Online Shopping and Me

I buy a lot of things over the internet. My most recent purchases have been things like small plastic plants, crystals for my G2 Sundance and “3d cabochons” that could be used as props. I kind of use Ebay like a dollar store with delayed gratification but a better selection. The feedback exchange also helps polish my Ebay rep too.

A lot of what I buy is being bought directly from China with free or low shipping. I’m not going to pay extra for a packet of micro beads to get here faster so it rides on a literal slow boat from China. (I still feel the “OMG, where is my package?? Waiting is terrible!” feeling toward the end, though. Cheap AND impatient, an excellent combo!)

Things get lost in the post when you buy small things from far away with cheap shipping, right? Actually, I have been really lucky. I have only one package where it went missing and the case was left unresolved. (MadeInChina2013, why didn’t you respond to my messages, huh? You owe me a jeweler’s saw.)

Most stuff gets to me just fine, though I have had two now that arrived in Canada Post’s plastic bags with apologies on them.
This one is the latest (Came yesterday):
It Happened Again
Everything was inside and in good shape. I highly recommend putting anything you send inside a plastic bag before loading it into the padded envelope. That way, there’s a chance the items will be okay, even if the envelope gets soaked or torn.

One purchase that seemed to be lost in the mail was an order of flatfoot Barbie shoes. Months went by and they never turned up. I let the seller know and she sent out more. Then, a week later, I got the first batch. I Paypaled her the price of the shoes again. They were too cheap to bother sending them back but just keeping both, one for free, wouldn’t have been fair.


D. Descendants Bodies, Isi Dawndancer, Pretty Rhythm

I am wondering if the female Disney Descendants dolls are comparable in size to the Obitsu 25cm body. There’s a comparison shot here. I like how she’s beefier than the MH and EAH girls. Apparently, the arms and legs are vinyl, like Bratzillas, so the joints are a bit “sticky”. I still like the proportions, though.

There’s a comparison of the boy body here, too. Probably too beefy for my purposes but YMMV 😀

Disapointed that there doesn’t seem to have been any sight of Deerla at SDCC.  Isi Dawndancer was being displayed, though. Ee…I think, at her core, she has the makings of a good doll. Love the hair color, that she’s a deer and that the feet are hoof-like. But I find most of the design too busy. Too many patterns and eye-grabbing details at once.

There is a controversy, as well, about her design and how it’s kind of a mish-mash of native symbols. I think it’s a good thing that Mattel is trying to do dolls based on other cultures. But….guys…GET SOME CONSULTANTS when you dip your toes into those waters. Check with people who actually know a thing or two about what you’re trying to represent.

Whoah! The Pretty Rhythm dolls look HUGE compared to Jenny and Licca. It’s those heads. I wasn’t really thinking of how much they were until seeing one next to a normal doll.

Wave 13 BBs are here! Ginger Breadhouse is (probably) not a cookie, Forest Pixies

Woo! So, the local stores are starting to get the Wave 13 BBs in. Thanks to the little clear windows, I have the ones I wanted.
What was weird is that I had heard the solid colored ones were chase figures but I had no trouble getting them at all. They seem to just be regular figures!

The sad thing was that there were, like, 4 empty bags laying around. Somebody is stealing them again :<

I’ve mentioned the complaints about EAH not having enough non-white characters in it and Willow being made out of wood. I came across a post that was upset that people are saying Ginger Breadhouse is a cookie, insted of an actual human being with darker skin. I didn’t see the post it was refering to, but I wonder if it might be because the author was confused on whose kid Ginger is? Like, maybe they think she’s the Gingerbread Man’s daughter insted of the (human) witch’s from Hanzel and Gretel? That’s what I thought at first, so I could see the mistake being made.

I’d like to see this girl get a doll. Gauzy fabric, golden jewelery, big flower in her hair ❤ If they do, I hope I like the results. They don’t always translate the cartoon look to dolls well.
My money is on her being Aladdin’s daughter. She could totally be Scheherazade’s child, but it will depend on if Mattel wants to go with a character that kidlets probably haven’t heard of yet.

The Forest Pixies are so cute! I hate that they will be un-articulated but…rebody? I like the names “Featherly” and “Harelow ” a lot but Deerla is the one with the best chance of joining my collection.

Ever After High, Mermaid Toralei, Shopettes, Too Many Clear MLP BBs

A photo was posted of an Ever After High Doll who is darker than Willow, with green eyes, long dark brown hair and a mix of gold and silver accesories. Most bets were that it was Amber Mides and some even thought it was a photoshopped photo, rather than a legit preview.
Turns out it’s Justine Dancer, daughter of (one of) The Twelve Dancing Princesses. I….would not have guessed that one. She’s obviously a princess but nothing about her really suggests the dancing part to me. There have been complaints that the only really dark skinned EAH doll was made out of wood so I think a lot of people will be happy to see a doll put out that is actually representing a dark skinned human being.

Farrah is pretty obvious but Piper is another one that I probably wouldn’t have guessed if they hadn’t said so. She’s music themed but doesn’t seem to relate back to the story much. Though, cripes, a town rips off a guy, so he abducts their kids. Nice choice there, Mattel.

Great Scarrier Reef Toralei. Not just a cat but a lionfish mermaid too. Shiiit…I’m trying to cut back but I kind of want her. But do I REALLY want her, or an I just in love with the idea? How perfect is it that she’s a lionfish, a venomous, predator fish that has been causing problems since they made their way to the Atlantic?

Shopkins aren’t really a big deal here. I see the playsets around sometimes and I got a couple blind figures from a grocery store that was the only place I saw the singles. The biggest selection was at a Seen On TV place that had playsets, singles, plush toys and backpacks, all kind of over priced.
Apprently, they are expanding to mini dolls with the Shopettes line. Probably a pass for me but I am curious to see better photos.

