Dolly*Dolly Spring 2015

This one has a “sisters” theme so there are some matching oufits involved, some of which are between different doll sizes.

* Blythe Charity Auction Snaps
* Picco Neemo Painting Tutorial
* Ideas of Making Tiny Clothes [Photo tutorial on the Licca Cross Over Dress]
* Rosalynn Pearle 1/6 Dresser Tutorial
* Forest Cafe Open manga with the Petwork  doll characters
* Dolly * Dolly Photo Studio gallery
* The World of Dolls of Tasha Tudor

* Hiromi Tominaga Collab One-piece Blythe
* Traveling One-piece for Ruruko
* Three Sisters Coordinates for PN M, S and XS
* Sailor Collar All-in-one for Picco Neemo D
* Cache-Coeur One-piece for Licca [“Cross Over Dress” in the tutorial]
* One-piece & Apron Set for Deconikki
* Garcon Wind(?) Set for Deconikki
* Alice and March Hare Set for Blythe
* One-piece by Sandy for Blythe

* Kanihoru for Licca and Miki/Maki [Panda hoods, shirts and overalls]

* Allnurds for Momoko and Ruruko [Beanies, shirts, shorts, socks, bags]

* Silver Butterfly Dress for Unoa Quluts Girls Sist and Luis

….The Alice in Wonderland outfits threw me because I wasn’t sure what a “three month rabbit” was. *face palm*

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Dolly*Dolly Spring 2016

*Extra  Detailing Tutorial for Azone Otogi na Kuni Mermaid Princess Minami doll
* Pico Pico Doll Tutorial for 11cm Obitsu
* Miniature Pintucking Instructions 
* Miniature Cupboard Instructions 
* Little Dolls and A Forest Story Mini Comic [Petworks Dolls]

* Stop!! Hibarikun! Doll Gallery [Canceled. Scans here.]
* Nendoroid and Obitsu 11cm Hybriding * Tutorial and Clothing Instructions
* Miniature Cookie Tutorial 
* Fortune Wanda/ Wonder Frog Catalog
* 2016 Blythe Charity Auction Gallery
* Retro-dresses Liccas and Miniature Vintage Magazine Prop

* [???] One-pieces for KukuClara and Blythe
* Tyrolean One-piece Set for KukuClara
* Bonnet and One-piece for Excellina Jenny
* Dress for Mermaid Princess Minami/ Pure Neemo L
* Prim Jacket, Inner Blouse, Pantoloons for Obitsu 11cm
* [?? Too much kanji can’t read. It’s a jumpsuit] for Momoko
* Pintuck Dress for KukuClara
* Go Out China Girl for Ruruko/Pureneemo XS [Chinese One-piece, Drawers, Petticoat and Hair Ribbons]
* Pucchi Prince Set for Ruruko and Oni-san Set for Jossie and Hitsuji [And Usaggie and Kumaboro etc. Momo Headdress, Momo Blouse, Frill Kabocha Pants, Momo Beret, Oni Headdress, Bikini Top]
* “I Want To Sleep In Your Book” One-piece Set for Momoko [One-piece, Stockings, Pettcoat, Bloomers]
* What is Obitsu-roid? for Obitsu 11 [Tank Top/Cardigan, Sirwal Pants
* High Waist One-piece And Cardigan for Dollfie Dream

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BIC Dolly Style, Issue 1 (2005)

Bought it because it was fairly cheap and was happily surprised! 1/6 Dollfie pattens are tough to come by!
* One-piece for Barbie
* Second Dress for Barbie
* Felt  [???] Hood Jumper-skirt for Tiny Betsy
* Sailor Jacket and Pants for 22cm Doll
* Mod Culotte Suit and Cape for Mattel France
* Jacket, T-shirt and Jeans for Volks Eb-N
* [??? ]-chan and Para[??]-chan Dress and [?? Socks? Hair ornament?]for Pocket Fairy Minimay
* Sugar Rose Top, Short Girdle and Stockings for 40cm Unoa Size
* Fairy tail Beret, Corset Top and Under Dress for Unoa, SD Standard size


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Dolly Dolly Winter 2016

Fur is a main theme but there are other sets.

