
I remember almost buying a 1997 10 inch Rainbow Brite doll years ago. Years later I figured it must not of been a REAL RB line because I never saw them online. The crazy part is that I remember them as being beautiful. I look at them now and go “Ehhh.”
I kept meaning to post a link to this picture. It’s an interessting photoshopped photo of Barbie done to make her look like she actually is 50 years old.
According to Charles’s blog, they are putting out a modern version of the Super Star Barbie with some stores pricing it at $3US to celebrate Barbie’s 51st. WTF? THREE BUCKS? Danm that’s cheap! Note that the new version of the costume has about 50% of the fabric of the old one. Modern= SHORTEN EVERYTHING.
I got a message from someone asking me to give them one of my dolls. Not sell, not trade, just give. This isn’t the first time either. That is SO rude. >_>


Monique High Heels

Originally Posted: 02-21-2010

Luvable Hight Heels: 90mm x 26mm, 64mm x 24mm, 42mm x 15mm
Gorgeous Heels: 90mm x 26mm
Glamorous High Heels: 90mm x 26mm
Feminine High Heels: 90mm x 26mm
Adorable High Heels: 90mm x 26mm
Charming High Heels: 42mm x 15mm, 64mm x 24mm
Daring High Heels: 90mm x 26mm
Dazzling High Heels: 90mm x 26mm, 42mm x 15mm, 64mm x 24mm
Enchanting High Heels: 90mm x 26mm
Romantic High Heels: 90mm x 26mm
Sophisticated High Heels: 90mm x 26mm
According to the offical site, the 90mm/26mm ones shoes are made for “Margo, Dorian, Stormy Weather 26″”. You can see some small photos of them here.
The 42mm x 15mm the the 16″ Gene dolls, 64mm x 24mm is Madame Alexander 21″.
I wonder if they fit any BJDs. BJD heels can run a wee bit pricy but these are pretty cheap compared and they come in some neat styles.


Junky Spot vs. Mimiwoo/Obitsu heads/Disney Princesses/ Tonner

Originally Posted: 02-02-2010

I know Junky Spot has some very loyal fans but it makes me frown to see anti-Mimiwoo comments. I have always had good luck with her and it really depends on what you are buying. JS might be cheaper for buying a bunch of things but if you need ONE SINGLE doll head, is best. JS shipping starts at $5, so a single W-07 head is $9.99 as opposed $6.50 at
Junky Spot wins awsome points in that some of the heads come 2 to a bag instead of always just 1 like Mimiwoo and they will include little things like Pocky and whatnot.
If you are buying a bunch of things from Mimiwoo you are better off going through the Ebay store. That way she can combine the shipping, where as the dot com has the shipping included in each price and doesn’t combine.
Obitsu! Why iiiiiis your head so beeg? I recieved a 23-02 and 23-03 in the mail today. They are made for the 23cm body, I was hoping to use them for the 21cm and they are a wee bigger than the Volks Dollfie 27cm body heads. Wut? I have also used the W-07 before and I love it but I do wish it was more the size of the Volks heads. I had been wondering if the W-04 with the lips carefully removed could sub for the Volks default head if they stop making it. I think it might be just too big. I think the 23-02 might actually be as close as you can get with Obitsu.
C’mon Volks, reveal the 1/6 plan!
Another thing. W-07 and 23-02 have FIVEHEAD. Ya know, when it’s too big to be a forehead? It’s fine with bangs but it’s more noticable without. I wonder if anyone ever roots the hair farther down.
Mattel has a line of cheaper Disney Princess dolls out. It’s a cheap way to get a head if you want to do a doll with the open mouthed Snow White, Belle, Sleeping Beauty or Ariel. The downside is that not much else is useable. They are ballet themed with molded ballet slippers and molded tutus so the body can’t be used for something other than a ballerina.
One of the SWs that I saw looked a bit more aggressive than the one in that auction. With the hair, she reminded me a bit of Rosie O’Donnell, were Rosie younger and a Disney Princess.
Tonner is doing Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland dolls. Most of the dolls are “pending actor approval” but the Alice one is there. Dude! They reproduced that awsome, awsome wildlife embroidery on the hem of the skirt! Man, need something with squirrels and deer on it. 😀 I am interessted to see the Mad Hatter. If he looks like the poster, he will be quite something.
Anyone need a white skinned Tonner doll, fresh for the painting?
Yay! The rest of the Sinister Circus dolls are up! I’m more impressed with The Painted Lady than I thought I would be. She’s so sour looking and…are those Victory Rolls? Sheehee is awsome because you just never see that kind of doll made. The bearded lady…eh. I’m curious about how the beard is done though. Glued or rooted? Keiko is interessting but I find she feels kinda like a woman in a fake bird head. It’s worse with Quimby. Marina, however, I like muchly. I love the greenish skin and the custom head sculpt.
Cami is cute. She’s got a sweeter, younger looking face than alot of the adult female Tonners without being as baby-faced as the younger ones.
Jessica Rabbit! Bow-chika-wow-wow! She uses the “Athletic body” which apparently is more “buxom” and “curvy”. Big boobehs.
I wonder what the upcomming Tiana doll will be like.


Doll Hair, Candy Candy Arrives

Originally Posted: 01-29-2010

If I were rich I would have have a drawer dedicated to doll hair. In that drawer, I would have enough of each available color to root a single doll. Stare at photos on the internet, order and hope that if will match? No. It would be as simple as checking the drawer. Untless the doll had a big head, I could start the project as soon as I wanted.
In other news, Candy came! ❤ The boob wasn’t pushed it, it was CRACKED! ^_^;;; Oh well. It’s semi-fixed. A wee deformed but no longer broken. I am going to try the stuff I had for fixing scratches on the body to see if it will smooth out a bit. The tape on her turned out to be there for no reason, not holding a broken body together. Most of the dirt came off, though I’ve having trouble removing all of the face stains. Her hair has been removed, the holes shrunk and the new hair ordered. I wanted to go with saran like she would have had but I couldn’t figure out what the perfect mix would be. Everything seemed off so I ordered Goldenrod nylon. If it’s like DH’s photo it will be a little off but if it’s like MLC’s photo it will be PERFECT and hold curl better than the saran. And really, Candy is all about the curls.
They don’t make Oxy 5 anymore and they never sold Oxy 10 here. All the new Oxy creams seem to have something to make them gentler on skin or cover up blemishes while they work. I heard bad things about Clearasil so I got some Clean and Clear Persa-Gel 5. Still only 5% but it seems like they don’t sell anything higher over the counter here. Maybe some day I’ll suck it up and just buy some Remove-Zit and Formula 9-1-1.


DH New Hair/ Haute Doll

Originally Posted: 01-22-2010

So, DH uploaded the new stock.
“Check out Dollyhair’s SEVEN brand new saran colors as of January 2010: vineyard violet, foxglove lavender, shocking fuchsia, chromatic pink, cupcake pink, mystic plum to pink, and mystic pink to blonde!
Plus, bitter chocolate brown and cotton candy pink are BACK!”
Translation: I hope you like PINK AND PURPLE 😀
Shocking Fuchsia is Purple Haze and Vineyard Violet is Plum Crazy at RD but Chromatic Pink, Cupcake Pink, Foxglove Lavender and the two Mystic (COLOR CHANGE) colors are only available at DH right now. The Mystic Plum to Pink looks kinda awsome. I have a bit of the Pink to White and it’s neat to touch it and watch it get all splotchy. 
For mah birfday on the 8th, I recieved a subscription to Haute Doll. Sassy, non? But I have a little secret to tell you about the Break Room:
There is nobody there.
Well, a few people have posted but I highly doubt anyone checks it often. So, if you were expecting a riproaring discussion like I was, surprise! 😀
They had a vampire doll contest. Apart from the neat idea I think Blood Contess deserved a prize for risking STAINING to her vintage Sindy. O_O  My Mum loves the picture of Lillia and Saltine. XD She tends to flip to that page just to see it.


