Heehee. So, a doll-related bingo card was being circulated on Tumblr and one complaint was that it was too specifically for BJD owners. So, I came up with a more general one:

Lon's Doll Bingo: General Edition

Heehee…notice how the animal aspects one, the wing one and the related dolls ones are NOT near each other. That’s on purpose. Monster High is popular, contains animal dolls with wings and now as a 4 character chain of related dolls. Didn’t want to make it TOO easy, ya no? πŸ˜€

I wanted a bingo to be possible for the non-customizing crowd, so I did customizing squares as a seperate card:

Lon's Doll Bingo: Creative Edition

Except for the selling, yes, failed attempts count! πŸ˜€


Pattern Books, Second Hand Goods

I haven’t posted anything in a bit because most of what I could talk about is either projects I want to wait and finish or part of a longer entry I’m not done with.

For example, I have more Japanese pattern books I need to sift through and put up pattern lists for. I could have SWORN I had bookmarked a Japanese site that had vague lists of what dolls were covered in the really early Dolly Dolly volumes. I have questions! So many questions! Like, are there any Volks Dollfie/Who’s That Girl? patterns past vol. 8? After a while, it seems to become a big Blythe-fest with Odeco and Nikki, Licca, Momoko and Tiny Betsy as secondary acts.

I think “junk” is in Japan what “TLC” is for English speaking collectors. I have seen some rather expensive, rather NICE “junk” dolls. An almost perfectly fine doll can be tagged that way because it needs a good wash and a couple small touch ups to the paint. So, if you see something marked “junk” on a Japanese site, check it out anyway.

“Before you complain about a doll being damaged, do your research. I sold a Bobobie from 2007, and the buyer wanted a $50 partial refund because there were no s-hooks in the hands and feet. That’s not damage. Bobobie NEVER used s-hooks in hands and feet until at least 2009. Someone else was accused of selling a doll covered in cracks. They were seam lines. If a doll does arrive damaged, please report it, but research first so you don’t look like an idiot falsely accusing others. ”
True BJD Confessions

Oh noz, Lon! Why are you posting more second hand anger?? Heh. While, as well as agreeing that people should do research before laying a knee-jerk complaint, that stuff about the Bobobie hooks is interessting information.
I don’t own any Bobobies, particularly not from that time period, so it’s only trivia for me. For anyone who is thinking of picking on up on the second hand market, it’s good information to know and definitely worth reposting.

HAHA! Dude! When I added a background to this blog, I was disapointed it couldn’t actually be seen. We had to replace our monitor recently and the current one has a bigger screen than the old clunky one. I had the blog open and realised that at least SOME of the people who visit will be able to see the stripes! Yay!

Costume Doll Collection 1 & 2

Costume Doll Collection1 & 2

I now have both Costume Doll Collection and Costume Doll Collection 2. The former I actually got for 90 yen (if you don’t count the shipping), though the latter cost me a fair amount more than that. The weird part is that my copy of the second volume was still cheaper than other places wanted because it had a broken binding. (Looks like someone was scanning the patterns!)

First and foremost, these are catalogs. Big, beautiful photos of what was available at the time they were published (2000). They aren’t really restricted to one particular company, so there’s dolls by Yellow Submarine, Takara, Mediacom, Volks, Epoch C-works, Azone, Marmit…probably a couple more. They didn’t turn out to be the pattern books I thought they were and only have two patterns each.

Costume Doll Collection contains:
* Basic tutorial on how to make a doll using Volks products. Hair cutting, using decals, painting a face, removing seamlines and using alternate hand sets are covered.
* Photography tutorial. Hints on lighting, photography set ups and photoshopping backgrounds.
* A black and white article on the making of Volk’s Lost Angels series.
* Kyoko is on a Volks EB-B? body. Her outfit is an oversized, dress shirt with long, billowy sleeves and capri leggings.
Ami is also a Volks EB-B (I think) and her outfit is a short dress with ribbon straps, plus instructions for a bag and panties..

Costume Doll Collection 2 contains:
* Ehhh…not much. Nothing really noteworthy
* Rena is on a Volks Neo body of some kind, either the Neo F or the Neo Teen.
Her costume includes a hat (garrison cap?), bra top, knee length skirt with slit and a long, high collared leg of mutton-sleeved jacket that belts at the waist.
* Toshiya is a Volks Goh. His outfit consists of a pair of pants and a high collared, belted millitary jacket.

If you are looking for a Dollfie version of Dolly* Dolly or Doll Coordinate Recipe, don’t bother. If you have to choose between the two volumes and you aren’t desperate for military chic/Goh patterns, get the first one.

Upcomming MLP, Monster High Glue Damage

So, it looks like maybe Pinkie is getting a blindbag-sized collection themed around her, the way Applejack did. Pinkie is a “middle tier” pony for me, so I’ll probably skip most of the figures that are Pinkie on her own. Totally want any that are Pie or Cake family related, though.

Snow Globe Applejack. YES. She will join the AJ collection. Nice to see they aren’t sticking with adding wings to Flower Wishes/Daisy. I think AJ might be the last Water Cuties toy I buy, unless they do a stallion or an Apple family member.