-Instructions for shelf and shoe boxes
Photo instructions for patterns marked with an *
– Picco Neemo face painting tutorial
– New Year’s Eve Festival manga with the Petswork characters
-Yasuko Anbiru Long Interview, with illustrations and photos of a custom Petworks Jossie as the character Silk.
Ruruko/Pure Neemo XS Going-out Denim Coordinate: Casual Denim (jeans), Blouse (built in vest), Shawl, Fake Leather Hat

Licca Fur Coat and Hood*

Tyrolean [???] Set for U-Noa Quluts Light Fluorite: High Socks, Blouse, Jacket, Apron
Tyrolean Coat Set for U-Noa Quluts Light Azurite: Coat, Sweatpants, High-tech Cotton [Shirt]
[Based on Kanon and Kameno from the manga KISS xxxx by Maki Kusumoto]

Blythe [??] Collab Dress: One Piece, Top Hat

Picco Neemo Ame-chan Kimono and Bonnet [and tabi]

Ruruko and Deconikki [???] Manteau and Hood Manteau and One Piece

IMdadoll 3.0 Apron One Piece and Drawers

Cu-poche Idol Dress Set: [??] One Piece, Tuile One Piece, Frill One Piece, Silk Hat [??] Katyushka [Hairband], Rabbit Katyushka, Ribbon [??] Katyushka

Takara Jenny
Julia Denim Coat and All-ln-One [Romper, kinda…also Tied Band hairband and Socks.]
Jenny Fake Shirt Skirt Coordinate: Skirt [Looks like it’s a knotted dress shirt], Garland [??] Cotton [Shirt], Beret [??], Margaret [Shrug],

Otorashii Watashi [???] No Silk’s Dress (Jossie Custom Set): One Piece, Apron, Socks

Momoko/ Ruruko Rabbit Ear Cape*
Super Dollfie Rabbit Ear Cape *

Bear Rug*
Fur Vest*
Fur Leg Warmers*

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Dolly Dolly Spring 2014

* Blythe How to Make: Ruuruutou Rabbit Mask, Chick Tutu Skirt, Flower Fairy Flower Cap, Rabbit Hair, Bird Nest Hat, Obana Fower Head Dress
* History of Ruruko
* Azone International [???] Interview
* Tutorial for Doran Doran Rabbit and Jacklope Reversible One-piece
* Picco Neemo 1/12 eye brow/mouth repaint tutorial
* Mini Chest Tutorial
* School Debut Manga with the Petworks characters getting school uniforms

[??] Momoko One Piece
Doran Doran Reversible One Piece (and socks)
Picco Neemo Cami One Piece (and socks)
YO SD Classical One Piece (and bonnet)
Blythe Ginette Dress
Deconikki School Girl: Jacket, Socks, One Piece, Pants, Vest, Skirt
U-Noa Quluts Azurite Boy’s Set: Jacket, Pantss, T-shirt (raglan sleeves)
U-Noa Quluts Fluorite Girl’s Set: One Piece, Petticoat, Socks
Ruruko Fluffy Bunny: Raglan Sweatshirt, Purse, Shousan (?) Bloomers, Socks, Bunny Hat
Ruruko Sailor [??] Set: Sailor Cardigan, No Sleeve Cotton (shirt), Socks, Colorful Panier (skirt)
Blythe Ruuruu to Rourou no [??]: Green Chu Chu Dress, Rabbit Smock, Rabbit Socks, Rabbit Fuzzy Pants, Tights

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Dolly Dolly Winter 2015

Despite the candy colored front, this issue has a heavy emphasis on “granny look”. Long skirts, shawls and knit items.