Dolly Hair/ Candy Candy/ Fabric/ Etsy

Originally Posted: 01-19-2010

Dolly Hair’s twitter says she’s unpacking new doll hair and updating the site AS I WRITE THIS. I’m chomping at the bit to see what’s new. Hurry Tina! I need to see it nyaaaaooow!! O_O *pant pant*
Yay! I got fabric that I figure will be PERFECT for the Candy Candy doll’s new dress. I’ll have to cut it on the bias to make it work but it should be okay. I’m a little nervous about washing it because I don’t want the red to run but I also hate putting unwashed stuff on dolls because it might STAIN. I worry that a swatch test might work differently than a larger piece. I figure I’ll figure out how might I need for the dress and just wash that. That way if it gets messed up I still have more. I’m hoping that Candy’s body is similar enough to the Licca body that I could use a Licca dress pattern without much alteration.
The material was BOGO so I also got a neat-o mini holly print. I wish I could have gotten half of that and half of the mini trees but it doesn’t work that way.
I have bought a few things on Etsy and I admit it gets me a wee pissed off how casual some of them are. Maybe it’s because I’m used to Ebay but I want to hear about it when you get my money, be told that it will be shipped out “on X day” or “as soon as possible”, then recieve feedback on the transaction after I’ve left mine. I shouldn’t have to wonder if the item has been sent or not and I shouldn’t have to ASK for feedback :/ They remind ME to leave it before I have even had time to get what I bought so they might be reminding the sellers too, right?
I got one of those awsomely kitchy mini tinsel trees half off in the dollar(ish) store. :3 It’s not big enough for full size 1/6 scale, a little small, but still good.
(Watching me download vintage doll photos)
“You burn and delete stuff then download more crap. It’s the Circle of Blythe.”
-My Brother.


Momoko/ Blythe Knock Offs/ Volks Discontinuing/ Doll Hair

Originally Posted: 01-03-2010

There is a new Momoko out called Home Angel Amber The name and that she’s in lingerie made me think of “Centrefold” by The J. Geils Band.
“Years go by I’m lookin’ through a girly magazine And there’s my homeroom angel on the pages in-between”
I got a hit for “Ebay allows knock-off Blythe dolls” True that. I never thought Little Big Eyes was really any replacement for Blythe because the face is a little odd but there are two called Color Changing Eyes and Blybe that are much closer in looks, particularly Blybe. The down side is that the quality isn’t as nice but if you are customizing and don’t have an issue with it being a knock off, well, there is it.
Yikes! This knock off even stole the logo. O_O Dropping an E doesn’t make it yours!
According to Milkshake Melody, Volks is discontinuing:
“NEW-EB, EB, EB-mini all types
Elegant Collection all types (S and mini included)
NEO-EB, NEO-Teen brown skin type
Dollfie Plus 01, 02 types (Optional heads 03-05 not included!) ”
I wish they would have given more info on what they WILL be doing. Fans have the choice on either saving their money to buy what may be a superior line or heading over to the English site to pick the carcass of the current line. Some stuff is already sold out so do you wait for a last minute restock and possibly get nothing or grab what you can? Such quandaries!
I don’t care about the Elegant bodies. They always sounded sticky and easily broken. Mini bodies…eh…I supose Obitsu could be used insted. You get the neat-o alternate hands with those and there isn’t a little foot ring to worry about breaking. But I do wish they would keep the mini head sculpt and make it available in bags of skinheads or something. It’s a cute but has more of a nose than the 2 super-cute Obitsu heads.
The great thing about the EB bodies is that they are hard plastic. If you need to, you can paint them easier than a soft busted body. Obitsu has ONE hard bust body per height and the hands are still flexible.
If Volks doesn’t fill the void with the new project, the fans also loose a number of body types. From the photos, an Obitsu Slim body is between a Neo Goh. There is no Obitsu equal to EB-N or EB-C. For a short, girly body you’ll need to buy an Beauty A, sand and epoxy the chest, buy a head since the Beauty A comes with a Dollfie Plus head, then ignore the fact that he has teeny feet and girl-booty. Come to think of it, without an EB-like line, A, B and S style bodies will all need seperately purchased head. Unless folks want to go with the expensive pre-rooted everytime, that’s like giving Obitsu money.
Of course, the new line could be all whiz bang and awsome, blowing Obitsu out of the water and leaving everbody who stocked up feeling like they should have waited! 😀 We’ll see soon!
I noticed something. I was looking for example of 21HD-F04 and saw that there is a definite bias towards using Volks head with Obitsu bodies when it comes to mini dolls but usually not the other way around.
Ooh! I just noticed Restore Doll keeps a viewable log of your orders. That way if you can’t remember exactly which blond you bought last time, you can find out without having to go whining to Kathy. XD
I’m sorting through my doll hair. Figuring out exactly what I have, what I’m using it for and trying to complete the heads that just need a little more hair. I also ordered some Brunette (3) because A) there’s a sale on a RD and I B) need just a bit more to complete the Maddie Mod doll I’m rerooting and C) it’s not like I won’t use it later. Seriously, Brunette is currently the hair color I have used most and I have at least one more project I will use it for. I just…dig it. It’s a nice dark brown.


Vintage Anime Dolls/Rainbow Brite/TRU

Originally Posted: 01-16-2010

Unless the fibres are changing color over time, some vintage Japanese dolls based on existing were made with the wrong colored hair. I don’t mean just another shade either, like, totally different! :O
*Annie from Candy Candy: Black hair in the anime/ brown haired doll (Like this one on Y!JP) 
*Sandybell from Hello! Sandybell: Some of the dolls have blond like the anime but then there’s this one who is a brunette.
*Sarah from a Little Princess: Black hair in the anime but this doll, like the Annie doll, has brown instead of black.
There are probably more. Those are just the ones I’ve come across.
Why am I looking at vintage anime doll hair? Well….I have a vintage Candy Candy doll comming. Not mint…oh hell no not mint. Her fluffy blond pigtails have gotten chopped off, she’s stained and naked. I think there may be a crack in the body, the neck connecter looks like a dog got to it and one of her boobs is concave. I’m thinkin’ glue and milliput and hoping her arms come off. If they do, the body can be softened in hot water and I can push the inverted tata back out with a stick. She’s sad looking now but she can be fixed. *fist in the air* XD  I figured it would be a way of getting a neat vintage doll with those big syrupy shoujo eyes fairly cheap.
I’m wondering about the hair color. I won’t really be able to try and match her untill I have her in hand but I can’t help trying to guess from photos. If they all used the same color, she should look something like this. Original blond seems a bit dark, maybe Dark Malibu Blonde or Honey Blonde? If HB is a match, it would be nice because I actually HAVE some right now but bad because I want to use it for a doll that would ALSO have fluffy pigtails ^^;; We’ll see!
Ooh! Guess what, guess what! New Rainbow Brite dolls are comming! Rainbow, Tickled Pink, Moonglow and some horses. If they make a Patty O’Green though, I am sold. There is also a bigger Rainbow doll that uses the same molds are the Before Once Upon a Time Disney dolls.
Still no SIS dolls at TRU (Or anywhere else.) :O I did see lots of lovely Barbie repros though. ❤ It also turned out that the Basic Black Barbies are $24.99 EVERYWHERE. No special deals at walmart 😦


Re-dressed Volks Baron/ Pippos Mercats

Originally Posted: 12-26-2009

BWHAHAHA! Hey guys, look! look! Photos of this person’s Volks Baron doll. As well as his stock, there are also photos of him RE-DRESSED. Heehee, wow. (Xakarias on DoA posted it)

