Upcomming MLP, Monster High Glue Damage

So, it looks like maybe Pinkie is getting a blindbag-sized collection themed around her, the way Applejack did. Pinkie is a “middle tier” pony for me, so I’ll probably skip most of the figures that are Pinkie on her own. Totally want any that are Pie or Cake family related, though.

Snow Globe Applejack. YES. She will join the AJ collection. Nice to see they aren’t sticking with adding wings to Flower Wishes/Daisy. I think AJ might be the last Water Cuties toy I buy, unless they do a stallion or an Apple family member.

The glue that dripped from my Gloom Beach Jackson heavily damaged his face. I wasn’t going to bother originally but I did call Mattel and let them know about it. They sent me a voucher for a new doll and I recieved it today. The man I talked to was really nice and apologetic about what happened but, guys…please….just stop putting the glue in. Or find out what kind of glue MGAE and Hasbro use and buy that.
When I bought the doll, I bought him because I was worried there would never be another Jackson made. I think if that had happened, I’d be a lot more bothered by the damage. I’ve put the head aside and started modifying the body for another doll. I’m trying not to wonder if the GB doll had gone up in value, since he was already damaged. :/


New Toys At Walmart! Hooray!, Dream, DGRequiem Sizes

YASSS. One of the local Walmart is finally getting new stuff in. Most of the new stuff. (The other one seems to still be trying to sell off the old stock to make room)

Gooliope is HUGE. I don’t know, I just pictured her smaller. And I pictured the Frightmares a bit larger.

The new Bratz were in. I want some of the clothing sets but they are $10 CAD and I think the shoes might be even bigger than the original ones. I…don’t think I have a use for shoes that large. If they were more like the ones before the hiatus, I could use them as almost-in-scale shoe-feet for bigger dolls. Maybe I could get them on sale for a few bucks less? I want that stripey one!

The Disney Descendants were there. Didn’t look really closely. I should be trying to evaluate them on their own merits, rather than a source of sweet, sweet bodies.

My Little Pony. They had the new EQG dolls, which I barely looked at because they also had the Friendship is Magic Collection.
(That’s a super generic real name for the Apple family-centric series. They should have called it “Family is Magic”)

A lot of the selection was picked over but they did have the Apple Bloom and Babs set, The SECS6000, the juice stand and the barn. I want the barn but it’s a lot more expensive and I still have to figure out where I would store it. Did grab the juice stand and AB with Babs. Sweetie…Babs. I don’t get it. Why would they have to rename the character “Sweetie Babs” for the toy? “Babs Seed” is unusual enough to be copyrighted. Whatever, she’s still adorable as hell, whatever Hasbro calls her.

I had a doll related dream a week or so ago. We were cleaning up the house for a move and Is sorting junk I hadn’t seen in years.
Some of the things I found in the dream were:
* A couple 1 1/2″ dolls. One was Anne from Akage no Anne, that had a button in back that played music. Cha Cha from Akazukin Chacha. And similarly sized doll with multiple heads.
* A watermelon-headed Quint-type doll with a button in back to make the head light up.
* A bunch of BigEye Skippers.

Analysis: I have been trying to sort through my junk and the idea of finding treasures while cleaning or shopping in a thrift store is a common theme in my dreams. Finding something you forgot you had is like thrifting except FOR FREE! 😀 I have also been looking at sites with vintage Japanese dolls, including one that had an Akazukin Chacha doll. I watched Akage no Anne dubbed in French as a kid and I think the watermelon child may have been inspired by Steven Universe. I also responded to a most on Tumblr about the BigEye Skippers recently and how I had one when I was little. (Must finish that reroot…)

Hadn’t noticed before but DGRequiem had to switch over to “code words” for their doll patterns to avoid running afoul of Mattel. The boy sizes are “Large” for Ken, “Medium” for EAH and “Slimline” for MH. Barbie is a “Medium Fashion Doll”, Blythe is “Petite” and MH/EAH girls are “Petite Slimline”.

D. Descendants Bodies, Isi Dawndancer, Pretty Rhythm

I am wondering if the female Disney Descendants dolls are comparable in size to the Obitsu 25cm body. There’s a comparison shot here. I like how she’s beefier than the MH and EAH girls. Apparently, the arms and legs are vinyl, like Bratzillas, so the joints are a bit “sticky”. I still like the proportions, though.

There’s a comparison of the boy body here, too. Probably too beefy for my purposes but YMMV 😀

Disapointed that there doesn’t seem to have been any sight of Deerla at SDCC.  Isi Dawndancer was being displayed, though. Ee…I think, at her core, she has the makings of a good doll. Love the hair color, that she’s a deer and that the feet are hoof-like. But I find most of the design too busy. Too many patterns and eye-grabbing details at once.

There is a controversy, as well, about her design and how it’s kind of a mish-mash of native symbols. I think it’s a good thing that Mattel is trying to do dolls based on other cultures. But….guys…GET SOME CONSULTANTS when you dip your toes into those waters. Check with people who actually know a thing or two about what you’re trying to represent.

Whoah! The Pretty Rhythm dolls look HUGE compared to Jenny and Licca. It’s those heads. I wasn’t really thinking of how much they were until seeing one next to a normal doll.

Ever After High, Mermaid Toralei, Shopettes, Too Many Clear MLP BBs

A photo was posted of an Ever After High Doll who is darker than Willow, with green eyes, long dark brown hair and a mix of gold and silver accesories. Most bets were that it was Amber Mides and some even thought it was a photoshopped photo, rather than a legit preview.
Turns out it’s Justine Dancer, daughter of (one of) The Twelve Dancing Princesses. I….would not have guessed that one. She’s obviously a princess but nothing about her really suggests the dancing part to me. There have been complaints that the only really dark skinned EAH doll was made out of wood so I think a lot of people will be happy to see a doll put out that is actually representing a dark skinned human being.