The glue that dripped from my Gloom Beach Jackson heavily damaged his face. I wasn’t going to bother originally but I did call Mattel and let them know about it. They sent me a voucher for a new doll and I recieved it today. The man I talked to was really nice and apologetic about what happened but, guys…please….just stop putting the glue in. Or find out what kind of glue MGAE and Hasbro use and buy that.
When I bought the doll, I bought him because I was worried there would never be another Jackson made. I think if that had happened, I’d be a lot more bothered by the damage. I’ve put the head aside and started modifying the body for another doll. I’m trying not to wonder if the GB doll had gone up in value, since he was already damaged. :/

Pruning Flickr Groups

Okay, so I got a Flickr message from a member of the RD & DH Doll Hair Color Reference group, complaining about how there are so many improperly tagged photos that it’s hurting the usefulness of the group.

I have kind of let things go a bit because I didn’t want to be The Bad Guy and get on people’s cases but, shit, something had to be done to pull it back in to shape. I just finished sending off a batch of notices, asking people to add more info to their pics, and deleted about 25 that were straight up against the rules. (Alpaca from Etsy? No. Dolls with their original hair? No.)

I also removed a bunch of photos from the Junky Spot/Hujoo Freya/Freyr group I admin. Phoebe, Nano Rabi and Albu? Fine, they can also be posted. But no regular Hujoos. It’s not a general Hujoo group.

Gaaah. When you join these groups, you see the rules. Why do people not read them? -_-

New Toys At Walmart! Hooray!, Dream, DGRequiem Sizes

YASSS. One of the local Walmart is finally getting new stuff in. Most of the new stuff. (The other one seems to still be trying to sell off the old stock to make room)

Gooliope is HUGE. I don’t know, I just pictured her smaller. And I pictured the Frightmares a bit larger.

The new Bratz were in. I want some of the clothing sets but they are $10 CAD and I think the shoes might be even bigger than the original ones. I…don’t think I have a use for shoes that large. If they were more like the ones before the hiatus, I could use them as almost-in-scale shoe-feet for bigger dolls. Maybe I could get them on sale for a few bucks less? I want that stripey one!

The Disney Descendants were there. Didn’t look really closely. I should be trying to evaluate them on their own merits, rather than a source of sweet, sweet bodies.

My Little Pony. They had the new EQG dolls, which I barely looked at because they also had the Friendship is Magic Collection.
(That’s a super generic real name for the Apple family-centric series. They should have called it “Family is Magic”)

A lot of the selection was picked over but they did have the Apple Bloom and Babs set, The SECS6000, the juice stand and the barn. I want the barn but it’s a lot more expensive and I still have to figure out where I would store it. Did grab the juice stand and AB with Babs. Sweetie…Babs. I don’t get it. Why would they have to rename the character “Sweetie Babs” for the toy? “Babs Seed” is unusual enough to be copyrighted. Whatever, she’s still adorable as hell, whatever Hasbro calls her.

I had a doll related dream a week or so ago. We were cleaning up the house for a move and Is sorting junk I hadn’t seen in years.
Some of the things I found in the dream were:
* A couple 1 1/2″ dolls. One was Anne from Akage no Anne, that had a button in back that played music. Cha Cha from Akazukin Chacha. And similarly sized doll with multiple heads.
* A watermelon-headed Quint-type doll with a button in back to make the head light up.
* A bunch of BigEye Skippers.

Analysis: I have been trying to sort through my junk and the idea of finding treasures while cleaning or shopping in a thrift store is a common theme in my dreams. Finding something you forgot you had is like thrifting except FOR FREE! πŸ˜€ I have also been looking at sites with vintage Japanese dolls, including one that had an Akazukin Chacha doll. I watched Akage no Anne dubbed in French as a kid and I think the watermelon child may have been inspired by Steven Universe. I also responded to a most on Tumblr about the BigEye Skippers recently and how I had one when I was little. (Must finish that reroot…)

Hadn’t noticed before but DGRequiem had to switch over to “code words” for their doll patterns to avoid running afoul of Mattel. The boy sizes are “Large” for Ken, “Medium” for EAH and “Slimline” for MH. Barbie is a “Medium Fashion Doll”, Blythe is “Petite” and MH/EAH girls are “Petite Slimline”.

Suntek, Polly Pocket in Japan, Monster High, Coco Tribe, Elleo Dolls

You know, I said before that a lot of little items are cheaper on Suntek than EBay, due to people buying from them and reselling. But, I have noticed that, lately, that isn’t always the case. Some of the 1/6th scale furniture is actually a few bucks less on EBay right now. Meh, guess it just stressed the importance of shopping around.

I was looking through some Japanese vintage toy listings and came across something called an Angel Pocket. It looked an awful lot like the old Polly Pockets so I Googled it and, sure enough, that was the name they were sold under in Japan.

So, DollsAhoy has received advice not to use the “Monster High” name in the listings for the clothing she makes and sells specifically for the very unusual MH body. Hrm.
I totally get wanting 3rd party stuff to be labeled as unofficial but not saying the name at all? DA is pretty well know for her stuff but this could hinder newer clothing makers by not getting their stuff seen.
There needs to be a standard “code” everyone uses. DA is using “Monster Doll”. “Monster School” would work too.

Hmm. Coco Tribe posted this message on July 6th :
We are deeply sorry for lack of communication for times.
We will be back with information and news after 7/12 ( within next week)
Thank you very much for all your support and understanding.

It’s August 15th and no follow up. I’m curious what the big news is. I hope it’s that they have cleared up their order backlog and are doing an event.
I like CT and I am rooting for them. But saying they are going to make an announcement and then being silent a month past the supposed date will damage their reputation.

Elleo Dolls make some interesting little BJD animals. 1/6th, maybe? They do dogs, cats, rabbits and ferrets. Some are even partially flocked. Super neat-o. πŸ˜€