Part 6 of Reposts

Seasons Greeting!/Pullips/Goodreau/Red Wyvern Studio/Novice Hame/Nikki

Originally Posted: 12-25-2009

Hey kids! Happy Almost-The-End-of-December! Having a good day? 😀
Amongest my prezzies, I recieved a Artitude Moxie Girlz Lexa and some embroidery scissors. Yay! Lexa’s hair was a wee bit crispy. :O She recieved a condition and trim.
My brother’s gift from me hasn’t arrived yet. >_< I figured almost a month would be good enough to get it from Hong Kong by airmail but apparently it wasn’t. I had some stuff for under the tree but I wish I had ordered The Big Gift sooner or something. I just hope it works perfectly when it comes. Having it come so late then having to get a replacement would be awful.
One of my father’s gifts was a battery operated walking bug. The cat enjoyed carefully stalking it then flipping it over. He showed alot more interesst in it than in his own toys. ^^;; One of the gifts that Snooky recieved was a little stuffed catnip meerkat. My brother said it was horrible but I disagree. They donate part of the money made by the toys to helping meerkats so by buying him a fake one to toss around we are kinda helping the real thing! Yay!
You know, I was thinking earlier about when Pullips first came out. SnowflakeBabe from Bratzworld Yahoo had posted links to them but I honestly wasn’t sure how well they would do. They were pretty but the head was so heavy that the necks were SNAPPING! O_O Folks were gluing and inserting pins but how well can a doll do if you have to be ready to fix it when you buy it? They sorted it all out and even though they have had other issues (KNEES AND WRISTS) they are still doing quite well.
I have to wonder just how many Obitsu bodies are put to work as replacements for Pullips.  I don’t like Obitsu as much as Volks but when it comes to sticking a huge head on it, Obitsu is stiffer and IMHO better for the job.
Build-A-Bear has awsome little hiking boots for the bears. They have neat-o real treads! The downside is that since they are made for the bears they are ROUND and no good for most dollies.
Goodreau dolls. I’m a member of the camp that thinks they are oogly. It’s weird, I guess their eyes aren’t any bigger than some of the Asian dolls I’ve rubber stamped but they feel too big and googly for the sculpts.
I think think my opinion is helped by by the horribly out of scale eyelashes they use either. Look at this photo. They should NOT reach the eyebrows. (I even ran to the bathroom to see if my own did.)
Some people think that Goodreau is snubbed because they are American and all the doll fans are wapanese but it IS possible to just not like a doll because of the sculpt. ^^;;
Then there’s the animal dolls. Bah, and some people rag on the Chinese made BJDS saying they aren’t very detailed! To me, they look kinda slap dash put together. I might dig a Goodreau human after some eye modding but the animals would need to be heavily modded. Cripes, I didn’t even know Bebe was a Chihuahua untill I read the tag.
Why am I writting about this? Well, I was updating my cat doll list with a few dolls and added in Goodreau. I didn’t want to say what I thought of them there so I’m doing it here. In the same update I added Red Wyvern Studio’s Emily to the list. I’ve never heard of them before, I can’t vouch for the company or anything but I look at their cat and Goodreau’s cat and there is just no competition when it comes to whose sculpt I like better. And they are both the same size.
I was poking around in their feedback and found THIS. “Sally Jupiter/Silk Spectre I Dollhouse doll”. Bow chika wow wow! XD
I am not a Doctor Who fan but it turns out in one of the series there was a group called the “catkind”. Cat PEOPLE. An evil nun cat lady named Novice Hame spawned a 12inch figure that I figured was dolly enough for the list. Jon Pumpkin’s photo of Hame chilling with some non-anthro kitties. XD
Maaan. I wish those Odeco and Nikki keychains weren’t so small. I mean, they could make great dolls for the dolls themselves but if they were larger I could stick on on a doll body for my own, cheaper cat doll. 2 inches is too small for that. I want them to come out with Nikki Angels. Like Pullip Angels: A cheaper, painted eye version of the doll!


Dream FCS Super Dollfie 13

Originally Posted: 11-25-2009

Skintone: Normal
Head Mold: F-35
Eyelashes: WT-7-Brown Brown
Wig Color: Dark Brown 6
Body: B-08 SD13 girl, M bust jointed
Arms: A-02 SD13 girl normal arm
Hands: H-09 Legs: L-02 (Regular SD13)
Feet: High-heeled FO-02 (Buy Normal FO-01 seperately)
So, more or less a normal SD13 girl, body-wise. M sized bust because even though I would want her to be to be in her late teens instead of early teens, I figure I wouldn’t need really big boobs.
Painting, blushing, sanding, coating, sueding? Bring it on. I know I’d be sacrificing the bonding experience and making the doll my own but in this case, I would be paying for the PERFECT doll. I’d probably get a second one that wasn’t FCS to do all the esthetics and customizations on but this one would be done by the volks craftsmen.
Carrying case, both stands and roll out the welcoming outfit, please. If they had it in stock, it would be the Sato kimono since the head mold is only available in Kyoto.
After recieving her, I would take her shopping in the store to pick up some swanky duds and get those regular feet. Millions of photos would be taken.
Thus ends my rich person Super Dollfie fantasy. I can’t even begin to imagine how much it would all cost. But heck, it’s interesting to think about, isn’t it?


Volks and Obitsu 1/6 Face Painting Tutorials

Originally Posted: 11-18-2009

Milkshake Melody has a tutorial section that has one for painting eyes. There is also one for decals, inserting glass eyes, rooting patterns, photo tips and instructions on the tension method. But you probably already knew about the site, right? It just felt wrong to leave it off the list. XD;
Volks has their own.
Parabox has a brief one. Scroll down to “painting on vinyl
Tenshi Blues’ (Famoose for her One Piece dolls) Tutorial: Part 1 & Part 2.
LuckyDoll’s Tutorial
Angel Crest’s Tutorial

Angel Plume has one. First link in the “lab”. There is also a tutorial for cat ears (as made by Re-Ment cats), tips on hair styling and photographing.
Flinkback’s Site. The 7th block down is the customising section. The first link on that page is about hair rooting, the second is about face painting and the third is rooting patterns.
Aiko has a tutorial for a midi head AND an A head. Enter and then hit the second ball on the right side (across from 27cm CUSTOM) for the customizing section. There’s also a thing on adding glass eyes, dremeling a CY Girl head, blushing painting a Cy Girl and one of the best uses for Micromen I have ever seen.


NDR JP Site/Dream/Volks

Originally Posted: 11-16-2009

Oh. My. Gawwwd. The Japanese NDR site. The English site is all empty and sad but the Japanese one is shiny and beautiful.
In the clothing sections, it turns out “bizarre” means shiny PVC fetish wear! Yeehaw! This one makes me think of some boobtastic super hero from outer space. this one makes me think of Phoebe from the First Wives Club, the book not the movie. The weird dress with all the teddy bears pinned to the skirt…I just pictured it as kind of like that, except with the bears.
I wonder why nobody buys a whole bunch of NDR heads, particularly the elf ones, and sells them at a bit of a mark up. It would make getting them less of a hassle so I would think people would buy. I’m not big on most of them but I do like the elf and CW01. Chubby face, chubby face!
I had a dream that Walmart had some super awsome doll stuff in. One thing was packages of saran. I found some beautiful green stuff but the trouble was that it was packaged with grey hair and made up only a 1/3 of each bag. To root a doll, you’d need maybe 5 bags and have all this grey hair left over. Laaame.
Huh! I had no idea that Volk’s Mami and Kana had exculsive head molds. I mean, I guess I would have noticed if I’d really looked but I never did. Love that second finished photo. Gave her a bit of spunk and helped with the wide open forehead thing she had going.


Alpha Critters: HELL YEAH SEAPOON!

Originally Posted: 09-29-2009

As a child, I had a plush toy and figurine of a sea monster character named “Seapoon”. My brother had his initial in toy form as well It’s driven me insane for years because I couldn’t find any info on them. I’d google and people would mention them but never say WHERE they came from. Well, I found my figure in a drawer and flipped it over:
ALPHA Critters
1987 Lloyd Gilbert
Made in China
Not a hell of alot of info online about them but the merch pops up on Ebay. Thanks to a bed sheet, I was able to make a list of the names. I’ll post it here incase anyone else is going nuts looking for info on their childhood toy:
Keagle (wait…what?)

Cesar Feb 17, 13
My wife gave me Seapoon and i gave her Capook, when we were boy and girlfriends in Bolivia `93….Love you Sue!

Renee England Jan 24, 11
I was so glad to see this site! My husband and I own the TM and copyright to Alphacritters way back from the 80s. There are some new projects in the works..

I a actually searching for a plush Orger.

Renee England, Tulsa, OK

Patsy Dec 26, 10

I have the plushie Capook, had him since 86-87 i bought him when I was pregnant with my son. I also had the curtains and sheets. They are long gone, but the oddity of it was i bought Capook before I knew I was having a boy, which I named Christopher…neato huh, and 23 years later he is still with me,I just purchased a flat sheet from ebay,coming all the way from Canada…LONG LIVE ALPHA CRITTERS!!!!

Steph Oct 26, 10
My best friend in high school and I used to speak in Alpha Critter language. OMG we had so much fun calling everyone by their Alpha name! Of course, I was Seapoon! 🙂

Andria Sep 22, 10
I’ve been searching the net for Alpha Critters for a while and this is the first time I’ve found anything other than plush for sale on Ebay. They also made a set of small two inch plastic Alpha Critters figurines. I have this entire set and was kind of looking to see if anyone else knew about them. I’m keeping them forever!

Ellen Sep 01, 10
These were some of my favorite childhood toys. My brother and I dreamed of collecting all 26, but couldn’t because the company stopped making them or went out of business. Years later we did manage to get them on via eBay, though.

In my opinion, these things are just awesome.

Lisa in CT Jul 15, 10
I had the Alphacritter sheets in college and now my step-daughter is off to college in the Fall and is taking the same sheets with her. The legend lives! By the way… Seapoon was always my favorite too!

Laura Mar 17, 10
I found one of these today…Jobo, I had never seen one before…cute as can be.