Farrah is pretty obvious but Piper is another one that I probably wouldn’t have guessed if they hadn’t said so. She’s music themed but doesn’t seem to relate back to the story much. Though, cripes, a town rips off a guy, so he abducts their kids. Nice choice there, Mattel.

Great Scarrier Reef Toralei. Not just a cat but a lionfish mermaid too. Shiiit…I’m trying to cut back but I kind of want her. But do I REALLY want her, or an I just in love with the idea? How perfect is it that she’s a lionfish, a venomous, predator fish that has been causing problems since they made their way to the Atlantic?

Shopkins aren’t really a big deal here. I see the playsets around sometimes and I got a couple blind figures from a grocery store that was the only place I saw the singles. The biggest selection was at a Seen On TV place that had playsets, singles, plush toys and backpacks, all kind of over priced.
Apprently, they are expanding to mini dolls with the Shopettes line. Probably a pass for me but I am curious to see better photos.

Still no sign of the new MLP stuff ’round these here parts. Wave 13 has a lot of clear figures that are similar to previous released but Wave 14 seems to have even more.

As jazzed as I was about getting ALL THE STALLIONS in the beginning, Royal Riff is just a glitterless, flipped version of the Wave 4 one. Apart from the solid one, we have gotten him clear and with glitter, clear with painted hair, clear with painted hair and glitter and, now, clear with no painted hair and no glitter. That’s all combinations exhausted and a lot of similar figures created. Maybe move on to glow-in-the-dark (it’s been a while!) or just give him a brushable?

Of the clear ones, I think I’ll go for Plumsweet, MAYBE Lucky Clover and Sugar Cane. Apart from that, it will be all about the solid ones for me. The same with Wave 13 when it finally gets here. The gimmick is over used.

(Not doll related, but congratulations, Americans who can now marry who they choose! You can’t see when you read this blog but when you log on to WordPress to post, there is a rainbow banner around the top of the window in celebration. ❤ )

Kayke Knadle MH, Ringdoll Limiteds, My Little Pony

Kayke Knadle’s Monster High “BJD”. As she said, it’s not an actual BJD but the Inner Monster head was used so the doll could come with a set of expression face plates, like some BJD do. Came out really cool! :O

Oh man. Going through Ringdoll’s old limited/event items.

Fat Happiness and the Fat Peanuts. Gosh…there are no words. Look at that first photo after the break. He’s holding his chubby little cheeks, just over the moon to be standing there with those bizarre, naked peanut people.

Easter Bunny. She’s so cute! I was checking the page for another doll when she popped up on the “today view” bar and I was like “What? An anthro I don’t know about??” Just precious and it’s strange to me that they went to the trouble of creating her to only use her as a limited gift. I was going to ask on DOA to see if anyone could take owner photos, then realised that it’s more than a little early for anyone to have recieved their stuff. Maybe by August?

Comic Head, a gift for the attendees of a Children’s Day Event. It kind of reminds me of the vinyl heads for the 1/6 scale Obitsu kids, except cast in resin.

Not a limited thing but I am very much not a member of Camp Mona. I would not want to own a doll that looks that depressed. When she comes up on confession sites or forums, people who dig her say stuff like “What, so you can’t look at artwork where people are sad or watch movies where people cry? You want all dolls to have a bland expression?” But, you see, my issue with her is that she’s ALWAYS so depressed. If if she had removeable face plates (like the above MH) and this was one of her expressions it would be awesome. But I already have enough sadness in my life, having Mona looking back and me when I’m trying to keep up my pep…I don’t think it would help.

I was thinking…it’s funny how I was originally disapointed that the G4 ponies were so small but when offered the possibility of buying the Fashion Style ones that are similar sized to the old ones, I usually pass. I have an Applejack and a Rarity thus far and it would take a mighty special design (or a mighty good thrift store deal) for me to add more. I guess I just got used to being able to fit all my G4s into a relatively small space.

W00p w00p! Lots of photos of the upcomming Apple Family toys. The Big McIntosh is the same one that’s come in blindbags and the AJ-Granny-BM figure set. All those new molds, including 2 two new Applejacks and UNCLE APPLE STRUDEL but nothing new for Big Mac? ;_; Poor muffin.


It took a while but cleaned my shelves and everything on them. T’was quite an undertaking. I hadn’t done it in at least 3 years and some of the mostly-display items were pretty dusty. (Every time I see photos of someone’s glass-fronted curio I drool a little)

My poor Sweet Poodle Momoko needed half her stock washed and her stockings Oxy-Cleaned because the dust had discolored them. I love how detailed they when with her clothing. Her blouse is a seperate piece from the JSK with lace and little buttons

My Little Ponies who are if the translucent and glitter vinyl variety tend to get sticky when the plasticizer starts leeching out. I have a G3 Secret Wishes that I had to take apart and clean.

Daddy Apple Delight had a fly that had opted to die right in his hair. Ewww!

Some people love the Monster High stands, consider the absolute perfect stand for the dolls and will go out of their way to get more. Me? The issue I have with them is that the support pulls out easily on some of them. When I am trying to put the doll on an upper shelf, the weight of an oversized head with long hair can cause it to pop out and the doll to go diving on to the floor. I almost never have that kind of issue with my other stands.

I think the secret to keeping this tidier will be to use more plastic bags. Plastic bags for hair, doll pieces, shoes and whole dolls that have to be protected from staining in storage.

