Japanese Doll Pattern Book Summaries

There are a lot of pattern books/mooks out there and, even if you get a deal, it sucks to get them and be disappointed.
So, I started using my meager knowledge of Japanese, coupled with translation resources to summarize what’s in different volumes.
Where do you GET the books themselves? I got some of mine from Amazon but Mandarake is great for deals on second hand copies of the more common ones.

Dolly*Dolly vol. 1 (Use Find)
Dolly*Dolly vol. 3 (Use Find)
Dolly*Dolly vol. 5
Dolly*Dolly vol.7
Dolly*Dolly vol. 8 (Use Find)
Dolly*Dolly vol. 10
Dolly*Dolly vol. 15 (Use Find)
Dolly*Dolly vol. 26
Dolly*Dolly Spring 2014
Dolly*Dolly Spring 2015
Dolly*Dolly Winter 2015
Dolly*Dolly Spring 2016
Dolly*Dolly Winter 2016

BIC Dolly Style 1
Costume Doll Collection 1 & 2

Dolly*Dolly vol. 10

Mostly Tiny Betsy and Licca but there are a couple BJD patterns.
* Konichiwa Takara Tomy/ Tacara & Tommydoll History [sic.]
* Tiny Betsy Shop & Artwork Gallery
* Correct Betsy’s Makeup Tutorial
* Let’s Make The Kimono With The Handkerchief! [Tiny Betsy tutorial and pattern]
* Doll Fan Survery 2006 [Art by Akiko Higashimura. Kuragehime, yay!]
* Blythe Gallery
* Momoko Hair Arrangement
* 1/6 Scale Photo Contest Gallery

* Raincoat and Tank Top for Mame Momoko
* Shoulder-Frill Blouse and Cropped Pants for Licca
* Skirt with Shoulder Belt and Socks for Licca
* Lily Motif Skirt for Licca
* Soldier Vest and Butterfly Collar Blouse and Over-knee Socks for Licca
* Woven Shoulder Bag, Bag with Daisy Charm, Hat for Momoko
* Spring Picnic Set, Sleeveless All-in-one and Sun Visor for Tiny Betsy
* Raglan T-Shirt and Patchwork Denim Pants for Tiny Betsy
* Lingerie Set for Tint Betsy (Camisole and Frill Pants)
* Idol! (Triplet Series) for Tiny Betsy
* Apple Outfit and Peach-chan Outfit for Petite Ai
* Snow White Apple Princess for Doll Leeke D Type
* Kousagi-chan and Koneko-chan Outfits for Pocket Fairy
* Elegant Apricot Spring Pant Suit for 1/6 Size [Shown on an Annz. Also, not a pantsuit.]

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Dolly*Dolly vol. 5

The theme is retro! Old dolls and new dolls sporting old styles.

* Showa Retro Dolls Gallery
* Kimono tutorial for Super Dollfie
* I Love Tammy
* Licca-chan’s Dream House
* Doll Repair Big Operation
* 1/6 Scale Resort-style Chair Tutorial

* Green One-piece for Osyalle Style Doll
* Pink One-piece for Osyalle Style Doll
* Kotori Furisode Kimono for SD
* Goldfish Mini One-piece for SD
* Kimono for Tiny Betsy and Mikko-chan the Sakura Bisque
* Pink Smocking One-piece for Gen 2 Licca
* Blue Smocking One-piece for Gen 2 Licca
* Apron One-piece and Flower Negligee for Gen 2 Licca [Suitable for a 10 year old. Not the sexy kind of negligee. ]
* One-piece set for Kuri-chan
* Summer Casual for Jenny
* 80’s Era Memories for Momoko
* Outfit for Petite Blythe
* Outfit for World Kids
* Outfit for Mame Momoko
* Outfit for Mattel Kelly
* Twin Fashion for Licca
* Grown Up-Looking Special Occation Dress for Licca [It’s a skirt and blouse….]
* One-piece Dress for Volks Who’s That Girl? Mami
* Pants Style for Volks Who’s That Girl? Kana
* Resort-style Chair Pattern

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Dolly*Dolly vol. 7

Very Alice on Wonderland themed.