World Kids/Mammy’s Parlor/Ra Ra Ra Mujinkun/Custom Doll/ Rich Dreams/Crazy CM

Originally Posted: 09-14 2009

Was poking around YJ and found this doll. I was wondering what she was made from since the fingers splay out like an old Kelly body. Then I organized by price and, boom, found it. She is made from a World Doll/World Kids/Whatever doll. See? She’s wearing Holland’s dress. Those dolls are so cute, I just wish Canada wasn’t so danm boring. Blue eyed blond in a faux Hockey jersey. Couldn’t we have been a redhead or something? I’m getting Deja Vu…I bet I have whined about that before.
Phew! I thought Mammy’s Parlor was gone. Turns out she just got her own domain name. It’s an awsome site with lots of vintage dolls on it. As well as looking for the sake of looking, it can also be helpful in IDing dolls.
AHAHA! WOW. LITTLE GREEN MEN. They are kinda hot, too. Something about Asch’s facial screening reminds me of Momoko. Attack of the Anime Toys has a set too. Oh gawd…now I want one. -_-
Look what I came across. Custom Plum Puddin’and owl made with Babyz doll and pet.
Something I’d do if I had fat stacks of cash is set up deals with custom doll clothing makers where I’d send them some supplies and, I don’t know, $30 US or something and say “Make me a doll outfit for X doll body that’s worth $30 of your labour.” Anything they want. Then, when it’s finished I’d pay shipping to get it back and they keep any useable leftovers.But isn’t the value of labour in the eye of the beholder? Well, $30 isn’t that much when you have fat stacks and I’d go with people that seemed good for it. Plus, I’d post photos with a list and photo of what was sent. If I send a 1/4 metre of fabric, matching threads and 1/4 metres of trim and recieve a badly sewn and baggy halter dress with trim on the bottom of the front of the dress only, well, that doesn’t reflect well on the maker. $30 isn’t enough for anything super fancy, no labor intensive minature embroidery or anything but I probably enough for a nicely made dress/shirt and pants combo or something. It would be neat to send the same supplies to 2 or more different people and see what each one does with it XD
I’ve had a similar idea before that would use actual doll bodies. Pick my favorite hair color, my favorite Volks or Obitsu body, buy enough for 4 or so dolls then send that and the customizing fees to different artists, again with no rules expect to make me awsome dolls. Then I’d post a group shot with the 4 dolls to show how different each one’s idea was even though they started the same. Neither idea will be happening any time soon though! (Wish me luck with my tickets folks! XD)


Anticlimatic Doll Dreams and Anne of Forest Fairy

Originally Posted: 09-07-2009

A week or so ago I had a dream that the local grocery store started still Volks Dollfie bodies as well as finished dolls. I was pretty excited but I also noticed that an Eb-N I had been working on was there for $19.99! It had fallen out of my bag when I had been in the store and been put on the rack as merchandise. I didn’t figure they’d believe me and since the doll was mine anyway, I put slipped him into my bag and left the store.
So, I’m at home working on the doll and there’s a knock at the door. Mum comes running to my bedroom and tells me that the police are here and I have to go to my uncle’s to hide out for a while. So I have to climb out my window and run through the woods to get there. I honestly don’t remember what happened when I was there but danm the first part was weird.
Then, last night, I had a dream where my dad found a my little pony. He was complaining that the light up feature wasn’t working so I opened it up and looked inside and saw that there were things crammed INSIDE the pony. I start pulling things out and it’s like a clown car, there is a ridiculous amount of stuff in there. It starts with a doll head that has holes punched in it, then there’s whole Polly Pocket sets (old size not new). I was pretty thrilled because I figured they would be perfect dolls for my dolls. I wish I could remember more about what kinds of sets there were. I know there was one with elves called “Silverglade” or something and an Anne of Green Gables one set up like her bedroom where the figure had teeny molded braids. *_* Then a huge crowd of tiny people start rioting outside my house because they think I have their comrades hostage. O_O And then, before I could see what happened, my father wakes me up to ask if I have his saw. >_<
Anne Shirley Licca doll. Aka Anne of Forest Fairy for copyright reasons. Ooooh. I remember seeing her in a toy shop photo taken in Japan and thinking “If I was there and could afford her, I could not leave without one.” I can’t even find a store online SELLING her though, so maybe she really is that rare.


Hair Reference Group/No Obitsu Mini Boy Heads

Originally Posted: 06-10-2009

The hair reference group got a MAJOR boost. While doing the flickr group equivalent of going around knocking on doors, I realised just how many photos there were out there of colors from Dolly Hair and Restore doll that were actually sold by My Little Customs. Apparently, MLC stocks from both DH and RD but they are based in England so it’s closer for the folks in the UK. Most of the same hair colors, most of the same names. I’ve added MLC to the headers on the by color listing and just noted when it’s a color they DON’T carry. My big surprise was when the owner of MLC actually joined up and added her own photos. O_O Whoah!
I am also now NOT the main contributor to my own group! Now that the weather is nicer I am going to have to get photos taken of hair colors I have. But before I do that, I need to get painting. The rate of facelessness is danm creepy.
Obitsu, why you no make mini boys heads?? I just noticed that. So basically, if you want to make an Obitsu mini boy so ISN’T all girly in the face, you have to get a Volks mini-F head. Does Volks sell those seperately? No, they do not. So you would have to either buy a Mini-F and sell the body or post on boards hoping someone will sell one to you. >_<
Edit: Eh. I guess #3 could be a boy. It just doesn’t strike me as being as masculine as the F head.


Ripped Off Custom Blythe Photos

Originally Posted: 05-13-2009

I was in a down town store that carries all these neat pieces of jewelery and miscellania, mosly brought in from other counties and/or handmade. In the jewelery section they had some barettes and large earrings made with photos of Blythe dolls! A few were stock photos (Miss Sally Rice and Welcome Winter) but most of them were of customs. I asked a clerk if the owners of the photos had given their consent and she told me they bought them off an old woman who had a stall in Bangkok. Aparently other stalls had similar stuff going. : /


Doll Hair Matching

Originally Posted: 03-31-2009

So I can delete the e-mail without feeling I’ll need it later:
Some vintage Barbie to Restore Doll hair matchups. 
TNT Chocolate Bon Bon- #15 Original Brunette
Blonde 1965 Midge – Strawberry Chatty #65
Titian 1965 Midge – Titian #8
Brunette 1965 Midge – Hazelnut #50
While I’m talking about doll hair, I don’t think DollyHair’s conversion table is perfect. My Little Customs is a UK based site that carries hair from both sites.  DH lists their Lagoon Blue as being the same color as RD’s Azure blue, yet MLC sells both so there must be a difference. It’s the same with Purple Passion and Wild Lavender.
Edit: Nope. They are the same. I recieved an F-mail from Robin and apparently both names are listed to avoid confusion. Some people would ask for one name if the other was used. Never mind, guys. XD

Part 4 of Reposts

Blythe Dream

Originally Posted: 03-16-2007

I had a thirft store dream last night. I was poking through their toy bins and found a 1991 Raspberry Tart and a vintage one. They were both priced higher than I wanted to pay but I felt I couldn’t leave either behind, the 91 because of her rarity and the vintage because she was totally perfect.
Then I see a bin filed with Kenner Blythes. These dolls were involved in a fire so they have some damage and for $20 you don’t get to choose which one you want. I decide to try my luck and buy two.
When I get home I pull one out and she’s been colored a medium brown by the smoke and heat. One of her feet is melted into a stump so I know I’ll have to swap the body but I’m confidant I can still use the head. The scalp is missing but hey, I can get a new one. Then I turn the head so I can see the back and it’s totally flat.
 -_- Oh dear.
I’m pretty sad but I pull the second one from the bag. The fire doesn’t seem to have touched her! Her hair is messed up and her pullstring doesn’t work but these are all fixable. I am THRILLED.
(She was a dark brunette, wispy banged doll, BTW)


Chatter, Chatter!

Originally Posted: 12-09-2006

I don’t write like I used to. 😀 I still tinker about with dolls as much but I just don’t write about it. Plus we’re getting ready for THE 24th OF DECEMBER. Busy, busy stuff!
I saw an Only Hearts doll in person :O Winners is so cool. I figure they get their stock from the US which is why the have stuff that doesn’t pop up in normal stores. MAN! They are small! I knew that some of their gear fit Blythe but I still pictured them as larger.
Kekekeke. I was in a store buying winter boots and had to walk through the little girls’ clothing section. On top of one rack they had a Bratz doll display and just in case the little girl you’re shopping with isn’t into Bratz, on another they had the $60 horse/carriage/doll set from Barbie’s 12 Dancing Princesses. DEVIOUS, simply devious, I tell you. XD 
I don’t realy care about how Mattel packages the dolls. I most always debox and something like the Fashion Fever tubes get’s tossed out because I can’t recycle it into things like I can Bratz box plastic. It’s entirely about what’s inside for me which is why, if they switch over to the new, stumpy body permenantly, I will be buying even less Barbies in the future. If it’s about saving money on plastic, fine, I’ll save my money too. If it’s about making the body more realistic, they need to go ALL the way and totally redesign (again.) rather than just shortening the torso. And for crying out loud, go back to smaller heads! Bratz’s little bodies and big heads look stylized but this just looks weird for me.
I’m pretty untempted on the new Bratz, but that’s okay. It’s not good to be in “OMG, MUST HAVE IT!” mode ALL the time. Oh man, I KNEW they’d do a doll with en pointe feet at some point. Well, not really “knew”, just thought it would be neat way to take advantage of the feet being removable. The Mermaidz are cute! I dig the stylized tail fins. Am I the only one who doesn’t like the first Kidz Jade best, though? I think it’s the pigtails. I have a thing for hair styles that part in the center. Pigtails, braids, double buns, afropuffs, etc. ❤
So MGA’s Shrek dolls WILL be a Bratz line. -_-; That’s disapointing. I’m one of the crowd that wants an Ogre-Fiona fashion doll so I’m hoping that even if there’s a line of Bratz wearing Shrek tees or something that a relitively acurate Fiona will be put out by herself as well. (Though I can’t say I’d pass on a green skinned Bratz if one were made XD)
I was at the flea market and though I saw a bubble-cut Barbie for $5. I was all “Ooooh! *_*” but I checked the back of the body and head and found no trace of markings. Aw. If it had been $1 or something I would have bought it anyway because vintage style knock offs are still kinda cool but not at $5.