Welcome to the New Blog! <3

I joined Blogdrive on November 3rd, 2003 and made 507 entries between then and March 12th, 2015. 11 Years and 4 months in the same place, averaging out to one entry every 8 days. It recieved 36,137 visits I considered moving the doll blog a few times, usually because the service being down. I stayed, mostly out of sentimentality. The Blogdrive edition even outlived my Geocities doll site by 6 years.

What is the straw that broke the camel’s back? My account has been disabled.
You've Got To Be Kidding Me
No e-mail and, as of this writing, no response back. It’s been a week. That says to me that maybe it’s time to pull up stakes.

I have been going through my doll collection and donating or adding to the sales bin the dolls that just don’t do it for me anymore. This isn’t me “growing out of” the hobby, why would I make a new blog account if I was? It’s just a change. Casting out the junk to make more room to enjoy what I have, as well as future purchases.

Like-wise, I have gone through my Blogdrive entries and made copies of anything that I decided had some sort of value. A lot of old entries were just information that was useful when it was relevant but boring and useless now. Some of it was just me complaining or asking questions. From the original 507, less than 200 were actually worth saving to repost. So, let’s get to reposting!


“WTF is a ‘scurf’?” or I Cleaned Raw Mohair

Originally Posted: 03-12-2015
Mohair Cleaning
So, I bought some mohair, from Mohairwig.com, for rooting/making wigs. As well as the little package of yearling hair that was already fairly clean (1oz), I also got a bag of raw fleece from a slightly older goat (3oz). It was the same price for 3x the fleece and I was pretty sure I had cleaned mohair before so why not?

I open the bag and the smell fills the room. A smell that says “welcome to my barn”. Uh…I think maybe the mohair I had bought before, that I thought was raw, may have been at least a little cleaned. Or maybe it was because it was a smaller bag? It didn’t smell anywhere this powerful.

I start washing it in a little bucket. Every time I wet a bunch, the smell gets worse. The middle photo shows what it looked like after the initial wash to get the worst of it off. But…there was this flakey white stuff that wasn’t comming out with soap and water…

I learned a new word. “Scurf”. Basically, goat or sheep danderuff. I guess this batch came off some really flakey goats? I looked up what to do about it and someone suggested using a dog slicker brush to get it out. I happened to already have some so I tried it and it worked well.

The last photo shows the mohair after it was cleaned. I lost A LOT to the process, mostly to the de-scurfing. There were the clean locks but the hair that pulled away with the scurf was all coated with it and….brr. Nasty. How much did I lose? About 50%. I still came out ahead, price-wise, and the locks are now so beautiful that I feel I should save them for something special. But, I don’t think I’ll do it again, unless I get a really, REALLY amazing deal. The extra half ounce isn’t worth the smell and the goat flakes.


MLP, Lottie Finn, Frozen, TMNT, Decendants, Custom Hujoo Amie

Originally Posted: 02-18-2015
More MLP Squishy Pops are comming. Hopefully as charm packs as well as the blind ones. Like I said before, the blind ones are a real crapshoot. You could get the little figures for cheaper than a charm pack, or you could end up with a whole bunch of junk.

Upcomming brushable wave is more or less the usual except for the App codes and what is either a hair stripe printed with their cutie mark (a la the Wild Rainbow brushables) or a piece of ribbon. I hope it’s hair so it doesn’t follow in the foot steps of the ones that had full areas of their hair done in tinsel. There is also that BRAND NEW CHARACTER (WOOP WOOP!) in the picture. The general consensus is that she’s the unicorn from the Season 5 trailer.

The new Water Cuties will only have the snowglobe gimmick in their wings. Eee…might give them a miss.

The NY Toyfair display of the Apple family BB sets looks amazing. I love that they did a nice background and even put up little extra trees and picket fences ❤

Lottie has a male friend now! Finn :3 Here he is next to a Licca. I wonder if anyone will repaint him to look more like a Licca character?

The new Mattel Frozen dolls look SO MUCH more like that characters than the previous ones. Crazy amount of improvement. But…I thought I heard that Hasbro was taking over the Frozen line? Maybe not?

Playmates is doing a pizza-themed butterfly Rapheal TMNT toy. I…assume it makes sense in context.

Mattel is doubling up on the whole “children of fairytale characters” thing. In addition to Ever After High, they are doing the dolls for the upcomming Disney movie, Decendants. Mmmm, articulated bodies.

QueenOfSquids is moding a Hujoo Amie to be a fox girl. Anthro dolls. *_*



Originally Posted: 02-13-2015
Photos of the upcomming Apple Family blindbag-sized playset and figure EXTRAVEGANZA. Ho shit. It’s beautiful. Look at all that stuff. Brings a tear to my eye.

The line up for the BB Wave 13 has been confirmed. It’s mostly translucent and glitter of characters we have already gotten so I’ll be giving most of them a pass. The chase figures are Candy Apples, Mosely Orange, Apple Bottoms, Lavender Fritter and Apple Bumpkin. “Chase” being a word that means “Lon can’t have”. And, honestly, I’m not super broken up about it, except for Apple Bottoms. :< Maybe I can keep an eye out for the other ones and trade with somebody?

PlaySkool Pony Friends. OMG. They are adorable! And, DUDE! Minty and Moondancer! I thought for sure that the Minty was just a discolored Fluttershy because I read the article.

So, Tirxie, Rarity and Buttonbelle (WTF? Suri Polomare in the show.) are the line up for Wave 2 of the Charm Wings ponies. The Water Cuties will be Blossomforth, Rainbow Dash and Lily Valley. Might get Suri but I don’t know about the Water Cuties. It will depend on what they look like.

My interesst in the Friendship Games dolls is mostly as spoilers to the new characters in the upcomming movie. They definitely look a lot better than the first ones, though.