Still no sign of the new MLP stuff ’round these here parts. Wave 13 has a lot of clear figures that are similar to previous released but Wave 14 seems to have even more.

As jazzed as I was about getting ALL THE STALLIONS in the beginning, Royal Riff is just a glitterless, flipped version of the Wave 4 one. Apart from the solid one, we have gotten him clear and with glitter, clear with painted hair, clear with painted hair and glitter and, now, clear with no painted hair and no glitter. That’s all combinations exhausted and a lot of similar figures created. Maybe move on to glow-in-the-dark (it’s been a while!) or just give him a brushable?

Of the clear ones, I think I’ll go for Plumsweet, MAYBE Lucky Clover and Sugar Cane. Apart from that, it will be all about the solid ones for me. The same with Wave 13 when it finally gets here. The gimmick is over used.

(Not doll related, but congratulations, Americans who can now marry who they choose! You can’t see when you read this blog but when you log on to WordPress to post, there is a rainbow banner around the top of the window in celebration. ❤ )

G2 Eye Crystals, Organizing, SDCC Chicken Pinkie, BaB, Grubbies!, Haute Doll July/August 2015

Found a (full size!) G2 Sundance at Value Village. She’s in pretty good condition, just needs new eye gems. So, I bought some SS12 sized crystals, waited for them arrive and tried to put them in. THEY DON’T FIT. :< They are too large for the holes. Now I have to wait for smaller ones to get here. Fuuuuu…I wanted to complete the project. I think SS10 will fit and, if not, I will also have SS8. I don’t need many, so they aren’t really expensive, it’s just annoying.

I picked up little set of plastic drawers to sit on my desk. They are actually a little cart but they work fine without the wheels added. I had planned to put mini food making stuff in the bottom, paints and glues in the middle and sewing items in the top. Errr…turns out I have a lot more paint and glue than I thought. The sewing stuff will have to stay where it is.
It will be nice having supplies more organized. A lot of it was spread out among a bunch of containers or shoved or in a drawer. Not having all sorts of little things in the drawer to dig through will let me find things faster.

SDCC is going to have an exclusive Chicken Pinkie Pie this year! It’s a cute idea and it saves them from having to mix new plastic colors or make a new mold. ❤

The little grey pegasus that’s popular with a huge chunk of the adult fanbase is getting a Build A Bear toy. I don’t like that they use shimmery fabric for the wings but I am considering trying to get one when they come out. Whatever you want to call her, she’s really cute. ❤

Grubbies! is CheshireTiffy’s new group for before and after photos of thrifted dolls. It came up in one of her Tumblr posts that there didn’t seem to be something like that on Flickr already.

As I wrote this, my latest digital copy of Haute Doll arrived. Too tired to read the whole thing now, but someone on one of the confession Tumblrs figures there will be a lot of pro-recast people angry about the article they published on recasts. Oh yeah, it’s totally comming.

The author, Kaitlyn Long, is VERY anti-recast and says “Any supporters of this illegal activity should not feel opressed, as they are the wrongdoers. A doll is a luxury item and there is absolutely no acceptable reason to purchase a recast. Finances, health, and age are not valid excuses to buy contraband and they never will be.” Some pro-recast people try to frame anti-recast people as being classist and against poorer people having nice things, so I think that is the bit that will spawn the most posts.


Started up a Tumblr account as an extention of this blog. Every now and then, I feel the need to reply to something dolly-related and would like it linked back to my doll blog. This should allow me to do that. Plus, this blog is kind of unknown. Having a presence on a more popular site and reposting my photos might get them seen more.

Baby Goku figure in a capsule. OMG. That’s so precious.

Even more forgotten than the 27cm Volks Dollfies, at least by English speakers online, are the garage kits Volks has manufactured. This Princess Serenity is just gorgeous.

Confessions of a Doll Collector’s Daughter is doing a Lottie giveaway. Go enter! 😀

Pandora’s Dolls has nude comparison photos of the different Lottie dolls. They give a better idea of the different skintones and eye colors the dolls have. The clothing fits Middie Blythes, so they have photos showing that, too.

Hey, if you buy female action figure bodies, make sure you get ones with hands and feet included. Sometimes they are sold seperately and you could end up spending $12+ to complete your body. I was curious how much it would run me to get some spares…eee…maybe not.

The Angelica Doll Project

If you’re on Tumblr, you’ve probably seen a bunch of posts about The Angelica Doll project. If not, check it out. It’s an 18″ doll created to represent a young Black girl with afro-textured hair. The fibre they are using has apparently been tested to be durable for hair play and take a curl. I wonder what they are using? Some kind of nylon?

I do sort of feel like some of the posts commenting on the project kind of expect too much from it, in the way that some people expected a lot from Lammily. Having this doll won’t  save kids from feeling bad about the way they look. Encountering people in life that tell them that they would be “so much prettier” if they straightened their hair or were lighter skinned will always have more power than a toy.

That being said, Angelica is still a good idea. A lot of adults say “I wish I had had a toy that looked like me.” Companies are getting better about making more than pale, blue-eyed blondes but afro-textured hair isn’t that common, much less afro-textured hair meant to be STYLED. Angelica definitely fills a gap and if it helps the kids who get her feel better about their natural hair, even a little bit, then it has done some good.

The $85 price tag will make her less affordable but maybe if this doll does well they’ll put out a smaller version? 18″ is a popular size but a 9″ doll would also be more portable. It would half the hair play possibilities but maybe they could still make it work?