Hello There.

Originally Posted: 11-20-2006
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Misadventures in Sculpey

Originally Posted: 09-15-2006

I’ve been working on a head in Super Sculpey. The first one I wrote off as a proto-type because it came out way too big. I based the size off the original head the body I’m putting it on had without thinking about the fact that it was oversized (Bratz, what have you done to me??). Anyways, I made a smaller one, baked it, and all was groovy and fine.
I wanted to cover it over with a layer of colored Sculpey III like Lithe Fider did with Jaquel. I painstakingly added the layer, baked it, then realised while sanding that I had made the layer too thick and now the head was huge like the old one -_-; I had to chip and sand off the coating and the scissors left gouges that I will need to fill in later. In the end, the head will just be painted.
I messed up, wasted my time, wasted my supplies and breathed in Sculpey dust which worries me slightly. I might as well have been making a rooster-girl because the whole process has been a big cock-up. -_-; May the future go smoother.


Wigmaking and Ponies

Originally Posted: 07-07-2006

The What’s Her Face doll wigs have a vinyl scalp. Now, I can’t mold vinyl but you know what’s also flexible and plastic-y? Hot glue. I got out a spare Boyz head I had, put two layers of saran wrap over it, a layer of netting, outlined the hairline then filled it in with glue. After setting, it pulled off without a lot of sticking, I trimmed it, and was left with a somewhat flexible wig cap which I started gluing the hair on to. I’m still experimenting but it seems that this would alow me to make a wig in whatever size I needed.
The first wig I made isn’t finished, these are me fooling around with yarn. The first one in the picture is a pigtailed wig that has kind of a crooked part in back and the little hangy down side pieces are there to hide the ‘burns. (sideburns won’t really be an issue for female dolls though) It could also use ribbons or something to define the pigtails as pigtails, rather than just two masses of hair. The weight of the hair is also an issue and the wig has a tendancy to slide backwards (aparently this is a problem with human wigs sometimes too)
The second one was mainly to try and make one where it didn’t have hair hanging down in the forehead. Turns out that a style like this makes Eitan’s forehead look HUGE.The flower is covering a massive glue mishap. The hair in front is meant to be pulled back into a high pony tail but the tail flattens itself down.
For a more serious attempt in the works, there’s this photo of Tori (WHF) wearing a wig made from dollar store hair piece hair. The bangs are a bit wonky because it hasn’t been flatted with boiling water yet. The headband hides glue XD;
On a rather messed up note, I associate hot glue burns with Christmas, due to my experiences making ornaments in Brownies/Guides.
Some of you may have already seen it but I’ve been uploading group photos of my entire pony collection as I take them. Heehee, “entire”, makes it sound huge, doesn’t it? XD Anyway, I have them all up, except for the two flutter ponies, G3 Minty and the second Glory. I’m waiting untill I make the flutters new wings, decide how to photograph Minty and decide whether or not to customize the second Glory. Glory’s mane and tail are fine, head is pretty white but the body is yellowed and the symbol is gone. Is that “baity” enough to do some work? I want to try and make her fabulous but I don’t want to mess with her if she hasn’t crossed the line.
Year One
Cotton Candy
Year Two
Seapony Sea Winkle
Baby Blue Ember
Lemon Drop
Year three
Baby Surprise
Baby Seapony Splasher
Year Four
So Soft HeartThrob
Flutter Morning Glory
Flutter Forget me Not
Year Eight
Pony Bride*
The ones with asterisks are the ones I had prior to getting that great deal. :3 What I’ve realised while IDing them is that the owner must have either been a hardcore collector, or gotten alot of great hand-me-downs. Ponies stretching 4 years, play set exclusives like Lemondrop and Majesty, Ember the mailaway. I wish the play sets had been for sale too, but I bet those got given or thrown away years ago since they are such a big thing to keep around.



Originally Posted: 06-18-2006

Yesterday I made an amazing find. We stopped at a yard sale and I saw a pile of ponies. How much were they? 25 cents each. So I started picking up ponies, was offered a bag and then finally the young woman (probably the former owner) just said I could take the whole lot for $3.
How many ponies did Lon get? 20. Now that deserves an expletive!
As I worked away at cleaning them, I realised that this is the first high volume doll cleaning I’ve done :O Mostly I’ve never cleaned more than 4 dolls at a time. Right now, they are drying in pieces except for Baby Blue Ember and Baby Surprise who dried quicker than the rest.
Sea Pony FAQ. Yay! One of the ponies is an adult sea pony and her weight as gone all rusty 😡 I want to reinsert it but AFTER I derust it. I wonder what you could coat it with to keep it from going rusty again? Would a thin coat of Sculpey work?
I’d like to thank the woman who sold them to me. I’d also like to thank her younger self who took such good care of her ponies. None of the manes seem to be cut, the tails are all there and they aren’t doodled on. They were definitly played with, some had had braids or bits of dried leaves in their hair, but they were played with NICELY. The grime was what you’d expect from a 20 year old children’s toy and most of it came off with elbow grease.
*Does a jig* I’ll have to post a photo after I put them all back together and ID them.


Afropuff Christie

Originally Posted: 06-13-2006

Ever since I restyled my 03 Orange Blossom’s hair (something esle I must remember to finally photograph), I’ve wanted to give a doll afropuffs from scratch. I came across a modern-bodied Christie in a thrift store with a bad hair cut but they wanted $4 for her and the junk doll in with her so I passed. On a later visit, she was still there, still $4 so I grew a pair and asked about a possible discount since she was almost bald AND I had noticed her left hand was badly chewed. I ended up getting her for $1.something :3 Sadly I also discovered she had broken knees when I got her home ^_^;; Oh well.
The reroot took me only one day, since it was pigtails and curly hair takes up alot of space.
I also opened a Flickr account to house better my photos a while ago. Some are old but there are some new ones too. Two….but there will be more at some point! One of them shows the shape of the puffs better.


Wanna see a Pussy Cat Doll?

Originally Posted: 06-01-2006

(Link to replace lost picture)
Madame Alexander’s “Pussy Cat” XD

I got a couple books on dolls from the library. Some where better than others.

100 years of Dolls by Dawn Herlocker: It goes back farther than Dolls of the 60’s and 70’s and has lots of interessting info on the companies and how they got started. Sadly it isn’t as picture intensive so I’d get excited to see a certain doll mensioned and then be unable to find a photo.

Dolls of the 1960’s and 1970’s by Cindy Sabulis: PICTURES! WOOT! The area it covers is limited but some of the best dolls came out at that time so it’s fine. My favorite of the three.

The Charlton standard catalogue of Canadian dolls by Evelyn Robson Strahlendorf: Boring! The worst part was that the photos are in black and white and the lighting isn’t very good in some of them. It’s particularly bad with some of the dark skinned dolls, sometimes you can barely tell there’s a face 😦

Part 3 of Reposts

Mermaid Doll Dream

Originally Posted: 05-15-2006

I had a dream that I had three mermaids dolls. The bodies were similar to the Mermaid Fantasy Barbies and they all had the same wide eyed face but they were in different colors. The mermaids had to get back in the water or they’d die so I filled up the middle drawer of my mum’s dresser with water to put them in. I played with them in the drawer, splashing around and stuff untill I was called away. When I came back later, the wood had shifted and most of the water had drained into the bottom drawer where Mum’s clothing was. O__O Oops.
Analysis: My mum has a big-ass metal cabinet. I’d LOVE to have one just like it because each shelf is big enough for a sizable dolly apartment. BUT even if I had one, I have absolutly no space for it. So, playing with her dresser=covetting her cabinet. The mermaids? I guess it’s because I was playing with the hair of my MF Barbie recently and thinking of ways I could photograph her.