MLP: Amazon, London Toy Fair, Dia De Los Mueros? and Fakies

Originally Posted: 02-03-2015
They are gone now but Amazon had listings for a truckload of Apple family related “dolls”. Please, Hasbro….let these be brushables.  The boxes are too small for EQG dolls but there is still the possibility of Hasbro Pop sets. Bleh.

As hush hush as the London Toy Fair 2015 pony display runners wanted to be, a lot of the stuff isn’t actually news. We already have stuff like the Charm Wings in the stores and others, like CMM Sunset Shimmer, will be in soon.The new stuff seems to be the plushies, Pop Big Mac, the castle, Rarity’s boutique (?),  the Friendship Games EQD dolls, whatever that golden Pop toy is and a look at the Coco Pommel FS. The photos are blurry, though, given that they aren’t even supposed to exist.

I kind of wish we had someone on the inside with a notepad, who could record names of products. Even with fairs where they fully allow nice sharp pictures, the cards in front aren’t always visible so we don’t find out the new character names until much later.

Some are saying they can see a possible Maud brushable, but it’s most likely the Water Magic Rarity. I’d love if they actually need a Maud, though.

Funrise is doing more plushies. I dislike the “ribbons of fabric” hair that their toys have but I approve of how easy they are to aquire. Big Mac, Apple Bloom, Bon Bon/Sweetie Drops, Trixie, Scootaloo and Derpy/Muffins/Bubbles (whatever) are the new ones they are doing. 😀

Upcomming MLP toys will have QR-type codes that link to an app. WTF? They appear to be printed in really visible places. Why not under a hoof, like the magnets G3 had? I don’t want black muck all over my ponies…and the black may or may not leave a stain when it’s removed.

So, it looks like we may be in for a  Dia De Los Muertos-themed set with Cadance, Helia, Lotus and Lavender Honey in it. I am not feeling it. I like the concept but the black feels too stark against the pastel ponies, Helia in particular. And, damn it, I want REGULAR versions of the new characters.

MLP Fakies/ Princess Dolls
Dollarama has new G3.5 styled fakies in. I won’t be buying any of them but it facinates me that they would do both a banged and bangless version of each color. Particularly with Hasbro only doing bangs on SOOPER SPECIAL brushables now due to cost. The fake MLP around here always seem to be more or less a generation behind, even though G4 fakes exist in many places. I wonder if there is something about copyright where the stores won’t bring in a fake that looks too much like what’s on the shelves in toy stores.


Weird Dream, MLP blind bags, Dr. Hooves Pop, Vi and Va, Frightmares

Originally Posted: 01-07-2015
Christmas was spent sweating and trying to sleep off sick. Had a lot of weird dreams.

In one, my brother was looking for a roommate that collected something. Figurines, ponies, fursuits, anyone who wouldn’t take issue with a BJD. I asked him which one he was thinking of getting and he pulls put a big box. The doll is about 4 feet tall, with dark brown hair and eyes. I notice the smallish boobs and say something randomly about him getting a female doll. He is quite surprised. The seller had listed it as a male doll. I suggest maybe the head sculpt was originally male and  consider offering to mod the torso.
The rest of the dream involved me trying to look up the sculpt on my phone, while looking for tools to put together the little 1/6 resin animal that my brother had received as a bonus when he bought the doll.  (In real life, my brother doesn’t actually care about dolls…)

Wave 13 Blind Bags?Good chance that these are either fake or legit mixed with fake, on account of the unicorn Twilight. They are actually my least favorite type of blind bag, anyway. I really prefer flat plastic and painted, followed by painted hair with glitter. Metallic is neat for a few figures, though I wouldn’t want a whole wave. Glow In The Dark is something I’d like to see again, but not a full wave. The mostly-clear-with-glitter ones? Well, I totally would want the Lyra and any favorites but I’d probably pass on most. I got my fill with Wave 7.

Sunset Shimmer and Dr. Hooves Hasbro Pop? Wow. Dr. Hooves is a really weird choice. He is a character that is an adult fan favorite and the Pop line is extremely kid-targeted. Shining Armor would probably have better success with the kidlets, if they needed a boy pony. Even Big Mac would be a better bet.

Vi and Va. The art is cute but I was disappointed in how much I didn’t love the doll photos. I’ll reserve final judgment for seeing them in person but the huge eyes look out of place on the sculpt.
If that set IS Quincenera themed, good for them for it. Between the amount of Mexican/Mexican-American customers and the fact that it would give them an excuse to put the doll in a big fancy dress, you’d think more companies would jump on it. I wonder if it’s because it would involve pinning an “ambiguously brown” doll down to a specific heritage that they don’t. Though, it’s not like there haven’t been enough lines where the place the character cones from is part of the story. Huh.

The Fright-mares…I was excited about a centaur line but they look awful. The articulation has been majorly downgraded from Avea. Why? They have the molds. :C I certainly hope the prices reflect it.


New AAMM Poll: Best MLP Line of 2014?

Originally Posted: 12-29-2015
New poll at AAMM and you can only vote once (well… you SHOULD only vote once…). Hmm…but who should I vote for? First, the lines that do not get my vote!

Rainbow Rocks Dolls and Equestria Girls Collection: As I’ve said before, the EQG dolls fall flat for me. They need a better headsculpt with paint that’s closer to the actual movies designs and jointed bodies should be standard on everything but the bargain dolls.

Ponymania: Best item? That sweet Photo Finish with FABRIC DRESS. Middle? Talking Crysalis. The socks are too much but the voice chip is more in character than the big Nightmare Moon’s and…dude! Chrysalis! The bottom? The multi-pony set. Trying too hard to be all cool and goth or whatever.