* It’s a “Wonderful” Small World [Alice in Wonderland themed photo story]
* Small catalog of 1/6 scale prop food and a gallery of photos from a prop themed contest.
* Photo Printing Guide
(back of magazine)
* Mask Tutorial
* Closed Eyes Christine Custom Tutorial
* Interior Tutorial, Closet with Drawer

* Alice Style Dress for SD
* Secret Garden Thin Cotton Long Dress for SD
* Secret Garden Thin Cotton Mini Dress,[??] Common Underwear Set for SD
* Wonder of the Stars Alice, Queen of Hearts and Trump Soldiers for Pooyan Toys Female Action Figures [Uses a lot of pleather and printed cardboard]
* Alice Clothing Set for Petite Blythe
* Trump Solder. Set for World Kids and Living Dead Dolls Mini
* Alice Clothing Set for Blythe
* Rabbit Clothing for Mame Momoko
* Chesire Cat for Little Pullip
* Doll Clothing Shuffle: Tie, socks, bag, tanktop for Momoko
* Louis Carroll Loves Alice for Osyalle Style Doll
* Niponia Arisu for Osyalle Style Doll
* Rabbit for Licca
* Alice for Licca
* Trump King for Licca
The Mirror for Tyler Wentworth
* The Point of No Return for Tyler Wentworth
* Phantom for Matt O’Neal

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Dolly*Dolly vol. 26

* Apolline a Paris
* Miruhi-chan’s Felt Doll Tutorial
* How to make Fortune Stand [Fortune Wanda/Wonder Frog]
* Who is Susie Sad-Eyes?
* Easy Usaggie Custom Tutorial
* Cruising Party Comic [Deconiki doll characters]
* Animal Doll News [Mostly anthro! Yay!]
* Kanaria Picture Book

* One-piece, Apron, Sun Bonnet Set for MSD
* Pleated One-piece, Pintuck One-piece for MSD
* Star Yoke Blouse and High Waist Pants for Licca
* Saturn Belt One-piece for Licca
* One-piece and All-in-one for Usaggie
* Cruising Party Tuxedo for male Odeco-chan body and Long Dress for Nikki
* Colorful Romantic Kabocha Romper, Date One-piece and Rose One-piece for Wanda Frog
* Felt Doll Pattern

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Dolly*Dolly Spring 2015

This one has a “sisters” theme so there are some matching oufits involved, some of which are between different doll sizes.

* Blythe Charity Auction Snaps
* Picco Neemo Painting Tutorial
* Ideas of Making Tiny Clothes [Photo tutorial on the Licca Cross Over Dress]
* Rosalynn Pearle 1/6 Dresser Tutorial
* Forest Cafe Open manga with the Petwork  doll characters
* Dolly * Dolly Photo Studio gallery
* The World of Dolls of Tasha Tudor

* Hiromi Tominaga Collab One-piece Blythe
* Traveling One-piece for Ruruko
* Three Sisters Coordinates for PN M, S and XS
* Sailor Collar All-in-one for Picco Neemo D
* Cache-Coeur One-piece for Licca [“Cross Over Dress” in the tutorial]
* One-piece & Apron Set for Deconikki
* Garcon Wind(?) Set for Deconikki
* Alice and March Hare Set for Blythe
* One-piece by Sandy for Blythe

* Kanihoru for Licca and Miki/Maki [Panda hoods, shirts and overalls]

* Allnurds for Momoko and Ruruko [Beanies, shirts, shorts, socks, bags]

* Silver Butterfly Dress for Unoa Quluts Girls Sist and Luis

….The Alice in Wonderland outfits threw me because I wasn’t sure what a “three month rabbit” was. *face palm*

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Dolly*Dolly Spring 2016

*Extra  Detailing Tutorial for Azone Otogi na Kuni Mermaid Princess Minami doll
* Pico Pico Doll Tutorial for 11cm Obitsu
* Miniature Pintucking Instructions 
* Miniature Cupboard Instructions 
* Little Dolls and A Forest Story Mini Comic [Petworks Dolls]

* Stop!! Hibarikun! Doll Gallery [Canceled. Scans here.]
* Nendoroid and Obitsu 11cm Hybriding * Tutorial and Clothing Instructions
* Miniature Cookie Tutorial 
* Fortune Wanda/ Wonder Frog Catalog
* 2016 Blythe Charity Auction Gallery
* Retro-dresses Liccas and Miniature Vintage Magazine Prop

* [???] One-pieces for KukuClara and Blythe
* Tyrolean One-piece Set for KukuClara
* Bonnet and One-piece for Excellina Jenny
* Dress for Mermaid Princess Minami/ Pure Neemo L
* Prim Jacket, Inner Blouse, Pantoloons for Obitsu 11cm
* [?? Too much kanji can’t read. It’s a jumpsuit] for Momoko
* Pintuck Dress for KukuClara
* Go Out China Girl for Ruruko/Pureneemo XS [Chinese One-piece, Drawers, Petticoat and Hair Ribbons]
* Pucchi Prince Set for Ruruko and Oni-san Set for Jossie and Hitsuji [And Usaggie and Kumaboro etc. Momo Headdress, Momo Blouse, Frill Kabocha Pants, Momo Beret, Oni Headdress, Bikini Top]
* “I Want To Sleep In Your Book” One-piece Set for Momoko [One-piece, Stockings, Pettcoat, Bloomers]
* What is Obitsu-roid? for Obitsu 11 [Tank Top/Cardigan, Sirwal Pants
* High Waist One-piece And Cardigan for Dollfie Dream

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