Mermaid Doll Dream


Interessting Doll Bits

Originally Posted: 04-05-2006

Shrinkin Violette, made in 1963, is a cloth doll that says things like “I’m just afraid of everything” and “I wish people wouldn’t look at me”. Aparently they only made her for a year, wonder why. XD
Celebration Cake Barbie wears a cake shaped skirt and comes with REAL ICING to decorate it with. O_o;
Blythe outfits. There are some other outfits in there too but the main reason I saved it was because of the kimonos and COSPLAY. From the look of it, the owner is a big Ghibli fan 😀
Speaking of which, apart from the Baron dolls, have any non-plush dolls been comercially produced based on Ghibli movies?
Well dressed Peteenas. There is a group photo here. 4 Peetenas, I’m way jealous. ^_^
A Mame Momoko head on a Licca body. Looks good. Harry Potter is a bit spooky though.


What I Found In The Heater/HF Grandparents

Originally Posted: 01-28-2006

I was plugging away at the room cleaning and spotted something blue peaking out of the heater. I pulled it out and you know what it was?
A FP Little People Cowboy, like this one.
He was about half melted. I’d say he’s been in there for at least 15 years. O_O
Oh! Gran’s head showed up. It DID roll into a corner. Yay! The eyes have been recolored green which make the blue shadow look less out of place and the lips are a lighter shade and not painted to the corners. She looks a bit younger than before even though all the wrinkles have been left in place. I guess it’s the same with dolls as with people, unflattering make up can make you look older.
Did you know they put out fashion packs? Scroll down past the AA version of the dolls (Did we EVER get  the AA Grandmother?) and there they are. The tee shirt for the Grandfather in the first pack is cute. Not something I would have bought but I see kits for making the human version all the time and it’s neat to see it in 1/6 form. The second pack is adorable. They don’t actually SAY it on the front but it’s obvious that it for working out in the garden ^___^ We never saw these here. The only fashion packs related to Happy Family we got were the Midge and Baby ones.


What’s Her Face Lot/ Prototypes :O

Originally Posted: 12-15-2005

I drooled a little. That is A LOT of stuff. I would LOVE to see what all is in that bag. A number of bigger WHF lots have hit Ebay lately, I supose cause of Christmas 😀
Holy CRAP! Look at the WHF stuff that was at the 2003 Toy Fair! Jointed knees and elbows, interchangable face plates…I wonder if they had put these out FIRST would the line still be available? Did these ever make it out into the stores? Those two at the end of the line in the above auction look a bit like them….I wonder.
Huh! Blogdrive has changed since I last wrote an entry :O


Note to Self: ADG’s Monique MA Wigs in 4/5

Originally Posted: 11-23-2005

Jullien – Similar to Andrea with fuller bangs
Pinky – Fantasy colors 
Trix – Fantasy Colors (longer than Pinky)
Favorites: Charmaine, Marie, Mei, Trix  


Happy 13,000!

Originally Posted: 10-17-2005

The counter logged the 13000th hit last night. Aw well, guess thats what I get for sleeping. ^_~
It came from Istanbul, Turkey, linked from the “Craft” section in the Blogdrive catagories and aparently didn’t last very long. Aw 😦
The next hit was from BC, Canada and lasted 2 minutes and 43 seconds! XD Yay!
Nothing special. Just commenting on the event.
I have some stuff planned for the beginning of November though 😀


So, I bought something…

Originally Posted: 10-15-2005
When I went to Zellars a few days ago a bunch of things were marked down, inculding the What’s Her Baby? Dolls, so I left with a Kissy Face. She was the only one left and her hair was a bit messed up but I figured it wouldn’t matter too much. For $7.50 taxes inculded, I can fix it myself 😀

You know, there is almost NO info on the WHB dolls online. I had NO idea really what to expect. Therefore, I guess I should do a review.

What’s Her Baby?: Kissy Face

Face: None. >D

Hair: SHELLACKED! That’s the first thing you’ll notice when you debox. She has light purple pig tails are bangs. The pigtails are heavily gelled so they curl under. It’s pretty soft after it’s been washed. Unlike the WHF dolls, she doesn’t use wigs but rather it’s rooted into the softish vinyl skin covering a harder head. I am not sure how you’d reroot if you wanted too…

Body: The only articulation is the arms at the shoulders (Ballerina arms? Danm, I can never remember the terms) and the legs. When she sits, she sits with her legs apart and the kneess do not bend. The body is a chubby, toddler type with an outie and molded heart panties. The legs are kinda ugly in a “lumpy” way….gonna have to make her some socks. Her feet are actually about the same size as the 91′ and vintage Strawberry Shortcake dolls so they can wear each other’s shoes (not that that really helps anyone I guess XD;) She’s too big for their clothing, though. One thing that should be said too, is the neck is TINY. I don’t know WHY they would do that but I am a wee bit worried about her breaking. They say that its for 5+ though so surely it can’t be THAT fragile?

Clothing: Not much. One pair of fushia shoes (The treads are cute. Hearts, then two big heart indentations in the center), a shiny purple skirt, a sleeveless shirt with a white and dark pink/light pink/purple floral pattern on it, a sleeveless purple dress with a blue diamond print and a pink bow, a pair of pink sunglasses. 5 items and no fashion packs were made.

Special features:
1. Two eye stampers and two markers are inculded (blue and pink). The blue is meant for eyes but if you wanted to you could always have pink eyes 😀
2. The kissing feature. Basically, Kissy has a hole in your face you can insert one of the three lip stampers into. Then, there is this rather long pole-like button in the back of her head that makes her lips push out. Sounds cute, non? Yeah, but watch it from the SIDE!

The girl has an AMAZING RANGE. Kind of ridiculous, actually. If you didn’t mind it being a bit low, you could plug the hole and make it a pinochio-like nose! It took me a bit to warm up to it. I have been keeping her lip-stamper-less and thinking she reminds me of an octopus.

If you wanted to and were careful, you could put rings in her ears. The ears stick out and are just part of the softer rubber skin.

Sorry the pictures suck. I’ll take better ones when I paint her.


Glue factory. >D

Originally Posted: 10-02-2005

(Had to fix Booga’s speech balloon cause he was riiight on the crack.)


Thrift Store and Flea Market

Originally Posted: 06-06-2005

So, on Friday I paid the thrift store a visit and came away with an Enchanted Island Lady Lovely Locks and a Moon Dreamers Crystal Starr for $.50. Crystal is nude but has really nice curls. EILLL wears her swimsuit but has a chips taken out of the hard plastic body, a weird neck, a spot on her right knee and I curled her hair to cover up the fact that she’s balding something fierce. Still, half a dollar!

Then, over the weekend, I went to a big flea market.

In one bag, for $2, was a Lady Lovely Locks and an Enchanted Island Maiden Goldenwaves. They both appear to be complete >3 Yum yum! I had LLL coloring books and I watched the cartoons but I never actually had any of the dolls growing up. I clued in after seeing some photos that those weird flower rings on the dresses are meant for pixietails to hang-ix on to. I told Mum about it and she said “I know. I remember the ads.” I am so proud. XD

In another, $1, there was a curved hands Blueberry Muffin and a Sweet Sleeper Strawberry Shortcake. BBM has her dress, shoes and tights. Man SS SSC is a freaky girl! XD The eyes are sleep eyes but they don’t have any whites :O I thought I’d ruined her when I cleaned her because the eyes stopped working. It was fine after it dried though. She came with her night gown and tights (they have a hole and are kinda faded. I’ll fix them later)

For $1 each, I also got a 14.5 inch (HUGE!) doll made by Laiko International (anyone know anything about her) and a nude old-style Madeline doll. Madeline has a SCAR on her belly from an apendix removal 😀 C’mon, how many non-OOAK FEMALE dolls have you seen lately that had scars? Danm she has a beautiful hair color. Very similar to SSC’s, actually. If am ever forced to go a naturally occuring color, I think I’ll have to haul her along to the drug store and try to match it.

It really impresses me what excellent condition the dolls are in. The photos are post cleaning and detangling but nobody was missing a limb or majorly damaged. And the total was only $5 😀

As well as the table where I got these beauties, there was also an offical vintage toy table. The only real difference was only that you paid more for the benifet of not having to sift through bags of crap. They had a bunch of Maxie dolls but I wasn’t keen to pay $5 for one after the great deals I’d just gotten. There was a Video (Jem) there but I already have one, plus she was kind of loose in the joints. If it had been Stormer or Synergy (even with faded spots) though, it would have been sold XD 


Thrift Store Loot

Originally Posted: 05-18-2005
Made a trip to a thrift store yesterday and made some finds!