Rainbow Shimmer Ponies (snowglobe): I like the idea but the hair is too bright and neon-y and it spoils the (otherwise neat) effect.

Breezies: Rainbowfied brushables with a plastic locket and a single breezie. Yawn.

Hasbro Pop: NO. I mean, I like the idea of the toy but the result is kind of cheap. 

Wave 10 Blind Bags: I liked these. I’ve said before how beautiful I felt that glittery Gilda was. Just not enough to give my one vote to the wave.

First Cutie Mark Magic Merch: I’m going to assume this means the dangling Magic Charm Wing toys, glowing Rarity and the Sunset Shimmer and Cadance Fashion Styles. Nope. The former and too gimmicky for me and the latter are kind of…meh. The most promising CMM toys for me are the upcomming brushables that will be more a 2015 item.

That brings us to two last ones…
Rainbow Power Neon Brushables: The hair streaks and extra markings make them not just a repackage of old stock and they even had Cheerilee, who we haven’t seen in a little while, and BRAND SPANKING NEW Holly Dash!

Wave 11 Blind Bags:
I have expressed my love of this wave recently, no need to rehash. I was divided between voting for this and the brushables while writing this but, ya know, I think I have to vote for this one. With those new/less-used molds, it’s just better.


Pony at TRU, Squishy Pops Warning

Originally Posted: 12-23-2014
I…I was going to edit together my first YouTube video. ;_; It was toy-related. NONE of the footage was useable. Feck.

Toys R US…wow. I expected it to have a lot of bare shelves since tomorrow (well…today) is Christmas Eve. Nope, everything was lovely and full of new-to-me swag. They had Photo Finish, Shadowbolt Dash and the talking Queen Chrysalis toys marked down. PF and SD were $8….that’s so crazy. They had the Ponymania Favorites set (no me gusta.), the Charm Wings ponies and the Squishy Pops ponies, both in regular version and blind capsule version.

I bought 5 of the capsules because they were cheap. I hoped for an Applejack, a Rarity, an Apple Bloom, Lyra and Bon Bon. That was the best case scenario. Worst case? 5 Fluttershys. So, I opened my first capsule….no pony. Just a charm with Fluttershy’s CM and a bead. I opened another…Twilight. Maybe the first was defective. Opened another, TWO BEADS. Next, Rarity, then, a single bead. Are you kidding me? I thought, from the photo, that each one came with a pony, a bead and the charm. Apparently NOT. Color me underwhelmed.

The Monster High Section had the exchange students. I am not interested in owning them but I think it’s neat how they actually bothered to make a new mold for Marisol’s feet 😀 Though…I wonder if there are any other brands she can borrow shoes from.


My Little Pony, Haute Doll, Bratz

Originally Posted: 12-17-2014
All About MLP Merch’s new poll is about which blindbag line people liked best. I voted for Wave 11, the current one. Why? Because there are a lot of show characters (POKEY PIERCE! Or “Royal Pin”…whatever..), good amount of stallions and better mold variety than a lot of the previous lines. I also have no use for ponies that come with Breezies so it allowed me to snag a couple of the creepy little things for less.

Wave 6 would be second, I supose. It had ~stallions~ and regular versions of the glittery characters in Wave 4. I dig Cherry Spices, so it was nice to see her make a return, and the 3 with translucent cutiemarks were neat.

Gummy and Dog!Spike are awesome. I just don’t want the dolls they are accessories to. ~la sigh~ I kind of wish they would pack them like LPS toys.

Check out the fakie set with the eyes on the wonk. I wonder if they stole molds or grabbed up factory rejects to shove into boxes. The Rarity fake is pretty…apart from the hair growing out of her neck. I actually think those colors would have worked better for the Rainbowfied Rarity’s leg…kind of Spring-y.

Yay! A local Walmart had the Rainbow Rarity and Holly Dashes in, along with the FS Daisy Dreams. But, to give you an idea of how bad quality control was with this batch, I started with three Raritys and two HDs in my hands. I left with a single HD, whose defects won’t matter when I am finished and no Rarity. Those four ponies all had misprinted eyes, scratches in the paint or big dirty spots. Wow…

There was a $6 deal on the three years of digital version of Haute Doll during Black Friday so…I subscribed. I’d love to have physical copies but it’s just too much money, given the shipping and the fact that not everything has articles that are relevant to my dolls.

So, I just got my first digital copy, The January/Febuary 2015 issue. I need to give it a read later but here are the things that stand out:

* 1/6 Suitcase-making tutorial
* Maribel Dias’ Blythe photos
* Short tut on faceups by Face-ups By Tory
* The pattern is a “corset” that is actually more like back-lacing halter top. They don’t actually SAY what doll it’s for…16″? The model looks Tyler-y.
* Article on recast BJD and suggestions on how not to get scammed.

Sometimes, I wonder how my Bratz collecting would have been effected if Mattel had skipped My Scene and gone straight to Monster High and EAH. I would have still collected them but I think Mattel could have gotten more of my doll budget. There were dolls I probably would have passed on if I had had the option of a Toralei put in front of me. I might have even hybridized Bratz with EAH to keep a similar shape but have the joints. Though, if Mattel had moved that way, MGA might have done jointed Bratz sooner, anyway.


MLP, MiWorld, Novi Stars

Originally Posted: 10-28-2014

Lookin’ a little Bride of Frankenstein there, Photo Finish. The description says no forelock but it’s more that it just hasn’t been cut yet. If I ended up with one like that, I am not sure it I’d want to just keep it like that or do a bit of scissor-less styling on it.