* Picco Neemo Eye Recolor Tutorial
* Instructions for Card Deck and Low Table
* Piano Recital Comic (Odeco, Nikki, Ruruko, Jossie and Usaggie)
* Momoko Graffiti Gallery
* Dolly Dolly Photo Studio Gallery

Ruruko/Pure Neemo XS Kimono Set: Kimono, Obi, Kimono Vest, Hair Ornament, Bag
Ruruko/Pure Neemo XS Maid Uniform: One Piece, Trousers (Boomers), Socks, Apron, Headpiece, Petticoat (Look is based on the Shirley manga by Kaoru Mori)
Picco Neemo No-sleeve One Piece, Hooded Cape
Deconikki Short Pants, Socks, Blouse, Tights, One Piece
Licca No-sleeve One Piece, Faux Leather Jacket (Tutorial included), Fringed Leggings
Pure Neemo S One Piece (Granny Style), Under Skirt, Apron, Knit Stole, Socks, Head Dress
Licca One Piece (Night Gown), Nightcap, Under Skirt
Vintage Blythe One Piece (Granny Style), Knee-high Socks, Babushka
Super Dollfie Girl Granny Style: Fake Fur Shawl, Blouse, Thigh-high Socks, Apron, Long Skirt, Moccasins, Knit Cape, Stole
U-Noa Quluts Light Fluorite One Piece (Granny Style), Apron, Stole
Momoko One Piece (Granny Style), Stole, Petticoat

Knitting Instructions for U-Noa Quluts Light Fluorite-sized Clothing: Red Cape, Oversize Navy, Double Cable Long Coat, Relax Cardigan, Black Cape, Grayish Beige One Piece

Kikipop Tank Top, Ribbon, Panier Skirt, Tights, Fur Cuffs

* Clip Art for Making Backgrounds

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#TheDollEvolves, MLP

I was excited about the new Barbie bodies. The articulation looked pretty basic, but the new molds were exciting enough for that not to matter. I just wouldn’t buy as many and I’d avoid the ones with preposed arms.

Then I found out that Mattel had stopped doing click-knees years ago, so the new dolls can only sit like baby dolls. Arrrgh.

I have gotten to a point in my collecting where I have to be choosy-er and ask “Yeah, but what will I DO with it?” Less-articulated dolls have been recieving upgrades of either MtM bodies or Fashionistas. These new Barbies are a step forward in shapes and skintones but a step backwards for articulation.

Petite and Tall? I’d buy my favorites from the line with at least click-knees. I am less interessted in them than Curvy because you can already get dolls taller and shorter than a standard Barbie.

More articulated versions won’t either won’t happen or won’t happen without people buying these ones. I originally said I wouldn’t be buying them for anything other than holiday donations, but…I wonder….is there is any easy way to articulate a Curvy?

Could you cut the joints off an articulated figure, cut the corosponding areas off the Curvy and graft the joints on to the Curvy? If Barbie-sized joints are too small, maybe a male figure?

….Not that they are in stock in the local stores yet, though.

Walmart had the ribbon head-band MLP brushables in, just no Starlight Glimmer. I only saw ONE SG from the ribbon line before it. It’s weird.
I have managed to score more or less all the Pinky-themed minis I wanted, though 😀 (Just the Cakes and Maud, really.)

…Oh yeah! The MLP stuff they displayed at Toy Fair!
I’ll probably partake of some of the Nightmare Night minis. The Guardians of Harmony…eee…I like the idea of Big Spike, but he’s kind of pricey. I like the little armored Spike, but he is only sold with Chrysalis-On-Wheels. The toys I am REALLY interessted? The pearly brushables.
I think the pearly finish looks pretty and sets the Mane Six apart from their other releases. It’s such a basic thing, something the 80’s toys did and the first G3s kind of had as a default. That, and they did the Crystal Empire thing way back…it’s weird that they are only doing pearly ponies now.

(AND! The line has a bunch of new characters! *_* Woo!)