A member if the Power Team, the firefighter I think. I’m not keen on the uber muscular bodied action figures/dolls but two things drew me to him. First, his articulation. He has 16 points of articulation! WOO! And he has nipples. I find that surprising XD His head is harder vinyl so after cleaning him, I took advantage of that and gave him a couple rings in each ear. He fits into the Ken shorts and sandals I had, I’m hoping he’d fit into the suit pattern I have. Please note in the photo he stands by himself 😀

Some would probably have walked past this, thinking it was a generic bath toy rather than an artifact of the 80’s. But not I! OHOHOHO!

Meet Sunnypeek! One of the Hide n’ Peeks who were some how related to Lady Lovely Locks. 25 cents! X3 Her pink-streaked purple hair trails behind her. It was in a tangled pony tail atop her head when I bought her but the tangles were loose so they came out easily.

I  also saw a Hot Looks doll I kinda of wanted. From the page, I’d say she was Chelsea. The thing is, she was also 19″ tall…where would I have put her? So I put her down and hoped who ever bought her would be someone who’d really enjoy her.

The local branch is mostly late 80’s/early 90’s-today stuff but this one that’s a bit farther, dolls from as far back as the 60’s are turning up! I have to visit more often, it seems like a real goldmine.
Vinyl goldmine, you stroke me like the rain….

My brother had Jammie Pies when he was little. I’m not sure if they were the actual company-given names but the sailor was “Midi” and his seal was “Squeek”. There was also a smaller doll about the size of Squeek dressed in red that he had. I’d seen the clown in stores and wanted one, though I didn’t think of her as a clown. I thought she looked like a strawberry XD


When I Was Little: Jasmine’s Wedding

Originally Posted: 05-09-2005

I was writting a long entry but I’ve decided to stop and just tell you a story about something that happened when I was little.

I had a friend over and we were going to play dolls. Since she was the guest she got first pick and choose Jasmine while I got the less glamorous Maxie. The story was that Aladdin had left Maxie for Jasmine and now Maxie was being forced to attend the wedding. My guest also got first pick of the clothing and took everything nice from my limited doll clothing collection for Jasmine’s use. That left poor Maxie with a pair of shorts and a somewhat sheer scarf to wrap around her breasts to wear to the wedding. So she put on her shorts, wrapped up her boobs, put on a brave face and went to the wedding. Once there, Jasmine/Guest mocked her and said she looked like a slut. Maxie never acted like a slut but the clothing she had been forced to wear out of circumstance had gotten her labeled as such. I remember Maxie being sad and being sad for her but both of us were far to polite to actually say anything to our host/guest and after the wedding Maxie just left quietly.



Testing the bodies out

Originally Posted: 04-28-2005
I’ve been testing the Volks bodies out to see what they can do. The knees are neat, the way they can sit all the way back on them. Hell, *I* can’t do that XD I’ve been putting the Mini A in the N body’s arms….makes me all warm inside ❤

One issue I have though is the fact that after they’ve come apart somewhere, they don’t go back together as tightly as before. I switched the feet on one body and they are all wobby now. The N body’s hand came off, so I snapped it back on and everytime I move the hand, it starts working it’s way off the post. It’s not that they come apart that freaks me out, it’s I am worried I will end up LOSING pieces and it’s not exactly like I can run to the store and pick up a new Mini foot ^^;;;

The Mini body’s torso spring is weird. I mean, I knew it was in there so I expected to see it but I still think it’ odd. I wonder why they did it that way rather than like the bigger bodies?


!!Oh Baby!!

Originally Posted: 04-21-2005

A friend of my mother’s was in Florida and offered to get me some things from D&HS

I got:
Midi B Type
N Type
C Type White
Mini A
B Type Tan
B Type White (x2)
A Type White (x2)
Strawberry Pink Hair (x2)

I know it’s a lot but I’ve wanted some for years and figured the oportunity might not come again soon.

My first impression? Man are these ever light! I am used to heavier plastic.


When I was little

Originally Posted: 04-04-2005

I had two generic dolls that my mother had originally bought to make clothing for. The tall, black haired doll had sleep eyes, black lashes and vivid light blue eye shadow. The shorter auburn haired one might have had a printed face. Her name was “Rebecca”, but I can’t remember whether she became “Marie” later after I saw The Nutcracker Prince or if that was the darker haired doll’s name. So that the both have a name, I’ll assume the latter.
Sometimes Rebecca wore these green Mr. Potato head glasses because I thought they were cute. At one point, she went missing and I held a memorial service with the glasses on top of a pillow. It’s a danm shame I can’t find EITHER of them now because towards the end of the time I played with her, Rebecca had really tangled and damaged hair. I bet I could fix it now.
Marie wasn’t the only doll to have that name. A year or two later there was a second Marie who also had dark hair (dark brown I think) but was much smaller. About the size of a Stacey I belive. Marie 2 was a preteen doll that I recieved from the hospital gift shop when I’d broken my arm. Her upper half had a habit of popping off from her lower half so she was eventually taped together.
In 1994 the Shaving Fun Ken came out and I reeeeally wanted one. Not for the shaving part but rather for that HAIR. I don’t think I’d ever seen a Ken with rooted hair. Mum got me a Brandon Walsh (90210) doll insted because she thought he was more attractive. I was rather disapointed but I loved his clothing (EVERBODY wore that jacket) and it didn’t stop him from becoming the father in a 3 member household of tree dwelling elves. Skipper was his wife, Stacey was his daughter and everyone wore clothing made from leaves. I left them in their little house, a piece of granite between a couple of trees planted closely together, and went to bed one night. When I work up, Skipper was on the divider by the door wearing only the yarn belt that had held on her leaf dress. Mum explained that before I’d woken up, our neighbor had brought her back, explaining that their cat Polly had picked it up in her mouth and brought her back home. I’ve always wondered what it was about Skipper that made Polly take her. Stacey would have been easier to grab up because she was smaller, did Skipper have a nice smell maybe?
Polly Pocket lived in a massive cabin made of folding chairs, which I’d furished with a working drier (a plastic container from a 25 cent prize machine that I’d spin aroudn really fast) a bath tub (small container of water) and some blankets for a bed. When Prince Casper would come to visit, Polly and her friend (who was a waitress) would duck out the back door. They didn’t like him.



Originally Posted: 03-17-2005
Mik’s handmade Licca clothing, pg 1
If you scroll down a bit there is a photo of a short curly blond Licca in between one with auburn hair and a brunette. So what? Mik’s dressed them as Sumire, Sally and Yoshiko from Mahou Tsukai Sally! (That’s Suzon, Mini-Fee and Yolande if you used to watch it in French like I did as a kid :D) And they are dressed in the original series costumes rather than the remake. So COOL.

Part 1 of Reposts

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What a haul! *dance*

Originally Posted: 06-12-2004

I went to this huge annual flea market today. They had a “retro toy” table but it was mostly generic dolls from the 50s-70’s and nothing really interessting to me. But the “toyland” table was a different matter. They had a whole bunch of bags of 50 cent stuff! Here’s what I got:
80’s Blueberry Muffin (flat hands): Blemish on the temple but otherwise very good. Came with her dress.
80’s Sour Grapes: OMG! Noticed her in the bag with BM. I didn’t expect her to have her dress and ribbon so I’d bought a replacement. I thought they came with either purple or teal ribbons but her’s is yellow. There are a few nicks in the paint on her arm which I may fix but other than that she’s great. Her hair came untangled easily and had enough curl memory that when I restyled her hair it went back into it’s original curls. YES!
80’s Lime Chiffon: All she’s missing is the hat. The dress, the tights, even the shoes are all there, though not in the mintiest condition. I’ll have to see if I can fix the rips in the dress’s right sleeve and the waist band on the tights. One of the straps on one of the shoes is has a tear and there is a big ink stain that I’m going to try Oxy 5 on. Man, I always find it weird how rubbery and thin the 80’s shoes are….I’m used the the 91′ which are much thicker and durable. Lime’s hair is also a wee bit fried. 😦
Parfait Parrot: She deserves her own entry on the list. I had to buy a bag with almost nothing in it I wanted to get her. But still…50 cents. She has a few paint rubs. May touch them up later.
Purple Maxie Car: I grabbed it because it was a car but then noticed the sticker. There isn’t a steering wheel…maybe it’s voice operated? 😀  I am currently looking around for info on it….I mean, it’s not in the greatest condition so I guess customizing it would be okay.
It could be automatic…systematic….hydromatic….
A Poochie “Write Soon” stamp”: So cute! I remembered seeing them on online and was thrilled to find one in a bag. (There’s a photo of the Italian one here under “scrivimi presto”)
Misc. Figures: A baseball playing Monchichi holding a bat, 80’s Raggedy Ann, A small Felix the Cat, Celia from Monsters Inc. (McDonalds)
And of course a bunch of crap that will be sorted and either donated or tossed out.
The One That Got Away: A bag of MLPs. Another girl saw ’em first ;_;
The One I Threw Back: A bag with two 80’s black Barbies with hair cuts, $2. WHY did I cheap out? I could have customized them! *kicks self*
I also popped in to a fabric store and got some nifty shimmery cheetah print spandex. XD It’s so tacky it’s beautiful. I noticed something odd though: No shiny plain spandex. It’s either matte or printed with something. Weird.
I also saw some gorgeous vinyl. Like Lulu’s skirt was made of out. I wanted it badly. But it was $35.99 a metre ;_;


Unspookied Living Dead Dolls

Originally Posted: 06-08-2004
Well, some of them still have a spookiness. It’s a different spookiness though. Alot of LDDish customs are advertised on a doll group I watch so it’s interessting to see LDDs taken in the oposite direction. Macumba is looking particularly different, having lost all his makeup and added some pony beads in his hair.
I’m kinda curious about Hattie & Hazel. I wonder if they are two seperate dolls in a specially made dress or if the bodies are actually joined.