I was looking for better shots of the Rainbow Rocks themed headphones and came across these. I had no idea they made MLP radios and cassette players back in the 80’s! I had actual ponies, peel off nailpolish and a bath project set, but didn’t know about the extra merch back then. They need to reissue these. Except, make them play CDs or loadable with Mp3s or something, since no one really plays tapes anymore.

So, those cruddy EQG dolls are actually A LOT larger than I thought. I figured they were going to be little mini things but they are about regular size. $7? Eh…need to knock a few bucks off that. After tax, that’s a little too close to $10. They look better than  the first photos but they certainly aren’t worth that much. :/

Spotted a single Twinkle Toes MiWorld accessory pack. I passed on it because I didn’t know if the little sneakers could be modded into anything I could use. I kind of wish they had the Mrs. Field ones in stock.

The latest Novi Star assortment has a deer girl! :O I don’t know if I want one but something about her wee antlers makes me very happy ❤ I wonder if it’s just the antlers that are fuzzy?
Frostina seems like a cross between Mallie and Una, gimmick-wise. Carmela is a sweets themed Ari or something with her coloration.


Pony Pony Pony

Originally Posted: 10-03-2014
Saw Rainbow Rocks in theatres with some friends. I was blown away….by the amount of merch they COULD have sold me. (I also enjoyed the movie but, since this is a toy blog…) Adagio is REALLY pretty. Sonata too. If the dolls actually managed to capture that, I would totally buy them. Another tie-in I would have bought would have been if they had done a three pack with the Dazzlings as ponies, like you see on doll boxes. Oh well.

I found myself a Ponymania Photo Finish at TRU. I still don’t get why she has so much black in her hair and, if they are every on clearence, I would totally buy a second to reroot. But, other than that, she’s nice. When I get a sec, I’ll wash her mane and tail and even up any uneven parts. Her dress is neat, just because it’s more like the vintage Ponywear in it’s construction than any other dress/cape thing that has come with a G4 brushable to date.

Bought the Elements of Harmony and Soaring Pegasus sets online. They were massively other priced but I am happy to have them. Still can’t believe they actually rolled with “Steve Magnet” XD

Huh. I thought I blogged about the Charm Wings Honey Rays toy. Guess not? They are a little like the Glimmer Wings, in that they have HUGE plastic wings stuck on, but this time, they do pop off and they have little pegs on them to hang charms on. Yikes. Dash and Fluttershy will also be in the line but Honey Rays is the one I am interessted in. I am looking at her and wondering A. will they put out a regular brushable of her and B. could something be constructed to fit in the slot that would give her regular wings?

In the same vein as the Raimbow Shimmer snowglobe-type princesses, they are also doing the Water Cuties, containing Rarity, Diamond Mint and Pinkie Pie. A big sigh of relief because they still refer to glitter filled WINGS and I was worried they would have huge gimmick wings like the above Charm Wings toys. I will probably skip the princesses but grab Rarity (Rarity collection.) and Diamond Mint. I wonder if they can withstand hot water for styling? With Hasbro reusing the eyeprints all the time, having the characters look different really falls to the coloring and the styling.


MLP, MiWorld, How to Make Doll Headphones, Pipos Baha

Originally Posted: 09-02-2014
The local Walmart is TOTALLY starting to get ready for Christmas. The aisles have been rearranged, particularly the toy aisles, though.

The pony section was both exciting and disapointing. They had the bigger Twilight with rainbow wings, some of the Pop figures, Sonata Dusk and Aria Blaze set, the new bakery set, Princess Sterling set and Princess Gold Lily set. I would have picked up Sterling, but they only had one and she had a scratch on her cutiemark.

Saw the MiWorld photo booth and drink vending machine. They are pretty awsome and I am happy MiWorld is still being made but….please make more add-on packs. The larger sets are more expensive while also being majorly not my scale.

Target had new pony stuff in, including the Wild Rainbow singles.  I was thinking…there isn’t really any way you can style their hair without distorting the patterns printed on it.

So, Hasbro is going to make new EQG dolls that look like Happy Meal toys. Wow…that’s…pretty bad.

How to Make Doll Designer Headphones:Welp, time to go buy some cheap bubble solution. Summer is ending so there should be somewhere clearing it out. Shampoo bottles are a year round crop but, unless it’s a probably boring colored travel one, it probably won’t be small enough for a 1/6 head. I also think that pre-making a pattern might be a better idea than trying to trace buttons and rubberbands directly on to the plastic.

Confessions of a Doll Collectors Daughter pointed out a while back (didn’t see it untill now) that Mo Hayder’s book Poppet has a Pipos Baha on the cover! :Oow about that?


Coco Tribe Posted That They Are Being Recast

Originally Posted: 09-01-2014
So, Coco Tribe announced that they have discovered someone is selling recasts of their dolls. While looking into dolls with similar measurements I have come across sites in a few different languages that were using CT photos and selling the dolls. What they didn’t say in the info was that the dolls were made by CT and weren’t on the official dealer list. Legit sellers that were just selling off a couple they had….or were those the recasters?

Okay. Let’s say you have no issues with recasts. Why Coco Tribe, whose dolls are very inexpensive for bjds?  We aren’t talking $300 Volks dolls here. A nude, unpainted Amber doll on the 17cm body with no special resin color is $135. How much cheaper could a bootlegger churn it out for and still maintain some kind of quality?  What’s next….Bobobie/Resin Soul recasts? Buying a recast CT doll to “save money” doesn’t even begin to make sense.

And it takes money to buy dolls and casting supplies. They wouldn’t do it unless they figured there was a demand and money to be made. CT is obviously doing well enough to continue making dolls but you don’t see many posts talking about them or photos posted. Where is this market for fakes coming from?


