Dolly*Dolly vol. 5

The theme is retro! Old dolls and new dolls sporting old styles.

* Showa Retro Dolls Gallery
* Kimono tutorial for Super Dollfie
* I Love Tammy
* Licca-chan’s Dream House
* Doll Repair Big Operation
* 1/6 Scale Resort-style Chair Tutorial

* Green One-piece for Osyalle Style Doll
* Pink One-piece for Osyalle Style Doll
* Kotori Furisode Kimono for SD
* Goldfish Mini One-piece for SD
* Kimono for Tiny Betsy and Mikko-chan the Sakura Bisque
* Pink Smocking One-piece for Gen 2 Licca
* Blue Smocking One-piece for Gen 2 Licca
* Apron One-piece and Flower Negligee for Gen 2 Licca [Suitable for a 10 year old. Not the sexy kind of negligee. ]
* One-piece set for Kuri-chan
* Summer Casual for Jenny
* 80’s Era Memories for Momoko
* Outfit for Petite Blythe
* Outfit for World Kids
* Outfit for Mame Momoko
* Outfit for Mattel Kelly
* Twin Fashion for Licca
* Grown Up-Looking Special Occation Dress for Licca [It’s a skirt and blouse….]
* One-piece Dress for Volks Who’s That Girl? Mami
* Pants Style for Volks Who’s That Girl? Kana
* Resort-style Chair Pattern

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BIC Dolly Style, Issue 1 (2005)

Bought it because it was fairly cheap and was happily surprised! 1/6 Dollfie pattens are tough to come by!
* One-piece for Barbie
* Second Dress for Barbie
* Felt  [???] Hood Jumper-skirt for Tiny Betsy
* Sailor Jacket and Pants for 22cm Doll
* Mod Culotte Suit and Cape for Mattel France
* Jacket, T-shirt and Jeans for Volks Eb-N
* [??? ]-chan and Para[??]-chan Dress and [?? Socks? Hair ornament?]for Pocket Fairy Minimay
* Sugar Rose Top, Short Girdle and Stockings for 40cm Unoa Size
* Fairy tail Beret, Corset Top and Under Dress for Unoa, SD Standard size


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Dolly Dolly Winter 2015

Despite the candy colored front, this issue has a heavy emphasis on “granny look”. Long skirts, shawls and knit items.

* Picco Neemo Eye Recolor Tutorial
* Instructions for Card Deck and Low Table
* Piano Recital Comic (Odeco, Nikki, Ruruko, Jossie and Usaggie)
* Momoko Graffiti Gallery
* Dolly Dolly Photo Studio Gallery

Ruruko/Pure Neemo XS Kimono Set: Kimono, Obi, Kimono Vest, Hair Ornament, Bag
Ruruko/Pure Neemo XS Maid Uniform: One Piece, Trousers (Boomers), Socks, Apron, Headpiece, Petticoat (Look is based on the Shirley manga by Kaoru Mori)
Picco Neemo No-sleeve One Piece, Hooded Cape
Deconikki Short Pants, Socks, Blouse, Tights, One Piece
Licca No-sleeve One Piece, Faux Leather Jacket (Tutorial included), Fringed Leggings
Pure Neemo S One Piece (Granny Style), Under Skirt, Apron, Knit Stole, Socks, Head Dress
Licca One Piece (Night Gown), Nightcap, Under Skirt
Vintage Blythe One Piece (Granny Style), Knee-high Socks, Babushka
Super Dollfie Girl Granny Style: Fake Fur Shawl, Blouse, Thigh-high Socks, Apron, Long Skirt, Moccasins, Knit Cape, Stole
U-Noa Quluts Light Fluorite One Piece (Granny Style), Apron, Stole
Momoko One Piece (Granny Style), Stole, Petticoat

Knitting Instructions for U-Noa Quluts Light Fluorite-sized Clothing: Red Cape, Oversize Navy, Double Cable Long Coat, Relax Cardigan, Black Cape, Grayish Beige One Piece

Kikipop Tank Top, Ribbon, Panier Skirt, Tights, Fur Cuffs

* Clip Art for Making Backgrounds

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G2 Eye Crystals, Organizing, SDCC Chicken Pinkie, BaB, Grubbies!, Haute Doll July/August 2015

Found a (full size!) G2 Sundance at Value Village. She’s in pretty good condition, just needs new eye gems. So, I bought some SS12 sized crystals, waited for them arrive and tried to put them in. THEY DON’T FIT. :< They are too large for the holes. Now I have to wait for smaller ones to get here. Fuuuuu…I wanted to complete the project. I think SS10 will fit and, if not, I will also have SS8. I don’t need many, so they aren’t really expensive, it’s just annoying.

I picked up little set of plastic drawers to sit on my desk. They are actually a little cart but they work fine without the wheels added. I had planned to put mini food making stuff in the bottom, paints and glues in the middle and sewing items in the top. Errr…turns out I have a lot more paint and glue than I thought. The sewing stuff will have to stay where it is.
It will be nice having supplies more organized. A lot of it was spread out among a bunch of containers or shoved or in a drawer. Not having all sorts of little things in the drawer to dig through will let me find things faster.

SDCC is going to have an exclusive Chicken Pinkie Pie this year! It’s a cute idea and it saves them from having to mix new plastic colors or make a new mold. ❤

The little grey pegasus that’s popular with a huge chunk of the adult fanbase is getting a Build A Bear toy. I don’t like that they use shimmery fabric for the wings but I am considering trying to get one when they come out. Whatever you want to call her, she’s really cute. ❤

Grubbies! is CheshireTiffy’s new group for before and after photos of thrifted dolls. It came up in one of her Tumblr posts that there didn’t seem to be something like that on Flickr already.

As I wrote this, my latest digital copy of Haute Doll arrived. Too tired to read the whole thing now, but someone on one of the confession Tumblrs figures there will be a lot of pro-recast people angry about the article they published on recasts. Oh yeah, it’s totally comming.

The author, Kaitlyn Long, is VERY anti-recast and says “Any supporters of this illegal activity should not feel opressed, as they are the wrongdoers. A doll is a luxury item and there is absolutely no acceptable reason to purchase a recast. Finances, health, and age are not valid excuses to buy contraband and they never will be.” Some pro-recast people try to frame anti-recast people as being classist and against poorer people having nice things, so I think that is the bit that will spawn the most posts.

Value Village Sindy, Doll Hair Tip

If you are visiting from Flickr, hello! 😀 If you have no idea what I am talking about, I waited to anounce this blog on my Flickr account. I wanted to have it more or less good to go before I said anything.


I also wanted to show off my (finally) finished Value Village Sindy, so I combined the two!

VV Sindy 3 (Contrast)VV Sindy 2 (Natural Light)VV Sindy 1 (Natural Light)

When I was trying to edit the photos, went looking for a tutorial and realised that my copy of Paint Shop Pro is 16 years old. That’s….really old. I got it for Christmas, wayback when, and it was “expensive software”. It still more or less works but I am wondering what the price would be to upgrade it.

Put clear tape over the color names on your Dolly Hair packets. The hair comes in resealable bags with the names handwritten in marker and the marker scratches off over time. I have been going through my doll hair boxes, organizing and pre-prepping plugs for future use. A bunch of my DH bags have been bumped around to the point that I can’t read the names. I was going to re-label them ALL but, naw, just put some tape on there to protect it. S’all good.

(Restore Doll has printed labels but the bags are machine-sealed and can’t be reused. You’ll have to rebag and label those. 😀 )