Interesting Vintage Dolls

Originally Posted: 05-29-2004

I was looking at Forgotten Dolls and looked up some of the ones I find particularly interessting and hadn’t seen before.

Emerald the Enchanting Witch: Purple skin, green hair and glowing eyes. She’s adorable in a rather freaky way 😀

Peteena the Pampered Poodle: *adds to a list of things to keep an eye out for at yard sales* One can dream. Her eyes remind me of vintage Barbies and the “retractable tail” is a positively brilliant idea. I checked Ebay because they said $100 MIB and so far all the auctions for nude play condition are under $20. The downside is that they need to be cleaned, destained and given new tails.. There is also “The Peteena Website” that’s totally dedicated to her.  😀
Leggy dolls: Pretty. The long legged, thin bodies remind me a bit of the Lollipop Girls, though these are much smaller.

Looking at the Spectra and Aurora dolls, made me wonder why there aren’t any cybog/android dolls at the local toy stores. I mean, they could make cyborg/android dolls with articulation up to wazoo and the joints would ADD to the image not detract from it! Plus having a metalic body would do away with the need to closely match the hard plastic body and vinyl head color.



Originally Posted: 05-07-2004
Checked a Walmart I don’t normally check and found not only a whole bunch of Friends 4 Ever dolls but the MLPs that come with the babies, which I have never seen other than online. You know, I’m surprised that I can’t find a G3 Baby Minty custom online made from the little green baby. I mean, all you’d have to do is replace the tail and do some painting. 😀

I dislike activation in dolls. Add batteries and the doll will talk, blink, dance,extra…me no likie. I guess because it makes the doll heavier and tend to break. </random>

Are Dollfie Plus more popular in Japan than with North American customizers? I havn’t seen many sites that have them displayed, and yet I doubt they would continue to make them if they weren’t selling. And yet they can’t be extremely popular since there is only one body style and one (two?) head styles. That’s my logic anyway. Anyone actually know? XD


Sailor Moon Dreams

Originally Posted: 04-16-2004
When I was a Sailor Moon obsessed nine year old, I used to have a reoccuring dream where I visited a toy store and they had gift sets of the entire main cast as 6 inch dolls for 30 bucks(yeah right. XD). They also had an wide selection of carded outfits such as Rei’s temple uniform, Michiru’s formal gown and the repective school uniforms. I gotta say I felt a little down when I woke up and found out all this cool stuff didn’t exist. Well, it wasn’t THAT extensive but they did make some keen alternative outfits in Japan. There was also a very impressive, very shiny Super Sailor Moon outfit. Ooh! Wings!

They also had carded outfits for Cardcaptor Sakura. Woo!

(just peeking around Attack of the Anime Toys again…doo doo dee doo….)


A setback

Originally Posted: 02-25-2004

The good news is that I FINALLY finshed rooting Koby-Custom.
The bad is that I learned that 15 seconds is far too long to have the toyokalon hair in hot water when setting it. The top of the hair is all fried now.
The other bad news is that I ran out of hair when doing the bottom of the hair so I can’t style it in any high ponytails, high pigtails or other styles that would expose the middle of his neck.

I’m going to paint him anyway. It was too much work and too much money to start again. I’ll just try to style his hair so that the frizzy-ness isn’t as noticeable.


Flavas Dot Com

Originally Posted: 01-27-2004

Logged on to (as “ScaryL” :3)
First of all, I’d like to say that little head movement is silly. It’s silly when real people do it and it’s even worse when badly drawn animated characters do it. Then, there’s the glittering jewelery ^^;;

I played the nail salon. Eh, not bad. Not alot of choices in designs. It IS neat how you can select which girl to do the nails of and then have some nailpolish choices that are only available to that character.

I am currently growing old waiting for the “Monsta Rhymes” studio to load.

Edit: I gave up. I had time to make TWO grilled cheese sandwiches and when I came back, it was STILL loading :/
But look!

Ladies and gentlemen, whether you like it or not…Hedwig!


*Snoopy dance*

Originally Posted: 01-02-2004
I now have a Beach Cool Whatsherface. How? Why? Here’s the story:

I noticed this doll in the store after Christmas back in 2002 and since it was still there, I asked a clerk about a discount. The box was broken, there was a face stamped on it, the wig was messed up and the accesories were in a Glad baggie. A baggie!

The clerk says “No, we don’t give discounts for broken boxes”
“Yes, but these has obviously been returned.”
“No, it has not been returned but you can take it up to customer service. They’re the ones in red shirts.”
At this point, I’d started to walk away. Rude? Maybe. But I can’t stand when people LIE to my face. Don’t pee on my foot and tell me it’s raining. I was fuming and probably wouldn’t have gone back for it, if not for the SHEER SATISFACTION of having a cashier tell me I was right.

I bring it to the ZELLERS customer service desk (just so you know) and the girl looks it over and not only agrees it’s in poor, returned condition, but points out the wrapping paper still attached! She gave it to me for $7.45 all together. Ha.


Kori Face Painting

Originally Posted: 11-27-2003

I am so exasperated! I was trying  to paint Kori’s new face last night, very difficult because the face is TOTALLY flat so there’s no nose to reference from. But, with the help of the tutorial at Milkshake Melody I managed to paint something I am very proud of. So what’s the problem? Well, it doesn’t go with her wig. So buy a new one? There are NO whatsherface wigs in the local stores and I’m NOT paying three times the price for one online.

I’m going to remove the gold eyeshadow and paint either blue or silver (or maybe blueish silver? XD) to try and make it work. Plus, I’m getting rid of the pink streaks in the wig. Light blue and hot pink? Ja-eeze! XD The sad part is that thought the new face is more detailed and glamourous…I kinda miss the old blank stare that made me give her her name in the first place.

Another thing that anoys me: I scanned her current face to show you guys but I scanned it in .MAX format which I can’t open on this computer. I went back over, deleted the file, saved it in BMP and it still came out .Max….>.<


A Package Arrives

Originally Posted: 11-17-2003
I woke up today to find a white box from MGA came for me. They send sent me a Lil’ Yasmin for being part of the fan club ^___^ (Yeah, I signed up ^^;) Sending out these dolls is a great way of building a rep as a company who appreciates the fans, as well as getting rid of the older stock. VERY smart idea.

My mum found some glass dishes so I baked some fake food! Chocolate pinwheel cookies, checkered fudge squares, two oranges, a dish with 3 scoups of ice cream and a neopolitian sundae. The sundae broke ;_; I hope I can glue it because it looked really cute.

Tried to make a red cotton lined black faux fur coat. WHY WAS I LINING THE ARMS? Most doll clothing manufacturers don’t even do that. There were so many problems….I will probably take it apart and try again. *sigh*


Setting up the new look/name/blog

Originally Posted: 11-03-2003

I decided that my site needed a new look and a new name. I had also considered:

Pity for Pinocchio
Dolls….puppets…it works. One thing though, I can’t spell Pinocchio. It’s not good to name your site something you can’t spell.

Sweet Poison Cake
“I’ve got a sweet poison cake…” Unfortunately, so do at least 3 other people.

Peppermint Penny
Yay! Mint! But a websearch revealed that a company making penguin ornaments owns the name. Even though it’s actually the name of a COOKIE RECIPE, I was worried they might make me take it down.

Pink Champagne
Too close to The Champagne Roome, another doll site.

Morning Coffee
A nice mellow song. I decided the name was too mellow though, and I don’t DRINK coffee.

Lovely Darkness
Like “Lovely White”. Except with a name like that, I’d have to give it a dark layout. And I don’t want to do that because:

I’m trying to give the site the look of a Japanese doll site. I’ve always thought they were pretty and they are totally the oposite of the black backgrounded sites I have a habit of making. Light and fluffy! This is the goal.