Watch Out For Extreme Mark Ups

Originally Posted: 08-07-2014
Oh yuck. Somebody is selling cheap Daiso dresses (100 yen)  for almost $20 each after shipping. We don’t have a Daiso here but I bought a couple from someone for $3 a piece. With the quality that they are, that is the MOST you should spend on them. They look cute when they are on the doll but for $20 you could either have legit Takara Licca clothing or a handmade one in quality materials.

Slapping a “BJD” or “Blythe” label on something and marking it up is pretty common. Cheap Barbie shoes can become a $6 Blythe pair with a wave of the magic wand. Furniture for a budget American Girl-style doll? Sell it for more and say it’s SD stuff! Blythe and BJD dolls are already spending more for their dolls than they would on a playline toy from Walmart and are more likely to spend extra money getting nice things for their dolls. I’m not saying people shouldn’t use those doll types as keywords when they apply but some times it’s REALLY obvious when they are trying to get into those deeper pockets.

I think the thing to do is try and be knowledgeable about what you’re buying. If you aren’t looking for a particular brand, try searching things like wig measurements insted of only your doll’s specific name (5-6 vs “Lati”) and find out which dolls take the same size and see what’s on offer under their names. Measuring the feet on your doll might help you snag shoes that aren’t made for your doll but fit anyway. Smart shopping! ❤

 Also, I may have said this before but I’ll say it again: When buying little bits and bobs for dolls off Ebay, check Suntek first. Sometimes people buy stuff from them and resell. I haven’t seen anyone try for a 20x mark up, but isn’t it nice to get it a bit cheaper? Sometimes Suntek will be sold out, though, and the Ebay sellers provide a second source to pick it up.


Disney Dolls

Originally Posted: 08-05-2014
Got a hit looking for Kinoko Juice recasts. Maybe they were just trying to see what the state of things is. If they were actually looking to BUY one, the funny thing is that all they would have found here was that quote about how Kinoko Juice is just a couple people slaving away to bring the world their dolls, lol.

I wish I still had my Nakoma doll from Pocahontas. Maybe I’ll get lucky and find one at a thrift store. I’d love to rebody her.
I had no idea they did an Yzma doll!
….I also didn’t know they made a car for Tiana.

This Alice is amazing. She kind of reminds me of the Misaki dolls.


Monster High/ Hair Styling/ BJD Manual/ DIY Eyes/ Jafar/ Barbie’s Body

Originally Posted: 08-02-2014
Huh! I was not aware of the “Monster Maker” for Monster High. Not the one with the clip-on dolls, the newer one under that name. It appears that it read files you load and uses the file as directions for how to draw on the face with the markers. Like an automatic What’s Her Face. Honestly, though? I think it will go the same way was the CAM Design Lab. It seems more fool-proof than wrangling transfers into the right places but if will probably also be even more expensive.

LIVE NUDE MINOTAUR!! Er, in case you were wondering what that Manny doll looked like under there. I am really impressed that they went to the trouble of making new molds for him. They will probably never use those again, right? If they do, it will probably be in some sort of pack. He looks like he can wear regular MH boy or Barbie-sized pants. For the shirts…could he squeeze into Ken’s? Or maybe he’d have to go straight to action figure gear.

A tutorial on how to do finger waves for a doll. Ahhh. It’s as simple as bobby pins and drinking straws. See, I was thinking of some complicated rig with small sticks of Sculpey strung together. I will have to keep this in mind the next time I consider finger waves. Also, keep an eye out for different straw types.

I never mentioned that I was finally able to get the MH cat twins, did I? This area never got the original pack but I spotted the Zombie Shake girls in TRU. Not really a fan of the ponytails. I liked them in theory but they are kind of short. Not in the mood to start rerooting them but if they go all sticky and gross on me, I am foresee them being rerooted longer.

Did I mention I will be keeping an eye out for the Gil and Deuce set? I will. We had the multi-doll Dance Class pack here but I wasn’t buying it for ONE DOLL. A two pack is a bit more manageable. Fiiiish boy.

Everytime I read a tutorial or see a video where somebody suggests you can cut corners by using nailpolish instead of paint and/or sealent, it makes me want to say something. I don’t want to be one of those people who’s already butting in to correct people but…guis…plz. Here’s a Tumblr post about it.

The owner’s manual that came with a SWITCH BJD doll. Go on…give it a look. It’s a bit more interessting than a restringing guide.

I don’t know if anyone else has ever noticed this but blue doll eyes tend to mostly be a purple-toned blue. Blue that’s slightly to the green side just doesn’t seem to be a thing. I thought some tinted Magic-glos in a Pupa Paradise DIY eye blank would work but putting enough in to make it opaque left no room for the lense :/ I could try putting paint insted…hope it doesn’t look too cheap, though.
How are you suposed to secure the lenses in those in a way that won’t show? No instructions online.

And the second nude of the entry: Jafar from Aladdin! That’s what the Disney Store doll’s body was like. Yow.

DollsAhoy did an interessting post on Barbie’s proportions vs. real women. No, it’s not that “SAVE THE CHILDREN!” junk that has been making the rounds for years.


Prototype MLP/ Moxie Girlz ICE CREAM BIKE!!

Originally Posted: 07-30-2014
Prototype Ponymania Fluttershy. Whoah! The red wing markings looked like blood. Would have certainly upped the “goth factor”.

*High pitched noises* Moxie Girlz Ice Cream Bike!! Don’t get me wrong, it’s far too expensive. Like Muff said “Not $35 impressed” but it’s still so cool. I don’t collect MGs but I DO use bodies for reboding and…DUDE! JOINTED KNEES! Then, there’s the bakers, with their wee accessories. Sophia’s tiny cupcakes, Avery’s tiny eggs! OMIGOSH! We don’t really have this line any more, though. Maybe in (expensive!) TRU though. They stock some.


My Little Ponies / Monster High

Originally Posted: 07-29-2014
OH BOY! Brushable Bon Bon. I will buy the crap out of this. At the very least, I need three. One to keep stock-ish, one to reroot and remove the extra bows from and one to maybe become Roseluck. Then I will have a perfect Bon Bon to go along with my Lyra so I can make them kiss
Holly Dash, I just noticed, would need a reroot if I want to have one Rainbow Power and one like in the show. I need to figure out why my most recent reroots have ended up with wonky necks. I used to be able to do it perfectly, now, sometimes, it messes up.

There seem to be two sets of Rainbow Power (sometimes Rainbow-fied) and then Rainbow Rocks . The first set of RP were crap with normal toy and lame tinsel streaks. Then, there’s the ones with rainbow hair and extra markings going up their legs. See how Dash has multicolored thunder bolts? THEN, the Rainbow Power ones that have the cutiemark all over the leg and a version of their cutiemark painted around their eye. (Twilight makes me think of KISS….) These are meant to be pony versions of the characters in the Rainbow Rocks movie, but they don’t have the rainbow hair streaks! Why are there three lines? And why not reuse the 2nd Rainbow Power ponies with new paint for Rainbow Rocks toys so they would have the right hair?

As much as I love Applejack, I may skip her entirely. Not really liking any of the new ones. Probably grab a Rainbow Power Pinkie because I really like how she looks in the illustration and….maybe Rarity? Rarity is my other favorite, though the RP markings are kind of garish. I have the original G4 Skywishes…I wish she matched Ploomette, though. I could really do something like one that did.

Planning to sell your signature main 5 Monster High dolls? Well, they are about to lose a lot of their value. I meam, collecters will still want them but for the people who just want the characters in their signate outfits, they will probably buy the reissues.

The upcomming Haunted MH dolls. I think my favorite is Vandala Doubloons. Her eyes remind me of some of the more dreamy-eyed Jenny dolls. The leg looks a bit odd to me, just because they are trying to combine “ghost” plus “wooden leg” with the translucent orangey plastic. CeriseWolfs pointed out, though, that Vandala will be the first canonly disabled character. There was speculation about if Jane Boolittle was wearing a leg brace but Vandala does in fact have a prosthetic. It pops on and off….maybe if they do fashion packs, hers could come with a matching leg that coordinates with her shoe? Aimee Mullins has worn some amazing ones, if they need any inspiration.

Monster Exchange line. The theory is that Marisol is probably daughter of the Maricoxi. Nice to see more branching past the more well known (in North America) monsters. Nothing wrong with the kiddlets learning something new. Heehee…ShiBOOya. “Japan” doesn’t really lend itself to monster puns so good for them for comming up with that. What else…um…”Ghostsaka?” “ACKinawa”? Eee….no. Maybe not.

They certainly aren’t abandoning Toralei or Catrine, are they? I was kind of worried about Toralei, but she made a come back. Catrine, I figured, was a one shot character but she’s making a lot of appearences. if I had to guess, I’d say Neighthan will be a one-line-wonder but you can never say never, I guess.

I’ve mentioned before I’d like to see a different version of Avea come out later but….know know what? Maybe Ever After High could reuse her body mold! Centaurs aren’t really from a specific “fairy tale” but neither is Cupid. Maybe they could even do a deer-centaur as a “forest friend” for….I don’t know…whichever character might have a deer-girl as a friend. Just give me the deer-girl and I don’t really care how you squeeze her in.


Barbie, Wing Tutorial, Urban Dictionary

Originally Posted: 07-08-2014
That doll that looks like a EAH doll is apparently the villan of the upcomming Barbie and the Secret Door movie., Malucia I’m surprised…she looks like she would automatically be Barbie’s best princess friend or something.  She could use some JOINTS, though.

Ah! That’s right! I was looking for the Fashionista Barbie bodies in stores and…a chunk of the newer ones all have minimal articulation. The more expensive ones have joints but the dolls being sold for the same price as the Fashionistas? The same money for less. They are going BACKWARD. Barbie designers….stahp.

No new ponies, yet. For MH, I saw the Ghoul Sports Clawdeen but anyone else in the shipment had gotten snapped up. I’d like to get a peek at Toralei.

Lookie! A tutorial on making real feather wings. If any of you happen to have a pet bird, you could keep the nice ones they drop and make some sweet-ass wings for free!

Check out what was posted to Urban Dictionary:
A Japanese ball-jointed doll made out of vinyl.
A lot of BJD-fans buy them as a substitute of those beautiful resin dolls when they don’t have the will to work to afford one; and Obitsu-dolls are often frowned upon in the BJD-community.
“I’ve been waiting soooo long for my Doll-Zone Yue to get home, and guess what was waiting me when I got home from work yesterday? The package!”
“Ohh, cool, he’s pretty. I got an Obitsu, we should totally do a photoshoot together!”
“… Obitsu ‘>_>”

Hey, hypothetical Obitsu-owner, you don’t WANT to be this person’s friend. They look at your doll and judge you for it. They think you’re lazy for not choosing a resin doll. You don’t need ’em, or anybody else in the doll community who “frowns” on them and you for having them.
The ironic thing is that I found the entry when I was looking up Resinsoul photos because the poster had used “Resinsoul” as their nickname. Resinsoul dolls, after all cost a lot less than dolls from big names like Volks and some people automatically see the price and write them off as being “trash”. “Eww, why didn’t you save $400 and get a GOOD doll?” I wonder if the poster realised….